Live Thread: 2013 CofCC National Conference

North Carolina

I’m going to show up in Winston-Salem and check in with the movement for the first time in three years. I didn’t get the chance to go last year.

Note: The lamestream is shocked this morning that Big Brother Obama is spying on and data mining ordinary Americans.

If you didn’t know that has been going on for years, well, you are an idiot. I’m sure the NSA has long had a list of every White Nationalist in America. There’s no point in trying to hide from the U.S. regime which already uses predator drones on American citizens.

More people should come to these conferences. “They” already know who you are anyway.

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  1. HW, I will put my camera and tripod in the vehicle in case you want to do a video today or tomorrow.

  2. Kyle Rogers’ professional journalism & publicity skills are giving the CofCC a national voice for the first time ever. I hope Kyle’s hard work is appreciated.

  3. The big news the past few weeks has been China trying to hack into U.S. government computers. I guess when the Chinese make the breach, they can find out everything they ever wanted to know about American citizens that the U.S. government has been spying on.

  4. As an Air Force trained electronic warfare specialist who worked for the NSA over 40 years ago, I’ve know what they’re about for a long time.

    This 30 year old book should be read by those who’ve not seen the elephant personally, it’s quite revealing. The biggest changes with the NSA has been with the technology available. Back when the Cray supercomputer was the deal, NSA owned several of them.

  5. Not online. You can write to me. Send an email. I’ll even send my phone number. I’ll fill you in….

    I’ll be at the SF confab. I spend my money on White People.

  6. Denise,
    You are correct, and for that very reason I will not be attending, after years of being a regular. In fact, I met Hunter there once.

  7. Denise,
    I’m going to SF also. Maybe we can open Hunter’s eyes a bit and have him join us where the real enemy is unabashedly exposed!

  8. Hugh – excellent! The organizers have informed me of some of the attendees – I’m thrilled that you will be there.

    If you are going to the CoCC confab – have a wonderful time! I had an absolutely marvlous time LAST year. Excluding the surly Nigra staff, at the hotel. You can fill young Hunter in, there, on some of the Council’s…shift in direction.

  9. Denise,
    No, not going to CofCC this year. I’ve had it with their denial of the major players who brought about our most dire situation. But fully agree, last year’s CofCC was absolutely great!

  10. “Hunter Wallace says:
    June 7, 2013 at 4:13 pm
    Compared to SN, WN is like that last episode of Game of Thrones.”

    Ha! Now…but not for long….

  11. Hugh – they’re driving out their most dedicated people. I know you know the score…I wonder which rabbi will open the conference, with an invocation?

  12. Denise,
    Maybe Sid. But not certain if he’s a full fledged rabbi. And you are right about what they are doing to the organization. A prompt change in leadership could quickly change things! But it must be done now!

  13. Hunter writes:

    “If you didn’t know that has been going on for years, well, you are an idiot”

    JR replies:

    Yes, but please understand that there are many forms, variations of White American idiots. The blankos who have never heard of the NSA or what they do is one kind. Another is one who loves all Neo Con ZOG wars, swears by Fox News, get’s tears eyed over Normandy D Day patriotism, wanted to “nuke the Russians” arm Afhan Muslim Jihadist “freedom fighters against the Russians” -idiots.

    Another type of idiot are those loners, losers, societal misfits that believe one single, all powerful conspiracy CONTROLS EVERYTHING and every single White American who is in the military or who works in law enforcement is in on this conspiracy, takes direct orders from this conspiracy and actually really cares to monitor the every minute details of the pathetic lives of these kooks, nut cases, loners, misfits, societal drop outs that can’t get a job, can’t get a date, can’t get along with anyone, including other kooks, CTS, etc.

    Best of luck Hunter attending this conference. Try to work on killing this Gang of 8 amnesty/immigration treason bill.

  14. I want to back up Jack. Anne Coulter sai that the Media ia LYING – I know it’s unbelievable – but she said it’s on track to pass.

    She said CALL CALL CALL. Whine bitch yell snarl, COMPLAIN.

    Call call call call call.

  15. Hugh – we’ll have more fun. you are going to LOVE the set-up of the SF conference. You’ll wish the rest of the world would just disappear, and it would just be…us.

    You’ll see…


    >NSA data mining
    >Mines the data using software developed by the Silicon Valley firm Palantir
    >Palantir investors include the homosexual Jew Peter Thiel
    >Palantir customers include Bridgewater Associates, Inc.
    >The world’s largest hedge fund
    >Manages $150 billion for the global elite
    > Foreign governments, central banks, corporations
    >CEO=Ray Dalio (white gentile)
    >One of Dalio’s stated concerns: stopping the next Hitler
    >Side note: Sauron whose form was a lidless Eye wreathed in flame used a Palantir to spy on Middle Earth

  17. @Lew

    Alex Linder would ban you for that comment because Thiel is not a Jew.

    Btw, there are two Israeli communications/electronics companies that have been named as intercepting communication for the NSA.

  18. Says who Thiel isn’t a Jew? Wikipedia?

    I can’t find any information verifying Alex Karp is a jew either, but look up his picture.

    Palantir was founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel, Alex Karp, Joe Lonsdale, Stephen Cohen, and Nathan Gettings. Early investments came in the form of $2 million from the CIA’s venture arm In-Q-Tel and $30 million from Thiel and his firm, The Founders Fund. Alex Karp is Palantir’s CEO. Palantir’s name comes from the “seeing stones” in the Lord of the Rings.

    A palantír (pl. palantíri) is a magical artifact from J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy legendarium. A palantír (sometimes translated as “Seeing Stone” but literally meaning “Farsighted” or “One that Sees from Afar”

  19. Bilderberg 2013 Agenda: June 6 to June 9

    >Can the US and Europe grow faster and create jobs?
    >Jobs, entitlement and debt
    >How big data is changing almost everything
    >Nationalism and populism
    >US foreign policy
    >Africa’s challenges
    >Cyber warfare and the proliferation of asymmetric threats
    >Major trends in medical research
    >Online education: promise and impacts
    >Politics of the European Union
    >Developments in the Middle East
    >Current affairs

  20. March 12, 2013

    Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans? – US Senator Ron Wyden

    No sir. – James Clapper, Obama appointee and Director of National Intelligence

    The US government is the worst of the worst other than the genocidal regimes.

  21. “Hunter Wallace says:
    June 7, 2013 at 7:14 pm
    They just read out the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. ”

    Hunter- don”t toy with my emotions that way….it they did – I’d drive down tonight.


    Have fun, hanging out.

  22. Dammit, Jack Ryan! Don’t tell me I don’t need this tinfoil hat. And a black helicopter is hovering overhead right now. I think they are trying to disrupt my new black box I have been working on that scrambles psy-ops signals that transforms people into lone gunmen. A Mossad agent got my other one that stopped Jewish brainwashing of the people of Indiana.

    Hunter, do not go to that meeting! It is a false flag government operation!

    Beware most of the posters on OD! They are agent provocateurs and crypto Jews! I think there are also marranos and mischlings here, too.

  23. ” “They” already know who you are anyway. ”

    And yet “They”, in all their incompetent glory, let Mohamed Atta and Tamelane Tsarnaev fly under their radar.

    I’m sure the families of the victims can find consolation in the fact that “They” at least manage to keep tabs on my nefarious plot to quote Crevecoeur and John Jay on an obscure online forum during my 15 minute coffee break.

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