Rand Paul’s Immigration Logic


Who bought Rand Paul?
Who bought Rand Paul?

Patrick Cleburne at VDARE speculates:

“Or it could simply be that he has been bought, which is what I think.”

Rand Paul was supporting amnesty within 24 hours of the 2012 election on cable television and later in a Politico interview where he said that the existence of the Union requires the Republican Party to perpetually shift to the Left to stay competitive in national politics:

“In an interview with POLITICO, Paul said he’ll return to Congress this week pushing measures long avoided by his party. He wants to work with liberal Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy and Republicans to eliminate mandatory minimum sentences for pot possession. He wants to carve a compromise immigration plan with an “eventual path” to citizenship for illegal immigrants, a proposal he believes could be palatable to conservatives. And he believes his ideas — along with pushing for less U.S. military intervention in conflicts overseas — could help the GOP broaden its tent and appeal to crucial voting blocs that handed Democrats big wins in the West Coast, the Northeast and along the Great Lakes.

“We have three big regions where we’re not competitive,” Paul said. “And we have to be competitive in those regions.”

A few weeks later, Rand Paul was on CNN making the same argument:

“He said that the GOP is not competitive in so many region of the United States that they are geographically pigeonholed into areas that they have to carry in order to win a national race.

“We need a new type of Republican. I think that involves some of the ideas of libertarian-leaning Republicans. People who believe that we need a less aggressive foreign policy. People who believe that we’re not going to deport 12 million Hispanic folks and send them home,” Paul said.”

This speech to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is just the latest in a long series of maneuvers (the filibuster stunt last week was calculated to appease his libertarian base) to position himself as “a new type of Republican” for a 2016 presidential campaign.

We didn’t hear about any of this when Rand Paul was running for his Senate seat in Kentucky which is one of the whitest states in America with one of the smallest Hispanic populations in the South. Now he is “pivoting” on everything from gay marriage to comprehensive immigration reform to appeasing the Jewish Lobby to drug legalization to keep the Christian Zionists happy while broadening his appeal in the West Coast, Upper Midwest, and Northeast.

We’ve seen it happen countless times before on any number of issues … such as Mitt Romney’s tough talk on immigration in the 2012 Republican Primary, which he quietly shelved in the general election when he had to run in a national electorate, or back when Obama and Hillary Clinton were against “gay marriage” because of the threat posed by swing voters in states like Ohio and Virginia.

If Rand Paul was only running for reelection to the Senate in Kentucky, he wouldn’t be adopting any of these new positions. The existence of the Union and the challenge of running for president of the Union in a national electorate among all the constituencies that compose the Union and getting to 50% is what is driving this insanity.

Note: It should also be noted that you can’t even compete at that level without the support of deep pocketed billionaires like Sheldon Adelson. If you are serious about running for president, you can’t get past the gate without selling out.

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  1. Francis was definitely a friend of the South, and from the South. Rejecting the secession idea doesn’t change this. What is your point? Francis wrote the principles for the CofCC which specifically defend Southern people.

    Francis denied Southron identity and denied that Southrons should have an independent state. We can not survive without either.

    No WNist authority supports eradicating distinct white cultures.

    I never said that white nationalists directly say “Southrons should be eradicated”. What they say are things like “Southrons are not a nation or a distinct people” or “Dixie’s whites need to be re-inforced with more Yankee immigrants” or “Southron nationalism is backwards and reactionary” or “Race, not culture, is what matters”, and so on.

  2. HW,

    He wrote an argument for trying to take back America 20 years ago when it wasn’t as evident as it is now America is definitely beyond hope.

    Francis definitely saw a need for whites in the South to cooperate with whites outside the South. It’s hard for me to see how he was wrong on that particular point.

    Francis might support some form of secession / participation if he were alive today. My point is that Francis opposed secession as an infantile disorder 20 years ago because at the time he perceived it as the best path to help the South, not because he wanted blend Southern culture out of existence.

  3. Obama phenomenon. Yet, he is re-elected; Folks should have marched the streets with bats and kicked the bums out of DC.

  4. This person LLD is a troll spreading divide and rule.

    Who am I dividing from whom?

    The goal of WNism is not to blend away cultural distinctions but to help preserve them in the face of the rising tide of color, the exact opposite of what LLD says it is.

    The goal of white nationalism is to promote acceptance of the idea that whites are a nation. This necessarily demands that whites abandon, or at least downplay or demote, their actual national identities (Southron, English, German, Russian, and so on) in exchange for a make-believe white national identity. Since the rhetoric claims that all whites are members of the same nation, there are no real obstacles to the migration of one group of whites to the land of another group of whites. That explains why white nationalists talk about re-inforcing the whites of Dixie with Yankees and the whites of Ireland and England with Poles.

  5. Which WNist authority ever said or implied those things? Simple question. I think you’re FOS arguing against a straw man of your own creation rather than anything any WNist authority has ever said.

  6. WN’ s are just plan wrong on Whites uniting. It’s feel good bullshit. We are in this mess because of certain groups of Whites. To think they now want to destroy what they created doesn’t make much sense. Especially sense there is no good grounds to believe those northern White want to change anything

  7. Long Live Dixie,
    What would be your ultimate game plan for, let say, Mississippi? Mississippi leaves the union. Assume you have unlimited power. What would you do for Mississippi?

  8. Stoney:
    I believe you’re right. I would also add, if WN’s did unite, it would be within the confines of a FEMA camp. Also, any group large enough to have members you don’t personally know will have been infiltrated.

  9. A certain amount of friction between white populations is good. Civil war inside an ethnic group is bad though.

    But the Napoleonic wars didn’t hurt the white man in France, Germany, Britain…

    The problem that came from ww2 wasn’t the death total. It was the gulag-ization of the Eastern European, who should have been slowly migrating and assimilating into France, Britain and America. Then the Africans would never have been invited over in the 50s and 60s.

  10. Thanks for letting me post again and not Blocking me. Most Judges, Lawyers and Politicians are Judeo Masons. In the end they always go the way of the NWO. There might be some some good guys who are lower ranked Masons—but when they get the higher degrees–they find out what its all really about. They are LUCIFARIANS. There is all kinds of articles and books on the subject of Masonry. Read BE WISE AS SERPENTS by Fritz Springmier (PDF) and CURSE OF CANAAN by Eustice Mullins (PDF). Keep in mind that Judeo Masonry was banned in Germany in 1933. Judeo Masonry is well entrenched and its real!!!! By the way the Older Paul – wife is a Evening Star. He denies being a Mason–same with son–bet they are both Scot Riters…..

  11. The infantile disorder was pinning our hopes on “Middle Americans” to “rise up and Take Back America” who turned out to elect and then reelect Obama.

    A healthy part of that was the RINOization of the Republican nominees in ’08 and ’12.  Romney dropped his position that illegals should be denied work and otherwise made uncomfortable enough to self-deport.  Selling out American citizens to the Chamber of Commerce made many, many White voters check the ticket for third parties (like me) or just stay home.  Google “Sailer strategy”.

  12. Illogical.

    An Anglo Saxon was allowed to be ritually slaughtered in debate and at the ballot box. Yankees could even be tribal with one of their own. The guy was a Mass. Governor but they still rejected him, knowing he was nice enough person.

  13. Lew,

    Point taken. Outbursts are certainly not conducive to anything constructive…

    I do imagine that the “friends of The South” movement will develop in the north, etc. as things continue to evolve. I certainly welcome anyone with this attitude. And I do mean in an intellectual sense.

    Similarly, I can understand voiced concern about the potential adulteration of Southern culture by fleeing Yanks…it’s been taking place in many Southern states for many years. Not that I wouldn’t welcome anyone with open arms, but the current situation has a perfectly historical explanation. One would hope that northern Whites, inspired by The Southern Sovereign Movement, would reclaim and exercise their own rights via the State Constitution and move in their own direction. I think that many Whites still consider the idea of Southern secession absurd, and tend to associate the idea with a negative stereotype of the Southern mentality and way of life.

    The fact of the matter is that the South, in particular, has been fighting since its inception for the rights and freedoms and laws that people are now finally beginning to realize matter.

  14. Re: LongLiveDixie wrote: “White nationalism = Yankee imperialism”:

    Isn’t this the recent theme of OD — that “certain groups of WHITES” (especially German, Scandinavian and British descendents who are not Cavalier or Norman, generally identified as “the Yankees,” are the ones REALLY responsible for nearly all the troubles of the South past and present — and that those Yankees who are the “White Nationalists” are especially hateful, look down upon and are out to destroy, or rule over Southron whites?

  15. I think this thread and the foregoing Rand Paul thread have been overreactive. A few months or weeks ago, the same Rand was being praised here — but now in complete reversal, practically cursed, in these two threads. I was never a fan of Rand Paul, but I don’t march in lock step and I won’t let emotion (disgust at the amnesty treason) erase my understanding that Ron Paul WAS the superiour, or at least the least evil choice, among all the viable 2012 candidates.

    From Jack’s apparently national socialist position and pro- anti-Muslim-endless-war position, all libertarians, and other peace and freedom lovers are the worst enemies.

  16. Not that I am a libertarian, but I love liberty. Southrons should be free to separate themselves, secede, if they choose. I hope you will choose a form of government that truly recognises and protects your freedom, both individual and corporate, cultural and religious (being no true freedom without the true faith) — and that your government that “God sends you, for the punishment of evildoers and the praise of them that do well” will thoroughly rid your land (including North Carolina: http://news.msn.com/us/nc-church-bars-weddings-until-same-sex-marriage-is-legal of the homosexual and every kind of fornicator, and all them that lie, and cheat and steal, and every other kind of evildoer. For the wicked there must be no peace.

  17. Seems to me OD has away been a mixed bag regarding libertarians and still is. Personally I think they are race deniers to the last man and therefore dangerous. Perhaps the most dangerous because their verbiage fools so many

  18. At least Ron Paul was for freedom of (dis)association.  He would have ended the “civil right” for people, including racial minorities, to force themselves into places where they weren’t wanted.

  19. I doubt it because allowing people to exclude minorities would infringe on their “rights” and libertarians worship “rights”

    In an all White world libertarians would be valuable. We don’t have an all White world

  20. Long Live Dixie says:
    All they have to do is keep the border open, keeping flooding the country, and it will be a non-protestant country in another five years.

    What is “the country” to you? The USA or Dixie? And what is your denomination?

    Jury’s still out—- I like reading who for who is most truly allied to the real things (in real history) which I am.

  21. @ Long Live Dixie:

    “…White nationalists are multi-culturalists to the core. They pretend to be racialists first but their true goal is to turn every white land into a microcosm of their own dysfunctional melting pot. White nationalism = Yankee imperialism….”

    There’s truth in it, imo. “White” is so broad that, really, what it means is many being subjected (in the most slavish sense of the word) to ONE KIND OF WHITE over others.

    The whites being subjected are the only ones who complain (and who are then called by white subjugators ‘DIVISIVE’ and trolls and “uncaring about unity,” and falling for the ploys of the enemy, etc, etc, etc.)

    It’s best to be who you really are—- and to stand for your real ancestors.

  22. Ulfric says:
    March 20, 2013 at 9:46 pm
    It is true that many who consider themselves White nationalists have a deep hatred for Ulfric said,

    “…the South or at the very least do not consider us as their equals at all.
    … You want to know who the Northern White really hates? Not the Jew. Not the Negro or beaner. No, it is us. The people living in the South. All their animus is at us and always has been….”

    Tracing back some of the hate, it seems that the “anti-wasp” meme, meant to wipe out the pioneer stock and founding population, then replace them with hispanics (as is being accomplished now) just got out of hand. It started off as demonization of a more specific segment of the population, and snowballed until it was anti-white.

    They dug a hole for wasps— then fell into themselves.

    (LongLive: I have nothing but good feelings for my genuine southern catholic friends and had some best friends in New Orleans for a long time, who have now sadly left, and in fact —after all those centuries— returned to France).

  23. @

    “The goal of WNism is not to blend away cultural distinctions but to help preserve them in the face of the rising tide of color, the exact opposite of what LLD says it is….”

    IN REALITY, though, my experience has been much like LLD, and when trying to stand up for the Most GENERATIONAL Americans, their real heritage, pioneer stock (for real), children of the revolution, colonies, and civil war (south), the PROTESTANT Palatine Germans, Scotch-Irish ULSTER Scot, Huegenots, and (drum roll for the most eeeee-ville ENGLISH PRODS)—-

    I get banned, LOL.

    I don’t know if those people are “better” than others—- WHAT I DO KNOW is they have their own (hard won) specific heritage, their REAL trajectory to the land, their tradition of FARMING AND GROWING, and a religion very different, and much more in keeping with constitutional life.

    The others seem to need (and have proven they vote in) something the above group really does not want to live in.

    And real talk of true ethnostates isn’t really a big theme of wn at all. (Be more honest.)

  24. Everyone must understand the role that Judeo Masonry plays as a Ram Rodders and Enforcers for the KHAZAR JEW IMPERIUM. Wake up to their inmvolment in destroying everything White! Look for the rings on the fingers and handshakes. Most keep hidden their membership in Judeo Masonic Lodges. Hitler banned Masonry in Germany in 1933. Czar Alexander also banned it. They work hand in hand and do whatever their boss Khazars want, They look like us —but are not like us…these snakes are all over the place-.– become aware of them… Many say Ron and Ran Paul are Confederate Scot Rite Masons and only care for their own kind–in the process they keep making evrything more Muddier!!!!

  25. “Nope, just in the midst of a delirious frenzy.”

    Frenzied? In what regard? The Christian “hobby horse” frenzy?

  26. @ “the potential adulteration of Southern culture by fleeing Yanks…

    POTENTIAL? Tens of THOUSANDS of Southerners have FLED their ancestral homes, to get away from the Northeast Citification (can citification be a word) that has intentionally been put IN EVERY southern state, for their “New North.”

    Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, South Florida, Memphis-Nashville, Nova, etc.

    Each state has created a little NYC fiefdom-“city center” where Northeast Politicos “run things” for the Generational Americans (who, I guess, are to be kept like feudal serfs).

    The New North has displaced TENS OF THOUSANDS of Generational Americans.

    They have FLED ancestral homes of 350 years, in many cases.

    (And even as First generation types, given free warfare-welfare paychecks, and positions in government (because they are all such tools) bitch about some other fresh-off-the-boat illegals “paying their dues, ” and “doing it right.”)

    The level of arrogance is… well, maybe even more than CHUTZPAH. lol

  27. I doubt it because allowing people to exclude minorities would infringe on their “rights” and libertarians worship “rights”.

    The HuffPo and others had hissy fits when Ron Paul said the 1964 CRA “destroyed privacy”.  Ron Paul believes that people have the right to make mistakes.  If e.g. restaurant owners don’t want to serve racial minorities and others don’t want to do business with them, they are free to go out of business.  That’s a true libertarian for you.

    Doubting incontrovertible fact is a sign of insanity, you know.

    Of course, you know and I know that “No Blacks” stores and malls would be huge successes.  Dying malls could be yanked back from the edge of bankruptcy almost overnight once they were safe again.

  28. John Thomas says we better look out for those SCOTS rite masons…

    What’s funny is how we are just now beginning to hear about the SCOTS.

    My guess it, ever more will be heard from the wiley SCOTS, (who really did invent so much), and the Huegenots, and the Palatine Germans, and the nasty old top-of-EEEEE-EVILLE, the dreaded English!

    Ie, “The Silent Majority”

    Interesting to watch it emerge.

  29. — And I’m not talking about “The Other Scots” — those other ones who go around in kilts and all that stuff, like “highlander” or whatever they call themselves.

  30. Sorry, I mean it. Especially to hunter. I will no longer post. Dixiegirls thoughts do not really belong here.

  31. Dixiegirl, there IS one standard around which the various white ethnies (that should remain separate!) must rally and unite: Right, Biblical Christianity! As I mentioned before, that is a deficiency or blind spot of both Pauls, and WN in general.

  32. Ron Paul did say that however he ran from all his race realist positions. He’d run from White excluding non Whites as well. Libertarians are liberal’s and anti racists ie anti White

  33. Dixiegirl, the northern urban transplants are destroying our rural communities here, and I know some who have moved south and their attitudes toward southern culture, which some of them told me they “enjoy experiencing while it lasts, but it won’t be around much longer.” These rootless materialistic city people are a threat to white peoples EVERYWHERE!

  34. Dixiegirl, we have heard about the Scots before. But everyone forgets about the Welsh, another extremely common, important, mostly Protestant heritage that many of us share.

  35. The English Masonic Lodges brought Jews into England and their Lodges. After in the Lodges they completely took over and Judized Great Britian. There is two good articles on http://www.greatwhitedesert.org which explains alot of things. Read first: The Plotters by Dr. Oren Fenton Potito and then read: THE ESSENCE AND SECRETS OF FREEMASONRY by Theodore Fritsch translated from German by Capell Powell. The Jews were in the from the very begining of USA. Remember what Cornwallis told Washington? Let me point out that some good men have joined Masons and have turned out to be very good men. Example is Andrew Jackson who was a lawyer and a Mason. Also Joseph Smith was a Mason and then started his own Restored White Adamic Masonry in his Temples and Lodges. Masonry is a awesome power in America. The guy Brown wrote a book about this. In The Scot Rite Temple in D.C. there is a big statue opf Washington–and keep in mind what Brown says about this. There were many good Masons in the start of USA who did certain things to keep it great by occult means. In todays world Scot Riters are all over the place–Even Mel Tillis the country singer is a 33 degree Mason! Then there is the Prince Hall Masons with a long list of Blacks who were memberts, like Martin King, Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, EVEN OBAMA is a Prince Hall Mason. Many Black Sports Stars are Masons like the big Black that played Basketball. On the net their is many sites talking about Ron and Ran Paul being Masons…Very hot topic now. Hope there is a Good Man in Masonry who will be for us…..But there is few you can trust because they will always loyal to the end for the Khazar World Order Imperium….

  36. Mr. Rational says:
    March 21, 2013 at 11:39 am
    At least Ron Paul was for freedom of (dis)association. He would have ended the “civil right” for people, including racial minorities, to force themselves into places where they weren’t wanted.

    Jack Responds:

    Yeah right. Ron Paul insists that Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks are his two greatest heroes , because they were Libertarians. Ron Paul also insisted that all the Blacks in prison for trafficking hard drugs are political prisoners, victims of RACISM. And our problems with illegal immigration across our Southern border are caused by too much military guarding the border on the American side, Ron Paul has some theory that the free movement of goods, services and people back and forth (mostly going north) of the Southern border is good for America.
    Ron Paul, Rand Paul cult followers are so naive and no amount of current immigration treason, race treason by the Paul family will cause them to give up on this cult. We’ve outed Ron Paul and now Rand Aul as being flat out race traitors, now most of the honest American Right is slamming these terrible two Pauls. It’s a rough, fallen world. But, we soldier on.

  37. An accurate assessment of the Pauls, from a NON- national socialist perspective:

    Ron Paul was the superiour (or least evil) viable candidate in 2012, favourable for us on state and local sovereignty over Federal tyranny and in his acknowledgement and opposition to the evils of the Fed and endless global war, and tyrannical Federal regulation and taxation — although extremely weak (and even apparently opposed at times during the later campaign) on racial, ethnic, cultural and Christian identity.

    In Rand Paul, however, the evil tendencies (Randian and Austrian) and political skill of the father are refined and intensified, definitely tipping the balance and making him effectively an enemy to our cause.

  38. What is it with you lot and the GOP?

    Didn’t you get the hint with NAFTA? Or free trade with China?

    How can anyone here give a fuck about a man from the GOP given his roots in Libertarian politics? Ayn Rand (with her acolyte Greenspan) was probably worse for us than Marx. And that’s saying something.

  39. Thank god these blacks are in the slammer for possession or trafficking.

    If they were not they would be robbing and raping. Good for them ultimately, good for us temporarily.

  40. Concerning Confederate Scot Riters: THE SECRET SUN: RON PAUL: RACE, RITUAL AND THE SCOTTISH RITE http://secretsun,blogspot.com/2012/01/ron-paul-race-ritual-and-scottish-rite.html So who are the true Good Old Boys of Today. I know its not BOSS HOG of Dukes of Hazard, a Red Neck Good old Boy. The Good Old Boys of todays world are not for us. They have replaced the Sheriffs and other political positions that once was ours with their ilk kind. They are Super Sneaky and Cunning and even look like us. Most Masons are Khazar Jews, Anglo Metizos and Mulungeons, Mamzers and they dont represent us and are not for us….The Pauls are examples of this. Mama Dont Let your Babies grow up to Be Cowboys..maybe this song needs new words…..

  41. John Thomas – please adhere to the Occidental Dissent Comments guidelines that strictly prohibit, wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy mongering comments.


    “8.) Conspiracy Theories – There are any number of websites that cater to conspiracy theories. This isn’t one of them.”

  42. It is established historical fact, however unrelated, that in the first regime of the Federalists in Mexico in the early nineteenth century, Scottish Rite Masons (the “Escoces”) were allied with and influenced the Centrist party, and York Rite Masons (the “Yorkinos”) were involved with the Federalistas. From personal experience, in my own locality, I know that it used to be considered an absolute NECESSITY to be a member or have support of the local lodge to run for any local political office, whether as a Democrat or a Republican — but the influence of the Masons seems to have declined in recent years.

  43. Freemasonry has been and always will be a Jewish tool of coercion and deception. It was not ever a White man’s creation. It has its roots in Kaballah and Talmudic doctrine. It’s aim is of a completely perfidious and subversive nature, both physically and metaphysically. Blue lodge Whites who fail to do their homework and participate in the demonic rites for whatever reason should be held accountable for their actions, as has always been in the past, when the time comes. As with the Southern Struggle, there is a perfectly historical explanation of the deleterious machinations of masonry.

    Again, the origins of masonry are Jewish. The ideology, the theosophy. There may have been, in times past, individual lodges composed of White Christian men who took issue with admitting Jews into their ranks, but this was on a completely isolated and local level. These men who objected to Jewish membership at their lodge simply demonstrated their imbecility, while it prompted other White Christian men to produce vindications of Jews in the context of masonry (i.e. Norman Frederick de Clifford).

    There’s no simply no place for masonry in The New South.

  44. This was one of those areas where they were NOT allowed to join, and I know of at least one who always kept the background hidden before and after joining, and with their assistance worked into a powerful government position.

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