Kunstler on Newtown

New York

In the Unabomber’s Manifesto, Ted Kaczynski spent a lot of time describing “the power process,” and I am growing more convinced that this is connected to these psychopathic nerd meltdowns:

“For what it’s worth, the Newtown Massacre to me is largely about the failure of men in America, and in particular the failure of men to raise up male children into men. The tragic monster that Mr. Lanza grew up into lived with Mom and ended up parking four bullets in her brain. Imagine the tensions in that monster. It’s not an accident that the commercial fantasies represented in movies and television aimed at boys are populated by legions of super-heroes. This sort of grandiosity — the wish to project supernatural powers — is exactly what you get in boys who have not developed competence in any reality-based, meaningful realm of endeavor — and I wouldn’t necessarily include school, such as it is in our time, as a reality-based, meaningful realm of endeavor, since it is mostly a brutally boring accreditation process. Notice, Mr. Lanza’s chief instrument of death was the “Bushmaster.” His weapon made him a “master” of something, at least, even if it was just the systematic slaughter of six-year-old kids and the women in charge of them…”

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  1. Adam was taking a powerful anti psychotic named “Fanapt”. These types of drugs, given their dangerous side effects, are supposed to be taken only inside Mental Hospitals.


    From Drugs.com, side effects of the drug Fanapt:

    Psychiatric side effects including restlessness, aggression, and delusion have been reported frequently. Hostility, decreased libido, paranoia, anorgasmia, confusional state, mania, catatonia, mood swings, panic attack, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bulimia nervosa, delirium, polydipsia psychogenic, impulse-control disorder, and major depression have been reported infrequently.

  2. He does have his on days, and I do agree with some of his more colorful descriptions of the blighted american “culture”, but he’s still an opportunistic doom pornographer. He’s a smarter, wittier version of Glenn Beck.

  3. And by that I mean he doesn’t really believe most of the shit he spews. I’d say about 85% of what Kunstler writes he full well knows is hyperbolic baloney at best.

  4. Gun Control is a world effort of the Khazars to disarm all civilian populations of world so they can have their Khazar World Plantation Empire. Its also a UN Agenda. BRAZIL just approved strict gun laws and some countries on voting for New CONstitutions put in GUN CONTROL and Gay Rights in them and only the rich bastards have guns. Swords, Bush Axes and Butcher Knives and Machettes are just as deadly as guns. What the Powers That Be dont understand is that WHITEY is SMART. New Tech can be developed and made to replace the powder shooters. Making Psycho Head Srinkers a Religion is wrong also. The State will use Mental crap as a weapon on people they dont like because of what they believe. Why dont they go after the Movie Makers in Hollywood.? What about all the Missing Children. Never forget the KIDS at WACO who were murdered…There is to many creepy critter crawlers now like Martin Lindstedt says when discussing MAMZERS. Multi Cult makes alot of Peter Dunkins so the problem will only get worse.

  5. Good point about the STD slides. I took the comments in that article to mean some basic biology stuff was being discussed. Perhaps nothing then.

    Good point about the drugs. If he’s on the really power stuff that’s often enough.

  6. All the reason to seceed. Why are any of us discussing evens that occurred hundreds and hundred of miles away in cultures that are probably alien to our own experiences?

    Connecticut is the rich northern exurb of New York City. It’s no more a part of where I’ve lived than Toronto or Corpus Christi.

  7. I commented on that thread 400+ comments, and I basically agreed with the libkids, in a Therapeutic Welfare State dedicated to reducing every humanoid to equality only the authorities should be armed.

    Cut the Yankees loose, sooner rather than later.

  8. This was no no middle or lower class family background. Upper class wealthy The weasel dad( got shifty eyes) packed up and left probably in some ocean side home to get away from the reporters.

  9. I was wondering why everyone was so worked up over something that happened in my neck of the woods. Mystery meat Yankee goes postal, flag half-mast. The world keeps turning.

    Mom’s house was not “upper class” and she wouldn’t be teaching if she was high born. Ladies who lunch don’t have Ar-15’s laying around either. Abu Adam went out wenching a couple decades ago and bit off more than he could chew. He married down.

  10. Heylanshark,

    If I pissed you off no offense was intended.
    My Brother back in the UK has something like aspergers, a really bad relationship with our mum and his dad a copper used to beat them, that is before my dad showed up and chased the sadistic bastard away and started a new family with me and my sister as a result.

    I fucking hate this therapy shit.

  11. What will you do when they come to take your guns?

    I opened the door, and four Negroes came pushing into the apartment before I could stop them. One was carrying a baseball bat, and two had long kitchen knives thrust into their belts. The one with the bat shoved me back into a corner and stood guard over me with his bat raised in a threatening position while the other three began ransacking my apartment.

    My first thought was that they were robbers. Robberies of this sort had become all too common since the Cohen Act, with groups of Blacks forcing their way into White homes to rob and rape, knowing that even if their victims had guns they probably would not dare use them.

    Then the one who was guarding me flashed some kind of card and informed me that he and his accomplices were “special deputies” for the Northern Virginia Human Relations Council. They were searching for firearms, he said

  12. No problem John. It only ticked me off because I thought it was a chance to address the deeper issues of a very flawed culture.

    Regardless, at this point the guy in the woods that we’re not hearing about interests me (“I didn’t do this”), as well the guy seen in cuffs on the floor in the fire station. Any conclusive theory of the event might be premature. Even discounting my conspiratorial bent, and my natural empathy for Lanza’s anger (at least its genesis – minus its exponential growth via psychotropics and first-person shooter games), this case doesn’t look closed to me.

  13. Remember the Russian Commies : Exproperating the Exproperators…Take their weapons and money….Obama signed the United Nations Global Gun Control Treaty…To Hell with the Khazars and bring out the rope…

  14. Hello! Suzanne Collins – COLLINS for crying out loud – the author of The Hunger Games trilogy (you know, the one about child sacrifice) just so happens to live in Sandy Hook CT. What a Mockingjay on the cowans.

  15. If Dixie became a reality you’d need to amend the second amendment by excluding blacks from the right to arms.


    The Bill of Rights was Pretty specific about who was allowed to be armed. Protestants.

    A Southern constitution would need to exclude black ownership of firearms while encouraging it among whites. The older bill of rights has a lot of delightfully bigotted and ethnocentric provisions. It’s a great place to begin thinking of an ethnostates that is still just.

  16. Next, you can cut the crap about how we should accept “reasonable” restrictions on firearms while you hide behind a Capitol Building that is armored and armed like a damned fortress. It was not that long ago that I went to lobby in Washington DC (personally, for a cause I believed in) and walked right into the Rotunda. Try that today; the last time I was in DC I damned near had to be strip-searched before I could set foot in the basement annex. That’s the people’s House you infest, in case you’re unaware. I’ll agree with you that we should have a discussion on firearms for all of us when you quit hiding behind your guns and so does the President.

    Incidentally, I don’t expect you or he to do that, nor should you. But since you don’t think it’s appropriate to do so you can shut the hell up about us doing so. If you want to do something useful about crazies with guns start looking at the problems with our monopoly health care system that to a large degree creates crazies who have zero inhibition when it comes to murder, with no small part of it linked to drugging kids with black-label medications that have warnings on their side effect lists that they can cause rage in various forms. In the meantime our teachers and principals deserve the option (but not the obligation) to defend themselves, exactly as you demand for yourself, because there is evil in this world (if you want to see some of it up close and personal go look in the damned mirror; anyone who would dance on the corpse of a dead child for political purposes deserves to burn in Hell for all eternity.) – Karl Denninger http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=215162

  17. “Kaczynski claimed that this “nerd rage” is what happens in an overdeveloped mathematical mind. However, this would not apply at all for most kids today where having such a mind is not encouraged.”

    The nerd rage shootings are rare so the idea is still consistent. If a particular med brings out homicidal nerd rage in only 1 in 10,000 people it’s prescribed to that could still be enough to explain these events.

  18. NRA is right!!!! Those creeps protesting NRA is crap. Free Men have Guns —Slaves dont…..Whitey is smart—new things can be made to replace powder shooters. Martin Lindstedt is right about Peter Donkins making more Creepy Critter Crawlers…in places kike Kikedom Cuntneticunt…which is a surburb of New York. The purpose of Guns is not only protection—-but just in case the looneys in D.C. go ballistic and make the Khazar World Plantation Empire The Total Dictators…

  19. Lapierre did a good job in that conference. He looks like a good chap to me. The protestor looked like a lunatic.

    However I see no reason for blacks to be armed. Except to shoot one another so cops don’t have to later on.

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