50 Years Forward: Spontaneous Blackness Erupts At Montgomery Raceway


I’m very familiar with this Raceway gas station in west Montgomery which is located at the intersection of Mobile Highway and South Boulevard. I have to drive past it every time I travel from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa on US-82 to see my brother.

This gas station is actually located on the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail. The women who are fighting in this video are almost certainly the black prostitutes who are always found walking up and down South Boulevard.

The 18 homicides in Montgomery in 2013 are concentrated in west Montgomery. Almost every other homicide and shooting in Montgomery can be attributed to the black residents of west Montgomery fanning out from their home base and spreading the disease of black dysfunction to the rest of the city.

Note: Check out Paul Kersey’s response to David Sher, “Letter From An American Gulag: The City That Started It All, 50 Years Later.” Back in 2011, I gave Paul a “civil rights” tour of the area and stopped at this very gas station on the way to Selma.

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  2. I never had any interaction with Clytemnestra at mindweapons. Kievsky banned me for different reasons.

  3. Direct impingement gas systems have their advantages and disadvantages. It been battle tested for decades across the globe, reduced recoil, and is a relatively cheap system to produce. I think it’s the longest running gas system in service history, but Rudel’s point about it is accurate. Still it’s seen a lot of men home.

    The AR10 is more accurate then the FAL. Not sure how much that matters for most shooters though. 5 rounds center mass is 5 rounds center mass. Three inch spread or 7 inches don’t matter much. The only thing I don’t like about the AR is the magazine situation, cost and which mag works with which rifle. Not an issue with the FAL. Ammo to feed one gets pricey too. The FAL is a mighty fine rifle though, and battle tested like the M16/M4 and the AK 47. Cannot think of a rifle more battle tested then those 3.

    The M14 and the Remington 700 are my mistresses. Has been for 20+ years

    Which one is best? There is no such thing as perfect. They all have advantages and disadvantages, however the best battle rifle is a Jdam. Or a cruise missiles, or a battery of 155’s. An Abrams platoon would work, or 105’s. Or AH64′ s, OH 58’s and A10. Hear the new AH1′ s are good to go. CAS IN general is a pretty damn fine. 120mm mortars put the hell in high angle hell.

  4. For the record I heavily recommend yankees use 100 year old rifles from ww1 and the like as there’s has been no improvement in firearm or production capabilities over the years. These weapon are perfect. For yankees

  5. I don’t think yankees should own any weapons.

    Being as self-absorbed as they are, if their second amendment rights are taken away, maybe they will stop trying to take away ours because they won’t realize we have them.

    Also, reverse Section 8 vouchers should force yankees to live amongst the diversity they so love. These sheboons would make the best imaginable neighbors for yankees.

    Happy Lincoln’s Assassination day!

    Deo Vindice

  6. Re: Mindweapons blog: The Mindweapon also recommended voting and DID vote for Obama again in 2012, supposedly to help bring on The Collapse. ANY innovative plans to advance WN are tolerated there, EXCEPT going to church on Sundays and Christianity.

    Black powder (my reference to “holy black”) antiques might be even MORE “perfect for Yankees,” Stonelifter? Some of us remember a comment months ago about killing Yankees when the time is right.

    The more people turn their back on God, scoff and break his commandments, the more and better weapons they will need — and finally no weapons at all will be able to protect them. The present tyranny that oppresses and threatens us, and disturbs and murders other peoples around the world for the profit, safety and power of a few is the result of the disobedience to God, ultimately, and also indifference to active political involvement. My counsel is to go to worship with a true church today, and change your life, and then make real, ACTIVE USE of the freedom we still have to change the present political order.

    No-Man, or Tamer, let Jesus be our example, to follow, of what is TRUE manliness or “alpha”-ness (and omega-ness) — because all proud bullying will fail! Amen.

  7. One thought before I leave:

    Goliath was equipped and trained with the best weapons of his day, but fell to a primitive rock thrown at him. Deo Vindice.

  8. Lol’ing with my friend and Italian brother

    Who ever puts away his wife, expect for fornication/ adultery/ sexual immorality, and marries another comments adultery


    Seems pretty clear, from Christ’s own words, that it is lawful to put away an unfaithful wife and acquire a new one. Simple, clear language, but I am sure someone will say He’s wrong and have some overly complex reason why

    Regarding Whites and race mixing: the more I think about it, the rarer it becomes. Not rare as in hardly ever happens, but rare as in how often it doesn’t happen compared to how desirable Whites are. While White men are often held in low regard by White women, we are highly desired by non White women the world over. I have seen White men be unfaithful and engage in race mixing, but it’s been remarkably rare given the opportunity. This is often a White man’s 1st exposure to being sexually desired by a number of women and a hard thing for a man in his physical prime to resist.

    Same for White women. Unless you’ve been to some of these places, it’s hard to understand and hard to describe what an immediate sexual response a pretty White woman triggers in the arb world, around gooks, and all manner of beaners. negros are an understood here so no point in discussing it. And the White woman doesn’t have to be particularly pretty to be on the receiving end of that intense response, and she is often unused to it, and of course, has her own biological drives.

    So when you think about it, it’s not as common as it could be. Also our drive to explore and conquer played a major roll in race mixing. Our youngest, most risk taking men set out to open the new world, conquer it and subjugate asia, africa etc. These were also likely to be the highest testosterone driven men with high sex drives. Historically despoiling the enemies women has been the reward for victory, and the reverse a defenders rallying cry. The risks to high to bring women, and prostitution a horrible thing for White women… it was bound to happen and often.

    What got me to thinking about all that was Denise’ s post about White men hooking up with arab chicks. Off putting to say the least, but it makes a certain kind of sense. It would be foolish to expect all Whites to value our race like we do. It would be great if it happened, but not likely to occur. But…ewwww even if arabs are mongrel, degraded Whites.

    The whole thing got me to thinking, if the american empire is to survive, be worthy of survival it has to redeem itself for its crimes against Whites. The only way to redeem itself would be taking on the roll of a real empire. Extracting the maximum amount of resources at the minimum cost from non White nations, protecting the economic interests of all Whites, regardless of economic class, and as the defender of our race, faith, rights, family, women and children.

  9. From Alan Seeger’s letters home:

    We have been spending six days in a pleasant little village here behind the lines. Life has resumed much of its normal aspect. Every evening there is salut in the old church and on Sundays mass. The nave is always crowded with soldiers, even though there be few real believers among them. But these services, where the voices of the soldiers mingle in the responses with those of the women and little children of the village, are always peculiarly moving to me. The Catholic religion, idealizing, as it does, the spirit of sacrifice, has an almost universal appeal these days.

    You must not be anxious about my not coming back. The chances are about ten to one that I will. But if I should not, you must be proud, like a Spartan mother, and feel that it is your contribution to the triumph of the cause whose righlteousness you feel so keenly. Everybody should take part in this struggle which is to have so decisive an effect, not only on the nations engaged but on all humanity. There should be no neutrals but everyone should bear some part of the burden. If so large a part should fall to your share, you would be in so far superior to other women and should be correspondingly proud. There would be nothing to regret, for I could not have done otherwise than what I did and I think I could not have done better. Death is nothing terrible after all. It may mean something even more wonderful than life. It cannot possibly mean anything worse to the good soldier. So do not be unhappy but no matter what happens walk with your head high and glory in your large share of whatever credit the world may give me.

    When we were men.

  10. From a Southron White man’s point of view, yankees have proven to be remarkably untrustworthy of any form of power. The vote, firearms, you name it, yankees have used it and continue to use whatever power they have as a weapon against the South

  11. @Apu

    “I don’t think Yankees should own any weapons.”

    – Then run for Senate.

    “Also, reverse Section-8 vouchers should force Yankees to live amongst the diversity they so love.”

    – Sorry, but I have no desire to ever live down in Dixie. You have fun with them, though. You people are stuck with them now and forever. Please secede tomorrow. You have my blessing.

    “These sheboons would make the best imaginable neighbors for yankees.”

    – Been there, done that. Like, 30 years ago. But like I said — you’re stuck with now and forever. More and more of them coming back Home every day.

  12. 58 vette? Where?

    Talk about something that should inspire White pride. That ans damn near every episode of modern marvel

  13. The Sling is a type of specialized weapon. Hannibal recruited Ballieric Slingers as auxiliaries. Some types of slingers used lead pellets too. Lethally effective for breaking up cavalry and light infantry units.


  15. This whole site should self destruct the whole bunch of you had the best part of your pathetic selves run down your old mens legs,

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