A Modest Suggestion for Rand Paul

Pussyfooters and True Believers
Pussyfooters and True Believers

Most OD readers are aware that Rand Paul was given full access to the MSM – Mainstream Media to give one of only two officially sanctioned responses to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. RINO Cuban American Marco Rubio was given the other response – the idea being that the American (White) public has only 2 possible alternatives to Obama

“Which would you rather have – Obama’s BRA/Lib Min dictatorship or….

Time Magazine’s anointed only hope for the GOP – Hispanic Sen Marco Rubio!

Also, there’s this Libertarian thing floating around out there – Rand Paul”

OD readers should be angry though not all together shocked to learn that Rand Paul has done a 180% flip flop on immigration announcing his support for open borders immigration.

Rand Paul stated:

“We … must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future,“ Paul said. “We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities. We must be the party that says, ‘If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.’”

(See Vdare’s brutal exposes of Rand Paul’s immigration betrayal)

So basically, Rand Paul is arguing that any man, woman, transgender person on planet earth who wants to come to the United Sates desiring a better life, should be welcomed, embraced – ie

the USA/GOP should welcome the whole countries of Haiti, Pakistan, Somalia!

OD has published some solid articles documenting the racial betrayals of Ron Paul and the terrible problems associated with the Libertarian cult.

Rand Paul, like his father Ron Paul – is a Libertarian true believer and also a racial pussyfooter. Neither hates White Americans, nor wants to see the genocide of White Americans. They honestly believe that their Libertarian free market economic theories can help everyone, help improve the entire world and they have lots of arguments supporting the American Constitution to supposedly protect the rights and property of (White) Americans from the horrors of the third world, the same third world they are inviting here.

With racial pussyfooters, they tend to agree with whoever happens to be in the room with them at the time. When running in campaigns with virtually all White GOP voters, they talk about lowering taxes, respecting gun rights, promoting sound monetary policies – sounds good to regular White folks. With a regular White crowd, you won’t see Ron Paul or Rand Paul espousing messianic immigration nonsense that the US most welcome the entire Third World, that we have to accept any diseased Black, Muslim terrorist that wants to try to make a better life here in the US. But, when given a lib crowd, or making some pitch on the cursed MSM – mainstream media – yeah, Rand Paul and Ron Paul will pander, pander big time. Then there’s always the pressure to fall back in to Libertarian true believer orthodoxy on open borders immigration. OD readers know the score with Libertarians and immigration.

Ron Paul was the victim a vicious ad hominem attack in 2008 by the New Republic Magazine. The publisher Marty Peretz is a homosexual Jewish man, strong Liberal Democrat and also an extreme Jewish supporter of Israel. Marty Peretz and the New Republic attacked Ron Paul for being, yes….


The New Republic published articles from Ron Paul’s newsletter in the 1980s stating that Black Americans were more prone to violent crime than others and the Israeli lobby had too much influence over American foreign policy.

Instead of defending these articles as perfectly legitimate, Ron Paul proceeded to deny that he wrote or even read these TERRIBLE RACIST comments. Then Ron Paul proceded to express his great love for MLK, Rosa Parks and BRA as the expression of true “Libertarian” principles – yeah right, Ron.

So OD readers shouldn’t be too surprised that Rand Paul is pushing immigration treason, betraying our people in order to get access to the MSM – mainstream Media, be positioned for some future Libertarian Presidential Campaign that is sure always lose. The MSM, BRA like to support White political campaigns that lose and that pander to them.

So here’s a suggestion to the Rand Paul, Ron Paul true believers to help with the problem of Rand and Ron being called “RACISTS”.

Have Rand Paul and Ron Paul volunteer to become homosexual punks for HIV + Black convicts in Chicago’s Cook Country Jail. How can anyone say that Rand Paul or Ron Paul are “RACIST” or “homophobic” when they are agreeing to have homosexual intercourse with AIDS infected Black criminals? If that doesn’t forever end the charge of RACISM against Rand and Ron Paul, probably nothing will…

OK, so nothing will ever end the charge of RACISM against all remaining White people on planet earth.

In the meantime, please call, e-mail, fax the Rand Paul national office and express your strong opposition to Rand Paul’s insane, treasonous immigration comments – I did – felt good.

Here’s the phone # for Rand Paul’s Washington office:



  1. It was a workable document back when America was one nation, it hamstrings us now.

    I don’t think Americans were one nation in 1787. My most fundamental objection to the US Constitution is that it bound us to strangers.

    Example: 14th Amendment-hastily written and very poorly worded, interpreted totally out of context.

    How about the first amendment? Freedom of religion? No state church?

  2. Lew,

    I just don’t see how you can conclude that the GOP is forever going to be hopeless. Certainly based on past performance it seems fair to assume they’ll keep the immigration floodgates open. But you’re ignoring the fact that their base is so white. I grant that their leadership is doing everything it can to avoid having to address white grievances (wholly legitimate grievances, mind you, I’m not talking about WN fantasies) but the point is I don’t see how anyone could conclude that things must, absolutely must, remain that way. And of the two major parties, well, it’s really no contest which might at least try putting up a fight.

    Why do you begrudge Brimelow doing well for himself? We’ve all seen the results of amateurs trying their hand at injecting racial realism into mainstream discourse. One Brimelow is worth a ten thousand of those hacks. (With some notable exceptions, of course.)

  3. Given his education, accomplishments and resume, I think Peter Brimelow deserves to be very well compensated. I don’t begrudge anyone being well paid for honest work that requires rare talents, assuming it is honest work. I just checked Brimelow’s résumé. Admittedly, it is very impressive. Nevertheless, he has been tangled up with establishment conservatism (aka the same Conservative, Inc. that routinely now gets mocked on his site) for most of his career.

    Again, I was an early supporter of Brimelow’s immigration writings. But that was then. Things change. Given that it’s 2013, I think promoting the idea the Republican Party is or might be in the future a viable vehicle for white interests is an instantly discrediting position. I don’t care how accomplished the person is, if it’s the shade of Aristotle. That’s just how I shake out on it.

    On reflection, I should known something was not quite right with him and Derbyshire given they stayed on board with NR after how those excreable scum treated Joe Sobran. The mask was off at that point. It was perfectly clear that Trotskyite Jews hostile to white interests were driving intellectual conservatism. Yet they stayed on.

  4. You haven’t given any good reasons for rejecting the future viability of the GOP as a vehicle for white interests. In fact, I’m not sure you’ve given any reasons at all, apart from noting that so far they’ve done nothing and at times even led the charge for more immigration. That’s just so typical of the white-makes-right crowd: they wake up on race and expect to be able to click their fingers and have the entire universe to snap to attention. Doesn’t work that way. See, unlike you, the Brimelows understand that cultural change of pro-white magnitude takes time. That’s why the fact that Brimelow’s been battling in the trenches of mainstream conservatism for half a lifetime is to his credit, not to his dishonor. What should Brimelow and Derb have done, Lew? Quit before being fired and hole up with the WLP in the sticks and somehow ‘will’ a white revolution into being without any means of reaching a mass white audience? Come on. Jack Ryan’s right. The frustration just gets to some of you and you lash out at anyone and everyone even only slightly less racially intense.

    I see things differently. I think there is real cause for optimism on the racial front and that the stage is set for things to begin turning racialism’s way over the next ten years. Some of you mistake the ‘clamp down’ (of sorts) on racial views in the mainstream as a sign of complete (or impending) anti-white victory; I see it as a sign of desperation. They know they’re FOS and that it can’t last but habitual distaste for traditional WN keeps their momentum going. It’ll eventually give out. And apres la desperation, le deluge. But, sorry to disappoint, it won’t be the stuff of WLP lynching fantasies.

  5. Very well said Silver.

    And I do not begrudge Brimelow’s modest financial and personal success. I wish so many more people could be pro White and not have to live in a slum, trailer park or live under a bridge. Joe Sobran apparently had to do just that.

    I am a bit jealous that Brimelow has such stunningly beautiful, cultured yet supportive wives.

    This jealousy of financial success is a huge problem in American a white nationalist circles. The American WN “movement” got all jealous and angry when David Duke was having solid mainstream success in the 1990s, actually get elected State representative and challenging well for US Senate and Governor. And yes, donations came in for a duke instead of to their hard core NS newsletters.

    We want to encourage success, not failure. These no shot third party Presidential runs are doomed for failure, which apparently is what a large part of the “movement” wants.

  6. No good reasons the national GOP will be a vehicle? I don’t if you’re trolling or what, but that is beyond ridiculous. The GOPs raison d’être for 45 years has been exploiting their white supporters. Rockwell and WLP saw it the 60s. Time to admit the radicals were right. Here we are approaching 2016 and the savior of the most conservative wing of today’s GOP, Rand Paul, was recently on national TV. He called for amnesty, open borders, and threw in for good measure it’s not about race. Even the ugliest portions of

    WLPs writings were are least tethered to reality whatever their flaws. There notion ethnic conflict is not inevitable may be wishful thinking. There is some truth in WLPs violent fiction: like or not, in the struggle for survival, it often comes down to kill or be killed. Harold Covington (another radical) once said that at some Whites will pick up weapons and kill the enemy, or they will kill us.

    There is more truth in that sentence that the millions of words written suggesting supporting the GOP is the way to go. WLP may yet be proven right; there will be mass slaughter in the future. It will likely be against us, not the other way, and thanks in part to conservatives who refused to recognize reality or tell the truth.

  7. Quick reader poll. Which statement is closer to the truth and backed by known historical facts:

    1) At some point, Whites will pick up weapons and kill the enemy, or they will kill us.

    2) At some point, the GOP will start representing White interests in America?

  8. Mosin Nagant, for what it’s worth there are plenty who agree with your comments about both Ron Paul and his, well, wandering boy. One of the main reasons rigid ideologues never get anywhere is they can’t stand anything less than complete agreement with their view, tactics and strategy. They can’t understand how such things could possibly work out and they can’t withstand that. And they criticize libertarians for this!

    I’ve supported Ron since 1988 for the simple fact that I knew he was capable of gathering a very large following and, if by some remote chance was ever elected, would do and end run around the word games that have distorted men’s minds so terribly. The US Constitution is certainly not perfect and I’ve never been a fan of it, but in this day and age someone who stakes his claim on original intent and sticks to that with every vote he casts for over 30 years and THEN draws bigger, more enthusiastic supporters that any media candidate has to be a much more vote-worthy man than, well — btw, whom exactly did these Ron-bashers have in mind in 2012? Some unknown who hadn’t a chance in hell? Not voting, perhaps? Mitt Ronmey, as most here chose?

    The only thing I’d disagree with you about is Obongo. His being in there for another four years is better for us, long term, than suffering through a Romney. It won’t take long for BRA to draw the same kind of universal laughter Detoilet is getting. And that will signify change.

    My regards,

  9. I don’t get the animosity to Brimelow. VDare is a great site for transmitting stuff as they give links to original resources you can just link too with commentary.

    It’s a long march out of this mess.

  10. My objection to Brimelow and VDARE is they mislead with half-truths and steer people toward system politics and away from radical solutions like secession or Golden Dawn-style racial nationalism. Brimelow knows damn well system politics are a waste of white energy. His refusal totally repudiate it as was recently evidenced by his retarded Rand Paul comment naturally raises the question why not?

    John, I suspect there might be gaps in your knowledge on the history and evolution of American intellectual conservatism. Do you know who Joe Sobran and why his purge in the 90s is important for what it tells us about Brimelow’s associates?

  11. Involvement in system politics is NOT useless. It is necessary, INTEGRAL, to bringing about the good change (renewal and preservation of Western culture and genetics) we seek. Many of Jack Ryan’s posts are reminding us of that. Get actively involved, especially on the local level. But it is also important to communicate our displeasure with the higher powers, such as the U.S. Congress — and hence the contact Rand Paul suggestion! Also spread the bad news about Rand around on Tea Party and mainstream conservative sites, letters to the editor in newspapers, etc.

  12. I should have written:

    mainstream “conservative” sites

    Mainstream conservative is oxymoronic, now. If only conservatism were mainstream!

  13. Mainstream politics IS useless if your premise for participation is that meaningful change is possible through mainstream channels. If you want to create contacts, engage your community, and learn the nuts and bolts of organizing and parties, then mainstream participation might make some sense. But only for that. It might make sense if your goal is to acquire knowledge and influence people in a more radical direction.

    The danger is that participation in any form of mainstream system politics, say a Tea Party group, usually requires self-censorship. Go to a Tea Party meeting, bring up race and propose secession. See what happens. The other danger is that participation will mean putting your time and talent into furthering mainstream (anti-white) goals rather than goals like secession.

  14. I got an e-mail from Rand Paul today – he’s supposedly leading the “true Conservative” battle against Barack Obama and the conspiratorial actions of “Big Unions” who supposedly control the Obama administration.

    Here’s the lead:

    “Dear Concerned American:

    “I owe these unions.”

    President Barack Obama couldn’t have stated it any more clearly.

    And after spending an estimated BILLION dollars to re-elect Barack Obama and maintain control of the U.S. Senate, the union bosses couldn’t agree more.

    They’re wasting no time demanding PAYBACK.”

    Jack resumes commentary.

    Surprisingly, I am on some short list of hard core Rand Paul supporters 🙂

    I think I’ve done a rather complete job of documenting Rand Paul and Ron Paul’s immigration treason – all from a disguised open borders immigration, libertarian perspective (the tragic flaw in this Libertarian cult).

    I suggest that Rand Paul and Ron Paul supporters acknowledge the now obvious that that both have signed on to race replacement of our people through mass NW immigration and anti White enemies of our people will use them to confuse patriotic Americans to try to sneak in mass amnesties, flooding the US with millions of more low wage NW workers.

    I suggest Rand and Ron Paul supporters treat this horrible flaw like the would some once trusted conservative in the 1960s who was discovered as a promiscuous homosexual with rumored addictions to homo child pornography. Put the word out and understand this terrible flaw and insist that their candidate has to keep all this in the closet.

    Yes, Rand Paul and Ron Paul’s insane, treasonous immigration views have to be put back in the closet, or their political careers will be ended, and they will become social pariahs.

    SO, BE FIRM AND FAIR with insane, treasonous Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s Libertarian open borders immigration policies.


    Please write the letters, send e-mails, make the phone calls, send faxes to Rand Paul’s staff to all supportive groups.

    When the immigration treason talk starts to come out of the closet, the door gets slammed shut and we make the honest promise to end the Rand Paul, Ron Paul political careers like we ended the political careers of:

    Chris Cannon
    Dick Lugar
    Arlen Specter
    Jack Kemp

    We through some major scares in to RINO immigration traitors like John McCain, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Lindsey Graham and Orin Hatch. We will do the same and this time finish the career of Rand Paul and all open borders immigration LIbertarian idiots.

    Again – Rand Paul and all those like him have to keep this perversion in the closet.

  15. “Go to a Tea Party meeting, bring up race and propose secession. See what happens.”

    Depends on which local Tea Party group.

  16. Re: “Surprisingly, I am on some short list of hard core Rand Paul supporters”:

    Don’t be surprised. I have no idea why I was added to the Rand Paul mailing list. I told them (in a phone call) what I thought of his immigration position, and other reasons why I actually oppose (not support) him, but the emails keep coming. I still maintain that the Ron Paul presidential candidacy was the better choice for our purposes, though I didn’t neglect supporting Romney over Obama in the end. Ron has been better (more vocal) than Rand on the endless war, states’ rights and Fed issues. Rand and even the retired but still vocal Ron need to be warned about, and yes, CHASTISED, for their treasonous support of the Invasion.

  17. It really wasn’t shocking, Lew. Some were following the secession petitions. They are interested in bringing about Nullification, of course, because it is something that is possible, and indeed, happening: Through their time and effort the county board has been led to actually nullify some NDAA provisions, and we’re working hard on a reluctant old Sheriff, and against Agenda 21 on county and municipal levels.

  18. There’s just not going to be secession, and people need to accept that. America is either going to slowly deteriorate into a massive, Brazil-like slum, or, more likely, experience a series of domestic crises that culminate in open racial warring and ethnic-cleansing. When the smoke clears, our system of government will be re-established, because it’s been the most successful that the world has ever seen, and the Constitution patched-up as necessary to prevent situations like this from developing again.

  19. Jack Ryan,

    Are you talking about Billy James Hargis? The 60s “conservative” who was later found to be homosexual, among other weird sexual habits like wanting to share the honeymoon bed with two people he had just married.

  20. Yeah, listen up you White Rand Paul supporters. Let me be clear: Your enemy is White union members! Help us Republicans break up the unions so our big business donors er, I meant job creators, can avoid paying decent wages and benefits. Whoops, no. Another mistake. Scratch that. Help us bust up Obama’s unions so America’s job creators can keep more of what they earn instead of being forced into socialism!

    Dear Concerned American:

    “I owe these unions.”

    President Barack Obama couldn’t have stated it any more clearly.

    And after spending an estimated BILLION dollars to re-elect Barack Obama and maintain control of the U.S. Senate, the union bosses couldn’t agree more.

    They’re wasting no time demanding PAYBACK.”

  21. Black=African-american

    The word was DEFINED to mean only you. If you happen to notice ethnic bloc games at work, they will call you a racist for thinking other groups act that way (like you do). If you marshal evidence and prove your claim, they will say that those groups are ONLY doing that as a defense mechanism for YOUR racism.

    So either way, no matter what, you’re a racist. The gay marxist jew who came up with the word INTENDED it to be that. And his cousins carry their little secular clan doctrine all over the airwaves, all marxism, all the time…with them as the dictatorship.

    Rand and Ron know that jews run the banks, and jews run the media. Nothing gets SAID or funded without their sayso in this country. Watch RT or AJ sometimes; it’s refreshingly different. They showed the black Tottenham riots in their full glory like an episode of First 48.

    At this point, everyone who wants political viability must prostitute themselves to the jewish lobby or else that lobby and that powerbase KILLS YOU. They have unlimited power to say whatever they want about you whenever they want because they own the newspapers and they own and run the television and movie production.

    Working within the system is continuing to enable pimps and foreign powers. You’re a fool if you believe that you will be allowed to select a candidate who is antithetical to jewish interests. Such a person will never get nominated.

    The racism machine has made this label a worse scar than being a child molestor. Nobody flies around the world for “reconciliation” to shake the hand of someone who molested their child, but Amy Biehl’s dad did exactly that on account of racism. His Passover Syndrome was so strong that he sacrificed his own daughter to it.

  22. It is our right and our duty as the indigenous American people to work within the system to conserve and restore OUR system. Fatalistic withdrawal and doomed violent reaction both serve the tyranny.

  23. “I think I’ve done a rather complete job of documenting Rand Paul and Ron Paul’s immigration treason…”

    Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and you haven’t documented shit on Ron Paul that even compares to any other 2012 potential.

    Jack, you should pay more attention to real live actions and the results of those actions than to words spoken by politicians. You have to read between the lines. Ron Paul’s career-long dedication to pulling the rug out from the US federal government may not refer to immigration per se, and may even sound (to untrained ears) like “treason”, but would have done more to end it than any political platform in the last 100 years.

    US politicians, for example, never declare war before bombing, burning and invading countries. They provoke instead, or stage provocations, so that the yokels will only judge by what they’re told. WORDS. And so people like you end up hating Japan for the rest of your lives, because that’s the lesson you learned from their words instead of paying attention to backgrounds and actions and things too complicated to hold the interest of yokels.

    I have no use for Rand Paul, but he is NOT his father. Your continuous smear of Ron on account of Rand is the kind of thing thinking people want to rid themselves of via secession.

    Is there something in the water up there that forever deprives you folks of any comprehension of subtlety, especially in politics? God, no wonder Uncle A dubbed his people the most naive.

  24. Long Live Dixie says:

    I don’t think Americans were one nation in 1787. My most fundamental objection to the US Constitution is that it bound us to strangers.

    Do you believe the Constitutional architect James Madison to be a traitor?

  25. Peter Brimelow is nobody, to underline a point. He is a wordsmith, to be used or cast into the pit as the regime deems fit. Are y’all crazy, dancing on coals over this man’s WORDS? Lest his “true” ideology be this or that?

    Time better spent studying what’s coming out of the ground in “Namibia” and “Botswana”.

  26. LongLiveDixie, James Madison is in fact an undersung great HERO of Western civilisation, and the “I’m a Good Ole Rebel” anti-“damnyankee”-ism theme song contains one line (“I hates the Constitution….”) that is VERY mistaken, because it was Lincoln who violated with impunity and thus hated, the Constitution.

  27. Well, Bill Yancey doesn’t speak for me exactly on Brimelow, though we seem to be identical on the Pauls.

  28. I’m not against Brimelow. I just don’t think he’s important at this point.

    But please forgive me a bit of childishness re “traitors” like Madison:

    All of those intellectuals who headed this disastrous union were, indeed, Southerners. The yanks were apparently to busy counting coins to worry about such things. But consider –

    Washington, Mason, Madison, Jefferson, etc., were all defined as “traitors” by THE GOVERNMENT THEY PLEDGED THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO, and which they rebelled against. Importantly, even less allegiance should have been expected from the Southern Confederates.

    In 1946-1947, a multitude of men were hanged, under the authority of the United States government, for NOT being traitors!

    So, define “traitor”, please. Or get over WORDS!

  29. LongLiveDixie, James Madison is in fact an undersung great HERO of Western civilisation . . .

    James Madison was a liberal.

    . . . and the “I’m a Good Ole Rebel” anti-”damnyankee”-ism theme song contains one line (“I hates the Constitution….”) that is VERY mistaken, because it was Lincoln who violated with impunity and thus hated, the Constitution.

    Without the US Constitution, Dixie would have been independent for generations before Lincoln emerged and would have been in a far better position to repel the Yankee invasion, if there would have even been one.

  30. Working within the system is continuing to enable pimps and foreign powers. You’re a fool if you believe that you will be allowed to select a candidate who is antithetical to jewish interests. Such a person will never get nominated.

    Don’t you think a nationalist party could have some success at the local level?

  31. Lew’s criticism of Peter Brimelow is completely unfounded. If Brimelow was only in it for the money, then he’d still be with National Review churning out EstabliCon piffle and writing instantly forgettable–but profitable–books like “Liberal Fascism” and the like. It’s easy enough to make loads of money by staying within the bounds of “respectable” conservative opinion. What’s difficult–and career-destroying–is having the courage to go outside those bounds.

    As for being taken in by Rand Paul, you can’t blame Brimelow for noticing that Paul actually proposed an immigration moratorium in exchange for a limited amnesty and real border security. If Paul has no intention of following up on this proposal, then he’s just another lying scumbag politician. But when a sitting US senator does something heretofore unheard of, like propose an immigration moratorium, patriots should take notice, spread the word and try to hold him to his statements.

    Brimelow runs the country’s most prominent and hardcore immigration restrictionist website. For doing so he has been completely shunned by Conservatism, Inc. and is constantly under threat to get fired from his day job as a financial journalist. He regularly publishes race realist writers like Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Nicholas Stix, Paul Kersey, Jared Taylor, Kevin MacDonald and Pat Buchanan (amongst many others), and Vdare played no small part in stopping GW Bush’s attempted amnesties in the mid-2000s. Vdare also regularly links to OD.

    What most Americans probably don’t know is that Brimelow was a fairly prominent journalist in Canada in the 1970s and 80s. His 1986 book, “The Patriot Game: National Dreams and Political Realities” turned the conventional Trudeaupian wisdom on its head and was hugely influential at the time. In it he presciently predicted the rise of new Western conservative (Reform) and Quebec separatist (Bloc Quebecois) political parties at the federal level. According to his biographer, Stephen Harper’s political views were profoundly influenced by Brimelow’s book. How many authors can claim to have had a major influence on the thinking of the leader of a G8 nation? Brimelow can.

    Interestingly, the book barely touches on what was later to become Brimelow’s raison d’être, immigration. Instead, it focuses on Quebec’s relationship with the rest of Canada, and that just as Quebec was gaining all the trappings of a full-fledged nation-state, Canada as a whole had repudiated its British Protestant heritage and was only held together by the flimsy ideological constructs of bilingualism, multiculturalism and, above all, anti-Americanism. Therefore, Brimelow concluded that Quebec secession was inevitable in the long run.

    Do I agree with everything Brimelow says or does? Of course not. And the same goes for Sailer, Buchanan, Derb, etc etc. Does anyone here agree 100% with Hunter Wallace? Not me, that’s for sure. But I agree with him and those other writers most of the time, and that’s good enough. We racial conservatives, who are despised equally by liberals and mainstream cons, can’t afford to be ideological purists. So let’s give the benefit of the doubt to prominent writers who are (mostly) on our side like Brimelow, and start appreciating a glass half full rather than criticizing the same glass as half empty.

  32. Good comment, Jeppo. Regarding the moratorium part of Rand’s proposal: It is MUCH less likely to pass than the “limited” amnesty part, and AFTER amnesty it will become extremely unlikely, I think.

    Rand does seem to be sacrificing his people’s right on the altar of his political climbing ambition. He’s good on some issues, fewer than Ron was.

  33. Ron Paul after this revelation still wouldn’t nullify the Fed and let states do their own legislature?

  34. Acccckkkk, two of my comments didn’t go thru. Both were of the same commentary, the second worded differently, and I emailed Hunter last night for help.

  35. Occidental Dissent has been firm, but fair with the Ron Paul, Rand Paul Constitutionalist/Libertarian cult. This race denying Libertarian cult is one of many destructive intellectual movements that have disarmed our people to suffer racial and cultural dispossession in this our own country, which was as recently as 1960 a safe, prosperous 90% plus White Indo European country.

    I am not just picking on Ron Paul and Rand Paul. The American Libertarian community/power structure has enforced intellectual conformity demanding near open borders immigration in to the United States.

    I say a special “thank you” to OD’s reader Gayle for providing the link to the Libertarian Party’s insane/treasonous position on mass Mexican/3rd world immigration in to our country:


    Former New Mexico (appropriate name) Governor and Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson (won less than 1% of the popular vote, as usual) received an “F” immigration grade from NumbersUSA and pushes the standard Libertarian Party line that all/unlimited immigration in to the USA is a good thing.

    To Ron Paul’s credit, RP published some honest commentary about Black criminal racial realities in his RP newsletter in the 1980s, early 90s, also published some honest facts about the immoral, deceitful life of Martin Luther King Jr. – now MLK is “Saint Martin” and has a North Korean leader style statue on the Washington Mall. For this “THOUGHT CRIME” – the editors of the Libertarian Magazine – REASON MAGAZINE demanded Stalinesque inquisitions on who wrote the politically incorrect RACIST comments in Ron Paul’s newsletters.

    Then in 2008 Ron Paul punked out, denied he wrote or even read the “TERRIBLE RACIST” comments in his own newsletter, denied he ever wrote, said or thought anything negative about the Black rioters who burned, looted and murdered in the Rodney King LA Riots. And Ron Paul has been pandering on virtually all racial issues since then.

    Now Ron Paul’s son Rand Paul has been offered access to the cursed American MSM – mainstream media provided he agrees to be the “Conservative”/Patriot voice supporting mass amnesty for 11-20 million illegal aliens and opening the flood gates to tens of millions of additional low skilled, NW third worlders.

    I would say that this qualifies Rand Paul as a Judas to White Americans, as he has taken the 30 pieces of silver to betray our people on the live or die issue of mass NW immigration. Rand Paul is personally profiting from his immigration treason.

    And this personal profit from racial treason is the key with almost all the various types of American White racial traitors (Grachites, Trucklers, Pussyfooters). If Rand Paul or Gary Johnson or any other Libertarian political leader/intellectual had their careers ruined by supporting White genocide immigration policies, they would stop doing this treason.

    That’s the key, no pain, no gain.

    Rand Paul, Ron Paul and all those like them must experience personal pain, financial and social punishment for their immigration treason. That’s the only thing that works, it’s impossible to try to use REASON with such people. We have to learn to use effective, legal methods of force – crime and punishment.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed here. Stay strong, get active. We can beat back yet another mass illegal alien amnesty.

  36. Race realist conservatives are rigid enforcers of ideological purity.
    To see what I mean, just look at John Derbyshire’s collection of “Dark Enlightenment” sites which he recommends to VDARE’s readers.

    Derbyshire recommends that VDARE readers peruse the KNOWN Jewish controlled opposition site Gates of Vienna, but that’s not the half of it. More important are the sites that don’t qualify as part of Derb’s counter-enlightenment:

    David Duke
    Age of Treason
    The White Network
    The Occidental Observer

    There is a lot of good work going on at those sites, but Derb doesn’t recommend them. Why not? No doubt it’s because they don’t fit his ideological purity test for philo-semitism.

    I agree we should stick together. But part of white advocates sticking together is sticking together. A lot of race realists don’t want to stick together and in fact can be pretty divisive. Many of them attack white advocates to their right, and have done so for years, or they simply ignore credible work written from perspectives to their right.

    John Derbyshire has defended William F. Buckley, Rich Lowry and National Review for policing the right because, in Derb’s words, there are lot of nuts on the American right. This was after Lowry humiliated his ass in front of (probably) millions of informed and intelligent readers who follow these issues.

    The Jewish VDARE writer Nicholas Stix is so rigidly ideological about defending Jews he showed up at Counter Currents to snark at Matt Parrott for criticizing Michael Bloomberg (a Stix co-tribalist).

    So let’s not fall into the error of thinking rigid ideological purity is not pervasive among race realist conservatives. The exact opposite is true in many cases.

    I agree with Jeppo we can’t afford ideological purity if the purity is counter-productive. This is especially true for ideological purity in defense of people, ideas and approaches with a proven track record of complete failure.

    George Lincoln Rockwell and William Luther Pierce figured out in the 1960s that conservatism and Republican politics would never put up meaningful resistance against the anti-white tide. Has history vindicated them or not? Simple question. William Pierce wrote “Why Conservatives Can’t Win” in 1971.

    Meanwhile, it’s 2013, and Peter Brimelow is still talking about Rand Paul and maybe Republicans might do something.


  37. I note with anger that the MSM in Rand Paul’s home state of Kentucky is covering up His immigration treason comments. The Lexington KY paper’s report of Rand Paul’s astate of the a union speech doesn’t mention immigration at all.

    The MSM wil do this all the time, provide cover on immigration for Neo Cons, RINOs and now Libertarians. This is a key reason that regular White voters in States like South Carolina actually hint men like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are strong on border security, national defense.

    Another reason web sites like Vdare and Amren and Occidental Dissent are so valuable for our cause.

    Here’s the link to the Lexington KY story on Rand Paul’s SOTU speech.


  38. Lew david duke was competitive and victorious in the early 90s when he was concentrating on issues of day to day importance with local White voters. Since he went off the deep end to become a 24/7 obsessed Jew hater, he is marginalized and not being effective.

    We want to be effective, without giving in to the Jews. Successful nationalists/populists in Switzerland and Russia do this. So can we.

  39. Lew,

    Please read John Derbyshire’s interview with the Jewish intellectual magazine Jewcy where he is very honest about Jewish power in America and how it’s a career killer to hint that you might have any thought about Jewish power.

  40. Jack,

    I know. Duke gave them a run for their money in a favorable Deep South state 20 years ago. Things were different then. I’m tempted to look up what anti-immigration proponent Peter Brimelow said about Duke at the time, if anything.

    As for the Jewish question, the white advocate community could have stopped debating it years ago. Brimelow, Taylor, Derb and people keep the Jewish alive, not Duke.

    You can’t accept Jews and be for whites. If this idea would just become the DEFAULT POSITION across the WHOLE white advocate community regardless of other disagreements, it wouldn’t be necessary to debate the Jewish question so often.

    We take it for granted that immigration into white counties is bad, and low white birth rates are bad. Those things are axiomatic. You almost can’t be pro-white without accepting those things. We have no reason to constantly bring up issues like “should we stop immigration”? Or, are “low birth rates a bad thing”? because everyone accepts them. It’s just a matter of figuring out what to do about them.

    With the Jewish question, unfortunately, we have a lot of people denying the obvious about Jews, so we can’t move on. They’re the ones keeping the JQ front and center because they take a false position that people like Duke are forced to constantly rebut.

  41. Jack,

    And what has Derb said should be doneabout Jewish power? What actionshas Derb recommended in response to that piece of information? Has he endorsed Duke? Called for making KMDs ideas more prominent at TakiMag and VDARE? Denounced Jonah Goldberg? Called for a white ethnostate that excludes Jews?

    What??? Point me to it.

  42. Lew,

    Please read my own commentary on OD on America’s real Jewish problems and some simple advice about positive activism to reach regular White Americans on this rough subject here and now in the United States of America year 2013. This is where we live, this year 2013 is the year we are in.









    Here’s my basic recommendation:

    Open day in, day out anti semitic, Jew hatred propaganda is a losing program with mainstream Whites. All should understand that mainstream White Americans do not respond positively to folks running around screaming:


    Well, you get the point. Still, we’re not Neo Conservatives; we’re aware of realities, including certain unpleasant realities with many Jewish people and Jewish organizations. We’ve read and understood the writings of Kevin Macdonald, Wilmot Robertson, David Duke – even honest Jewish writers like Steve Sailer. Jewish Neo Conservatives really did hi-jack the American Conservative movement. The National Review is now the Jonah Goldberg Review. Jewish Neo Conservatives really do push terrible programs of:
    1) Invade the world for Israel
    2) Invite the world – open borders immigration of the NW Third World
    3) In hoc to the world, endless borrowing to pay for #1, #2

    Yeah, we also know that yes, Jews dominate the media, Hollywood, Madison Avenue, the Federal Reserve, lots of Wall Street and groups like the ADL, SPLC make it a virtual “hate crime/”thought” crime to sing Christmas Carols in public.

    So how do we do “mainstream” honest/effective discussion/activism on “the Jewish question”. I’m opening up the floor to intelligent suggestions.

    I will just say here that we should strive to be:

    1) fair and honest
    2) effective

    I end by noting the success of two other White folks that were on our side:
    Leni Riefenstahl and Addy Hitler who together produced the great propaganda film “Triumph of the Will” in which there were exactly no – ZERO negative references to Jews. These two great artists, leaders of our people understood that there is a time and place for everything and regular Whites folks in Germany then and America now, don’t want to be bombarded with endless, negative rants about “The Jews”.

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