50 Years Forward: Spontaneous Blackness Erupts At Montgomery Raceway


I’m very familiar with this Raceway gas station in west Montgomery which is located at the intersection of Mobile Highway and South Boulevard. I have to drive past it every time I travel from Montgomery to Tuscaloosa on US-82 to see my brother.

This gas station is actually located on the Selma-to-Montgomery National Historic Trail. The women who are fighting in this video are almost certainly the black prostitutes who are always found walking up and down South Boulevard.

The 18 homicides in Montgomery in 2013 are concentrated in west Montgomery. Almost every other homicide and shooting in Montgomery can be attributed to the black residents of west Montgomery fanning out from their home base and spreading the disease of black dysfunction to the rest of the city.

Note: Check out Paul Kersey’s response to David Sher, “Letter From An American Gulag: The City That Started It All, 50 Years Later.” Back in 2011, I gave Paul a “civil rights” tour of the area and stopped at this very gas station on the way to Selma.

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  1. XYZ – here’s the Comment I sent to the Daily Mail re: the Gentiles Statue:

    “Oy vey! ONLY sacred Self Chosen Jewish sufferink matters! The Self Chosen are the only creatures with souls! No one else MATTERS!

    You can’t put up a statue, of any kind, to honor the “righteous” Goy that engaged in destroying THIER own kind, to serve the Self Chosen! That wold distract attention and potential shekels away from the Children of Abraham! Just like the Nazis! Oy! The Goy are so selfish. You turn your back to a second, and they all start goose-stepping! They are all Nazis, in the end. Oy Geveldt. I could just plotz. ”

    Think [it] will get posted?

  2. Sweetie, my dearest heart, no Man – you cannot shag the Boons. That would only defile you. Save it for the Arab gals. They are much much prettier, (they qualify as actual HUMANS) and their men are far worthier of outraging and annoying….

    Think THIS way. For YOU:


    “Where do your women come for love?”


  3. I enjoy rockabilly. It’s not high on my list, but I have fond memories of rockabilly shows I used to have a skinhead friend who lived for the stuff. He had a rat-rod, a rockabilly wife… they were a sight to see. Interesting subculture. So liberal and traditional at the same time. He died and I’ve never been back to one.

    I did not watch the video of TNB. Like Denise, I find it boring

    Regarding half breeds, it’s hard to figure. Cannot think of the guy, but one of the WN big Whigs said he’d welcome any breed who self identified as White. I forget the details of his argument but I recall it being pretty tight. Maybe it was the Stormfront guy… Then there is my experience with half breeds from my military life/ connection. The White/ gook breeds tend to look and act White, hate niggers, etc yet… there is something… unsettling about it as well. Really, the number of breeds seem to be small, and not a topic I would live and die on.

  4. *wub* *nuzzle*

    Thanks. You make a good point. People would be surprised how quickly an ostenaibly “conservative” arab woman runs to her brother when a white man disciplines her. It is funnier than perhaps one might be able to imagine.

  5. With a strong white identity mulattos like Obama would be bank-tellers and high school basketball coaches, not community organizers and presidents.

  6. But they’d be “white” and happy as pigs in shit which is kind of what “whiteness” is. At least whiteness in place of real culture which is all too often the case.

  7. The alphas always end up siding with the women (and now, the gays) against the betas.

    Flush the entire world down the toilet, but please don’t make us live in beta world.

  8. Occigent – it’s not about Betas and Alphas and Woman and Gays “siding with” each other. It ISN”T.

    It’s about White siding with WHITE.

    We have variances within our own. Always have always will.

    The most important thing is to BE Whites. Whites must live!

  9. No Man my dear – shag all the sand monkettes you need to shag. Stay oufo the way of their brothers, when they coem for thier family’s “honor” Move along before they get where you were at.

    Stay away from the Boons, though. They have diseases that haven’t been named, yet. Eeesssh!

  10. Ruining brown caucasian women and protecting white women could be seen as two key concerns. Ideally the brown men would be left to pursue the boons. As long as the black man is sidelined socially or physically (sterilization) humanity wins.

  11. Stone – why did your pal die? The dichotomy in that crowd is strang,e isn’t it?

    They are sealng themselves off, from Modern Horrors – onl;y they don’t know it. The scene is very very White. They pay homage to the Brown Eyed Man of the BRA – but the coin is a mere pittance.

    I just love excellent artists. Imelda May is a brilliant singer. An Irish woman. Diversity, to DWL’s – they ALWAYS invoke food. “You get so many interestng restaurants!” I say – we have the recipes, now. We don’t need….them”.

    Rockabilly begins with European folk traditions. Nigras stole fomr Whites, Whites stole it back.

    Imelda May is now me favorite arteeste, du jour. She’s a GREAT young singer (well – she’s 38.) Gorgeous. So’s her guitarist hubby. She didn’t trade in centuries of her DNA for some Dark Meat Fad. She can SING. She’s not a druggie like that horrid Amy WHINEhouse (Sometimes drugs addictions are good things! One less Devil Jew around). A White woman like that can sing better than any-one, for decades.

    To your long-gone pal – Rock in Peace, my Son.

  12. No-Man says:
    April 13, 2013 at 5:40 pm
    Ruining brown caucasian women and protecting white women could be seen as two key concerns.

    2 sides of the same coin. That coin has been spent for decades now, by our Racial enemies. We need to pay them back. Asa woman, I ave no qualms with White men defiling non-Aryans. Keep healthy for the future Aryan babies, though. Guys can sire children as long as they are alive.

    “Ideally the brown men would be left to pursue the boons. As long as the black man is sidelined socially AND physically (sterilization) humanity wins.”

    I made one wee edit to your observation. Yup. That’s the goal.

  13. Oh – Stonelifter – Asians and Caucasians share Neanderthal DNA. But the genetic thus cultural trajectories go in polar opposite directions. Asians are not even as remotely offensive as Negroids -that obnoxious proto-human species – and are more than capable of creating brilliant societies. But the wee difference in markers creates profound effects.

    Asian/Caucasian hybrids have lots and lots and LOTS of mental/psychatric issues. The differences are too profound to mesh.

  14. I think ‘No-Man’ is actually ‘Tamer of Savages’. No-Man occasionally posted to Kievsky’s blog (before I was banned) and his avatar was the same as Tamer’s. Plus, No-Man’s last post was a dead giveaway — Tamer spoke of joining the army before he vanished from here.

  15. Is there still a troubled british-american here named “John”? He used to try to express himself here from time to time. I wish him the best.

  16. @Denise
    “I’m now officially (back) into Rockabilly”

    Then rock this. Sadly he was dead at 21 in an auto crash. He wrote his own songs. Gretsch still issues his signature model guitar.

  17. Thank you for his prayer. Cancer. He died of clear cell something or another when he was 37. Sad thing to survive 18 years of military service, 12 as a green beret to die of something like that. Horrible to watch a robust man of such courage waste away. He died like a man but not like the man he wanted. He was the greatest of men stone cold with a rifle, easy as spring with friends and family. The worst part to me is, no children because his wife was barren. The last of his line, as he had only sisters. I couldn’t tolerate such a thing, but he never complained.

    I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years and I can see the appeal of a Valhalla style after life of endless partying with you brothers

    It’s been sometime, but as I recall, the rockabilly crowd was very into the outlaw rebel, fuck the man thing outwardly, but lived like Ward and June Cleaver inside the home. Girls all tatted up, dressed like pinup girls, sweet as sugar. Clear traditional gender rolls. The difference in appearance and demeanor certainly has its own kind of appeal.

    Perhaps common DNA is why I don’t find them repulsive but offsetting? Appalachian wind chimes are repulsive in every way. The sight of them, the sounds they make when aping human speech, the way the smell invokes this visceral hate I have to restrain. Gooks are just there, like furniture in a hotel. I also hate arbs, but it’s a learned hate from interacting with them. Same with beaners, not to be confused with all the White Spanish folks South of Texas.

    That Eddie Cochran song was one of my father’s favorite. I reckon Rudel and my late father are of similar age.

  18. Back on a fifteen minute break.

    No-Man may very well be Tamer, given the revulsion and hostility (including threats of violence) against “sanctimoniousness” (Christian morality); his idolisation of the endless global war, military and mercenaries; his defense of that corrupt, heretical, universalist organisation called “Roman Catholicism” (which he does not even practice); posting from a site that features “soft porn”; and revelling in fornication both intra- and inter-racial. It all fits the same pattern.

    I cannot agree with ANY of these “positions,” nor with the counsel to “shag” all you want with whoever you want, as long as it’s at least brown, not fully black for health’s sake (rare diseases). Agreement for the sake of unity is possible when essentials are not compromised, but there can be no unity compromising morality.

    The true religion is not race. Race is not a religion. Might (“alpha,” etc.) does not make right. The ALMIGHTY has determined what is right. The truth always feels annoying, or worse, to those who choose to live in error.

  19. “nor with the counsel to “shag” all you want with whoever you want, as long as it’s at least brown, not fully black for health’s sake (rare diseases).”

    I daresay being butt-fucked bareback by a white boy is the highest risk type of sex in the world.

  20. “The truth always feels annoying, or worse, to those who choose to live in error.”

    And which particular Christian sect do you belong to Mosin? Most Protestant ones consider all the others to be “in error” along with the “whore of Babylon” Roman Catholics. Please don’t say you’ve invented your own a la Fr. John. Although that would be par for the course in every different holler in the South you are a Yankee aren’t you?

  21. This has been a weird discussion. Unfortunately, history shows white men have always been open to miscegenation. It’s one reason racial separation is necessary. As my old football coach used to say, a man will go places with a hard dick he wouldn’t go with a machine gun. You have to wonder how many of those mulatto hookers have Georgia good ole boys or Pacific coast truckers passing through as regular customers.

    Shagging mulattos, octoroons and quadroons is a good way to pick up a disease. The AIDS and STD stats look a lot like the crime stats. Where you find blacks, you find more. There is more AIDS in the gay black community than anywhere, so I think Rudel might be wrong about the most high risk act.

  22. In answer to your questions, Rudel: We say “we are neither Catholic nor Protestant” but belong to the primitive faith that predated those divisions. We DON’T “consider all other churches and believers to be “in error.” I used that phrase (“in error”) in reference to some of these commenters who say things — one even boasting “I live by them” — who are in error by nearly ANY moral measure.

    We don’t subscribe to the “Roman Catholicism is the whore of Babylon” theory either, but recognise the organisation is historically corrupt, destructive and also heretical.

    Did Fr. John really say he invented a new church or religion?

  23. Lew wrote: “Unfortunately, history shows white men have always been open to miscegenation. It’s one reason racial separation is necessary.”

    I agree, and my similar statement (in reaction to the negress and mulatta prostitute video) led to the long debate. The other side argued against “racial purism” and separation, and FOR the right of powerful, wealthy, “patriarchal” white men (“like the big men of the Bible”) to miscegenate as much as they please.

  24. I go beyond racial separation, Lew, in recommending ETHNIC purity, which is Biblical, and I think, also natural.

  25. I agree with No-Man on some points, and he is intelligent and a good foil. He reproved my old habit of spelling, and is correct that WN in general is out of touch with political reality.

  26. RobRoy, another Stonelifter sycophant, has copied the use of Stonelifter’s favourite epithets — “ladies,” “women,” “girls,” “feminine,” “weak,” “damnyankee,” etc.

  27. Mosin,

    RobRoy is “tailgating” or something, who cares. He’s gonna get dragged by the ear behind Old Man Whitaker’s boathouse for straying “off message”.

    Your link to Clytemnestra’s attention-seeking behavior is appreciated. Classic White Nigger behavior, searching for a spiritual solution while tiptoe-ing around Christ. Reminds me of the WHITES from the documentary “Kumare”.


    Strip-mall Yoga centers, WN websites. They’re just places White Niggers go to try to fix themselves – without Jesus of course.

  28. @Mosin Nagant

    While being an accurate full power .30 caliber rifle (as long as you stay away from the M44 carbines) I would rate Mosin Nagants below the following military bolt actions as far as the smoothness of action, positive feeding, and ease of loading in this particular order:

    K98 Mausers
    6.5×55 Swedish/Norwegians based on the Mauser action
    1903 Springfield
    Pre-1964 Winchesters (not exactly military)
    30/40 Krag (so smooth they are sweetness personified)
    .303 British

    and Mosin Nagants aren’t even cheap (<= $100) any more.

    I personally prefer the semi-auto Garand over any battle rifle before or since especially since you can now outfit them with an adjustable gas piston and a sturdier operating rod.

  29. I agree fully with your selection, Rudel. Nagants are crude and simple, and rugged, but not so cheap any more. Nothing is. The answer is making your own.

  30. Mosin,

    I’d unite with just about anyone against a muhammadan bitch like Clytemnestra. She shouldn’t have shoes, much less an internet connection. Put your beekeeper suit on you Christ-denying rock-worshipping slut,

  31. “I’d unite with just about anyone against a muhammadan bitch like Clytemnestra. She shouldn’t have shoes, much less an internet connection. Put your beekeeper suit on you Christ-denying rock-worshipping slut,”

    You sound like one of those 1950’s shit-for-brains Baptist preachers railing against rock’n’roll on the radio.


  32. I alternately call them Mosins, a better term since I think the Nagant’s contribution to the design was minor.

    But isn’t old “holy black” simplest and best of all?

  33. “Armalite AR10 is better than any rifle in the planet.”

    Actually it’s not (as if a homebody like you would ever know.) At least the Garand, M-14, and FAL don’t foul the receiver and bolt assembly with filthy unburnt propellant with each and every shot.

    You are a certified moron and a civilian pussy who has no in the field combat experience and no notion of what you are talking about. Stop posting and GTFO.

  34. ^ not this

    He’s one of the good ones! That’s harem music, nothing gets the hijabs on the floor faster.

  35. Rudel, please say again. I couldn’t hear you over the orgasmic moaning of the German/Irish girl I’m fucking.

    And the Portuguese paratroopers in Mozambique and Angola thought the Armalite was flawless. How many niggers did you and your M14 ever kill in gookland, lol?

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