Amurrica Series: Boy Scouts Reconsidering Ban on Gays


“The Christian socialists are beautifully and energetically collaborating with the infidel socialists and abolitionists to bring about this millennium. They also are divided into two parties. The one would wait upon Providence – only help it a little, like Mr. Greeley – and permit our poor old effete world to pass out of existence by gentle euthanasia. The other and bolder party, feel themselves “called” as special instruments, to give at once the coup de grace to the old world, and to usher in the new golden age, of free love and free lands, of free women and free Negroes, of free children and free men.”
– George Fitzhugh, Cannibals All!, or Slaves Without Masters, 1857

Amurrica, a state of becoming … open homosexuals in the military, women in combat roles, and now openly gay Boy Scouts:

Note: We live a country where a trashy pop star like Beyoncé lip syncs the national anthem and where the president claims “equality is the star that guides us still” from “Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall.”

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