Amurrica Series: Boy Scouts Reconsidering Ban on Gays


“The Christian socialists are beautifully and energetically collaborating with the infidel socialists and abolitionists to bring about this millennium. They also are divided into two parties. The one would wait upon Providence – only help it a little, like Mr. Greeley – and permit our poor old effete world to pass out of existence by gentle euthanasia. The other and bolder party, feel themselves “called” as special instruments, to give at once the coup de grace to the old world, and to usher in the new golden age, of free love and free lands, of free women and free Negroes, of free children and free men.”
– George Fitzhugh, Cannibals All!, or Slaves Without Masters, 1857

Amurrica, a state of becoming … open homosexuals in the military, women in combat roles, and now openly gay Boy Scouts:

Note: We live a country where a trashy pop star like Beyoncé lip syncs the national anthem and where the president claims “equality is the star that guides us still” from “Seneca Falls to Selma to Stonewall.”

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  1. I do not give a fuck about some she-boon lip syncing the yankees national anthem. Seems appropriate when you think about it.

    Sure glad my son’s and I got to enjoy boy scouts before they started selling out. Feel real damn bad about my grandson though. And worse yet, that can be said about an endless list of things

  2. What Next? Now the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. And it keeps coming like a steam roller. Maybe we need to free all the dogs and let them roam free. The Bull Dagger Lezzies started the Feminist Movement–Women are like Men and all that garbage. Women in Combat—damn –what next? Most White Men are sissified and feminized and love to watch Nigger ball and listen to the Nigger Music..and New Jew Country. I guess they will bring Pakis and Hindews and Indonesians and Chinese by the millions–then The Judeo Masonic Brotherhood of Man will be created–the perfect New World Order Brown Eyed Brown skinned New American….Maybe the next Prez will be a Lezzie or Queer– Who knows maybe David Wynn Miller might be right–The North Koreans will set off a Hydrogen Bomb deep underground in the magma–and it will eliminate, BY EARTHQUAKE…
    San Fagfrisco and Hongcover and Jew York and London…Damn not bad…

  3. And in Russia they outlaw fags kissing in public and Golden Dawn starts riots over pro-fag plays being preformed in Greece. On a previous post when I said White America would one day become a vassal state to future European Imperium I was being semi tongue in cheek but if this type of news keeps coming in,being a colony is going to start looking better and better.

  4. For those keeping score:

    Spain: 6th straight quarter of GDP decline -.7%
    US: GDP down .1% in 4Q2012
    UK: Triple Dip Recession


  5. Spain GDP down 14 of last 19 quarters.

    That is a depression even by the contemporary standards of truth.

    Spain the trillion dollar hammer poised to fall on the European Union.

    In the US, it is California.

    I would challenge HW to tease the Dixie state-by-state GDP growth out of the numbers released by DC and contrast it with the blue states.

  6. Boy Scouts say “obey the State!” State says “you shall accept sodomites” Boy Scouts say “we accept sodomy, do not judge we obey”.

  7. This is a damned shame. I’m sure there were closeted gays in the Boy Scouts all along, but what this is going to do is let them let their freak flag fly and there will likely be “consensual hookups” of older fags and young “out” gay kids.

    If they are going to do that, it should not be in the Boy Scouts. What about the rights of heterosexual boys to not be exposed to gay sex or any sex at all? I don’t think schools should be teaching gay sex to kids, because I don’t think they should be teaching sex at all except to prevent teen pregnancy. Females should definitely be taught birth control, and lower class females should be strongly encouraged/paid to get Norplanted, but otherwise they shouldn’t be teaching that “joy of sex” crap to kids at all, not hetero, not homo, not nothing. To paraphrase Pink Floyd: Hey, faggots, leave those kids alone!

  8. “If they are going to do that, it should not be in the Boy Scouts. What about the rights of heterosexual boys to not be exposed to gay sex or any sex at all?”

    Not “if they do it, not here,” but they must NOT do it (sodomy) at all ANYWHERE.

    Respecting the “rights of heterosexual boys” implies that there are homosexual rights for homosexual boys?

  9. As an exemplar of virtue Christ is hard to beat. His story is that of a perfect or near perfect character. If I could live in a town of 100 Christ’s or 100 Jacob’s I’d prefer the former.

  10. The Scouts were originally something to do with the Colonization of Douth Agrica. Baden Powell was an officer in the Boer War or Zulu war.

    Now it’s for gays!

  11. John says:
    January 31, 2013 at 5:08 am
    The Scouts were originally something to do with the Colonization of South Africa. Baden Powell was an officer in the Boer War or Zulu war.

    Baden Powell was a part of Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Police, defending the Pioneer Column in what was to become Rhodesia. The Brits in Africa were keen on hiring Americans who had experience in the Indian wars in the West, so joining the BSAP was an Arizonan Sheriffs Deputy and former US Army Scout named Frederick Russell Burnham. Burnham taught Native American woodcraft to Baden Powell, and the Scouting movement was born as an outgrowth of their experiences in the First and Second Matabele Wars in Rhodesia. They both fought on the British side in the 2nd Boer War in South Africa. Burnham returned to the US after his adventures in Africa to help found the Boy Scouts of America.

    Now you know why Obama hates the Boy Scouts.

  12. We should ignore all of BRA’ s dictates. It’s a tactic that seems to work very well for grass smokers and beaners.

    Outside of cities I doubt there is enough queers to impact a significant number of boy scout troops and the places were there are a lot of queers are probably fired up to have them in the scouts.

    What troop leadership should do is ignore the new ruling and tell queers they are not welcome. What is likely to happen is men will withdraw, the boy scouts will be for queers, effeminate beta males and kids of single moms, lead by effeminate beta males, queers and single moms. The boy scouts will go to shit like other organizations men have withdrawn from ( schools, churches, the arts etc) and folks will wonder what happened to a once great institution. They will come up with all types of dumb ass theories, but their anti White masculinity thinking will never allow them to consider the real reason.

  13. In a few years, stories will start coming out of how they are raping the kids.

    It is better not to risk it. Pull your children out now and tell the Boy Scouts, why you are doing it.

  14. Mosin Nagant says:
    January 31, 2013 at 2:03 am

    “What would Vlad Tepes do?”

    The first thing he had to deal with, was the traitors. Once he dealt with the traitors, the rest was easy.

    Whites have a HUGE problem with treason.

  15. I want a solid plan on how were going to run secession candidates in the south in time for the 2014 presidential elections

  16. One strategy is to donate money to candidates that support secession and work to help them get elected. The Tea Party didn’t run candidates at first, they supported candidates who agreed with them. You run the risk that they flip their position, but the win goes down in the pro-secession column. Do not send money to the GOP, create a pro-secession, pro-states’ rights PAC and funnel money to candidates who go on record as being pro-secession. Target primaries because that is when activists have the largest impact.

    Don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good. Any candidate who supports states’ rights or better, has taken legislative action, is preferable. Advance the ball, one step at a time.

    That’s a good model for getting off the ground: you work within your own political organization and direct money to candidates that support your views. It is important to elect pro-secession candidates from both parties if possible (Catalonia’s left and right are in agreement on secession).

    I’m sure that in some areas of the South, if you had enough pro-secessionists, you could take over the Democrats and elect your own candidates. In Tennessee in 2012 that some guy won the Democratic Senate primary and the Democratic Party put out announcements that Democrats shouldn’t vote for the guy. Then you have an election where you lose to the GOP, but can run to their right and you shift the state level politics in your direction. And nationally, you strike a major blow to Democrats.

  17. “stonelifter says:
    January 31, 2013 at 8:56 am
    We should ignore all of BRA’ s dictates. It’s a tactic that seems to work very well for grass smokers and beaners.”

    Life is getting wierder by the second. I’m quoting Stonelifer.

    However – that, which he wrote, is true.

    The rest veers off course.

    Do NOT be addicted to insitutions. The Boys Scouts are willfully becoming the Butt Scouts. So abandon ship. Boy Scouts RIP.

    Start a NEW Boy Scouts. Their Founding Principles were, and are superb. Call the the new incarnation something else. This wil be a positive development. The parents that but into the Marxist Jew madness have chosen to deliver their children unto the Jaws of Moloch. So be it. Damaged goods. Do we WANT their DNA, hanging around anyways?

    Cut bait.

    The parents that re-form the Boy Scouts, and PROTECT THEIR children, will have learned not to blindly obey. Fire up those creative indepenedent White genes! Yay!

    Wheat and chaff, m’ dears. Wheat and chaff.

  18. I don’t trust Alex Jones, but that news is interesting. After watching that video, I get the feeling Civil War in the USA, is far closer than we think.

  19. The penetration of homos into the Boy Scouts is only a symptom of the overall effect of cultural Marxism on white society. However, we must yet keep focused on the ever-accelerating browning of America as our real target.

  20. My target audience is never yankees or man haters. Neither stand much of a chance understanding what I post as my thinking is alien to both

  21. The Rhodesians had a Commando unit called the Selous Scouts. They have a remarkable combat record.

    Pronounced Zealous… If you like.

    Both institutions are rooted in Rhodesia I guess.

  22. Actually, the s is silent, it was pronounced “Seloo”. The Selous Scouts were named after Frederick Courtenay Selous, who was a big game hunter, wildlife conservationist and a field scout for Cecil Rhodes’ British South Africa Corporation. He knew Burnham and Baden-Powell as well as Teddy Roosevelt. He is considered along with Rhodes and Baden-Powell as one of the founders of Rhodesia.

    He helped establish the first game preserves in Africa.

  23. Now its Queers in Nigger Ball NFL. and what about the Queer Chicken Hawks who are Football coaches like Penn State Sanduchey… What next? No more Airline Stewardest–now its Flight Attendants….with Homo Lifestyle People. Tom Arnold and Piers Morgan on CNN (Communist News Network) takin about RED NECKS and Arnold showing false ways of Whites—saying Rednecks….Stupid idiots–they want all the guns..,. and Piers takin to Michael Jacksons daddy hummm Jackson liked the young boys…—Who knows just maybe there is a Million Man Chinese Army at 12 Military Bases in Mexico with Cartels and Mexican Powers That Be in on the deal. Why did Obongo shut down the Air Defense System on border??…

  24. It was only a matter of time. Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts sold out long along. The Girl Scouts have been peddling GMO-laden cookies for years and the dumbed-down American public sucks them up like they’re a cure all for everything. Folks, all the corporations are being infiltrated by our destroyers. Accept this and you’ll be ahead of the game.

    Learn the truth from one of the few men money can’t buy:

    Don’t ever say you were never warned!

  25. Snowhitey: Good video by Mullins. Who are these people who own Fed Reserve: The Black Nobility of Europe. Dr. John Coleman in his works has good info on this,,, President Jackson tried to keep them out of USA,,, I wonder what the next Agenda is after the Scouts…maybe Free the Dogs…

  26. John Thomas,

    Mullins was a truly remarkable man. As was Antony Sutton. I can’t think of anyone alive today who even comes close to either one.

    The next agenda is the same as the last agenda. Destroy Western culture.

    Perhaps the logical next step will be to slowly introduce beastiality. Isn’t that how they succeed, introduction in increments? Introduce something a little here and a little there until the masses are “used to it.” Desensitize and then legitimize.

  27. I was very surprised, SHOCKED to learn that popular actor Jim Naybors ( Gomer on the Andy Griffith Show, Spin off Gomer Pyle USMC ) came out as an open homosexual last week as he wed his 20 years junior homosexual lover in a “gay wedding”.

    Who would ever have thought that such great Americans like Jim Naybors/Gomer and South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham would be flaming homosexuals?

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