Sheldon Adelson on Border Security


Naturally, he’s talking about Israel, and his own people, the Jews:

So how would Mr. Adelson resolve the long-running conflict? “Put up a big fence around our territory and say to the guys over there, your trucks can’t go over our land if you carry weapons, your planes can’t go over our airspace if they carry weapons,” he said. “How do you recognize a partner for peace when all they want to do is kill you and your people?”

He has a different view on immigration to the United States:

“On immigration: “I’m pro-Dream Act, I’m pro the Dream Act. My parents were immigrants to this country,” he said. “What are we going to do? Listen, I’m sure a lot of my parents generation ….. snuck onto the ship and they came into the country.

“So – people will do anything to leave massacres and to leave the economic conditions – they can’t put food on their own table.

“There has been in our history a lot of illegal immigration. Do I approve of it? No, but it’s here.

“It would be inhumane to send those people back , to send 12 million people out of this country to disrupt a whole potpourri of family issues” over what happens to the children.

“I mean it’s all ridiculous. So we’ve got to find a way, find a route for those people to get legal citizenship,” he said.”

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  1. one can simply point out that Jewish hypocrisy extends to well beyond foundations and immigrations and cuts to the heart of ingroup identity and ingroup concern: wholly legitimate for Jews, wholly illegitimate for whites. The contrast couldn’t be clearer.

    Races shouldn’t be expected to organize like religions. This is another invalid comparison and allow me to presage “atheist Jews” by mentioning cradle Catholics…

    There are no Ashkenazi Nationalists calling for Yiddish or Sephardim Nationalists urging a return to Moloch. There are however a veritable online tribe of shitheads that call for reviving paganism in the name of “whites”. That’s not religion, it’s not even culture. It’s a retreat to barbarism in the name of “racial preservation”.

  2. Sheldon Adelson
    >Multiculturalism for white nations
    >Nationalism for Jews

    This is not hypocrisy? Ridiculous.

    WNists are not alone in making the connection. But you know that of course. Since you seem to value Catholic perspectives, I note that Joe Sobran, a traditional Catholic, wrote this long before Internet WNism existed:

    I also couldn’t help noticing the hypocrisy of organized Jewry, which pushed one set of principles in America – racial equality, secularism, and so forth – and their polar opposites in Israel, whose reason for being is to confer privileged status on Jews and Judaism.

    Jews won’t let American Christians pray in their own public schools, but they are willing to tax them to subsidize and protect Israel. – Joe Sobran, 1994

    You have many points against race as a workable basis for identity without also claiming Sheldon Adelson isn’t The Eternal Jew.

  3. That’s because they have organized along race more so than religion, No-Man. You are talking in circles.

  4. I also couldn’t help noticing the hypocrisy of organized Jewry, which pushed one set of principles in America – racial equality, secularism, and so forth – and their polar opposites in Israel, whose reason for being is to confer privileged status on Jews and Judaism. – Joe Sobran

    In response I quote Saint Ambrose: “When I am at Rome, I fast on a Saturday; when I am at Milan, I do not.”

    And in the spirit of this thread I again quote Saint Ambrose: “The Jews feared to believe in manhood taken up into God, and therefore have lost the grace of redemption, because they reject that on which salvation depends.”

  5. “Moreover, a father has a right to have a vast say, if not outright determine who his daughter marries for her own good and for his posterity.”

    Ok. That makes sense. Why not so much who his sons marry?

  6. Neither the Constitution nor the Declaration of Independence ever utters the word “white”. Some early citizenship laws did, but the Founders had enough wisdom to leave such narrow racial criteria out of our founding documents, since they realized that the nation would evolve over time.

    Keep in mind too that even before the Civil War, there were large numbers of non-white immigrants. Case in point: Gold Rush era California.

  7. I just realized, Adelson supports mandatory military service in Israel, but not in BRA.

    What a hypocrite!

    He also supports street signs in Hebrew in Israel but not for us “goyim”.

    Hypocrite eternal Jude.

  8. “American” Jews that support Israel demand Greece crack down on GD.

    The Greek foreign minister told an American Jewish audience that his government would “never allow hate to grow and spread,” but did not address specific calls to marginalize the ultranationalist Golden Dawn party.

    “Let me state from this forum, in the most determined and compelling manner, that Greece will never allow hate to grow and spread,” Dimitris Avramopoulos told the American Jewish Committee’s annual Global Forum in Washington on Monday. “Hate will be confronted and stopped.”

    A number of Jewish and international civil rights groups have pressed the conservative New Democracy government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to take steps to marginalize Golden Dawn, a neo-Nazi party that won 19 of 300 seats in the last elections.

    The groups want the government to support laws limiting the activities of explicitly racist parties.

    Samaras until now has said he prefers to counter Golden Dawn through political rather than legislative means, and in his AJC speech, Avramopoulos said the key to marginalizing extremists was reviving Greece’s parlous economy.

  9. “Classic shit-test.”

    Not at all. Hard-nosed logic. I’ll explain:

    “Sons can’t get pregnant”

    Well, duh. They can, however, impregnate, and if the father of the knocked-up girl chooses — at least in the old days — Maternal Grampa can arrange a shotgun marriage. (As the economy falls apart and the corn syrup cornucopia ends — hat tip Kievski– expect the old ways to undergo a renaissance.)

    If the son, having done his thinking with his little head, impregnates a girl who is nuts or poor genetic quality, this is Not Good for Paternal Grampa, neither his genetic nor inheritance interests . Much better for the wellbeing of his *SON* (and his son’s progeny) as well as Paternal Grampa’s own genetic and inheritance interests, that a father use good sense to arrange a marriage for his son with a girl from a good family, with a good character and quality genetics.

    In fact, it’s probably even MORE to the interest of Grampa to pick his son’s wife than his daughter’s hubster. Because, while children who emerge from his own wife’s womb are presumably his, a man can NEVER be for sure, for sure, sure. It *could* be that his own wife fooled around.
    The only real assurance (at least prior to DNA testing) a man ever had that “his” children were in fact sired by him, is if they look like him.
    Now, when grown children look like a man, he can assume they’re his. A grown daughter who *looks* like him, *her* children are almost certainly his own bio grandchildren (regardless of who she made whoopie with). But, with sons, even ones who look like him, we don’t KNOW that the grandkids are biologically related to Paternal Grampa. Could be, daughter-in-law fooled around.

    So, Paternal Grampa, who wants his money to go to his own biological progeny, NEEDS to know that his own grown son (who he is confident IS his because son resembles himself) that that son’s wife is faithful. So that means, Paternal Grampa needs son to have a wife who is of good character, as much as good looks. But Young Guns, being young and horny, are quite prone to only considering the Good Looks half of the equation, leaving the Good Character portion underweighted.. So from Paternal Grampa’s view, it’s MUCH smarter for Paternal Grampa to choose his son’s wife than allow son to follow his pecker.

    “Make me a gyro” Bite me.

  10. “Adelson supports mandatory military service in Israel, but not in BRA.”

    U.S. relation with Israel is more like having a mistress;deadly consequences. Scorned-love kills.

  11. When a husband has a mistress. After a while his young lust wants more of him and his wealth. She will persuade him to do whatever she wants. Even if she has to blackmail him;whisper to his ears-Holocaust.

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