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  1. Rudel, please review my comments above, and see that I did not call Calvin a “Jew” or “Jewish”, but I put the word “Cohen”, a transliteration of the French “Cauvin”, in parentheses before “Calvin”, which is the Anglicised form of Calvinus, the new name he created for himself in Geneva. Yes, the implication may be taken from the name Cohen that he must be Jewish. Stephen Dalton (see his comment above) seems to be certain of that, perhaps following the report of The Catholic Gazette http://w.johnthebaptist.us/jbw_english/documents/articles/misc/tmi2_jewish_peril.pdf — that B’nai Brith claimed to know a secret: that he was one of their people, a Kohen. There is also evidence he might have been a Marrano: his father was a lawyer for the nobility of Noyon, in Picardy, where there was a colony of Spanish Marranos — and Jews served as lawyers as well as the bankers for the French nobility. Finally, Cauvin-“Cohen”-Calvin’s very vocal anti-semitism is not sufficient PROOF that he WASN’T a “crypto”.

    My disagreement with Calvin is with his false, un-Biblical doctrines that make God the author of sin, a savior of unrepentant sinners “once saved always saved”, an unjust respecter of persons, etc. — NOT because I think it is possible he might have been of Jewish descent.

  2. The link worked that time. Calvinus Magnus might also be nicknamed “Cohen” for his Old Testamental Judaising tendency, regardless of his heritage and despite his apparent antisemitism. Papists of the time called him Rabbi.

  3. “This is not your demonstration”, eh? Fuck that guy, it’s her street too. What a bunch of vile scum socialists are.

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