50 Years Forward: Spontaneous Blackness Erupts At Montgomery Raceway


I’m very familiar with this Raceway gas station in west Montgomery which is located at the intersection of Mobile Highway and South Boulevard. I have to drive past it every time I travel from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa on US-82 to see my brother.

This gas station is actually located on the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail. The women who are fighting in this video are almost certainly the black prostitutes who are always found walking up and down South Boulevard.

The 18 homicides in Montgomery in 2013 are concentrated in west Montgomery. Almost every other homicide and shooting in Montgomery can be attributed to the black residents of west Montgomery fanning out from their home base and spreading the disease of black dysfunction to the rest of the city.

Note: Check out Paul Kersey’s response to David Sher, “Letter From An American Gulag: The City That Started It All, 50 Years Later.” Back in 2011, I gave Paul a “civil rights” tour of the area and stopped at this very gas station on the way to Selma.

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  1. Your argument that the “whiteness” is synonymous with “truth” is racial idolatry.

    have a goodnight.

  2. Stonelifter the Patriarch. But as it is whites are choosing that hellhole over places like W Montgomery and maybe over the South in general. It’s a rather poorly kept secret that some big cities are trying to attract whites rather than TNBoons. But then again we are stuck with people that think isms and whatnot are ends not tools.

  3. Some of us have actually lived in those cities such as myself AND Stonelifter. Kindly, troll elsewhere. Rube.

  4. “Is race-mixing against properly understood Christian principles or not?”

    When America was a much more Christian nation than it is today, miscegenation laws were on the books.

    A form of bestiality. Most certainly.

    Deo Vindice

  5. Apuleius,

    You know as a good southern man not only the letter of the old laws but their spirit. Were there pitchfork wielding mobs or lawmen at the gates of estates when a planter had sown seed in his property?

  6. “Your argument that the ‘whiteness’ is synonymous with ‘truth’ is racial idolatry. have a goodnight.”

    Utter nonsense. I have NEVER held, stated or implied, on this blog or elsewhere, that “whiteness is synonymous with truth.” I have written that race is NOT religion, and that the white race is NOT the same as the white religion (Christianity). Some WN do believe or say that their race is their religion, but I do not.

    Re: “race purists need to be stamped out and patrilinear expansionist concept must return”:

    Whiteness is both genetic and cultural, but basically, essentially, genetic. The misnotion of “patriarchal expansionism” does not justify or camouflage the miscegenation.

    Re: “If I had a half African child….”

    If you HAD one? “Half-African children” CANNOT be white “patrilinearly,” or because the father is white. The white race CANNOT “expand patrilinearly,” through the lust for strange flesh, like the Southrons did who sired the mulattas in the video.

    Vlad III would have impaled a half-African child, with the progenitor.

  7. Race Realist, I was also thinking of the example of Brazil, where whiteness has become mostly degraded, proving once again the truth that SEPARATION is vital. Race purists must NOT “be stamped out,” and “patrilinear expansionism” must be exposed.

  8. This is a forum for reasoning, I hope. Brawling, murder and threats of violence, weightlifting or marksmanship prowess cannot establish what is true or false.

  9. Lew, I will answer your twice-repeated question: “Is race-mixing against properly understood Christian principles or not?”

    NOT in the heretical system of UNIVERSAL Christianity, but YES, in genuine, properly understood, ETHNIC Christianity. Miscegenation generally arises from lust and in a corrupt, confused society, and is rare in a cohesive, homogeneous community organised around the ethnic church.

  10. Hey stonelifter, you married again?
    I hope you prepared and had her sign a prenuptial.
    Marrying a woman half your age is a risky contract to enter for a variety of reasons.

  11. Does the moderator allow porn or “soft porn” links on this blog? Such as the link following the comment here (12 April at 8:26 pm) “I would beat this boon within an inch of her life and give her some human DNA.”

  12. No-man, comes across as agitprop. He/it implies he would beat a niggres to near death and then rape her. This statement has all the earmarks of an ADL or SPLC agitator attempting to discredit this site.

  13. Note that he also posts a porn link, which I didn’t open beyond the warning page, and asks for the GPS coordinates of a commenter — and pairs himself with Stonelifter. This creates another repulsive scene for any intelligent, hard working, Christian Southrons who discover this blog, who would not join any secession movement led, apparently, by miscegenating antinomians.

  14. Yeah, I didn’t bother to click on the link. No surprise there after reading some of its posts. Stonelifter is not that much different than No Man. I recall Denise saying that he attempted to post some vile, sexual degenerate comments on her old blog. She was clearly very disturbed by the comments that he sent to her, I can only imagine how vile his comments were.
    But, from a guy who brags about murdering people for money, what can one expect?
    The “alpha male” that stonelifter thinks he is. A bought and paid for dupe is how I see him. He flows with the tide, like a turd swirling the toilet bowl and has no real stance on anything, an empty man.
    He is a typical government enforcer that cares not for anyone but himself. Not a strong man, just a yes man, if the money is right!

  15. Don’t hold your breath on “moderation”. Let’s not forget that Marty Lindstedt was given free reign to post here as well. A man who spent three years in an insanity ward for “allegedly” performing oral sex on his grandson. A real hero for the White race.

  16. Hunter, you once rued the time you wasted bogged down with idiocy at the phora; how is the current batch of commenters you have accumulated any better? Sad as it is to say it, one can find much more incisive and relevant comments at VNN.

  17. Thanks for the compliment RRS. A number of European cities don’t give me the hives like american cities. A lot of those cities are comparatively small, with friendly people clean streets, etc all. I’ll be full on city living when I move.

    Y’all sound just like the good little liberal girls you are when talking about my job. Denise said what she said about my daughter and I replied in kind. That what I said to her bothers you, and not what she said about my daughter, and that you “men” never called her out for what she said, only shows how well feminized you are (job #1 for feminism is protecting women from the consequences of their actions, and never holding them accountable). And we have both put it in the past.

    The money I have made served my family’s purpose and that’s what money should do. I never harmed Christian White people to make it. Never worked in the usa, but like good little liberals you hate money, White men making money, and violence toward non Whites. You weak willed White “men” are the exact reason the White race faces such problems, and you lack the stones to do anything about it.

  18. Racial blood has already been irrevocably altered by the time people “wake-up”(lol) and see fit to begin a conversation. It is an Iron age indeed when infirm middle-aged men in Flyover and San Franciscan faggot-nationalists are spoken of in the same breath as the man that created The Phora, which if you are a one-dimensional rassendenker it would be hard to appreciate. Hunter complained about the deterioration of The Phora out of love for it, stop trying to get into his head you VNN-browsing tosser.

    The most annoying people here are the condescending types such as RobRoy, Silver, and Mosin that try to beat other people about the head and shoulders with morality and racial wisdom….. In a thread dedicated to chimpettes chimping. The video I linked to was probably the most on-topic post in this thread.

    Mosin of course misses his own point when he blames “miscegenation” on a corrupt age, “miscegenation” doesn’t exist outside a racialistic worldview and racialism is itself symptomatic of social anarchy or mortal frailty within the internal situation of a state. “Race” is not a timeless identity or cause in and of itself. ”White Nationalism” in contemporary America is disengaged from actual racial problems in large part – its basically anti-Christian and culturally indifferent; thus the bizarre hobbyist fixation on what people qualify as being ”white”.

    That isn’t to say that racial problems in America aren’t real – they’re very real. Its just that WNs don’t have their head in the game and they don’t play a part in these things. That someone with a pumped up ego such as “Silver” even knows who Alex Linder is kind of puts him in his place.

  19. NOT in the heretical system of UNIVERSAL Christianity, but YES, in genuine, properly understood, ETHNIC Christianity.

    Please review the Apostles & Nicene Creeds you cafeteria “Christian”.

  20. “good little liberal girls you are”

    Another repetition of some favourite epithets we’ve seen many times before, including Woman, feminine, girls, German, little, weak, and Damnyankee. These are not logical premises.

    ” ‘miscegenation’ doesn’t exist outside a racialistic worldview”

    Miscegenation can and DOES occur OUTSIDE a racialistic worldview or racial awareness. That is EXACTLY what is happening in multiculturally-minded “BRA”!
    But “patriarchal expansion” (polygamous, interracial and interethnic mixing and blending by “Alpha, BIG MEN with control of money and resources”) might no longer exist in the sense that it would no longer be KNOWN as miscegenation, in your ideal future society where all “racial purists” and their view had been thoroughly “stamped out.”

    ” ‘Race’ is not a timeless identity or cause in and of itself.”

    Neither ethnic identity, nor racial and ethnic genetic integrity are truly “timeless,” but they are potentially nearly as enduring as the species itself.

    “I never harmed Christian White people to make it. Never worked in the usa”

    If one had poisoned heathen foreigners with tainted food for immense profit, all outside the USA, that would be just as innocent as waging hired mass murder for the cause of BRA and ZOG? Unjust global warfare (at the expense of Christian whites in the USA), and polygamy and serial marriages are allowable, but it is ESSENTIAL to the Faith to accept that the universe was created in six days a few thousand years ago, and one pair of every animal rode out a GLOBAL flood for forty days in a small boat?

  21. “Please review the Apostles & Nicene Creeds you cafeteria ‘Christian’ .”

    Please review the history of Christianity. The faith expressed in creeds, and Patristic literature, etc. — and most clearly in the New Testament — is universally accepted, but the churches are particular.

  22. “Favourite”

    Who are you trying to fool?

    Miscegenation can and DOES occur OUTSIDE a racialistic worldview or racial awareness. That is EXACTLY what is happening in multiculturally-minded “BRA”!

    BRA as a body politic is incredibly racially-aware, it’s just not “pro-white”.

  23. In Acts, in the apostolic age, there are already “the churches of Judea,” distinct from the “churches of Asia,” and of other ethnicities.

  24. You call a universal church aka katholikos “heretical”. You are a random internet malcontent giving people like Lew false information about Christianity as understood by non-cranks. You are enlightened and the rest of the world is wrong

  25. “BRA as a body politic is incredibly racially-aware, it’s just not ‘pro-white’.”

    That is entirely beside the point that miscegenation is occuring not only those who are racially-aware but among those (mostly whites) who are NOT aware, but are race-less, multiculturally minded.

  26. “You call a universal church aka katholikos ‘heretical’. ”

    There is ONE Church of God, but many churches. But the system or systems claiming universality are in fact heretical, and corrupted. One world denomination is analogous to one world government, one world nation, one world people, in the story of the Tower of Babel. This is not the misnotion of a random malcontent, but a widely held view, and I believe it is correct.

  27. Sean, I think the solution is just more moderation of comments that violate the OD comments guidelines.

    Generally people with bad sexual issues, storage CT obsessions can’t stay focused, get keep under the guidelines, they rant and rave and ride wild hobby horses.

  28. “Polygamy is a force-multiplier against men. Women would rather share an Alpha than have a Beta to themselves.”

    What a woman WANTS, and what she GETS, are to be two different things.

    Patriarchy, and arranged marriage (think Abraham finding a wife for Isaac) should be the norm. Yes, it’s ‘antiquated’… but then, so is the Law of God… and Monogamy… which effectively stops STD’s, 100% of the time it is tried.

  29. ““Men” like mosin are a dime-a-dozen in racialist circles. >facepalm<"

    Yup. And at least he (and I) have a coinage value.

    You and your ilk? Utterly worthless.

  30. Mosin- Vlad Tepes was a Romanian ORTHODOX prince.

    Just like Cornelius Codreneau- who alone, sought to offer a biblical, patristic counter to the Jewish Bolshevik menace… something NONE of the G-D prots on this board are doing.

    ‘Nuff said.

  31. Jack, I think a few comments related to the posted video from a moral and religious perspective WERE relevant. Comments about raping negresses, threatening violence to other commenters, overused “Yankee” and “Feminine” epithets, the soft porn site link, etc. are more harmful and disorderly, I think, than digressions on orthodox theology. In any case, I am at work today and withdraw from this discussion.

  32. I linked to the same site hunter did and there was the same negress unity.

    STFU, WhiteChrist you byzantine traitor to the west.

    WN is a “frozen zoo”. You fear living real aggressive men. Enjoy your stitch and bitch club online.

  33. “In any case, I am at work today and withdraw from this discussion.”

    Don’t worry, that other sanctimonious old woman Fr. John, has stepped in for you.

  34. Sean, and Stonelifter, an any-one else,

    Getting into vicious on-lne slugfests is part and parcel of WN. I maintain that you are not a genuine White Advocate until you get into a REALLY nasty fight with other WN.

    Sean and Stonelifter – the 3 of us said really horrid things about each other. I’m sorry we began feudiing in the first place; it’s stupid. WE are NOT each other’s enemies. I’m certain that if we all actualy ever met in person, in 3D world, we’d get along just fine. All of us.

    I’m sorry if I said horrid things about family members. When I feel that I am being attacked, I try to give it back in kind, and then some.

    That said – I’m not sorry that any of us fight. I regard this sort of thing as “practice”. Keeping our teeth and claws sharp. I lknow this is all online stuff – but keybopard warring definitely serves a purpose. There are certain stances, and certain memes that Our Enemies utter, in 3D world, that immediately tell me who I am dealing with. The seeming centuries of online psarring that I’ve engaged in have honed my “arguments”. My cohort Haughty Blonde has stated publicy that it’s a BAD idea to get into a (verbal) fight or debate with me, regardng anything pertaining to Racialism, et al – because I wiope the floor with my opponent. “You’d better know your stuff'” is wot she sez. The online fights have garnered me an array of arguments and responses to just about anything. This is why I do value the Keyboard Wars. As you fellows know – a war is fought on many battlefields.

    I enjoyed one of my marathon conversations with Aryan Goddess last night. We talk about all kinds of things; hair care products, our hubbies, food, our pets, racialism, plans for the future, philosophy, etc. We discuss events in depth. Things are getting very very real, in the real world. I troll “mainstream conservative” websites, nows sites, etc – even the most clueless, oblivious demo in the history of the world – White Christian “Conservatives” are starting to sniff something bad, in the winds….Something Wicked this Way Comes Well DUH!….The Lily White “I Am NOT a Racist Cause That’s Not Nice” are finally, finally, finally beginning to sense that “Diversity” is not as…..uhhhh…..ahhhhh….ummm…..wonderful…as the Electric Jew sez it is. They ar a long long long way off from quoting the Prophet William Pierce, Chapter and Verse – but they arew begining to see ….ahhhhh…changes….washing up on their lovely, perfect doorsteps. I do battle with the online Gate Keepers, in those venues. To show the Despererately Trying to go Back To Sleep types that they won’t be allowed to ever go back to sleep again – the bed and bedsheets have been TAKEN – and that the other side is telling YOU what side you are on. So DEAL with it. Oh – and I Name Die Jude more than ever. But AG and I know that the online battle is gonna go live within the next year. For every-one.

    So the online fights and feuds, and nasty nasty words mean nothing to me, here-in. water long long long passed under the bridge.

    Stonelifter – with all my heart, I wish the best for you and your gal, and your future kids. Sean – the same for you and yours.

    The BEST thing we can do for our Race is to LIVE. Breed, is you can, and live. Live through our enemies ripping each other to shreds.

  35. Re: this No Man character – he/it does make some interestng observations aobut WN beng completely oblivious to real world racial politics – but the stuff about half-Negro African child being acceptable………..eeeehhhhhh…….yuck! – well – Mosin’s right on the money, about What Would Vlad Do.

    Preach, Mosin, Preach! Amen my brother!

    How aptly named No Man is. It’s a Hebe Troll.

    I’ll bet it’s Toure.

    Toure – is zat you, you Kike Nigger Abomination?

  36. Stoenlifter – re” White men making money” – AG and I agreed that living, and living WELL, is the best thing we can do for our Our Own. We have kind of agreed that Waking People Up is not our Mission anymore. Oh – we will drop seeds where e’re we go – but if Whites don’t get it by NOW – they are Damaged Goods. Move along. We Racially Awake types will find each other – even the neophytes. Jettison the rest.

    On to something important – have you heard of Imelda May? This gal is Irish. Not Irish descended – actual IRISH.

    I’m now officially (back) into Rockabilly:

  37. By the way – in watched the Nigra Beastess brwling video for about a minute. I’ts not interesting at all. Niggers are BORING. I let it play though, until the Nigger Beast male “vocals” kicked in. These soul-less creatures are an utter affront to anything decent and sane and healthy in the world. No wonder Jew Devils love them so.

  38. Me and you Denise, we are good. No ill will or thoughts on my part. Thanks for your well wishes, I regret my harsh words, and I pray only good things for you and yours. That recent unpleasantness between us no longer exists at any level as far as I am concerned. I would not have mentioned it expect others bought it up.

    Denise, have you seen the show alpha dogs? It’s about training police and military working dogs? I think it’s an interesting show, not necessarily because of the main topic but because of the people. White men for the most part, the best kind of White men, men who have done and still do dangerous things. Only been two ladies and one mexican breeder. Couple of short but interesting men/ woman interactions. Any rate, I’m off my feet again, watching a crap ton of TV. I’d love someone’s thoughts on the show if that someone is a racist and up to speed on media stuff. Which is you. I’ve also been watching firefly. Pretty funny how White they made the Non-White.

    Per the rest, I make no claim to alpha status. My take on alpha/ beta is masculine men vs effeminate men. I’ve done my best to walk in the footsteps of greater men from better, more masculine times for Whites. That better time for us was not the 1950’s. Our destruction was in placed for generations by then. My family is my 1st concern. 2nd place concern is 100 a miles behind. My concern about society is only to the extent it affects the success and growth of my bloodline. I am whatever kind of bastard that makes. RSS, generously called me Patriarch. It’s the only title I work for. My mission is the generation of Stonelifters before me, and the two after me.

    I believe what is best for White men, is what is best for our women and children because of the way the Almighty programmed us. Men, women and children. If something good for men, appears to be bad for our women and children, then you are dismissing that programming, hardwired into the vast majority of us.

    If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If you sound like one of them gals on cnn…. then your most likely one of them girls.

  39. “How aptly named No Man is. It’s a Hebe Troll.”

    Yes, Denise I’m a hebe troll. No way am I someone that has entered in a contract with the US government that used to post here and I post under a new name.

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