Rand Paul Embraces Amnesty Again

District of Corruption

I didn’t think much of Rand Paul’s grandstanding over Obama’s use of drones on American soil (a classic example of a political stunt) or prostrating himself before Israel. I think even less of his embrace of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Note: I’m also glad that I saw the writing on the wall in the Nevada primary and didn’t make the mistake of voting for Ron Paul in 2012. I definitely won’t be voting for Rand Paul in 2016.

“WASHINGTON —On Tuesday Sen. Rand Paul will urge conservatives to abandon their long standing opposition to a pathway to citizenship for the millions of undocumented workers in the United States, bluntly warning to not do so Republicans “will need to resign ourselves to permanent minority status,” according to excerpts of a Tuesday speech obtained by BuzzFeed.

In a speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Summit, Paul will lay out his case for a conservative, and Republican, embrace of comprehensive reform. “The Republican Party has insisted for years that we stand for freedom and family values. I am most proud of my party when it stands for both … Republicans need to give birth to a new attitude toward immigrants, an attitude that sees immigrants as assets not liabilities,” Paul will say, according to excerpts of the speech…”

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  1. Small businessmen love to hire illegal non-White foreign workers as cheap labor. Big business loves to hire non-White foreign workers as cheap labor except that they have enough political clout to get them work visas.

    Both political parties think that this is a perfectly splendid state of affairs. Get ready for a bi-partisan “Dream Act” that will use sentimental propaganda in order to sell itself to the American public. You wouldn’t want some poor little spic to miss out on an affirmative-action, government subsidized, free college education now, would you?

  2. I hope this is the last straw in the rejection of the Pauls by the many misinformed Southron nationalists who have supported them in the past. These Pennsylvania Carpetbaggers never were on our side.

  3. In all fairness, there was no GOP in the early 17th century when Africans were first brought to Virginia, and Lincoln wanted to recolonize them in Africa.

  4. The GOP killed whites, freed slaves and then forgot to repatriate them as

    In reality Lincoln was a Negrophiliac. Despite the protestations about deporting them he was a Nigger Lover.

  5. I’m not clear what this has to do with Ron Paul. Rand is not much of a prize on some issues.

    I believe Ron Paul was trying to balance Constitutional liberties; I don’t think everyone wants a government database on them or some government goons walking around checking papers. I don’t like the third world immigrant garbage either, but I also don’t like government spying on me and making me a criminal.

    Some pluses with RP would be to end birthright citizenship, abolish Civil Rights Act, end minimum wage laws. If we could discriminate without being called ‘racist’ I’m sure we could send millions on their way back.

  6. To people like him the nation is a mere business district, and Amurrica is only about the almighty $$$$$$$.
    He says we need to encourage those with STEM majors to immigrate, but shouldn’t his all powerful Invisible Hand generate STEM majors here if the market needs?

  7. @ they are after “….founding stock genetic replacement….”

    Hey Stonelifter, it’s ok, “hey, we’re all just white here.” One big fat blob of white. And there is NO DIFFERENCE between the group that arrived in 1650, and the ones brought later by FDR.

    Genetic selectivity for the frontier is EXACTLY THE SAME as the type needed for the Welfare-Warfare Nanny Statist deal… don’t you know that?

  8. The major weakness of Ron Paul is amplified in Rand Paul, who is about to betray our Republic for the sake of his Presidential ambition and/or his delusion of Randian (he is well named) libertarianism. Rand Paul also supports Zionism, withdrew support from his father in the campaign, does whatever it takes to win. I was never a Rand Paul supporter. He was always a “C onservative O nly in N ame.”

    RON Paul’s states’ rights and constitutionalist positions, anti-Fed, anti-globalist, anti-endless war, non-pro-Zionist positions made him clearly the best or least evil candidate in the previous election. We never thought he was racialist or fully racially aware, not any more than the others. But that is past history now, Jack.

    But learn from it.

    Which one fits the model of the well-loved stereotype of the “very very OLD believer” better, though?

  9. Ron Paul is on record, saying the south was right, standing in front of a North Virginia Battle Flag. Nobody else in government position can claim that.

  10. Stonelifter, notice that Dixiegirl was being ironic (I hope). Another example of the figure of speech called irony. Like when I wrote: “Send them NETS south!”

  11. Ron Paul does follow the “states rights” arguments that many southern people recall from their real southern relatives, and is not really engaged in revisionist ideas of the non-southerners who carry the battle flag for other agendas and profess to speak for the southern people.

    By “Southern” I mean with “real roots” in the south, meaning from planter culture, either as pre-war “dirt farmers,” sharecroppers, or planters proper, lived in a culture with slavery, may have owned slaves, and share the legacy of arts, writings, folkways and so on, of such peoples.

  12. I loved that scene, Dixiegirl, but he didn’t come out and say and embrace the whole white truth, only the right to secede and form another, independent republic. It appeared he doesn’t understand, or doesn’t believe in the white cause. He is too influenced by Austrian, Randian and other libertarian dogma, doesn’t seem to have any racial consciousness, and he is VERY weak on Christianity, with his United Church of Christ (very liberal reformed Protestant) background — and Christianity is the MOST important requirement!

  13. OT, and now I’m going away for a few weeks. But the bottom line is this:

    If you tell Proud Global Race Traitor that slavery is making a comeback, and that it is inevitable, but he gets a choice: who would he rather be owned by, Dixie Girl or Chris 313— I think he would choose Dixie Girl. LOL! So—- Did wasps make better owners than we have now?

    Which was “better” slavery? The waspy upper south or the spanish carribean? Personally, I think the spanish were worse owners. What did the spanish owners do that was better?

  14. Of course the other choices were a Mormon heretic and an extremely liberal “Protestant”-affiliated, lapsed Muslim.

  15. Some slaves were kept in colonial Pennsylvania as house pets and decorations, status symbols, because they were found to be inferior field hands. P.G.R.T. would want to be a Pennsylvania slave.

  16. I wrote above: “But that is past history now, Jack.” Then noticed this is Hunter’s thread. Sorry for the mistake, and I did read the article before commenting. But usually Jack Ryan writes threads on the Pauls and the libertarians.

    Rand Paul is a “C onservative O nly in N ame” — and a Randian (as Ayn Rand wrote: “We are not conservatives, we are radicals for capitalism”) in action!

  17. If we want an immigration control Patriot to win the Presidency in 2016, we just might have to convince Kris Kobach to run for President directly from being Secretary of State of Kansas, and not wait around to be Governor or Senator (neither office in Kansas will be open in 2014, while Kobach winning another term as SoS next year is a foregone conclusion). And by “we” just might have to convince, I mean “me.” I just might have enough steam left to get him to give me one more call.

  18. @DixieGirl The Paul family are Civil War era German immigrants. Not our kind of people. I don’t think they are too tightly wrapped, any of ’em.

    @Nagant I know the descendents of a couple of the Pennsylvania familes who owned a few slaves north of the MasonDixon Line. If you look at the border between PA & WV it looks like a straight line, but,actually there are a few little jogs here and there…

  19. One more thing: Rand is actually hurting his own chances to win the Republican nomination by doing this. The big money interests that benefit from open borders also want nothing to do with Rand’s semi-isolationist foreign policy. Especially when there will be choices in the 2016 Republican field who are both for amnesty/open borders AND neo-con FoPo adventurism. (Cough cough, Jeb Bush, cough cough)

  20. “If you look at the border between PA & WV it looks like a straight line, but,actually there are a few little jogs here and there….”

    Yes, you must mean Fulton County, or as they say, “Southern” Fulton County, where Confederates were encamped for the longest time, and the Nottingham area in extreme southern Chester and Lancaster counties — all places identifying with Maryland and Virginia.

  21. “Rand is actually hurting his own chances to win”

    I don’t think so. He seems good at balancing, playing to both sides, and “moderates” always seem to get the nominations.

    Also, I think Jeb has NO chance, bearing the wrong surname, since the Bush dynasty is over.

  22. Disagree with Hunter here, the drone issue is relevant.

    But there’s an irony in someone being against the domestic use of armed drones AND open borders at the same time, as Rand seems to be.

    Once Rand gets what he wants, i.e. an America that is so heavily non-white that its Federal government is majority non-white, I can all but guarantee you that such a future Federal government will order an armed drone strike against what by then will laughably pass for an “American citizen” on soil that once seemed like America. Hell, I can make the case that if the population base is majority non-white and somehow the Federal government remains in the hands of people we now think of as traditional white Americans (TWAs), that the very fact that the population is non-white will make it a lot more likely that the TWA-run Federal government orders an armed drone strike against some of the few remaining TWA civilians. Seems strange, but the key to understanding my riddle is the phrase Sam Francis coined, Anarcho-Tyranny: Current and future legislation and regulations mainly enacted because of non-white misbehavior will mostly be used against TWAs who only slightly misbehave.

  23. Mosin Nagant:

    I’d like to think so, but I can count the cards and read the tea leaves and read the writing on the wall. Our skids are being greased to force Jeb Bush down our throats. And on the “other” side, it seems like that party’s nomination is HRC’s for the taking. So in a country that wants fresh new faces and ideas, our “choice” will be Bush vs Clinton in 2016. Puke gag.

  24. Thanks Hunter for the shout out, I did see this treason coming for a long time with Ron Paul and now Rand Paul.

    Both are old believers/true believers, racial pussy footers. It’s a near fundamentalist tenet of Libertarianism that the United States and all White nations must have open borders, unrestricted immigration. Like all other Jewish intellectual/economic/political movements, the heavily Jewish led Libertarian movement (Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Austrian Hayek School), Libertarians demand that White Western people have no legitimate group rights and everything good, safe, clean that we have must be made available to the entire world. Libertarians have many spins supposedly giving us private property protections, but in the real world of brutal racial realities, these protections amount to as much as the Zimbabwe Constitutional protections for White farmers.

    The pussy footing aspect to Rand Paul and Ron Paul’s immigration treason is equally key. They’re going with the flow, love being on TV, love being on the national stage, running for President of the United States. Ron Paul and Rand Paul and their supporters know that they will not get access to the MSM, Conservative Inc, the Ivy League/Hollywood centers of power and influence unless they accept all the major tenants of BRA, anti White anti racism – sure they are allowed some Libertarian spins as long as it is presented as helping Blacks, Gays, Hispanics, Muslim immigrants Eric Holder’s list of official victim groups.

    The key for our side is to change the power situation for racial pussyfooters. Open border immigration traitors must be taken down and out, they and their families driven from our society. We did this to Jack Kemp and he and his family ending up living in Left Coast California then getting a VP nomination on Bob Dole’s Presidential defeat, Kemp has Liberal/Libertarian MSM, Beltway connections. No White Republican pandered as much to Blacks as Jack Kemp. Kemp lost as VP, faded from public life and died. In the end, nobody wanted to hear from yet another Liberal, Libertarian racial pussyfooter, living in a rich gated community in California.

    Thanks to everyone who has admitted that I was right about Rand Paul, Ron Paul and the terrible race denying cult of Libertarianism.

  25. DixieGirl says:
    March 19, 2013 at 12:53 pm
    Ron Paul is on record, saying the south was right, standing in front of a North Virginia Battle Flag. Nobody else in government position can claim that.

    Jack Ryan:

    And Ron Paul was on record writing that Black riots, Black crime in the 1990s were the fault of the values and culture of the Black underclass. And Ron Paul was on record writing in his newsletter that Martin Luther King Jr was a fraud. When confronted with these politically incorrect racial heresies by homosexual, Zionist New Republic editor Marty Perez and the rest of the anti White Liberal/Libertarian MSM, Ron Paul caved in, denied he wrote or even read his own newsletter, next Ron Paul takes the full 30 pieces of racial silver/treason in his President losing campaign announces that he practically worships MLK and Rosa Parks, takes the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist mass murder of White Americans to insist that it was all our fault for not understaning Saudi Arabia and the 1.5 billion Muslim world, insists that Muslims have the right to build a Mosque on Ground Zero to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Muslim’s 9/11/01 terrorist attack, then RP goes on to preach insane Lib/Libertarian nonsense that some ugly Afro/Arab Muslim terrorists leader in Yemen is really a full American citizen based on “birth right citizenship”.

    Again, I suggest that both Ron Paul and Rand Paul volunteer to become homosexual jail house punks for HIV+ Black gang members, all to keep their access to the MSM, mainstream media and prove again and again that they aren’t in any way RACIST.

    And watch how Libertarian Ron and Rand Paul supporters at White News now will try to put some spin on this immigration treason, try to lie to us that Rand Paul is really on our side and will end the Fed, get rid of all Welfare programs so mass third world immigration won’t be a problem -hope these idiots catch TB in a 3rd world emergency room, or get killed by a drunk Mestizo minimum wage worker for Sheldon Adelson.

  26. Jack Ryan:

    Ironically, the “founding” libertarians (Ayn Rand, Ludwig Von Mises) weren’t hostile to white interests, and at points actually conceded that libertarianism could only function within white societies. Even today, you’ll find the occasional Hans Herman Hoppe type who are both racialist and libertarian. I’m just wondering where it went off the tracks. It’s probably the same narrative that will tell us when and where Christianity went from a white racial construct to another “We are the World” near cult.

    Among elected officials, there are probably only about two dozen at most sitting Congressmen, two at most sitting U.S. Senators (Sessions, Vitter), Jan Brewer and Kris Kobach that truly grok the gravity of the immigration issue.

    I don’t think we need to worry about any Paul any further in terms of being President. Like I said, Rand just screwed his own pooch for 2016, because he threw away the issue on which he could differentiate himself. The same forces to whom he is, as you say, “pussy footing” toward, won’t want a “half loaf” like Rand Paul when they can get the “whole loaf” with Jeb Bush.

    Re Rand’s win at CPAC — Remember, Ron Paul won the CPAC Straw Poll in 2010 and 2011. CPAC’s Straw Polls (and all other straw polls) aren’t worth the paper their results are printed on.

  27. Also, I think Jeb has NO chance, bearing the wrong surname, since the Bush dynasty is over.

    You grossly overestimate the intelligence of the average Freeper/Republican, and underestimate the abilities of the crooks that control them. Actually their intelligence isn’t the problem, they are authoritarian lemmings who will go along with whatever people in power tell them is respectable, and if that’s Jeb so be it. How many times in the recent past have people thought early in the primaries “Surely they won’t nominate THAT guy!” (Ford, Bush I, Dole, Bush II, Romney), only to find out that, hell yes, they’re that stupid. My God, look at that list! No chance, you say?

  28. Yes, JohntheSecond, as they say, “people forget.”

    Re: “takes the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist mass murder of White Americans to insist that it was all our fault for not understanding Saudi Arabia and the 1.5 billion Muslim world”:

    So Jack lays the blame for the World Trade Center building collapses at the Muslims. No wonder he is so anti-Ron-Paulist, but RAND seems pro-Zionist and anti-Muslim enough and pro-endless-war enough.

  29. John the Second:

    We know the time of day, but there are tons and tons and tons of Republican primary voters who don’t frequent any websites (good or bad) who are clueless, and simply vote for who they’ve heard of. This is why the Republican Party at the Presidential level is a “my turn” party.

    The Republican establishment already has it in its head that the only way they can win Presidential elections is to have a Bush somewhere on the ticket, because “every winning Republican ticket from 1980 going forward has had a Bush either on the top or on the bottom.” Therefore, by the time mid- to late-2015 comes along, there will be so much (subtle) Jeb Bush cheer-leading that has taken place, plus (subtle) destruction of other “legitimate” contenders, that all the typical Republican potential primary voter will know and will have heard of is Jeb Bush, and that’s probably how he’ll skate into the nomination. And yes, people have short memories.

    And in the fall of 2016, all the “conservatives” on talk radio (rightly) criticizing Jeb Bush now will be lecturing us that we have to hold our noses and vote for him…because…Yay red team boo blue team, HRC is such a threat, yadda yadda blah blah blah.

    Seriously, if it’s Bush vs Clinton in ’16, I won’t cast a vote for President. The only reason I voted “for” Romney was because the other candidate was black. Which is a problem I won’t have to worry about if the Democrats nominate HRC or any other white person.

  30. Please contact liberal libertarian traitor Rand Paul at his MLK street Louisville office:

    600 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Pl,
    Rm 1072B
    Louisville, KY 40202
    Phone: 502-582-5341

  31. I’m sick of the conflating of eminently sound (small “l”) libertarian economic principles such as: 1) the basic legality and efficiency of capitalist acts freely entered upon by consenting adults, 2) sound hard money principles instead of fractional reserve banking, and 3) freedom of association (which was severely damaged by the 1964 Civil Rights Act), with wild statements about unrestricted immigration, homosexual marriage, and other such nonsense espoused by certain “libertarians” over the years.

    Read the Confederate Constitution. It is quite clearly libertarian in its economic prescriptions for low taxes and free trade.

  32. One more thing: To be fair, Jack Ryan was perfectly willing and actually did give Rand Paul a fair chance. I remember him telling me in e-mail conversations and perhaps also here in OD and on AR that he thought that Rand was significantly better than Ron just based on younger age and various issues on which Rand distanced himself from his father. But, not only does it seem like that Rand hasn’t distanced himself from Ron on immigration, Rand has actually now gone in the wrong direction.

    At least Ron would have never declared his effective support for amnesty and open borders in Spanish to a bunch of Raza-tard types.

    It’s not our job to fit our lives around politicians. It’s their job to pander to us.

    One more thing: Why does Rand have a Senate office along a Martin Luther King street in Louisville? As I recall, he got almost no black votes when he ran for the Senate.

  33. Libertarians make the mistake of always assuming that more freedom is the answer. If there is one thing followers of OD should know, it is that freedom in the wrong hands destroys civilization. America is drowning in freedom, while starving for meaning and purpose. Let America’s tombstone read: Cause of death: equality, freedom and democracy overdose.

  34. As far as I can tell, the big forces in Kentucky who really want cheap Hispanic labor are the horse farms in and around Lexington, and the universities in the state that hire third party outfits like Top Care to do their grounds and maintenance work, and those firms love cheap labor Hispanics.

    I’ve read stories in Vdare about Hispanic women who have fled from Los Angeles to Lexington, Kentucky, complaining that Los Angeles has “too many Mexicans.” (LOL). So soon will Lexington if certain people have their way.

  35. Wayne:

    Freedom without meaning, purpose, reasonable moral bounds or reasonable law, and most importantly, kinism, isn’t really freedom, it’s just plain ole hedonism.

  36. Countenance writes:

    “One more thing: Why does Rand have a Senate office along a Martin Luther King street in Louisville? As I recall, he got almost no black votes when he ran for the Senate.”

    Jack answers:

    Because MLK is the patron saint of post 1965 BRA – Black Ruled America. Rand Paul, like his father Ron Paul, bows to the powers that be, in order to stay in the game, be allowed to discuss their favored topics of economic Conservatism, free markets etc. This is called “pussyfooting” it’s not presented as open support forWhite genocide, hatred for our people, instead it’s bowing and shuffling, pandering, kissing as$, agreeing with whomever is in the room. One suggestions is to get the ear of Rand Paul’s scheduler, and see to it that Rand Paul doesn’t accept too many more speaking engagements to Hispanic Chamber of Commerce groups, homo man boy love associations, homo cannibal associations, Paki Muslim polygamist groups as Rand Paul will end up pandering and agreeing with these audiences.

  37. “he thought that Rand was significantly better than Ron just based on younger age”

    There’s that “OLD believer” model fixation, again. (Yes, I know where the idea comes from, and “Pussyfooter,” etc.) Younger age doesn’t often correlate with greater wisdom.

  38. “One suggestions is to get the ear of Rand Paul’s scheduler”

    Oh, let him come out and show himself at all the multicultural events he wants — and then point out his behaviour to his Tea Party worshippers.

  39. Hunter Wallace says:
    March 19, 2013 at 10:15 pm
    The only thing Rand Paul was doing with the drone filibuster was grandstanding to draw attention to himself.

    Jack responds:

    Agreed. No White American has ever been killed by the US Militarybon American soil by some high tech drone.

    The”American citizen” killed by a drone in Yemen was some ugly, nasty Afro Arab Muslim terrorist leader, he was “an American” in name only as he was born in the US to nasty Arab parents in the US on some student visa. Ron Paul was/is supposedly against birth right citizenship for the children of Arab terrorists, or at least he had some adverts saying he was, but he and his son Rand Paul go back and forth on these immigration issues a lot, in their race denying Libertarian hearts the Pauls want to accept every human being on planet earth as “an American” just as long as they agree to listen to the Pauls give some speech about free market economics.

  40. In the 2012 Republican primary, Ron Paul came out against the border fence in the debates. In the Nevada primary, I distinctly remember him comparing the Border Patrol to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany.

    I had supported Ron Paul in the early primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire. After his ridiculous comments on immigration in Nevada and the Republican debates, I switched my support to Romney.

    Way back in 2010, OD supported Rand Paul as the best example of how the Tea Party was changing the political composition of the Senate on immigration. VDARE also supported Rand Paul until recently.

  41. Jack Ryan writes:

    No White American has ever been killed by the US Military on American soil by some high tech drone.

    I respond:

    Not yet. But like I said, the more non-white this country becomes, the more likely that becomes. The immigration issue is fundamental to just about every other issue. If you get the wrong-headedness of use of armed drones on American soil against (real) Americans but don’t get immigration, then you don’t really get the drone issue, either.

    One more thing: Poetic justice would be if Bowling Green, Kentucky is, like California, flooded with H-1B ophthalmologists such that Rand Paul has no prosperous ophthalmology practice to go back to once he gets through being a Senator.

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