Rivers of Blood: MI5 Tracked Woolwich Terrorists For Eight Years

Great Britain

Over in Airstrip One, David Cameron wants to know “what went wrong.”

MI5 followed the Woolwich terrorists for eight years (even after one if them tried to go to Somalia to join the jihad there) and sat on its ass and did nothing.

What went wrong? The “mainstream” parties and their policy of multiculturalism and Third World immigration. That’s what wrong.

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  1. Agree. As in the heroin addict should see the heroin destroying his life.

    But the heroin addict also has to decide it has no control over him.

  2. What do Jews do when they’re criticized for anything? They accuse the accuser of being an anti-semite. So those who say whites are the problem and we need to change us then okay fine. Jews are very successful and they never accept criticism for anything and constantly blame nasty white people for being mean to them since forever so we can like the Jews and anyone who criticizes us we’ll call anti-white.


    Great quote. I really need to read that book as i have exactly that experience most days i’m arguing online.

  3. Nobody responded to my double classification of “Bicausalists” in the other thread, which is sort of compromise between the two extremes POVs. Here I’ll try another approach, the witches’ brew metaphor:

    Individualism, universalism, weak ethnocentrism (“hardwired” characteristics in the White psyche since prehistoric times) + egalitarianism, liberalism, capitalism (cultural “software” after the Revolution which ironically strengthened Christian axiology) + the Jewish culture of critique in the 20th century = a truly lethal brew for the White peoples.

    Whites cannot blame themselves for their hardware characteristics formed in the cold North (cf MacDonald). But certainly the software that infected us, which is ultimately responsible of the emancipation of Jewry always since the Revolution, is our entire fault.

  4. Chechar,

    Can you repost your classification? I’d like to respond. I think I’d put myself in the Alex Linder category using your classification, but I’d like to see it again.


    Good observation.

    As for the quote, did Hitler know his Jews or what?

  5. 1.- Monocausalists – Most of the commenters at Age of Treason, and people like Dave Duke whom I deeply respect. These people believe that there’s but one cause of our woes: the subversive Jews.

    For strict monocausalists, “there is nothing wrong with whites” (their words).

    2.- Bicausalists Type A – Those who, like Greg Johnson, Alex Linder and quite a few commenters at Linder’s VNN Forum, believe that Jews are the primary cause of our woes, though there are other important factors as well. Unlike Tanstaafl et al, these bicausalists also blame our parents’ religion.

    3.- Bicausalists Type B – Those who, like Tom Sunic, Manu Rodríguez and I believe that there’s something seriously wrong with us, extremely wrong actually. Whites’ mental issues (which include a Calvinist type of Old Testament Christianity that conquered North America) are the primary infection, and the Judaization of the West, a secondary infection (like AIDS / pneumonia, etc).

    For a scholarly take on it, see “The Yankee problem enabled the Jewish problem”.

  6. Joe:

    I don’t even know who Fr John is. As you know I rarely comment here (these days after the London and Stockholm’s incidents are the exception).

  7. I am “Bicausalist type C” — Believes simply that white people who are weak and stupid are going to get killed and eaten by niggers, as Nature intends. White people with a few brain cells and set of balls will survive and overcome anything.

  8. CT nuts keep commenting. But how does one tell the difference between a crank (the beheading was a FF) and troll posing as a crank to discredit a POV (such as, for example the JQ, but it could be anything).

    J Richards is the prototype for the latter type. His MO is to blame the Jews for literally everything to make people who responsibly discuss Jews look insane.

    Don’t think trolls don’t work sites in teams. Trolls attack every subversive site. Which is pretty much every WNist, SNist,HBD, paleo, Dark Enlightenment, anti-liberal, un-PC, or mainstream site that doesn’t censor like 4chan and reddit.

    It would be easy for a troll team to make a nutty comment about “the Joos” then have a partner follow on with “see people who talk about Jews are obsessed, nuts, etc.”

    Here are some interesting comments from another site.

    I have previously speculated that we may be facing the second generation of Jewish trolling. The first generation involves paid trolls who openly set off the equivalent of stink bombs in forums they dislike or in which discussion goes in directions they didn’t like. These trolls can do little apart from making themselves offensive, obnoxious, and obvious with their primitive kikery, if I may use a vulgar word for a vulgar thing.

    I think we can safely presume that Jewish and “anti-racist” (i.e., anti-White) organizations have moved into the next generation of trolling, given the following:

    (a) The Internet is an important media for the targets of Jewish and “anti-racist” organizations.

    (b) It is far more practical to pollute the Internet than to censor it.

    (c) It is known that there are apparatuses of trolls (called hasbarats) who are paid to promote Zionism.

    (d) Jewish and “anti-racist” organizations are very well funded (google the salary for Abraham Foxman for one proof of this) and can easily afford to support an apparatus of trolls.

    (e) Jews are not getting value for money from trolls who behave more like sabras than sayanim.

    (f) Jews have a genius for cultural subversion, which they have hardly exercised with the first generation of trolling.

    (g) Individually and collectively, trolls can have a large “virtual footprint” because they can be in so many places at once. Furthermore, relatively little money is needed to support a relatively large apparatus of trolls, and not many trolls are needed to paralyze a particular target.

    (h) It seems that Jews use the Internet to network while we Whites use it to kvetch and kibbitz among ourselves. Jews act in a collectivist manner while Whites act in an individualistic manner. Jews can act in a coherent, cohesive, and long-term manner to paralyze particular Internet websites, forums, and subcultures. The Jews know what they want and how to get it. Is the same true of us?

    (i) Individual trolls needn’t be particularly intelligent, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t work intelligently or effectively, if they are intelligently managed.

    (j) A group of trolls can attack a target in more than one way. They can take sides with all of the factions in a dispute. They can exploit or create divisions among White nationalists. They can turn artificial divisions into real divisions by acting as catalysts for polarization and escalation.

    These are extremely effective ways for trolls to work. What might appear to be spontaneous combustion might not be spontaneous after all. The fuel is there, trolls only need to douse the right spot with an accelerant and to ignite it. After that, the fire burns by itself, and it can be difficult to distinguish between those who are fueling the fire and those who are fighting it. Such is the logic of civil war.

    It might be possible to draw useful insights and analogies from books such as David Michael’s Doubt Is Their Product and Robert N. Proctor’s Golden Holocaust dealing with how certain industries (notably the tobacco industry) have created doubt about the dangers of their products and activities, and to apply these to the field of political culture. Ignorance, doubt, and uncertainty can be natural, but it can also be “made, maintained, and manipulated by means of certain arts and sciences” (Robert N. Proctor). Ignorance as well as knowledge is socially constructed.

  9. Lew – Agreed.

    The best policy in regards to this true situation is:

    Moderate comments. Anything trolling, wild CTs, delete the comments. Some readers will get mad, some comments that weren’t all out trolls will get deleted. That’s life.

    We need to controll our own meetings.

  10. Bicausalist Type B spoken here.

    The only wild conspiracy going on here is that whites aren’t responsible for their own beds.

  11. If we were to go to hell and talk to Henry VIII, if he had an ounce of white blood in him, what would we expect him to say?

    “Hells yeah I took the head off of Thomas Moore and stole the monasteries for the Jews! Hell yeah, I knew it was all Jewy up in there. Who cares? I needed money and I liked women and song! So hell yeah I went with the Jews.”

    And if Henry VIII were a slimy scumbag, what would he say?

    “What do you mean? I did nothing! I had no idea! Come on, little old me? Why you always blaming me? I didn’t did nothing.”

    People, get real. We love what the Jews do for us. We love the entertainment, we love the lasseiz faire attitude, we love the sex, we love the drugs, we love the rock and roll. And we get drunk on it, and they take it too far.

    But for God’s sake, open your eyes. Get real with yourselves. History is rife with whites who would sell their soul for lollipop, as is Washington DC, and as long as there are such whites, which will be always, there will always be Jews to accommodate them.

    Do we wish that Jews would not accommodate us in our sin? Yes. We do. Is it the Jews’ fault that we sin? No. It is not. It is our fault.

    Right now, as we speak, there are probably a million Jews engaged in commerce and entertainment to fill the needs of 100 million white sinners. And we do nothing to stop it. And that’s their fault?

  12. I agree with Occigent, insofar as Jews are forever peddlers of vice and ruin, and whites are their complicit, habitual, customers.

  13. Chris,

    One reason I don’t think Occigent is right is that the whites walking around out there didn’t create, weren’t responsible for, the cultural conditions that make them open to what Jews are selling.

    The metaphor is backwards. The correct metaphor is that Jews attacked white culture to create a customer base for things like porn where no customer base previously existed.

    Occigent keeps complaining about an unhealthy culture where people want to buy what the Jews offer as if whites chose the current culture and weren’t born into it.

    One of Occigent’s themes is blaming whites for that which they did not do and exhorting them to take responsibility for it.

  14. Salvatore – Lew didn’t call me Nigger. The Kike Dick sukker Occijew did.

    Lew did a brillliant series of posts.

    Gorgeous structure.

    He posted a bunch of examples.

    How Jews, and their boot-licking submissives attempt to deny, degrade, and derail attention from der ewige Jude. Their tactics are 100% consistent, through the centuries…

    One is know by one’s enemies, as well as one’s friends.

    Have you noticed that OcciJew, instead of commenting on the video, from Sweden, depiciting the undeniably Khazar HAG Mona Sellin-Jooo-Poison opining about how Sweden is “too White” – he spouts off on one of his rants aboutj how it’s Whites blah blah blah…..


    It’s Jews.

    It’s always been Jews.

  15. Occigent’s latest comment is really incoherent.

    Ok, let’s see, according to Occigent, if the world was different than what it is, then what the Jews do would not matter. They’d be marginalized. No one would listen to them. No one would have a reason to talk about them.

    Ok, Duh.

    In a society like that, a white father would never be publicly beheaded by a Nigerian Muslim. No black Muslims would be there in the first place.

    Except that world doesn’t exist.

    In the world as it is, Jews have disproportionate or total power in every institution needed for political control over society and the information people use to make decisions.

    In the world as it is, the cultural conditions that would make people immune to Jewish methods don’t exist.

    Nigerian Muslims are able to walk the streets of London partly because of Jewish lobbying efforts.

    If you ask for 20 minutes on British TV to call for deporting Muslims, you can’t get it. Because there as here Jews control the media.

    In the world as it is, you can’t realistically lead people to solve social problems — such as getting dangerous blacks away from white families — because what’s bad for us is good for Jews.

    Consider the roll call for action on needed changes. Whatever they may be, Jews are always using their power to fight against anyone taking action that isn’t good them, such as: southern secession, whites only schools, European cultural and educational centers, whites only business networks, greatly expanded the visibility of much older forms of Christianity that were less easily subverted.

    The list is damn near endless.

    Yet somehow, according to trolls like Occigent who peddle this line, all of that is your fault. You’re to blame. Your friends, family, kids. This clown never makes; it’s always our fault, including presumably the kids and young millennials

    It’s all your responsibility everybody that the world is the way it is and not some other way where none of this would matter.

    Too stupid for words!

    Hey Occigent,

    Step up your game troll.

    You posting from Tel Aviv, Brooklyn, South Florida, you being paid, or are you a volunteer, or just a dupe?

  16. Chris,

    I once read an account of a cop, who went to arrest a pedophile. The sicko has access to little kids, the kids were in the house. I can’t is the little children were relatives of the molestor, or a girlfriend’s kids – dunno – but the thng that stuck with me is what the cop had to say about the kids.

    One of the children was a very young little girl. 4 or 5. She came on the adult male officers. She put her hands on their thighs. She flirted. she smiled like an expreienced baby whore. He was repelled, and dsgusted. Sickened.

    The girl did not act this way because she was inately depraved, or evil.

    She behaved that way because THAT is what she was taught to do. A small child should be afraid of adults that he or she doesn’t know. Shyness and fear are protective mechanism. The little girl was taught to interact with adult males, in a sexual way, by her abusers. It’s the ONLY THING SHE WAS TAUGHT TO DO.

    That’s the story I had in mind, when I posed a question about blaming victims of child abse for their behavior.

    Speaking of which – here ya go:

    Well funded JEWS promote a “Love Fest” when the Westboro Baptist Church stages an anti-homosexual protest. Keep in mind that the Boy Scouts were just essentially forced into “accepting Gay Boy Scouts”. Whites have bene systematically TAUGHT to be passive and accept everything. Lawsuits will crush almost anybody. Now I thnk it’s sick and EVIL that the Boy Scouts went along with this. We don’t know what’s going on behnd the scenes – but this is one example of why I encourage adults, healthy adults, TO MAKE A BLOODY SCENE. Don’t give up, and scream your bloody head off.

    The Boys Scouts – how and why would a young boy know he was “gay”???? Shouldn’t little kids be playng with toys, and games, etc?

    Back to the Jewish Love Fest – the Jews made paper yarmulkes for all the students.

    But this is not any sort of example of well-organized, well funded Jewish subversion, in the sickest possible sphere, right?

    Enjoy the It’s not the Jews Pushing Homo Love on Teenagers Video – It’s the Teenager’s Fault:


    The JooSA is rotted to the core.

  17. Denise, yes, it’s like a signature with them.

    Their mantra can be summed up as the exact opposite of the extreme conspiracy screwballs (who may very well be Jews or trolls).

    Their mantra is not”it’s the Joos!!” “it’s never the Joos!”

  18. I have no idea what you are talking about Lew.

    Current whites do are responsible for their culture, and previous whites allowed it to be corrupted. And yes, if it hadn’t been corrupted our popations would not have lapsed so far as to consider massive foreign immigration “normal,” and a man wouldn’t have been beheaded in the streets of Lonodon.

    Sorry man, I just don’t understand how we can hold any seeker of Truth in any age, no matter what state of affairs, responsible for not finding it. The simple things are discussing just are not that cryptic – for adults, anyway.

  19. Lew – here’s an example of successful Caucasians, promoting their OWN people:


    As I’ve noted before – The Golden Dawn NEVER blames their own poeple. Their leaders have quoted Hitler. They use Mein Kampf as a guidebook, and are wholly un-apologetic for doing so.

  20. when there was no other way out, they themselves simply played stupid. If all this didn’t help, they pretended not to understand

    – Adolf Hitler

    I have no idea what you are talking about Lew.

    – Occigent

  21. The two Euro parties that have kikes shitting in their pants Golden Dawn and Jobbik do not blame their own!

    Denise is right.

  22. Denise:

    I have to bow out now. But thanks for your relentless efforts on this site keeping the main focus where it belongs.

  23. If they can make the Greeks believe they are truly in debt, maybe they will give them the precious resource (newly discovered oil) as payment.

  24. So Hunter and Occigent are, like me, “Bicausalists Type B” and apparently Lew felt some ties with “Bicausalism Type A”? That’s the beginning to construct a communication bridge. Here’s Tom Sunic’s take on the subject (copied and pasted from my above link):


    But contrary to classical anti-Semitic arguments, strong Jewish influence in America is not only the product of Jews; it is the logical result of Gentiles’ acceptance of the Jewish founding myths that have seeped over centuries into Europe and America in their diverse Christian modalities. Postmodern Americanism is just the latest secular version of the Judean mindset… Blaming American Jews for extraterrestrial powers and their purported conspiracy to subvert gentile culture borders on delusion and only reflects the absence of dialogue…

    One can naturally concur that Americans are influenced by Jews, but then the question arises as to how did it happen?… Jews in America did not drop from the moon. Jewish social prominence, both in Europe and America, has been the direct result of the white Gentile’s acceptance of Jewish apostles—an event which was brought to its perfection in America by early Puritan Pilgrim Founding Fathers. Be it in Europe or in the USA, Christian religious denominations are differentiated versions of Jewish monotheism. Therefore, the whole history of philo-Semitism, or anti-Semitism in America and in Europe, verges on serious social neurosis.

    /end quote

    Source: Homo Americanus: Child of the Postmodern Age, published in 2007.

    To be continued…

  25. Quote:

    American pro-Jewish or “Jewified” intellectuals often show signs of being more Jewish than Jews themselves… As the latest version of Christianized and secularized monotheism, Judeo-Americanism represents the most radical departure from the ancient European pre-Christian genius loci… Christian anti-Semites in America often forget, in their endless lamentation about the changing racial structure of America, that Christianity is by definition a universal religion aiming to achieve a pan-racial system of governance. Therefore, Christians, regardless whether they are hypermoralistic Puritans or more authority prone Catholics, are in no position to found an ethnically and racially all white Gentile society while adhering at the same time to the Christian dogma of pan-racial universalism…

    The West, and particularly America, will cease to be Israelite once it leaves this neurosis, once it returns to its own local myths… Many Jewish scholars rightly acknowledge deep theological links between Americanism and Judaism. Also, American traditionalists and conservatives are correct in denouncing secular myths, such as Freudism, Marxism, and neo-liberalism which they see as ideologies concocted by Jewish and pro-Jewish thinkers. They fail to go a step further and examine the Judaic origins of Christianity and mutual proximity of these two monotheist religions that make up the foundations of the modern West. Only within the framework of Judeo-Christianity can one understand modern democratic aberrations and the proliferation of new civic religions in postmodernity.

    /end quote

    To be continued…

  26. Quote:

    Also, the reason America has been so protective of the state of Israel has little to do with America’s geopolitical security. Rather, Israel is an archetype and a pseudo-spiritual receptacle of American ideology and its Puritan founding fathers. Israel must function as America’s democratic Super-Ego…

    Modern individuals who reject Jewish influence in America often forget that much of their neurosis would disappear if their Biblical fundamentalism was abandoned. One may contend that the rejection of monotheism does not imply a return to the worship of ancient Indo-European deities or the veneration of some exotic gods and goddesses. It means forging another civilization, or rather, a modernized version of scientific and cultural Hellenism, considered once as a common receptacle of all European peoples…

    In short, Judeo-Christian universalism, practiced in America with its various multicultural and secular offshoots, set the stage for the rise of postmodern egalitarian aberrations and the complete promiscuity of all values. That Americanism can also be a fanatical and intolerant system “without God,” is quote obvious. This system, nonetheless, is the inheritor of a Christian thought in the sense in which Carl Schmitt demonstrated that the majority of modern political principles are secularized theological principles.

    /End of quote

  27. Read the comments on this Iriss Savant Article, on the Jew wrter Peter Hitchen’s sudden about face, on the Multi Culti issue:


    The EDL IS Controlled Opposition – but they brought out a LOT of people.

    A small amount of Swedes actually fought back.

    A few Hebes, like Hitchens, have ot pretend to take the side of Whites, just to leave an escape hatch, should Whites wake up t othe REAL cause of evil and corrosion and evil – der earwig Jude.

    Which seems to be happening….Thanks IRS!

    The Comment thread is well worth the effort.

    The BBC is apparently 110% Kosher.

    But complete control of the Media means NOTHING…..right?

  28. Hey Winona Ryder, be careful or the count of the Draculesti Order might see your comment and plan a expedition from his castle in Europe for a close encounter with the American Mina 🙂

  29. Bicausalists Type B here as well.

    Jewish emancipation was not the work of Jews.
    Negro emancipation was not the work of negroes.

    Both were unthinkable before the Enlightenment.

    If you let a dangerous animal out of the cage and it devours you, whose fault is it?

    I guess the Jews were responsible for what happened to this yankee woman:

    Deo Vindice

  30. Chechar did a good job creating classifications for discussion.

    While Chechar’s Bi-Causal Type A fits me the best, I should say I also completely reject the pathology/disease model of understanding white behavior.

    I also reject all analysis that contains the premise there is something “wrong” with “us.”

    There is nothing wrong with us. A person can be perfectly healthy, have nothing “wrong” with them in terms of being pathologically unhealthy, and still make mistakes that lead to errors with catastrophic consequences.

    That doesn’t indicate pathology so much as bad judgment. The same goes for leaders and societies.

    So instead of using the frame “whites did x…which shows there is something “pathologically” wrong with “us,” I use a frame based on identifying historical mistakes.

    Whites made mistakes by …

    – embracing abstract ideologies,

    – elevating money and economics over other values,

    – allowing Jews into power positions,

    – and so on

    So Chechar and I are are interested in different questions. I’m not interested in causes so much as fixing the major mistakes that have caused the problems in front of us now — and we have a very good idea of what those are however they were caused.

  31. Foundations of bicausalism


    I myself have gone through the three stages and wouldn’t have reached the last one hadn’t William Pierce and Arthur Kemp written their histories of the white race.

    It shocked me to learn that whites have been losing all racial wars since the white civilizations in the Middle East and the Greco-Roman world flourished. The moral of their two books is that miscegenation with nonwhites caused all of them to decline.

    But the crux is that the drive to miscegenate was always the same drive that, millennia later, moved the Iberians when they conquered the New World: economics over race policies, or as I like to say, the One Ring of Greed and Power.

    In Pierce’s and Kemp’s books you can see the spectacular conquests of whites on non-white cultures in the Ancient World, as far as India. But after a few centuries they always lost ethnically. Why?

    If these authors got their facts right, it’s a shock to learn that the mestization that the Iberians committed in the Americas, always chasing after the gold of the Aztecs or the silver of the Incas, had already happened in the Ancient World. Even other pro-white authors recognize this. Rome, for instance, “was never really a people, never a nation. It was merely a system, a machine… Rome populated itself by opening its gates to refugees from other cities… the Roman machine liquidated this founding stock and replenished itself with foreign blood until it became too weak to assimilate new peoples.”

    The One Ring is the culprit here. “In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives [the “Ring”] are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.”

    Such a quotable quote! Let’s imagine for a minute that Sauron represents the Semitic cultures that Indo-European whites encountered when leaving the Caucasus area and moved South. The character of Isildur personifies the fallen West. He was brave enough to cut off Sauron’s hand (the spectacular white conquests of the Middle East) but fell to the temptation of the Ring (which according to an essay at The Occidental Observer means falling to the temptation of Semitic gold).

    You can see the whole historical drama as the foundations of bicausalism if you wish. Isildur’s greed could be labeled “pathological” or simply “morally wrong” if you prefer. But surely it is more than a “mistake”. It was an astronomic blunder. Ultimately he, who personifies the fall of Western man, is responsible.

    Fortunately, the coming crash of the dollar and the total and unconditional energy devolution the world will experience later in this century will grant whites one last chance to destroy the Ring…

  32. “I’m not interested in causes so much as fixing the major mistakes that have caused the problems in front of us now — and we have a very good idea of what those are however they were caused.”

    A fundamental part of fixing a mistake is figuring out what caused it. That’s a part of the oft repeated maxim “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

    You’ve identified the causes of the mistake, Lew:

    “Whites made mistakes by …

    – embracing abstract ideologies,

    – elevating money and economics over other values,

    – allowing Jews into power positions,

    – and so on”

    And right now, today, most whites continue to do just that. That’s just the fact of the matter. We’re here to fix the world for whites. We do that first by fixing ourselves.

    If blacks are responsible for their own situation, and we do agree that, for the most part, they are, than so are whites. Or do we expect more strength of character from blacks than we do from whites?

  33. The suicide meme is anti-white poison spread by poisonous anti-white trolls.

    The only thing wrong with white people is they were and are blind to the people poisoning them.

    If Jews were purple we wouldn’t be in this situation.

  34. “If Jews were purple we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

    That’s the thing, Jews ARE purple. Except to those who CHOOSE to see they aren’t.

    The only suicide meme passed by anti-whites is that we are powerless and blameless before the SuperJew. What utter tripe.

  35. . . . Arthur Kemp written their histories of the white race.

    Kemp is no historian. That book is a farce.

  36. The only thing wrong with white people is they were and are blind to the people poisoning them.

    Maybe I’m a little late to this conversation, but if what you say is true, then how do you explain racially-destructive acts carried out by whites before Jews had control (or shared control) of their societies?

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