A Modest Suggestion for Rand Paul

Pussyfooters and True Believers
Pussyfooters and True Believers

Most OD readers are aware that Rand Paul was given full access to the MSM – Mainstream Media to give one of only two officially sanctioned responses to President Obama’s State of the Union Address. RINO Cuban American Marco Rubio was given the other response – the idea being that the American (White) public has only 2 possible alternatives to Obama

“Which would you rather have – Obama’s BRA/Lib Min dictatorship or….

Time Magazine’s anointed only hope for the GOP – Hispanic Sen Marco Rubio!

Also, there’s this Libertarian thing floating around out there – Rand Paul”

OD readers should be angry though not all together shocked to learn that Rand Paul has done a 180% flip flop on immigration announcing his support for open borders immigration.

Rand Paul stated:

“We … must be the party that embraces the immigrant who wants to come to America for a better future,“ Paul said. “We must be the party who sees immigrants as assets, not liabilities. We must be the party that says, ‘If you want to work, if you want to become an American, we welcome you.’”

(See Vdare’s brutal exposes of Rand Paul’s immigration betrayal)

So basically, Rand Paul is arguing that any man, woman, transgender person on planet earth who wants to come to the United Sates desiring a better life, should be welcomed, embraced – ie

the USA/GOP should welcome the whole countries of Haiti, Pakistan, Somalia!

OD has published some solid articles documenting the racial betrayals of Ron Paul and the terrible problems associated with the Libertarian cult.

Rand Paul, like his father Ron Paul – is a Libertarian true believer and also a racial pussyfooter. Neither hates White Americans, nor wants to see the genocide of White Americans. They honestly believe that their Libertarian free market economic theories can help everyone, help improve the entire world and they have lots of arguments supporting the American Constitution to supposedly protect the rights and property of (White) Americans from the horrors of the third world, the same third world they are inviting here.

With racial pussyfooters, they tend to agree with whoever happens to be in the room with them at the time. When running in campaigns with virtually all White GOP voters, they talk about lowering taxes, respecting gun rights, promoting sound monetary policies – sounds good to regular White folks. With a regular White crowd, you won’t see Ron Paul or Rand Paul espousing messianic immigration nonsense that the US most welcome the entire Third World, that we have to accept any diseased Black, Muslim terrorist that wants to try to make a better life here in the US. But, when given a lib crowd, or making some pitch on the cursed MSM – mainstream media – yeah, Rand Paul and Ron Paul will pander, pander big time. Then there’s always the pressure to fall back in to Libertarian true believer orthodoxy on open borders immigration. OD readers know the score with Libertarians and immigration.

Ron Paul was the victim a vicious ad hominem attack in 2008 by the New Republic Magazine. The publisher Marty Peretz is a homosexual Jewish man, strong Liberal Democrat and also an extreme Jewish supporter of Israel. Marty Peretz and the New Republic attacked Ron Paul for being, yes….


The New Republic published articles from Ron Paul’s newsletter in the 1980s stating that Black Americans were more prone to violent crime than others and the Israeli lobby had too much influence over American foreign policy.

Instead of defending these articles as perfectly legitimate, Ron Paul proceeded to deny that he wrote or even read these TERRIBLE RACIST comments. Then Ron Paul proceded to express his great love for MLK, Rosa Parks and BRA as the expression of true “Libertarian” principles – yeah right, Ron.

So OD readers shouldn’t be too surprised that Rand Paul is pushing immigration treason, betraying our people in order to get access to the MSM – mainstream Media, be positioned for some future Libertarian Presidential Campaign that is sure always lose. The MSM, BRA like to support White political campaigns that lose and that pander to them.

So here’s a suggestion to the Rand Paul, Ron Paul true believers to help with the problem of Rand and Ron being called “RACISTS”.

Have Rand Paul and Ron Paul volunteer to become homosexual punks for HIV + Black convicts in Chicago’s Cook Country Jail. How can anyone say that Rand Paul or Ron Paul are “RACIST” or “homophobic” when they are agreeing to have homosexual intercourse with AIDS infected Black criminals? If that doesn’t forever end the charge of RACISM against Rand and Ron Paul, probably nothing will…

OK, so nothing will ever end the charge of RACISM against all remaining White people on planet earth.

In the meantime, please call, e-mail, fax the Rand Paul national office and express your strong opposition to Rand Paul’s insane, treasonous immigration comments – I did – felt good.

Here’s the phone # for Rand Paul’s Washington office:



  1. Jack,

    The most honest answer is I don’t know. I generally focus on their double-standards and argue using KMDs “just the facts” style.

    So how do we do “mainstream” honest/effective discussion/activism on “the Jewish question”.

  2. So how do we do “mainstream” honest/effective discussion/activism on “the Jewish question”. I’m opening up the floor to intelligent suggestions.

    I do not think that it is realistic to mainstream anti-Jewish activism. The masses are too comfortable, too under the influence of Jewish media, and too duped by evangelical heresy. They will not listen for the foreseeable future, no matter what is said or how it is said. Maybe if conditions here were like they are in Greece, then they would be more interested.

    Right now, any message about the Jews would have to be so watered-down to appeal to the masses that it would become meaningless. But, appealing to maybe 5-10% of the population is realistic right now. Things like unconditional US support for Israel, Jewish domination of the mainstream media, and Jewish promotion of destructive trends (e.g., race-mixing and homosexuality) are probably the most likely issues to appeal to this elite segment of the population.

    However this issue is approached, let’s not become a caricature who blames every problem in the world on Jewry. Let’s also not tip toe around the obvious reality of Jewish power or the necessary solution to the Jewish problem.

  3. The constitution has had all the power of toilet paper to limit the size and scope of government ever since the most damnable of damnyankees was elected in 1860.

    The notation that the constitution will some how restore individual liberty and save the White race is ridiculous at best. The idea behind secession, in my mind, is it is the only way we in the South have of avoiding being dragged down to living like they do in Brazil/ full on race war, full scale economic collapse etc all

  4. Stonelifter: Great post, concur 100%. The CONstitution was a failure from the beginning, made tolerable only by the Bill of Rights. I was previously a Constitutionalist, but am done with it now. I’ve argued from the fundamentalist, strait interpretation, quoting the document itself to republitards and have been told to “roll it up and stick it in my ear”. After a while you realize the entire docement is co-opted by the left for whatever they want it to mean.

  5. Wayne, what about the STATES’ constitutions. Aren’t they all flawed too? Haven’t they proven to be powerless also? Will any seceded state, whether confederated or entirely independent, be established without such a contract?

  6. One thing to keep in mind when a libertarian advocates liberal immigration (or drug) policies, is that he expects them to only come in at the same time we see an end to the welfare state. The negative effects of immigration or of drug use would be greatly ameliorated if the pull and the subsidization of the welfare state were entirely removed.

  7. States constitutions are no better for the now. It’s really a two part problem

    The carpetbaggers and the yankees ideal of federal law being supreme.

  8. State Constitutions were made to be subservient to the Central one. Originally, the central power was truly limited in practice, although the poor wording of the Central Constitution layer the foundation for centralization of all authority and the destruction of states as anything more than provinces or business districts.
    The Articles of Confederation were indeed better for a truly federal republic, but that was not the purpose of Hamilton, Madison and some others. The States sent delegates to a convention that was supposed to improve the A of C, not replace it a new central government. Once there they somehow were conned into representing the “people”, not the States, hence “We the People…”

  9. The Articles of Confederation left power to the States. How many States have tried to protect their interests and the interests of their people only to be rolled over by the central government. Honestly, I don’t even know why States have Constitutions anymore.

  10. States are just provinces, enforcers of the federal mandates…oh, and business districts for the Chamberpots of Commerce.

  11. States are just provinces, enforcers of the federal mandates…

    Not to mention that half a dozen Southron states have non-Southern governors and the rest have Scallawag governors who are little more than servants of the occupier’s mandates.

    States’ rights is meaningless in today’s context.

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