Amurrica Series: Obama’s Full Amnesty Speech


Here’s the highlight of Obama’s big amnesty speech:

“They all came here knowing that what makes someone an American is not just blood, or birth, but allegiance to our founding principles, and the faith that the idea that anyone, from anywhere, can write the next great chapter of our story. And that is still true today.”

If that is true, then being a “Southerner” or a “Dixian” has always been about your racial and ethnic ancestry, your culture, and especially your place of birth (in the South, we always ask where you are from), and explicitly rejecting the “founding principles” of Americanism (i.e., the abstract Judeo-Yankee concept of the Proposition Nation) in favor of a traditional European-style ethnic identity rooted in the above.

Note: Marco Rubio lied to conservative voters on immigration to get elected in the Florida Senate race against Charlie Crist. The same is true of Rand Paul who is now pledging allegiance to Israel and who wants to ban selling F-16s to Egypt.

John McCain has returned to pure amnesty form after lying about his credentials on border security to defeat J.D. Hayworth in 2010. Jeff Flake, who replaced Jon Kyl in the Senate, has at least always been a consistently pro-amnesty Republican.

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  1. Stonelifter says:

    The high IQ are some of the last people we should trust

    Some truth to this, yes. Any high IQer without any common sense, and neurological and psychiatric disorders. Individuals such as Bill Gates, Harvard professors, Richard Dawkins, the Nobel Prize committee, those with a corresponding disability and little social skill, limited human nature experience.

    But we need to include those at the top of IQ like Billy Shakespeare, Horatio Nelson, Lysander Spooner, Aristotle, Vlad Tepes, James Watson, long list there is.

  2. They might be smart and clever people have their uses, but they have proven they cannot be trusted, when it comes to managing our societies.

    I don’t know what we can do about that, as stupid Whites worship them and they love to put themselves out in front.

  3. “High IQ Whites are the worse on race”

    Preposterous and it is certainly not my experience when interacting with them. Have a heart to heart talk with a scientist sometime and this will bear me out.

    In fact, everyone I’ve ever met is racist. Liberals are merely morally sick when they deny it and they usually aren’t exactly at the top of the mental food chain anyway.

  4. Liberals are merely morally sick when they deny it and they usually aren’t exactly at the top of the mental food chain anyway

    Exactly. They wouldn’t be in social sciences to begin with if we’re talking about truly gifted people. The last person that should be in politics is a “political science” major. The idea is terrifying.

  5. They are but that does not negate my statement that they are not to be trusted. And it’s more then the renigging, they fully and enthusiastically support the leftist agenda across the board

  6. “they fully and enthusiastically support the leftist agenda across the board”

    Liberals may talk the BRA game but when it comes to living in white neighborhoods, sending their children to school, and marrying they show their true color: White. They’re hypocrites.

  7. A friend of mine lives in Boston. He and to see Django in a picture palace up there. He said the audience was cheering the black guy as he killed the whites.

    These are strange people up north. No tribal gut instinct.

  8. You are correct Rudel but they vote for and donate money to and campaign for BRA. That is where they go wrong. In fact it is what make them evil, they have the money to side step the fall out of their actions but drive things to the left at a rapid pace

  9. To be fair to the Bostonians they are not that different than liberal Londoners.

    And didn’t the US just shut down for a day for MLK?

  10. So? We do the same thing on George Washington’s birthday. Besides, old bluegums Martin was a home-grown coon. I guess we’re just a bunch of sentimental fuckers at heart.

    Say, didn’t your Queen Elizabeth herself bestow Robert Mugabe with knighthood in 1994?

  11. The high IQ are some of the last people we should trust…”

    Increased capacity for symbolic thinking, abstraction, etc, can allow some to become more easily cut off from biology, race, community. They are also, sometimes, more “fantasy prone” for the same reasons (able to enter into abstract thinking very deeply). They can more easily create false fantasy constructs— others can’t do that.

  12. @ John,

    some of them probably convinced themselves they are “the good white people.” They are clapping, they are “with the black man.”

    It’s blindly myopic—- as if people can see inside them, lol. No one knows your morality, not really, by looking at the color of your skin. But that’s what a liberal believes. They are the proud “Good White.”

    So self-centered, that it has not occured to them, that to an angry person of another race, they just look white. For some they CAN NEVER be good (by virtue of being white) no matter how much they clap.

  13. Wow, just wow. You know is was in the Navy for 24 years in served in countries all over the world and never have I seen any more anti-American crap than I see on this website. I could not find one reasonable comment anywhere, just misinformed, racist crap. All I can see is a bunch of white guys/girls who are scared to death of the “Other” and their loss of their perceived privilege and who think they are superior to everyone else just because their ancestors came from northern European stock. You have no such privilege. This country is a country of immigrants and always has been, you just think that only immigrants that look like you are suitable. How immature. Oh, and nobody is giving anybody amnesty, what is being discussed by the grownups is a means for people to achieve citizenship. It is the liberally minded that have made this country great. There was a time, when actual conservatives still existed, that they made worthwhile contributions to America by tempering over-enthusiastic liberals in a reasonable way. Today all of you who call yourselves conservative have become hateful, narrow-minded and, really, very ignorant. You unquestioningly believe all the crap the Right Wing Noise Machine spews out. This country was formed, on purpose, to be a secular country; that is no religion should have anything to do with making or enforcing laws. Religion was supposed to be a private. personal belief. So called conservatives want to have the government enforce their narrow beliefs on everyone else. Here’s a hot flash, Protestant Christians are no longer the overwhelming majority in this country, you don’t have some special privilege to call the shots. If you want to live in a country dominate by religion, try Iran where is all religion, all the time. I don’t give a squat what you think of me because you don’t have any serious, mature opinions about much of anything.

  14. Red man you are a dumb fuck. This was a nation of colonists. The overwhelming majority of founding stock was in effect changing zip codes when they moved here, from one part of the UK to another and not switching countries.

    We did not allow large scale immigration until later, when the progressives were in charge. At that time, the native born Whites were unhappy about it, did not like having our culture changed, wages cut, politics changed and formed political parties to fight it, etc etc

  15. spiritus Germaniae says:
    February 1, 2013 at 4:04 am

    “Japan is a high IQ nation and we see their conservatism.”

    It is true. There are very few anti-Japanese in Japan and the elite in Japan, are not trying to exterminate their own people.

    This is only being done in White countries.

    Whites have to accept that we have a treason problem in our genes, and it is RACIAL.

    This treason comes with our idealism and our idealism is RACIAL.

    Our idealism drives Whites to make huge personal sacrifices, to do amazing things. It also makes us do stupid things like being anti-White. White idealism is our greatest strength and it is our greatest weakness.

    The only way to deal with anti-Whites, is to outlaw the stupid behavior.

    We Whites have outlawed drunken driving, assault, murder and theft, etc.

    So why not outlaw being anti-White? It is just as stupid and dangerous, and it logically leads to GENOCIDE and White anti-Whites are found EVERYWHERE, just as criminals are found everywhere.

    Imagine a society where drunks, thieves and murderers are allowed to run riot? It would be sheer chaos.

    We are in the same situation right now, with the anti-Whites.

  16. Japan has its own problems with marxism. Feminism is killing Japan as in only one grandchild per 4 grandparents and something like 40% of the men saying they won’t marry have kids etc etc.

  17. stonelifter says:
    February 3, 2013 at 2:14 pm
    “Japan has its own problems with marxism. Feminism is killing Japan as in only one grandchild per 4 grandparents and something like 40% of the men saying they won’t marry have kids etc etc.”

    Japan is 97% Japanese. Japan’s birthrate is lower than the West. It doesn’t matter how low their birthrate falls, Japan will always remain Japanese, because there is no anti-Japanese movement trying to flood their country.

    Demographic crises are always short term problems. Yet everyone in White countries, behaves like they are the end of the world and use them to justify massive non-White immigration.

    In a few years, Japan’s demographic crisis will pass, just like demographic crises always do. The elderly will kick the bucket and Japan, will still be Japanese.

    This will not be the case in White countries, because of the anti-White movement.

  18. Anti white is correct.

    All Japan needs to survive as itself is a decent airforce and and average navy and a no immigration policy. They have the technology.

  19. And yes, Japan has been asked to accept Japanese GENOCIDE and they politely said, “No, that is SILLY.” and it was ACCEPTED and IGNORED.

    Non-White nations can have immigration at their leisure.

    White countries are told to accept it, or ELSE.

  20. We’ll see how Japan goes. They get over the lack of manpower with technology when it comes to industrial production, but they are closing in on a time where they will be tempted to let more immigration occur for service jobs.

    At a certain point you hit the point of no return with birthrates. Which is why jews, yankees, liberals have wages a multi-front war on our birthrate. You know, inflation reducing the fiscal ability to have large families: stagnant wages, manufacturing jobs killed in a variety ways, ridiculing large families, the bullshit about no natural resources to support large White populations etc etc.

    Now that I’ve climbed off my soap box… my suspicion is Japan has arrived at that point of no return.

  21. stonelifter says:
    February 3, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    “We’ll see how Japan goes. They get over the lack of manpower with technology when it comes to industrial production, but they are closing in on a time where they will be tempted to let more immigration occur for service jobs.”

    That is the argument anti-Whites always make against Whites.

    In return for letting non-White in, they say non-Whites will pay our Social Security

    Immigrants Must Pay Our Social Security.

    But why would non-Whites when they have power in our countries do that? The anti-Whites have been inciting them against Whites for years, so it isn’t going to happen that way. Something far worse is on the cards.

    “Now that I’ve climbed off my soap box… my suspicion is Japan has arrived at that point of no return.”

    Only if technology doesn’t advance. Japan is well ahead in robotics.

    People aren’t having children, because they have to get higher education and work. When you have finished higher education, a woman’s most fertile years are behind her. Once you get too old it is hard to get on with new people.

    When they have robots to do all the work, we are going to see baby booms. As I said, low birthrates are temporary and are dependent on social and economic conditions. Social and economic conditions have been constantly changing throughout history.

  22. Imagine if a robot could babysit a children.

    What would prevent women getting an education, working and having as many children as they want?

  23. This level of robotic technology isn’t far away. Have a look at what they are doing at DARPA and in Japan. They have many videos demoing the technology on Youtube.

    I would guess, it is 10-20 years away.

  24. Because 40% of Japan’s men want nothing to do with their women & women there already get educations, jobs etc. The lack of children is about how fucked up their man-woman relations are and if you do some limited research, the woman there are very unhappy about not finding atm machines, I mean husbands. If women there go full on single mom route… single moms raise crap kids. Again something that is easy to prove with minor research. Look at what single moms in the West create. You cannot/ will not have much of a people based on single moms

    I don’t think technology can advance fast enough when there is only one child per 4 grandparents. My parents had 12 grandchildren…Their need for labor has already caused them to allow more migrant workers, but they do not let them stay more then 3 years ( I think), have no birthright citizenship, etc. It will be sometime before they let those things slide but they will over time.

    Really it will be feminism that destroys Japan, but it will look like low birthrate and immigration

  25. What you must understand about the Japanese, is they are building these robots to take care of their elderly.

  26. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. I have a small amount of intellectual curiosity on the matter, their problem is a good wake up call for Southron Whites but I don’t care much one way or the other myself. Not my people, not my problem.

  27. The Japs won’t let Hymie snivel his slimey nose in, and won’t ever apologize, and no Holocaustianity. But I also guess Japan’s ground isn’t rich with brimming resources, so Hymie is content right now with America.

    Japan already has robotic nurses in hospitals.

  28. Anybody watching American Idol lately? Most of these folks are pure nuts and ofcourse Obama supporters and “constituents”. Pres wants to talk about mental health? He needs to start in his own back yard. A bunch of negroes walk around in wigs and yellow hair and have dellusions of grandeur that they will be stars. They use the welfare and money we support them with through our taxes to go to auditions where they stand in line for hours because they don’t have jobs and make total fools of themselves. Hold the government accountable for these folks instead the government wants to focus on white men in the south who have guns. Yes occasionally there are horrible incidents like what just occured in Alabama but these are once in a blue moon compared to the everday looney toones of most urban cities. Hold the government accountable. Demand media attention to street crime in american cities. Highlight crimes where whites are victims . Stand your ground.

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