Rivers of Blood: MI5 Tracked Woolwich Terrorists For Eight Years

Great Britain

Over in Airstrip One, David Cameron wants to know “what went wrong.”

MI5 followed the Woolwich terrorists for eight years (even after one if them tried to go to Somalia to join the jihad there) and sat on its ass and did nothing.

What went wrong? The “mainstream” parties and their policy of multiculturalism and Third World immigration. That’s what wrong.

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  1. Test, I’m just curious where you heard that phrase or were inspired to say it. There is an old newsreel from Vichy France that said if the jews “had blue skins” they wouldn’t need badges.

    “In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives [the “Ring”] are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.”

    True. This also means “black pride” will eventually be thrown in the trash. Not good for your kind since that pablum is the greatest recruiting tool for the white national.

  2. Kemp is no historian. That book is a farce.

    Tolkien references, Turner Diary waving, citing Alex Linder and Kemp…. Chechar needs to grow the fuck up.

  3. White Nationalism is debased Americanism writ large. It’s the original American identity politics that viewed immigrants (that happened to have white skin) as “liquid and fungible”.

    White Nationalism is the province of decent, underskilled, tragically irreligious European-derived people that are getting a shitty deal these days. Mindweapons blog realizes that, they don’t put on airs like Chechar and the “Occidental” WN-types. Mindweapons blog realizes WN is about trying to negotiate as soft a landing as possible for these whites that have fallen from the “middle class”.

  4. Kemp is no historian. That book is a farce.

    The first, online edition of Kemp’s March of the Titans had many mistakes, yes. But in the printed, 2011 version that I read (now the only way you can read the book) the author fixed those mistakes. Surely, you will concede that the histories of the West that come from the pen of either Jews or politically-correct academics are much less reliable “histories” than what WNsts write, no?

  5. “That’s the thing, Jews ARE purple.”

    No they’re not – obviously.

    If Jews were purple we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  6. Chechar needs to grow the fuck up.

    No arguments. Just an insult. Hilarious. Just curious, according to you, should Tom Sunic (cf my long quote of him above) needs to “grow up” too?

  7. If Jews were purple we wouldn’t be in this situation.

    But the Jews were Purple for whites during the Roman Empire and thru the Middle Ages. It’s the post-French Revolution lunacy what messed things up.

  8. I’d also add that white nationalism in its inherently proletarian sense is an outgrowth of Christian axiology. This is because it is intent (whether NSDAP or WN) upon honoring the worker. This is a uniquely Christian concept that personally as a Christian I will admit conflicts with my non-WN worldview.

    The classical pagan view is that manual labor is always demeaning. War (bellum) and leisure (otium) are the only honorable ways for a man to spend his time.

  9. Yes, we would be in this situation if Jews were purple, because Jews are purple. We’re in this situation because whites love purple. Purple absolves whites of their failings, purple gives whites a means of feeling a part of God’s story without any of the headaches of personal responsibility.

    The ancients could spot a Jew at 50 paces, or at 50 words. They didn’t need to badge Jews to expel them. It was obvious. Because they knew what was White. When you know what is white, what is Jewish is as purple as the day is long. And there was a time when passing on this information was more important to whites than passing on a new football stadium or a new gadget.

    And so the Jews diluted and fractured the message. And whites let them, because whites love being absolved of the gravity being white. And then it came to be that Whites came to hold the Jews above them, and worship them, and feel powerless before them.

    But it’s really just a bunch of horse crap. Jews are purple. Open your eyes. Only the truly deracinated need the color-by-numbers version.

    And there we have the issue again. If you let your people get so stupid that they need the color-by-number version to distinguish friend from foe, how is that the foe’s fault?

  10. @Chechar
    “But the Jews were Purple for whites during the Roman Empire and thru the Middle Ages. It’s the post-French Revolution lunacy what messed things up.”

    Everything the wrong way round.

    Jews were purple in the past because they explicitly made themselves so through how they dressed. They wanted to be separate and apart as a minority within a majority as that is what gives them their competitive edge.

    Both the Inquisition and the Enlightenment said no you can’t be separate. You have to assimilate and become part of the host nation. Their response to both was to go crypto: Converso to Christianity while remaining tribalist in secret or Converso to Enlightment values while remaining tribalist in secret.

    You’re right the Enlightenment and emancipation of the Jews led to the problem but only because emancipation required Jews to either
    a) assimilate
    b) continue to act tribally and be *seen* to be acting tribally (with the guaranteed reaction that would result)
    c) found their own country somewhere


    d) go crypto so they could remain tribalist without triggering a reaction.

    Option d) required certain necessary things like for example changing the form of dress and total control of the media. Just imagine if the 1000s of Jewish pundits who completely dominate the MSM all wore Orthodox dress?

    We wouldn’t be in this situation if Jews were purple.

  11. Yes, we would be in this situation if Jews were purple.

    How were conversos subject to the Inquisition? They were purple.

    You honestly can’t tell a Judaizer from a white, test? Mike Huckabee versus Kevin MacDonald?

  12. In a classical sense the most honorable thing someone can do today is reject the rat race, “having enough” is the definitive expression of success, not “having more”. AND prepare for some kind of military campaign.

    Very few westerners are doing this because they are crippled by atheism. When someone evades the divinity, they tend to evade death and someone that has learned to evade death has learned how to be a slave.

  13. Long Live Dixie
    “Maybe I’m a little late to this conversation, but if what you say is true, then how do you explain racially-destructive acts carried out by whites before Jews had control (or shared control) of their societies?”


    Discussing things honestly among pro-whites is one thing but when anti-whites are trying to spread the suicide meme as a demoralizing tactic i think it’s better to use it to make counter points like Jews being responsible for the Atlantic slave trade.

  14. You really think whites are so stupid that it requires that someone talking about gay marriage, Israel, “racism,” anti-gun rights, pornography, abortion, divorce and any other number of subversive elements needs to be purple for whites to understand that’s not good for them?

    That is a really dim view of white intelligence.

  15. “I think it’s better to use it to make counter points like Jews being responsible for the Atlantic slave trade.”

    I think it’s better to have whites stop being their customers.

  16. Occigent
    “Yes, we would be in this situation if Jews were purple.”

    If Jews were purple – or for example if all the Jewish politicos and media people were wearing Orthodox Jewish dress – then White people would notice and react differently. They wouldn’t see one of the 1000s of Jewish pundits on the TV and think one of “us” is saying that. They’d notice one of “them” is saying that and then they’d notice the pattern – especially if there were a panel of four Jews all dressed like that discussing how mass immigration and multi-culturalism were great for every nation except Israel.

    “You honestly can’t tell a Judaizer from a white”

    I can now.

  17. As far as I can tell, whether genetically white or Jewish, from my neighbor to the MSM, the people pushing nonsense all look purple to me.

    And that respect, purple Jews will do nothing to protect us, because so many Whites love purple.

    Instead of coloring Jews, I think we should train ourselves not to love purple.

  18. I can spot if a Jew with a glance, and often by the sound of their voices, these days. Because iIve practiced.

    I’ve paid attention.

    I do reject them.


  19. Occigent
    “As far as I can tell, whether genetically white or Jewish, from my neighbor to the MSM, the people pushing nonsense all look purple to me.”

    Good for you. However what i am saying is imagine Jews all dressed like Orthodox and everything else stayed the same
    – the oscars
    – anything to do with media and TV
    – 1000s and 1000s of media pundits and journalist
    – politicians and their advisors
    – romney’s foreign policy team
    – bankers and financiers

    Just imagine it. White people would notice and react differently.

    Whatever other factors are involved we wouldn’t be in this situation if Jews were purple.

  20. Chechar – I am finally gettng round to reading Tolkein.

    The One Ring is Sheeney Gelt. Tolkein knew the score.

    Ilsidur was tempted. So was Borimir, centures later.

    It’s Elrond wot dropped the ball. Elrond is described as fair of face (good looking), very very leanred (an Academic) and as strong as a warrior. He was in the battle that “killed” Sauron. He led Ilsidur into Mount Doom.

    He COULD have forced the Ring off of weak Ilsidur – or bunged Ilsie right in, when Islie refused to surrender the Ring.

    Elrond KNEW better. Thus the greater responsibility was his.

    The Elves are many things. Idealized Aryans, fer sher – but I read a superb analysis, somewhere, that said the Elves represent the past, and our History. This is why they are so elusive, and leave Middle Earth for the Undying Lands. (White Flight, any-one?) History is always receding…..

    The Elves that do not leave are the Wood Elves, of the North, led by King Thranduil, He takes care of his people. They are rougher and tougher, and far less “sophisticated” than the other Elves. Do they represent a healthy vestigial sense of Race Memory? Of racial identity?

    They aren’t “sophisticated”. They also are not corrupted, or willing, as Galadriel (flakey White woman DELUXE MODEL) suicidally espouses, to “Go away and dwindle down and finally be forgotten “[sic].

    I’ll stick with the Wood Elves.

    P.S. – Celebrian DUMPED Elrond. You don’t hear from a woman for a thousand years? You are dumped. The Orc attack was an excuse.

  21. I don’t know test, I think white people do notice it. They just love their lives too much to do anything about it.

    I treat whites like adults, and give them the benefit of the doubt that they have been put on notice.

    Are whites really that bad, that they can’t tell? I don’t know any whites like that. I know plenty that excuse it, or do nothing about it. But I don’t know any whites that don’t know how bad it is. (Excluding the honest-to-God purple whites, who are human waste and have plagued Western Civilization since the beginning, for whom burning at the stake was the remedy.)

    I give whites the respect to believe they all know (those that care) that they have been put on notice. But don’t care. They choose. Therefore it’s the battle within themselves they are losing, not the battle from without. If you can’t win the battle within, you can’t win the battle without.

  22. I hate to go here, because it’s causes more of a shit storm than causality, but it’s funny that it’s most often the cradle Catholics that are Bicausalist Type B. Most of us, educated in the catechism of the ancient Church from the time we could read, find it incredible that others can’t see the world as it is. When you know what built Western Civilization, it’s simple to see what tore it down.

  23. “There are loads of Whites that do even know what a Jew is.”

    But there are loads that do, who love their lives more than Truth. And there were even more loads previously, who also chose the lie. People refuse to walk the walk of Christ. But it’s always there.

  24. …when anti-whites are trying to spread the suicide meme as a demoralizing tactic… – Test

    I hope you are not calling us “anti-whites”.

    The problem with strict monocausalists is that they are incapable to see the difference between guilt tripping by Jews and honest self-criticism by Whites.

    Do you think that self-criticism by Whites is nothing but interiorized guilt tripping?

    From that POV monocausalists proceed to proclaim the total innocence of Whites, as if that was possible!: Jews, the only ones who are guilty of white decline; and anyone who suggests that Whites have a responsibility of their own is either telling a lie or is a crypto-Jew. Single J causers call that the “suicide meme”.

  25. @Chechar

    I think you need to totally exterminate using strawmen in your arguments using extreme and vicious persecution.

    Jews ran the slave-trade in Moorish Spain – of both Europeans and Africans – and then went on to run the Atlantic slave trade. The only thing Jews want remembered from that period is the bad stuff that happened to them.

  26. “The One Ring is Sheeney Gelt. Tolkein knew the score.”

    Pardon a digression: Tolkien must have known what “The Fatherless One,” Tom Bombadil, who was unaffected by, cared nothing for the Ring of Sauron, really is. He left us a mystery to solve.

  27. The only thing wrong with white people is they were and are blind to the people poisoning them.

    That’s a pretty-big only thing, test.

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