Yes Virginia, Even “Conservative” GOP Jews Suck on Immigration

(the following is an update of a previous OD post on immigration)

California Rep. Howard Berman, an F on immigration

District of Corruption

OD readers should be angry, but not too surprised to learn that supposedly “conservative”, “patriotic” Republican VA congressman Eric Cantor is making insane, treasonous comments about US immigration. Cantor is after all…

A Jew.

As a rule, Jews in America suck on immigration. In contrast, Jews in Israel pursue very strict immigration policies designed to make Israel a safe, Jewish ethno state.

Here ‘s the link to RINO Eric Cantor mouthing off on the usual Jew lies about immigration, how the Statue of Liberty was/is all about “welcoming the huddled masses of the world” to Our United Sates, not Israel. (Jewess poet Emma Lazarus poem added to the SOL in 1903) Cantor also added some attempts to extract tears for his innocent Jewish grandparents supposedly persecuted by the evil, anti Semitic Czars of Russia (Cantor leaves out the part about what happened when Trotsky and the Bolsheviks imposed Jew rule in Russia, murdered the Czar, killed the Russian nobility, and starved half the population of the Ukraine etc).

The Jewish Question in the Senate

If you or anyone you know has any doubts that so-called “American” Jewish congressmen are bad on immigration, please go check out their immigration grades at NumbersUSA. The highest grade any Jew in Congress has is California Senator Barbara Boxer who has a D+.

Yes Virginia, the Jews really are bad on immigration. How do we present this startling fact to mainstream White Americans without coming off as hateful, anti-Semitic, Jew obsessed, Neo-Nazi extremists?

Practical Suggestions

I’m opening the floor to intelligent suggestions. I have some of my own suggestions here:

(1) Present the facts of Jewish support for Third World immigration alone. Don’t try to package this with any of the other negative Jewish programs like loyalty to Israel, sponsorship of neocon wars in Asia, the War Against Christmas, ADL sponsorship of hate crime legislation, the corruption of the Federal Reserve banking system, the Jewish role in Communism, and so on.

It is just too much for one sitting to throw out the whole “IT’S THE JEWS, STUPID” message on people with no experience (outside of Hollywood movies) with the Chosen.

(2) Third World immigration is now a wedge issue. Increasingly, large numbers of White Americans feel very strongly about immigration and amnesty. In Rahmbo’s words, immigration has become a “third rail” of American politics. It has gotten to the point where they will strongly oppose anyone and everyone who supports amnesty and loosening our immigration laws.

For example, White Americans kicked out RINOs like Chris Cannon of Utah who supported amnesty and forced two other RINOs like John McCain and Lindsey Graham to walk back their positions on amnesty and vote for the position of their constituents.

(3) My own advice is that you should just present the “facts of life” regarding who is for or against us on this issue whenever you are working with immigration control activists or mainstream implicit Whites who oppose mass immigration.

Just present the truth in a gentle way and note in passing that all the liberal Jewish Democrats like Al Franken and Barbara Boxer voted for amnesty and open borders with Third World cesspools like Somalia and Haiti. If you get a positive response, try to include the sad truth that neocon Jews like New York City major Michael Bloomberg, Jonah Goldberg of National Review, Norm Podhoretz of Commentary Magazine, The Heritage Foundation’s Libertad, and other conservative publications where Jews are prominent like The Weekly Standard or The American Spectator are also for Third World immigration and working for some way to give amnesty to millions of “diverse” criminals.

(4) Ask ordinary White people if they think Jews in Israel or Jews in America support Muslim immigration to Israel or letting the Palestinians have full equal rights in their communities.

(5) Ask if the Jewish community favors affirmative action for Arabs in Israel and millions of Mexicans, Somalians, Pakistanis moving to Israel to correct the problem of a lack of sufficient “diversity” in the Knesset.

No, I don’t think so.

(6) Once again, you want to come off as an intelligent, principled White Advocate who is on the side of the ordinary White people you are trying to educate. You don’t want to come off as a crazy, Jew obsessed, one trick pony extremist trying to refight the Second World War on the German side.

(7) Try to include some self depreciating humor about your own ethnic group not being so good at something; maybe something  like Flamingo dancing or stand up comedy.

(8) Jews are really bad on immigration. That doesn’t mean you hate all Jews. It’s just that they line up on the opposite side of the political spectrum and this will have serious consequences for our posterity.

You want your audience to understand that if Jewish candidates like Boxer, Feinstein, Franken, Schumer, Levin or Waxman are elected, then yes, America will be flooded of millions of Third World aliens including Muslims like the 9/11 terrorists, the Fort Hood shooter, or the Portland bomber.

Let your audience take it from there. Try to offer some suggestions on where they can research the subject. Start with mainstream sources first. NumbersUSA is a great place for learning about the immigration debate. See also FAIR and CIS. Then move them on down the road to VDARE.

(9) Always listen more than you talk. Keep the topic focused on a single subject like immigration.

You’re discussing amnesty for millions of illegal aliens who will never assimilate and become genuine America. You don’t want to get into an argument about a subject like the Second World War which nothing can be done about.

If the White person you are talking to is getting hot and angry and ranting about America fighting the Second World War to defeat racism and Nazism, gently ask this person if he thinks the “Greatest Generation” – which lived under Jim Crow and fought in segregated units until the Korean War – gave so many lives at Omaha beach and Guadalcanal so that their grandchildren couldn’t attend a safe public school in Los Angeles, California or Chattanooga Tennessee.

What do you suggest?


  1. Also regarding Detroit and other decayed cities, and also metropolitan areas that are “booming”:

    ALL cities whether, all white or not, always decay. They are built from, and depend on the supply and quality of, their human “fresh water” reservoirs of traditional, religious conservative rural population.

  2. The white star Detroit has novaed into a small dark dwarf, but now that stage is over and the steep curve of change has levelled. Other cities or metropolitan areas (think Research Triangle) are still mounting the height for the steep dive.

  3. Mosin. All organized systems approach maxmimum disorder. That’s an appropriate way to look at the history of civilization. But Niggers are like black holes…… They simply don’t factor in to the normal rise and fall of cities. They’re little understood. They’re divine wrath.

  4. That comment reminds me of an Anglo Saxon addage.

    “The cities are traps.”

    They didn’t like to occupy old Roman sites even decades after they sacked the original garrison.

  5. “That comment reminds me of an Anglo Saxon addage. ‘The cities are traps.’ ”

    Thanks, John. Good reminder of that saying, which I’ve heard before.

  6. After the fall of Rome cities were indeed death traps (with mortality rates only overcome by immigration from the countryside) until the introduction of modern sewer and water systems in the 19th Century.

  7. John,

    Jews are Negriphiles, in general. Can’t do enough for ’em. Until there are no Whites left to screw over. Then they screw over their pet Darkies.

    Who controls the money supply, acadamia, Da Gummint, most of legal profession, and the Media? Yankees, right? Some-one here-in thinks the poor op-wessed Hebes are just blameless, helpless darlings.

  8. If anyone is interested in German black hole cults “Schwarze Sonne”/Ahenerbe, etc. there is a fine coffee table book called Heinrich Himmler’s Camelot that I highly recommend. Hell, I have a copy signed by Stephen Cook and will consider a trade if someone has a book that perhaps I would find interesting.

  9. Mosin Nagant says:
    Straw men “Yankees” are the scape goats here. It is still not entirely clear WHAT is a “Yankee.” …”

    “The Yankee scapegoat.” Just when you thought you’d heard it all.

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