Review: America Aflame

David Goldfield's, "America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation"
David Goldfield’s, “America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation”

United States, 1834-1876

David Goldfield’s America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation is a sweeping antiwar take on the Civil War era and a throwback to Avery Craven’s “blundering generation” thesis.

Goldfield sets the “Civil War” with the Confederacy in the context of other perceived threats to mid-nineteenth century America: Roman Catholics, Mexicans, Indians, and labor unions. The preferred solution by Yankees to each of these threats was the use of violence.

Far from being an “Irrepressible Conflict,” Goldfield pins the blame for the War Between the States on the intolerance and fanaticism that was injected into the political process by the rise of evangelical Christianity during the Second Great Awakening.

Northern evangelicals like Harriet Beecher Stowe and William Lloyd Garrison transformed “political issues into moral causes” which “poisoned the political process,” undermined the political center inhabited by moderates like Stephen Douglas and Alexander Stephens, created an atmosphere of moral certitude in which compromise was impossible, and finally alienated the South to the point of destroying the Union.

Confident of their personal relationship with the Almighty, the Saints of New England tragically marched off to wage their crusade to “save the Union” against the wicked “Slave Power” which had thwarted them for so long. Southern evangelicals were no less certain that God was on their side. Somewhere in the midst of the carnage of battles like Cold Harbor, Northerners were chastened by Confederate guns and their religious fervor began to subside.

The “Civil War” created a “nation”: Goldfield argues that this nation, modern America, a consolidated activist government supervising an industrialized economy in which national citizenship in the sacred Union has replaced state citizenship in a loose confederation of sovereign states, was synonymous with the Republican Party and the victorious Northern states, which dominated the country until the Great Depression.

The North, or postbellum “America,” lost its religious enthusiasm and embraced the gospel of science and material progress. Northerners moved on into the Industrial Revolution of the 1870s and lost themselves in the consumer cornucopia that emerged in its wake. Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of the incendiary antebellum anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, moved to Florida, converted to Episcopalianism, and spent her elderly years writing books on interior design.

The South became an internal colony of the United States, a much larger version of Cuba or Puerto Rico, in everything but name. 1 out of every 4 White men between 20 and 40 had died in the war. Two thirds of Southern wealth was wiped out during the War Between the States. The South was reduced to political, cultural, and economic irrelevance within the Northern-dominated Union and wouldn’t even return to the level of per capita income it had in 1860 until the 1920s.

Like the Irish or the Poles, Southerners did not move on from the war. Evangelical Christianity wasn’t discredited in the South. It became synonymous with an emerging Southern folk culture, the Redemption movement, and the Lost Cause. The years between the end of Reconstruction and World War I was a period of intense nation building in “Dixie” in which the South developed a sense of national consciousness that had barely existed at the outset of the Confederacy.

The North quickly lost its zeal for imposing Reconstruction on the South. In particular, the emerging “Celtocracy” of Irish Catholic immigrants in Northeastern cities such Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City created a new sense of sympathy among Northern Protestants for White Southerners whose intelligence and property was also being swamped by the misrule of inferior races.

In the Western states, the energies of William Tecumseh Sherman, Philip Sheridan, and George Armstrong Custer were redirected from Georgia and the Shenandoah Valley and turned toward the pacification and annihilation of the Plains Indians. The Sioux and the buffalo that sustained their savage way of life were exterminated and the vast Midwestern agricultural empire which is dominated today by agribusiness was created in the Plains from the Dakotas to Kansas.

Goldfield closes America Aflame with a look at the Centennial Exposition of 1876 in Philadelphia which closed the first century of America’s existence: a continent had been conquered, the Union had been preserved, slavery had been overthrown, and America seemed to be on a dizzying upward trajectory with everything from steel to electricity to the telephone to Heinz’s ketchup making its appearance.

Somehow the “Civil War” had made it all possible. But at what cost?

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  1. “Sounds like anti-slavery Evangelicals poisoned the discourse of voluntary Union from the North last time ’round. Now they poison the discourse of forced Union from the South with Zionism.”

    I stand by the structure and syntax of those two sentences.



    No. 1.


    Notwithstanding all the proclamations we have made to mankind, within the last ninety years, that our government rests on consent, and that that was the rightful basis on which any government could rest, the late war has practically demonstrated that our government rests upon force — as much so as any government that ever existed.

    The North has thus virtually said to the world: It was all very well to prate of consent, so long as the objects to be accomplished were to liberate ourselves from our connection with England, and also to coax a scattered and jealous people into a great national union; but now that those purposes have been accomplished, and the power of the North has become consolidated, it is sufficient for us — as for all governments — simply to say: Our power is our right.

    In proportion to her wealth and population, the North has probably expended more money and blood to maintain her power over an unwilling people, than any other government ever did. And in her estimation, it is apparently the chief glory of her success, and an adequate compensation for all her own losses, and an ample justification for all her devastation and carnage of the South, that all pretense of any necessity for consent to the perpetuity or power of government, is (as she thinks) forever expunged from the minds of the people. In short, the North [*6] exults beyond measure in the proof she has given, that a government, professedly resting on consent, will expend more life and treasure in crushing dissent, than any government, openly founded on force, has ever done.

    No. 1.
    No. 14 Bromfield Street.

  3. Svigor, wow.

    Most people just want a family and a job. It’s not always pitchfork wielding crowds looking to poke job-creators full of holes. Unless we’re talking about Negroes, then it’s reversed, most of them want babymamas and foo staams.

  4. @ “What are you smokin? BRA promoted the cancer of slavery….”

    That is succinctly put.

    PGRT, how is a “two party” system with the same four bullet points the “public” tax consumers are given to think about (gun, gay, feminist, i.e. drafting women in its wars, etc…)—- NOT a dictatorship?

    Wouldn’t you at least admit it offers the “illusion” of “freedom,” since under Economism, you can shop for whatever cheap goods you want (and pick the color of the clothes you are buying, and so forth?)

    Easily, on-record “Dictatorships” have offered more “freedoms.”

    You seem like a person who lives in an IDEA of how you think things are, not anything vaguely resembling Reality. A “wordist.”

  5. And the Irish openly admit they’ve embraced the Latin world. That’s really the bottom line, and it never made them anymore Irish (no matter how much they profess to hate those of English ethnicity).

    Spain is under 10 miles from Africa—- possibly the real reason the schools don’t really teach geography any longer. —Learned this by my own research, in wondering about the strangeness of Spain.

    All of Europe has benefited from the “buffer zone” of South Europe, so for that, credit where it is due.

    And even Hannity brags about that (that’s what he sees as important in his role in history)— that they “fought back the muslims.”

    Um… Americans never had to do that until people FOR WHOM THAT’S AN IDEAL, imported them, seemingly so they could turn around and fight them (and feel moral about it).

    Americans had had another idea: just don’t create the problem in the first place.

    Maybe they just can’t THINK.

  6. Maybe that wasn’t clear: people s/a Hannity, in adopting the “way” of South Europe also took on their “enemies” and oral tradition, history, etc. Well…he even looks Spanish and is what they called, (I thought) “Black Irish” Spanish descent “Irish.”

    Only if you try to understand who the people ARE does the whole introduction of these “enemies” into American public discourse start to make sense…

    NOW… we be talkin’ about North Africa, Algiers, Iran, Afghanistan, (the protection of South Europe and Rome)

    This might be FINE— except they turn right around and import the very people they profess to be their enemies (this may be the STRANGEST thing the establishment does, imo; the average American just looks at it, and scratches his/her head)

    Also, it undercuts the whole sense of South Europe as a buffer zone for Europe, (which is why other europeans care about them, probably, if they are honest).

  7. People that can’t even detect facetious remarks about slavery are entertaining discussion of how 99% of humans are undeserving of life.

    Allow me to be brutally explicit: slavery/corvee labor/indentured servitude wasn’t a cancer. It’s the way of the world recognized by classical and Christian philosophers. Now Westerners live in an ideological dollhouse where the free time of our people is greatly reduced. Is it any wonder our traditional culture has collapsed? High culture is unsustainable in a purely free-labor society, Marx knew this and that’s why he loved Lincoln.

  8. Typically an Irishman has dark brown hair, blue eyes or green eyes and possibly some freckles on pale skin. Same is true of Britain. Hannity looks like almost any Mick you’ll run into in any Irish market town.

  9. Mr.Wallace,

    I’ve read through your website and have come to the following conclusion: although well-intentioned and well-constructed, your strategy is inevitably doomed to failure unless concrete steps are made to progress beyond the “wake people up” strategy. People are emotional by nature. They are lawyers not scientists. As such, using facts and reason alone will not be enough (see psychologist Jonathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind” for an explanation of why this is true). An understanding of emotion and how people think is required.

    If you truly want to affect changed (i.e. separate from the American Empire), you must start by seizing the government and media (television, newspapers, internet, theater chains, etc). Talk alone will not suffice. Once government and the media are safely in our hands, we can begin to build a workable consensus. People will not act unless they believe others around them feel the same way – what better way to convince them by using the same information tactics used against us? I believe the following tactics might advance the cause effectively:

    1. Co-opt or replace the republican party, starting at the state level
    2. Demonize individuals w/n the republican party who could infiltrate and damage the freedom movement by promotion of neoconservatism – that the purpose of the country is to be the world’s policeman which would necessitate Antebellum staying in bondage within the “Union:” (Ralph Reed of Jack Abramhoff fame, Grover Norquist, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, etc.)
    3. Expose the hypocrisy of our detractors. EVERY TIME someone writes or speaks negatively about us, expose the demographics of where they live. Usually, they will be overwhelming white.
    4. Recruit religious figures to counter people such as John Hagee and his ilk.
    5. Reform Christianity: remove the Old Testament and focus exclusively on the New Testament. This removes the focus on Israel and unscientific nonsense found in Genesis. It is impossible to convince people to abandon something as ingrained as Christianity overnight. I think a better strategy is to co-opt it. Early Christians did the same and with great success. An added benefit would that it might inject some religious fervor into the conflict on our side.
    6. Make immigration an issue. Make sure people understand that these people block-vote Democrat and that letting them in means the destruction of our political power (that might bring the elite in on our side as well) and our culture – that it would allow Yankees to rule over us forever. Point out our enemy’s hypocrisy on the issue (Israel) if necessary.
    7. Education: pressure colleges to make their biased college newspapers more “fair.” Once accomplished, do the same for history book publishers.
    8. Seize the state governments and have them remove funding for colleges who do not comply with fairness in college newspapers and media.
    9. Victimhood: every time some foreign director attacks us, make sure everyone hears about it (see the SNN site). Make people think they are under attack.
    10. Build foundations to serve as a repository for people who think as we do. While there, they can write books and other such things that support our cause. This will be difficult (certainly to find the funding), but I think it can be done, especially if we start small and with people who are in no danger of losing out financially (retired college professors, etc.) then build up.
    11. Use the power of the government (and our foundations/media) to destroy organizations such as the SPLC – sue them, zone them out, deny the essential resources, expose their employees, make them pay exorbitant property taxes (which an be done by counties and states), etc. In the meantime, demonize them. Make sure EVERYONE knows their loyalties belong with the same people who attack us (see the SNN site).
    12. A movement to take down the American flag. Document this everywhere (perhaps on this site with a map) – everywhere a flag was and every time pressure was used successfully to convince business owners to take it down: Walmart, Mcdonald’s, etc. This will further drive a wedge between our people and theirs.
    13. Convince people that their America (the one from WW2) is gone and is never coming back. As such, demonize the United States to make the people on our side feel morally superior to Yankees. Point out the empire’s support of Sadaam Hussein during the Iran/Iraq war (200,000 dead), support for Iraqi sanctions in the 1990s (500,000 dead and the secretary of state at the time said she thought it was worth it), support for dictators around the world, support of terrorist organizations such as the MEK, support for coups overthrowing democratically elected officials, support for ongoing empire and conflict, etc. Do our people really want their kids to die in those backwaters?
    14. Do not put minorities at the forefront of the reasons we want our freedom. Speak truthfully about race but make sure the movement is three dimensional. The primary focus should be generating a hatred of white Yankees and their empire through pointing out their hypocrisy on race and evil overseas. Also, the idea of flooding New England with diversity and ramming what they’ve been pushing on everyone else from their gated communities will help.
    15. Organization: bring together the tribes. Something very similar happened in James Cameron’s Avatar, where all the tribes joined to fight a common threat. There are many good websites with common aims: vdare, Amren, Occidental dissent, Counter Currents publishing, SBPDL, etc. Jared Taylor has similar aims as we do (although White Identity is a doomed concept, only Southern Identity is likely to work) and Vdare’s mission is finished (we’ve passed the point of no return in terms of immigration – those authors might consider a new mission, ours). I think if these forces could unite (or at least cross promote our agenda) we would have the basic elements for promoting the objectives listed above. We would be able to convince people that a large and growing number of people feel the way we do. From that, we could replace or co-opt the republican party. Then we could use the government to enforce our agenda and destroy our opponents (don’t worry about fairness here, the Yankee have done the same). We would then control the courts, which would nullify Yankee laws. We could take over the media and place the writers of vdare and other websites on the editorial pages (or even as the general managers) of newspapers and television shows. We can then use the media to demonize the opposition as we have been demonized.

    I believe this site should be a place for organizing behind these principles – similar to It should not be a site that simply reports the latest BRA story. Yes, you could argue that the SNN should be that site, but I don’t think it can be. It has the same limitations others do: few staff and a bad name (the word “nationalist” in the title has a negative connotation).

    There are many other points I could make, but the main point that I’m trying to make is that simply relating stories about BRA or liberals or whatnot is simply not going to magically spur people to action – other things are required first. People are lawyers by nature, they argue for what they already believe; they think emotionally and try to get others to do the same. No matter how many times you hit them with a big dose of facts and logic, they will always retreat in the face of the more powerful emotional argument. If we want our freedom, we must understand basic human psychology and use it to our advantage. Otherwise, be prepared to lose.

  10. “Are you saying that the Irish are racially inferior to the WASPs? How can this be possible if both the Irish and the WASPs are members of the white race?”

    Joe W- We know now that all Englishmen are at least 50% Celt, from DNA studies, and the Celts are even more ‘Celtic’ – duh.

    But the Author of the quote was noting how the WASPS felt about the ‘drunken Micks’ when they came into their Yankee Supremacist Empire, after their two-facedness about the Blacks with the ‘more Celtic’ Scots-Irish down South.

    What HW and Woodard’s American Nations have taught me, is that the racial demarcation lines of the various UK groupings are really, truly, GENETIC TRIBAL DIFFERENCES, that do not disappear with time, distance, ‘education’ or whatever. Just the other day, I was reading a book called, “Livng Abroad in Ireland,’ by Christina McDonald. (Yes, I am looking again at expatriate living…) In it, the authoress notes this funny factoid: “The Irish view time totally different than we do in North America. Being on time is only sometimes viewed seriously; simply arriving is the goal… the saying ‘so laid back he was nearly horizontal probably originated to fit an Irish person. I once asked an Irish friend of mine about ‘clocking in’ when you get to work, and he actually laughed at the idea.”[ p.22]

    What this small observance taught me, is that the worldview of the time-obsessed Yankee Supremacists (and Jews) in Yankeedom contrasts greatly with the ‘unhurried pace’ of the Scots-Irish ‘South,’ a fact my Scandic/Germanic wife noted time and again while we visited the South over the last few times. I, (being totally Celt) was just fine with it (except for church), but it drove her crazy, until she began to ‘loosen’ up.

    So, the quote from the book is illustrated by the reality that we Europeans are all of teh same ‘Tribe’ but we all have different ‘natures’ and we pretend that they don’t exist, in our rigid adherence to the ‘First Church of Man, Multicultural’ mantra of ‘there’s only one race- the human race.’

    From these two quotes, it would appear that that is most decidedly NOT the reality…

  11. You may want to see what delightful new “Irish” citizens that will be sharing your living space before you make the move Fr. John:

  12. XYZ – I posted a Comment on that article – but it will not be published. Mine never are.

    I basically stated that the family is grotesque. No one lookls like they belong to any-one else. Mongrel children usually identify with the Dark Side, but I know of a few that LOATHE their deranged White mothers, for despoiling their DNA. The Mischlings know they could hve been wholly White…..

    I noted in my post that those kids are COMPLETELY out of luck, in tissue matching, should they ever need such things in future medical treatments. I did not note the the children are extremely likely to be more emotionally and mentally unstable that normal Whites and Negroes.

    RIP UK.

  13. I’ve read what Svigor has written, and has inspired such a….mmmm….visceral reaction.

    I am no slouch in fiery, insulting rhetoric. I enjoy fiery, insultng acid drenched rhetoric, in fact, as such things amuse me. Infuriate me, horrify me, delight me – but Dear GOD do not bore me…….

    Svigor is an excellent fellow. He must be having a bad day, or a hangover, or cabin-bound, or something.

    I am going to be truly obnoxious, ans re-state what he’s written.

    I do not agree that the Average man or woman is walking Merde.

    I think each and every -one of us can indulge in merde-like behavior, at times, and degrees, but I think average folk are just average.

    Most people are Herd Creatures. My characterization would inspire enough emnity, in most Herd Creatures, simply by callng them Herd Creatures ot their faces, without calling them Shit. I kow that Hard Creatures don’t like to be informed that they are Herd Creatures, because I’ve done this, and they become very affronted.

    (EVERY word I’ve ever written online I’ve SAID to to people. To their faces, when given the opportunity).

    They know they are being insulted, even though they ought not to be – because they ARE Herd Creatures. There’s a lot of happiness and joy in beng a Herd Creature – but Herd Creatures still do not want to be identified as Herd Creatures. They, all of them, want to be recognized and valued as Unique, Worthy, and Super Special Individuals, that the Universe Could not Do Without.

    I am trying to become a more productive, effective Evil Racist Bigot Nazi that Wants to kill Six Million Jews Fer Starters – so I am gonna use honey and carrots on Herd Creatures. I may call the Other Guy a Herd Creature, or a POS, to a Herd Creature, or a POS – but I will not call that the person in question those names. History is made by the Very Few. The Herd will follow whomever seems to provide the best Grazing Land. And that’s dandy with me.

    Here’s the thing…most people aren’t bad at all. People can be quite lovely. We rise and fall according our Social Standards. People are being actively encouraged to behave like total vermin, via the Kosher Media, owned and operated by the Spawn of Satan – but this too will pass.

    Rather quicker than we can imagine. This Gun Grab thing is going rather badly. For the Spawn of Satan, and their Mischling factotums like the HNIC. Rebellion is sparking up in places High and Low. I am Naming Die Juden Tuefel quite freely these days, and getting very little resistance. I used to get TONS of resistance. Now – very little. Next – full compliance.

    Fire up the ovens!

  14. John – the Race Traitor female – perhaps it’s the years of bleach, seeping into the brain tissue. I actually feel rather sorry for the kids. Even the “White” girl. God forbid she mates with an unsuspecting White man, when she grows up, and spits out Niglets. Ewwww…

    Darkies are not that healthy, you know. They seem to be healthy, in their youth, but they crash and burn much faster then Whities or Yellow-ies. I’m talking by age 50.

  15. Black Athletes in soccer are one of the great mysteries. They peak around 20 whilst white men peak at about 26-27.

    So the game is full of has been 25 year old blacks who never quite fulfilled their initial potential…who are suddenly outstripped by genuinely brilliant hitherto ignored players.
    See Spain or Italy.

    Why do the managers and coaches miss it? Sports are used as another weapon.

  16. Dixiegirl, there are enough differences between the two parties that it can be considered a free democratic system. True that there should be more parties like in western Europe, and as I’ve said before, I agree with you about the problems with consumerism. Yet, even if our freedom is partially an illusion, it must be maintained because it’s sure a lot better than what we had before. As you read from comments like Svigor and Tamer of Savages, they want a world where people can be discriminated against simply because of skin color, where the government crushes all unapproved demonstrations, where women and men without property (even white ones) have political rights taken away (probably even you and Denise), where only a fortunate few can have education and healthcare. No thanks, if I’m going to be enslaved by anybody, I’d rather it be under the Jews than by my own race.

  17. And Denise, yes I’m a real person who actually believes what I’m saying. I’m also the creator of the fake personality Mike in Mississippi who posted a few weeks ago. You are very smart but you are not good at judging character. Maybe you are misjudging Jews and blacks too?

  18. John, reading A.G. Spalding’s America’s National Game was an eye-opener. Spalding, one of the first pro-ballplayers makes the argument that professionalism is unavoidable in the American exonomy (correct) and that it wouldn’t degrade baseball (false). Pro sports were a cleat in the door of social respectability for ne’er-do-well groups. Once a year all MLB teams wear “42”… On mandatory league holiday, Jackie Robinson day.

    Anyone see Trouble With The Curve? Had to be the most anti-White film I’ve seen in a longtime. A positive recent film was For Greater Glory. O’Toole and Garcia shine, no subversive garbage.

  19. Meanwhile back at the ranch, ‘Anonymous’ has hacked the DoJ.

    Anonymous, clearly, is not happy with DoJ’s version of liberty and justice for all. The Full Bench is pretty jewced on Yochai hooch – so no surprises there. The Yentas are in charge of the subversion of the propo-si-tional nation and processing the goys according to the Talmud.

    ‘Anonymous’ left a message for the DoJ on their system.

    Here is a better one. The Psalmist praises Yah whose name is ‘Salvation’ for His deliverance

    “He will save the souls of the poor. He shall redeem their souls from usuries and iniquities and their names shall be honourable in his sight.” “Ex usuris et iniquitate redimet animas eorum: et honorabile nomen eorum coram illo.” Psam 71.

    This refers to the poor of the people of the God King, the people of Christ the King whose face is against the desecrators of his people, against the desecrators of their land, their holy days, their sanctuary, the Church where the name of God dwells.

    “They that hate Thee have made their boasts in the midst of Thy solemnity. They have set up their ensigns for signs: and they knew not, both in the going out and on the highest top. As with axes in a wood of trees, they have cut down at once the gates, with axe and hatchet, they have brought it down. They have set fire to the sanctuary: they have defiled the dwelling-place of Thy name upon earth. They said in their heart, THE WHOLE KINDRED OF THEM TOGETHER: let us abolish all the festival days of God from the land.” Ps 71.

  20. Anonymous probably has a lot of Jews in it too. And they support equality for blacks, etc. In fact I think they were the ones who hacked A3P and Stormfront.

  21. Yeah, ’cause stormfront was a front for Bush.

    On Julian Assange, a related case. What the fuck was he thinking? Trapped in the Jaws of a vengeful feminist vagina dentata who published a 7 point guide to destroying men. Dumbass.

  22. Re: “Approximately 1% of the white race deserves to survive (…) 0% of the non-white races deserve to survive”:

    True intentions of WN revealed?

    Going beyond the re-establishment of slavery that “created immense wealth,” beyond even the mass expulsion of non-whites from white lands, and the re-colonisation of non-white lands, to an apparently eugenics-based (“concentrate our EFFORTS on that 1%”) PAN-RACIAL DEPOPULATION PROGRAMME, in which only the 1% of total population who are “WNs and the like deserve to survive.”

    Let the whole world know!

    NO ONE deserves to survive. But the Son of God gave His life a ransom for us.

  23. PGRT – If you posed as Mike of Mississippi – then you were definitely trying to decieve us. So be it. We, who answered you, answered your posts in a straightforward fashion.

    You see – we come here to learn, and debate. I have neither the time nor inclination to fret over each and every person’s true identity, offline. I take posters at their “word” – or literally their words, until I have a reason to do otherwise.

    I’ve met and/or spoken to others, here-in, and 3D Land.

    You “PGRT” posts have been so over the top, and Antifa Pro Forma, that I assumed you were engaging in deft and very subtle parody. Then other posts possess a more rancid aroma. I honestly don’t care who and what you are. You are here to taunt, and deceive. Which makes you a minor distraction – but utterly worthless.

    That makes you “Shaitan”. The Adversary. An Emissary of The Oldest Enemy. You have appeared in may guises throughout the Ages. You are repetitious and boring – because you never learn.

    I am not wrong in my beliefs. I am for my own People. I like individual Negroes and Jews, and members of other Races, as individuals. Butr that’s not the point.

    It matters not if individuals are decent and likeable. Jews have bene subverting and underming MY people for CENTURIES. I am astonished by the fact that my People have put up with their infamy for so long. It’s been centuries! I don’t know why various variaitons of Whites are so feckless in tolerating the Other, and so willing to allow the Other to destroy us. It’s amazing.

    Jews are using Blacks as the blunt weapon of destruction, in their quest for Rule. It’s going to end horribly, one way or another. But it’s going to end. Even if Whites are erradicated – all the Hebes and Nigras will have left is each other. Besides the Chinese, that is……and then…..?


    Back to you – if you are who you say you are – you are Jew. Whether or not you are a blood Jew. You’ve stated that you would rather be ruled by Jews, than Whites. By their fruits ye shall know them. Considerinig the state of any place that Negroes hold sway, and considering the way Jews treat Gentiles, and each other, when the Goy are not around, you prefer chaos, abuse, mayhem, treachery, and lunacy. You may be pro-Jew – but you are profoundly Anti Human. You’ve made your choice. This means you are either a Jew, one of their Pet Darkies, or some White that is so genetically degraded and simply mentally/emotionally/spiritually screwed up that you are past hope, past care. So….good luck with all that.

  24. Off topic, but did you all see that the BRA military is lifting the combat exclusion for women? Diversity is more important to BRA than national defense.
    In other news, school sports must now be inclusive of handicapped children . Damn, I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I heard that, but know what? This should be applied to the NBA and NFL and college sports to. Why not? Turn Joe Six Pack’ s religion into a diversity pity party.

  25. Wayne – your post is not off topic. The destruction of sanity is part and parcel of the daily madness of Judaicum.

    ZOG now want to send very young, very foolish women, or womyn, into the path of a rabid Arab warriors of the MidEast. I think fellas – male soldiers – are beginning to wise up to the way they’ve been PLAYED. Females- even dykes – can be counted on to act according to emotion.

    Western males no longer protect and guide young women. They’ve given up. So young females, of child-bearing age, are to be sent into the Jaws of Moloch, in a seemingly endless blood sacrifice.

    Good. Send the ones that want to go.

  26. Changes of a scale that used to take a half century of social engineering to augment now happen every couple of weeks.

  27. Hahaha!!! John. Thanks. I just did.

    Perfect. Simply perfect. A fatherless Negro, with decent but not exceptional graphics arts skills. Or is it skilz?

    The thing that strikes me is the childisness of the “art”. Also – it’s so sadly in-authentic.

    Oh God. What will they do when Da White Debbils are gone? They will not have any-one around who can create anything worth stealing. The Chinese won’t put up with them at all.

  28. Of course it’s figurative and rhetorical, but doesn’t even figurative language have some meaning? Of course he is not suggesting any master plan to exterminate 99% of humanity, but it is possible for opponents to take it that way, literally, out of the entire context of many other posts, etc. It is the same misconception that MANY hold of all “white SUPREMACISTS”!

    My intention was to digress from there into that “NO ONE deserves to live, but the Son of God became ransom for us.” Let the whole world notice THAT, if nothing else, about “WN”: that many white conservatives are conserving their heritage of faith.

    Re: “too much to drink…and a full moon”:

    What can be taken literally of that?

    Intoxication is possible, yes, but the appearance of the MOON has NO effect on human behaviour! Moon sign and astrological beliefs represent failure of science education, I always say.

    Yes, I realise that your full moon reference was not literally intended! The best to both of you, Tamer and Svigor!

  29. Wayne and Landshark – have you seen the South Park episode, where-in Cartman, Butters, and Kyle the Jew (he’s brought in to handle the money) profit off of “caring” for Crack Babies? They broadcast Crack Babies stumbling through various “sporting events”.

    This is the image that springs to mind in the Sports must accomodate the handicapped” lunacy.

  30. Wayne, I am all kinds of happy that the yankees will put women in combat roles. Whatever weakens the yankees ability to wage war is better for us. and it will surely help show the yankees true self to less aware Southron White men, which will help us recruit more members.

    I still doubt it will really occur. Sure some gash will get pushed threw and once she makes it to a line company, the senior nco’ s will stick her in an s shop. she will be back to typing, making coffee and sexing up her bosses. Just like God intended

    My guess is we’ll see split tails in the officer ranks 1st once the… “ladies” do not score high enough to get the easy jobs most chicks look for and then they will be stuck in some s shop, typing, making coffee etc etc

  31. Oh – John – that Kehinde creature – after scanning the pics – I envision his target demo as very wealthy White and Jewish homosexuals, with a taste for the louche, in Dark Meat.


    We are near the point of collapse. Really and truly.

  32. “Tamer – Mosin is very literal, and a stubborn German.”

    There is a saying: “Never tell a German something cannot be done….”

    “German blockhead” is another.

    Germans are said to be amused by more things (“think more things are funny”) than any other ethnic group, but you cannot always tell when they are amused or when they are just serious.

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