Bicausalism Type B: The Immigration Act of 1965

District of Corruption

Kevin MacDonald writes:

“Sorry, but I have to go with Joe on this one—probably the only area I would prefer Biden’s views to Buchanan’s. Kennedy was a freshman senator with little clout. His role in leading the bill came about because it was a slam dunk following the liberal landslide in the 1964 election (the one where the US avoided having Barry Goldwater blow up the world). The Senate hearings on the bill were so perfunctory that the statements of opponents were given in Kennedy’s office; these were mainly old line patriotic organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution which by that time had absolutely no respect by elites. The bill was written by Norbert Schlei who was Jewish, and its official name is the Hart-Cellar bill; Emmanuel Cellar spent his entire career in Congress as a leader in opposition to immigration restriction, beginning with his hostility to the 1924 law which enshrined quotas favoring Northwestern Europeans. One should also mention the role of Jacob Javits in the Senate. As soon as the bill was passed, Jewish organizations focused their efforts on increasing the numbers of immigrants. Ted Kennedy may not have lied when said the bill would not change America. But in conjunction with the later efforts of Jewish activists, demographic change was inevitable.

In the U.S. Senate, the South voted 16-13 to reject the Immigration Act of 1965, and 81 to 43 in the House against the Immigration Act of 1965.

Of the 18 votes in the Senate against the Immigration Act of 1965, 16 votes were from the South, with two votes coming from Arizona and New Hampshire. Of the 95 votes against the Immigration Act of 1965 in the House, 81 came from the Southern states.

Note: In the House, the Northeastern states cast 111 solid Aye votes – 54 votes from New York and New Jersey alone – in favor of the Immigration Act of 1965. In the Senate, the Northeastern states voted 20 to 1 in favor of the Immigration Act of 1965.

Like the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (which was filibustered by the Southern bloc for 54 days), the Immigration Act of 1965 was passed because Yankees overwhelmingly supported it, and the existence of the Union is the only reason it was imposed on us.

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  1. Blood, soil, tradition. Now if only the wordism (including Christianity) can be tamed and put in its place we can crawl out of the empire’s muck.

  2. ” Of the 95 votes against the Immigration Act of 1965 in the House, 81 came from the Southern states.”

    I’m waiting for 313Chris to try and blame us for what his ancestors did.

  3. Hunter: thanks for this article.

    I read MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique, where he devotes the last pages to scrutinize the Jewish lobbying behind the Act. The phrase “Most fortifications are of cardboard, and if you press against them, they give way” cited in those CofC pages, uttered in 1924 (!) by a member of the subversive tribe, struck me. I stopped momentarily my translation of the book and asked myself “How was that possible?”

    Now I know. Cardboard fortifications fell down after WW2. These stats you cite and the general anti-racist mood among the white elites, the Yank population at large and the US President himself show that the Y problem enabled the J problem in this momentum case (i.e., a typical “B” case).

    Why can’t other (“type A” or “mono”) commenters see something so obvious?

  4. @Hunter

    I really like MacDonald, and his scholarship is about 99 9/10ths % with me. That said,
    Norbert Schlei was not a Jew. The only person who claims Schlei was a Jew is MacDonald. There is nothing in any publication in the Dayton area or elsewhere that indicates Schlei was a Jew or had Jewish ancestry.

    Schlei was in all probability of Germanic ancestry, and was an agnostic, and Kennedy pal.

    I can make a stronger case for Branch Rickey being of Jewish ancestry, than I can for Schlei being of Jewish ancestry. Even though I know that Rickey was not of Jewish ancestry.

  5. The fortifications were cardboard because Whites didn’t know enough to reinforce them.

    Why can’t type B’s realize that blame requires intent?

    Do we blame the frog in boiling water?

  6. Chechar,

    The anecdote at issue here supports Type A Bi-Causalism under your own definition. I assume you are aware that this interpretation of Kennedy’s role in the Immigration Act has been circulating on white sites for years: the Irish-Catholic Ted Kennedy rode herd on the ’65 Act! He wanted to stick it the WASPs! It wasn’t only the Jews! It was Kennedy. It was the Catholics. It was the Irish. It was the Yankees. Except it turns out that upon scrutiny — thank you KMD — Kennedy’s role was trivial. It was mostly the Jews behind it.

  7. “Why can’t other (“type A” or “mono”) commenters see something so obvious?”

    If it’s not wholly suicide it’s part genocide.

  8. Ideology and theology all bunk has been since Plato. Ideas are great but listening to some kook layout the perfect ism sucks the big one because no matter what people change, deal with it.

    Blood, Soil and Tradition and the isms allowed a short leash a very short leash.

    Now all the Lib/Contard NSers Christian/mooslim/judaics what have you can form an adhoc alliance and smear me. Go Bleep yourselves, hard.

  9. Another thing worth remembering is that in 1965 Ted Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy were at the zenith of their political power, and moral authority in the Democratic party and in Congress.

    This was 3 years before Bobby Kennedy was killed, and 4 years before Ted went off the bridge with Mary Jo, and his national political reputation with her.

    The fact that Ted & Bobby Kennedy were 100% behind Hart-Cellar was huge support for the bill!

    Btw, Phil Hart was a wealthy Roman Catholic lawyer from Michigan, and his father-in-law was the wealth Catholic owner of among other things the Detroit Tigers!

    It’s the old Southern story how did the turtle get on top of the fence post…#LOL.

  10. This comment discussion seems to have quickly gotten away from the basic point of the post, which is that Dixie’s politicians were the ones to take the correct position, and that the Yankee politicians did not.

    The Jews may or may not have bought Ted Kennedy in particular, but that is irrelevant to the particular issue, the passing of the bill. It is extremely unlikely that they would have bought a vast swath of Congress and then carefully choose not to buy politicians from a certain geographically and ethnically defined region.

  11. @Rollory

    I’ve pointed this out to MacDonald and others—the opposition to Hart Cellar was comprised of Southern & Western Protestants!

  12. Now this is where Type A breaks down — internecine conflict.

    There is no question that many Catholics and Protestants would give the world to Jews before they let the other side have it. In fact that’s not a wholly inaccurate statement of how it went down.

  13. You really need to research what Jews do when they enter a country and how many countries they’ve been kicked out of for that very reason. If Jews are so innocent of everything they’re accused of, why are they always accused of it way back in history? You’re trying to tell me that bazillions of people throughout history are just hateful wackos who woke up one day hating Jews and that the teeny weeny tiny population of Jews are totally innocent victims without blame while everyone else is wrong?

    Stop being a Jewish supremacist.

  14. In the U.S. Senate, the South voted 16-13 to reject the Immigration Act of 1965, and 81 to 43 in the House against the Immigration Act of 1965.

    And for the North: 63-2 in favour in the US Sentate and 275-14 in favour in the US House.

  15. @Chechar
    I stopped momentarily my translation of the book and asked myself “How was that possible?”
    In what language are you translating it?

  16. JP, was that for me?

    All I meant was that even though the immigration bill was written and backed by Jews, there is no doubt that Kennedy was enjoying sticking one to the Prods, just as the Prods enjoyed sticking one to the Catholics when they worked to break up ethnic Catholic neighborhoods to dilute Catholic political power.

    Every battle we commence against each other opens up fissures for the Jews to exploit. When we were one, we could expel. Now that we are many, we are being, and will continue to be, expelled.

    Hating each other increases our own causality. That’s all I’m saying.

  17. Chechar
    I stopped momentarily my translation of the book and asked myself “How was that possible?”
    In what language are you translating it?

    To Spanish.

    By the by OD readers: Kevin MacDonald’s latest TOO article is very germane to our discussion in the other thread. I’ve just excerpted it under the title “Nothing wrong with Whites, really?

  18. @JP: “You really need to research what Jews do when they enter a country and how many countries they’ve been kicked out of for that very reason.”
    You might not pick Jews as the enemy, but they will pick you. You might wish to see Jews as Whites, but Jews see themselves as a distinct people. Thus they see any nationalism but their own as a threat. – Greg Johnson
    Jews might account for 60% of contributions to Democrats and 20% of contributions to Republicans.
    We want diversity and variety. – Milton Friedman
    The left hand of the Yank-enstein monster is the welfare, Trotskyite complex. The right hand of the monster is the military, neocon complex. Both hands of the monster want open borders and White elimination/mongrelization.
    The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest. – Thomas Jefferson.
    With people of European descent, honest government might be possible. With people of non-European descent, the government will be like that of China, Thailand, Pakistan, Egypt, Peru, Nigeria, Haiti.

  19. The people back in the 60s were given a referendum vote to permit non white immigration? Of course not. The 1965 bill was slipped through during the cold war height. Cuban missile crisis. Vietnam war. Nuclear mutual destruction built up. Etc.

  20. Occigent says:
    JP, was that for me?

    No, no, not at all. I actually agree with you about Kennedy. Back in December 2012, when Kevin MacDonald posted an article the first time about the 1965 Immigration Act, I even made a comment to him that Kennedy was the force behind the legislation. He responded that I was wrong. But I didn’t explain myself well. My actual thoughts when I was posting to him were that he can’t just blame Jews and not Kennedy. I feel Kennedy was just as much a Marxist as any Jew. I think a lot of NE Catholics are. It’s been reported recently that Kennedy spent more time talking to Soviet politicians than he did his American colleagues. Even Yuri Bezmenov spoke about personally seeing Kennedy partying with Soviets all the time in Russia. Kennedy is what Dr. William Peirce called one of the Jews’ “creatures”.

    That’s why controlling the mass media is so important for the Jews. Without indoctrinated white gentiles, the Jews would be powerless (and probably thrown out or wiped out like so many times in their history when mass media wasn’t as powerful).

    I was speaking to those who say that it’s Yankees, and not Jews, who are our problem. Without Jews, you wouldn’t have those type of Yankees. You can do your research on any historical or modern-day event where the Leftists prevailed and you will find Jews at the core of it.

  21. Guess what, Pierce and MacDonald are both wrong.

    Kennedy loved the time he spent touring Nazi Germany as his newly released diary/photos shows. He also was pro-civil rights later for political reasons. Hardly a “Jew’s creature”, he was praising Hitler and the nordic race in the 30’s.

  22. The Kennedys were a disgusting clan of opportunists. When it was convenient they might praise nazis; when it wasn’t, they jumped to the other side.

    As for “sticking it to the Prods”; how have Catholics benefited from Turd World immigration? They haven’t. Elitist liberal Catholics and the Catholic Church favor it, but not ordinary Catholics. Some Catholics might hate Protestants enough to “cut off their own nose to spite their face” but most don’t. They were never asked about the ultimate outcome of the 1965 act, and in any case they were lied to about it.

    Likewise, ordinary Protestants were never asked about the “war on the cities” to break up Catholic neighborhoods. All of this was a result of elite action, and elite action has been heavily influenced by Jews since the early 1900s.

    Once again, we are all suffering from the failure of ordinary white Catholics and Protestants to come together and prevent our entry into WWII. Once that battle was lost, everything else that followed afterwards was almost inevitable. We can’t unite and Jew dominated mass media keeps us divided, misinformed, fearful, isolated, and/or apathetic. What the Jew Mencius Moldbug calls The Cathedral works 24/7 to stifle all dissent and all crimethink.

    Also I note that although the South voted much better than the North on this issue, it was hardly the Solid South of yore. 16-13 and 81-43 is actually a bit disappointing.



    Schlei, though apparently Goy, was a close classmate of Specter and his fellow Jews at Yale Law School in the mid-1950s. This is likely where Jew plans for overturning Immigration restrictions/Civil Rights/all White traditions in the courts started — during these Jew Law student “lunches”. They likely discussed how to “change” (White) America. Specter has always been anti-White family because he has always been a Legal-Talmudic Pharisee supporting abortion-Fags-etc. Schlei was likely kibbitzing with Specter when the 1964 Civil Rights/1965 Immigration Acts were written up. Of course, Specter was a corrupting Jew democrat cloaked as a Republican conservative. Likely a field zio-intelligence agent for Israel since the early 1960s. –CSR

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