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  1. John,
    I am not here to post the Mantra, I do that in hostile places on the internet.

    I am here to recruit others to do so. If each gets two and each of those get two and so on, you get revolution.

    I am also here, because Southerners are my favorite Pro Whites.

  2. “What is it going to take for white Europeans, and English people in particular, to wake the hell up and see what is happening to their country and the place their ancestors built, fought and died for? Go walk around London, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Rochdale, Blackburn, Burnley, Leeds, Manchester or most of the other large towns and cities in the country, can you still seriously not see what is happening here?  Dont English people understand? If you dont wake up and do something right now, the country is literally gone, forever. It is the people who make a nation, it is the people who make a culture, not the other way around. When the English are replaced and erased in their own nation, England does not exist.”

    This ought to be repeated.

  3. “No really, we do not support White Genocide, we are just sneering at you and standing in your way!”

    LOL: who here is “standing in your way”?
    Have at it!

  4. Why is anyone worried about my facial expression? Like it makes a difference if someone allegedly pulls a a face at you.

    It’s like programming a ventriloquist on the radio.

  5. Mary says:
    January 17, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    “No really, we do not support White Genocide, we are just sneering at you and standing in your way!”

    Mary as I said, I already have your answer when you evaded my question about tactics. So like 99% of Pro Whites, you only argue with other Pro Whites in “safe for Pro Whites zones”, just as you are doing now.

    John says:

    “Oh god, the Mantra.”

    John says:

    “Where is the anger? Eye rolling maybe, but anger? ”

    John says:
    January 17, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    “How do you know I don’t? (post the mantra)”

    DUH…. lol

  6. Edit to the above post:

    This is what Mary says in my post regarding John’s and the anti-Whites passive aggressive tactics.:

    Mary says:
    LOL: who here is “standing in your way”?
    Have at it!

    And my response:

    Mary as I said, I already have your answer when you evaded my question about tactics. So like 99% of Pro Whites, you only argue with other Pro Whites in “safe for Pro Whites zones”, just as you are doing now.

  7. For people that are interested in learning to use the mantra. Here is how it works:

    1. We post the mantra or shortened versions of it, in venues where there are lots of White and Normal people.

    2. The anti-White enforcers attack the mantra using arguments we have seen and dealt with thousands of times before. Anti-Whites say the same things over and over, because they are not very clever.

    3. We humiliate the anti-Whites with well crafted responses made by Bob, or other BUGSers. If we are lucky, the anti-White leaves their cowardly passive aggressive mode, and goes on a tirade about how they hate White people.

    4. The White and Normal people observing the exchange come to the conclusion, that anti-racism is a scam and they don’t believe it any more and start thinking in their own racial interests.

    Here’s a website with hints and answers to most of the anti-White responses:


    We report links we are posting on to encourage others, we also do itso Bob can study the anti-White responses and offer coaching if we get off track.

  8. So like 99% of Pro Whites, you only argue with other Pro Whites in “safe for Pro Whites zones”

    Aww, it’s sweet watching you play ‘online psychic guy’ 😉 Maybe you can give me tomorrows winning lotto numbers while yer at it?

    Truth is, you know nothing about where else I post, and you are just pissy because I didn’t bow to your earlier command to share ‘tactics’ with you.

  9. John says:
    January 18, 2013 at 12:45 am

    “I ain’t your monkey AWAE. Or a puppet.”

    If John was in the Roman army, that is exactly what he’d say to his trainer and he would really think himself clever for doing so. lol

  10. John says
    “I ain’t taking taking no training from professionals, I fight my own random way!

    It has worked for every army in History!”


  11. You are in fact telling someone else what to say. Then browbeating them into saying it.

    I would like to bring up a “hobby horse” returning to something we discussed recently.

    Do you realize that the Bolshevik revolution was essentially a Jewish takeover of a formally Christian Empire?

  12. Getting millions of Whites on a consistent message that works… Pro Whites do not want that and fight us every step of the way. lol

    I am laughing, because it is so dumb.

  13. John, why are you trying to change the subject from informing White people about White Genocide?

    Isn’t that the most important thing right now, or don’t you care about White people at all?

    Gee… White Genocide is happening NOW or Ancient History which we can do nothing about? Which is more important and WHY?


  14. John says:
    January 18, 2013 at 12:55 am

    “I’m descended from the people who defeated the Roman Empire.”

    And that is relevant to spreading the message of White Genocide?



  15. Indeed it’s quite possible that the Roman Empire was an example of multicult stupidity.
    It’s funny you would bring up the Roman Army as an example. A significant number of emperors were mixed up, part Syrian, Berber…the idea of Rome isn’t much different from BRA. Lots of white men thinking and feeling together, chanting the same Ave Caesar! I like the Germanic Tribe. Ferocious, loyal to the warband instead of the fake unity of Roman Citizenship.

    Rome, for example probably introduced the first blacks into the British Isles as Foederati in the Claudian invasions.

  16. Don’t worry John and Mary, we do not want you two anywhere near BUGS, as you would never be able to get what we are doing and could not possibly fit in.

    However, there are many people that read this website. The above message is for them.

  17. Rome browned Europe considerably. By the time they were done annihilating Celts, they were inviting in assorted Levantines and North Africans as equals.

  18. The most important thing about a place like England or Scotland or Ireland is the ancient history. That “Ancient History” will get ethnic Europeans fighting like demons against Pakis and blacks.

  19. The hostility to the Mantra and the arguments against it, are really funny.

    No one here argued against the Mantra, no one here has said anything remotely against using the Mantra. In fact, I said from the start I use it sometimes, and I believe John said it as well. You are fighting your own shadow 🙂

  20. Why do you discount the role of 12,000 years of habitation in a place like the British Isles conquest and expansion, victory and defeat as “Ancient History”? That’s actually a strangely dismissive characterization. A people without a history are not a people.

    YOU brought up Rome btw.

  21. The Roman Empire was never defeated, and certainly not by John’s face-painted, hill-nigger ancestors. The Romans defeated themselves with their own hubris, slavery, gluttony, and arrogance.

  22. If you are a Lombard, your ancestors were part of the unravelling of the Roman Empire.

    Undefeated eh? Wow. That’s an interesting assertion.

    My lot were dragonship niggers.

  23. 313Chris says:
    January 18, 2013 at 1:14 am

    “The Roman Empire was never defeated, and certainly not by John’s face-painted, ancestors. ”

    The Roman Empire was the most professional army of its time. Rome almost fell once in its early history, because it had a ceremonial army that was ineffective, but then they got REAL and created a professional army.

    Rome built a massive empire, precisely because it trained its troops to behave as one, in a highly effective way and they only fought enemies, that fought randomly. EVERYONE knows this.

    That kind of things is what so called “clever” Pro Whites advocate against. They all want to fight randomly, because they are all far too “clever”, to take instruction from professionals.

    Don’t worry John and Mary, as I said, BUGS is looking for The Right Stuff and if you don’t get what we are doing by now, you never will. You can go back to arguing with each other now. lol

  24. BUGS is looking for The Right Stuff

    Well they sure got it when they got you , Sunshine, we can only stand back and bathe in your Light.

    Ps: Good luck with the ‘recruitment drive’ 🙂

  25. The Roman Army committed a significant genocide in Northern Europe. It also appears to have used Foederati troops of all sorts recruited from Africa. Much of the information we see from Rome indicates that was something very similar to BRA. In effect this site is a separatist project that proposes unity among whites is virtually impossible and is to a degree anathema to our survival. Hunter has expressed doubts that there is a future for a universal white nationalism.

    If you look at the history of late antiquity you can see that it was taken down by random attacks by small Germanic warbands. These war bands were in effect kicking out olive skinned Romans, Syrians, Jews, Egyptians, Numidians, Greeks and other undesirables hailing from the darker parts of the Med. A large universalist egalitarian society and state or Empire will eventually brown. White anthropological organization beats much of this out.

    The US has a creed that can conquer all, but it doesn’t do much for the conqueror does it? What white colony has it settled?

  26. Anti White,

    I give you exhibit A in my case.

    Get this Italian Stepson of the American Revolution going on about Iraly and he turns into a Legionary. Ancient history is it? History isn’t even history it is present. My god, if he could suspend his vitriol for me and cap Latrina or Trayvon!

  27. History isn’t even history it is present.

    I see too much old Rome in The Church to call Rome “defeated”. More like it emerged from a Chapter 11 stronger than ever and is smart to remain a primarily cultural empire. Blessed Pope Pius IX formalized papal infallibility in faith as nationalist hordes closed in around the Vatican, thus ensuring the continuous authority of the church without territory.

  28. The Croat poster on Occidental Observer has called European Nationalism a disaster.

    I disagree. The EU, the nearest thing to a Pan White nation, simply turned out to be a prelude to Turks and Nigerians flooding white homelands. The EU is something like Rome. Indeed it was ratified in Rome, with Papal blessing. However what good has this pan European organization done?

    The same could be said for the De-ethnicized American WHITE. At least the Dixie proposal is a defined white nation for whites.

  29. The Romans were soundly defeated several times by Hannibal. But North Africa was not the North Africa of today. Romans, and bronze age Greeks for that matter, were very white, some with red or blonde hair as “blonde Menelaus”, “grey- eyed goddess Athena”.

  30. @John

    Hill-niggers are the dirty, inbred, lice-infested people that the Romans conquered in the British Isles. You chalk-colored, mangled-toothed limey.

  31. The Roman Empire fell due to several reasons, but not due to slavery. Christianity was a big factor, probably the biggest. Giving citizenship to neighboring tribes such ad the Italians was another. Still another was the decay caused by riches and luxury. In their prime, the Romans legions would have mowed down any Germanic tribes of their times.

  32. The Carthaginian generals were probably Semitic. Most of the troops were Greek, Spanish and Gauls. The Gallic population of the Po Valley was getting in its revenge for colonization and extermination by Romans and came to dominate Hannibal’s ranks as the war dragged on and the casualties mounted over the tears. Along with the Spanish they kept Rome occupied for quite a long time. The population of South Italy that the Rimans depended upon as allies were and are swarthy. they are indistinguishable from many of the faces you see in Turkey, Cyrencia and Tunisia today.

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