Jack Hunter Roundup

District of Corruption

Conservative Times:

“Nonetheless, although Hunter has grabbed his ankles, bent himself over, and said, “Fellas, do with me as you will — look, I now support open-borders and hold a view of race just as politically correct as any Cultural Marxist — please just let me make a financial living in Libertarianism Inc. / Ron Paul Inc.” — do the neocons care? No, they’ll destroy him just the same.”

Matt Parrott:

“It’s funny how that works: You drink sweet tea for the better part of a decade and nobody calls you a Sweet Tea Drinker, but you’re a racial secessionist for the better part of a decade and everybody calls you a racist. You committed the unforgivable sin in the anti-White eyes of your despicable paymasters, and they’ll eventually throw you under the same bus you’re throwing us under. That’s the problem with playing for a team that’s driven by worldly respect rather than transcendent honor: if your presence poses the same threat to their access to the system’s trough that our presence posed to yours, you’ll join us here under the bus . . . no matter how many times you squeal like a liberal professor about Rosa Parks’ fight to sit at the front of it.”

James Edwards:

“Jack Hunter (a.k.a. The Southern Avenger) is now an aide to Senator Rand Paul. He used to be outspokenly pro-Confederate. A couple of years ago, before he castrated himself to have a seat in the nosebleed section of the halls of power, he was once a featured guest on The Political Cesspool. …

Jack Hunter, on the other hand, should be ashamed of his craven cowardice. His integrity has been ripped to shreds since his lone appearance on our show. By selling out he has disgraced his ancestors. Is it worth working for a United States Sentator if this is the price one must pay? For me, the answer is absolutely not.”

Michael Hill:

“Jack: I’m sure at this point you don’t really care, but I’m very disappointed in you. Are you sure you’ve grown or is it all about ambition and the opportunism of the moment? Years ago when you were an officer in the SC League of the South you claimed to understand that Southern Nationalism was a serious game worthy of your time and considerable talents. Yet you have abandoned the cause, and with it your people, for a the proverbial “mess of potage” offered by the mainstream political system. You may profit in the short run, but you’ll always have to deal with the inescapable fact that you groveled before your enemies. And that has to hurt when you pass a mirror and take stock of the person looking back at you. The old Jack Hunter I once knew was a better man than this! I hope he comes around again…”

Okay, that was pretty harsh.

If I was in Jack Hunter’s place, I wouldn’t want to be treated any differently. I would want to be shamed and ridiculed by my peers. There are any number of ways to make a living without having to sell out and humiliate yourself before the likes of Jennifer Rubin. It is better to flip burgers at McDonald’s or sweep floors at Wal-Mart than to become an apologist for a worthless politician like Rand Paul.

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  1. This whole nontroversy over Jack Hunter kinda strikes almost home for me in a way. I was one election away from working for a United States Senator.

  2. What’s the surprise here? Just look at the body language and the snarkley “accent” of Jack on this tape:


    I’m gagging. He fits the profile of a politician perfectly. Make that white politician. Appearance of a weak man, mannerisms of a girl, spine of a duck. Sorry ducks.

    James Edwards would make a good pro-white politician and I KNOW he would never grovel or compromise.

  3. “Peter Thiel” is fantastic!” ~Jack Hunter

    Peter Thiel is a globalist in sheep’s clothing. He is just as dangerous to the United States – and white people – as David Rockefeller or Jacob Rothschild. All monopolistic capitalists are.

  4. I’ve read the Southern Avenger’s stuff for a number of years, I’ve always thought he used the moniker “Southern Avenger” as a draw, and his stuff never had a real bite.

    There are a numerous of journalists in the South who have “Southern” blogs or news feeds, and who are much more pointed than Hunter only without the “Southern” hype.

  5. Go figure. All the solid men who lost jobs – Sam Francis, Peter Brimelow, Frank Borzellieri, Pat Buchanan, Kevin Lamb, John Derbyshire – and the one who keeps his is a weak little mouse.

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