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  1. TOS: The leadership of Rome corrupted long before the people. I’m with Gibbon, the monastaries and nunneries were a curse on the empire, and on Europe.

    Speaking of the Eddas, which I adore, do you know what the Christians thought of them? Do you know that before Christianity the Norsemen were Vikings, and after they became toothless heel hounds?

    Jesuits were the first Communists and Multiculturalists….thanks Christianity!

  2. Christianity was a Levantine import. But so much of the story about resurrection fits with ideas about death in the northern imagination. The Druids beleived in ressurection for example or at least transmigration of the soul. It’s possible that Christianity is a European invention “whole cloth”. It depends on how you view it. Constantine was a tough son of a bitch too. A vicious son of an Illyrian crowned in York.

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