Wonkette on Murfreesboro

Wonkette mocks the League of the South's effort to preserve "Redneckistan."
Wonkette mocks the League of the South’s effort to preserve “Redneckistan.”

District of Corruption

Oh, where to start?

1.) As everyone knows by now, the League isn’t using the Confederate battle flag at our protest in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, but Wonkette deliberately chose that image to depict our group as a bunch of shirtless rednecks. Remember, it is wrong to “stereotype” people, unless they happen to be White Southerners who live in “Redneckistan.”

2.) It’s true that the Shawnee and Cherokee Indians were displaced from Tennessee in the 19th century. Remember, it is wrong to displace people in the own lands, unless they happen to be White Southerners. In that case, it is perfectly legitimate to cheer for our extinction, and to say it can’t happen “soon enough.”

3.) The League of the South’s protest in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville is scheduled for October 12th, which is early next month, not this weekend.

4.) It is true that tens of thousands of refugees from US wars in the Middle East and Africa have been resettled in Tennessee. In fact, Middle Tennessee is now home to one of the largest populations of Iraqi Kurds in the United States. The same is true of Vietnamese refugees who were resettled in Virginia and Texas after the Vietnam War.

5.) The resettlement of Iraqi Kurds in the United States was going on long before 9/11 and has nothing to do with terrorism. Instead, it is a long term effect of the US Empire’s various interventions in Iraq and Iran.

6.) Tyson Foods said in their own press release that Eid al-Fitr is a paid holiday at their Shelbyville plant. The story was reported by the local media and was a major grievance for the people who actually live in the area.

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  1. The Wonkette went full Jew on you. LOL. Considering that we have already reached “Peak Jew”, both in politics & culture here in these United States, the Wonkette is on wrong side of the curve.

    Let’s not forget that Semites are Semites, and Semite monotheists are Semite monotheists.

  2. The Commentors are skeerier than the noxious Wonkette. They are fatuous, self-congratulatory, insufferably smug, and horrifically clueless. I’m certain that there are some Orcs and Hebes, but most are the repulsive Anti White Whites. UnWhites.

    Completely ignorant of history, and Human Nature.

    They will be hoisted on their own petards. It’s astonishing how THICK they are. They have NO conception, what so EVER, what you happen to them personally, if they were to be swamped by Negro Muslims. I do not have to expound, to the Readers of this blog.

    Those Commentors are frighteningly stupid. They are a menace.

  3. One way you create a flashpoint is to quote Wonkette on the “conspiracy theory”. Hand out flyers attributing the idea to her. She put it do succinctly it would be a shame not to use her formulation and quote her. She’s the perfect “snark bitch” you can take down first. Once she’s discredited move forward and destroy the next opponent. She won’t last long and she’ll probably agree to a head to head debate at some point.

  4. @Denise asks, is the Wonkette a “Hebe”.

    Denise is the Pope a Roman Catholic? LOL.

    The Wonkette admitted to me that she is a Jew, but, considering the Wonkette told me that she was a Jew, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I read some of the Wonkette’s stuff, and my guess is that she has at least one White ancestor in her wood pile, because about one out of ten of her stories rings true. I guess that makes her a shiksa or a mamzer as the Heebies say.

    If you ever comment on the Wonkette’s stuff, be sure and ask her if she is a Jew. LOL?

  5. Jews carry out pogroms against and deport African immigrants in Israel. Furthermore, they do not allow the indigenous Palestinian people their right of return and ethnically cleanse them for Jews-only, illegal settlements in the occupied territories. The hypocrisy is breathtaking!

    • The ADL labels us “extremists” and “terrorists” while simultaneously demanding the US intervene in the Syrian Civil War on behalf of real al-Qaeda terrorists who dismember and eat the hearts of their victims.

  6. Never heard of Wonkette. Searched the internet to find information. Is Rebecca Schoenkopf, Wonkette? Checked out it’s photos! Speculation of Heeb ethnicity easily confirmed.

  7. Early estimates are in on the DC bike ride. 1,000,000 riders. Probably an exaggeration but it was a pretty big turnout.

    What they might have accomplished, eh?

  8. @Denise: “… repulsive Anti White Whites. … Completely ignorant of history, and Human Nature.” They don’t believe that niggas gonna nigs and Jews gonna jew.
    “… Italy’s first black minister … Cécile Kyenge … Critics have rounded on the fact that Kyenge’s father was polygamous, fathering 38 childern by numerous wives …”

  9. Crowd estimates from those who do it for a living, are between 2,000 and 5,000—that’s a long way from blowhard Shaun Hannity’s 1 million.

    Let me say this, 2,000 motorcycles & riders looks like a really big crowd to most people. Of course these people were backed by Harley dealers in the DC area, other businesses, plus motorcycle clubs. So really 2k to 5k ain’t that big of a turnout for that active of a backing.

    I don’t see why the League of the South, or the CofCC couldn’t peel off a few major sponsors.

  10. Bit of fun anyway. The raw of the engine is a force multiplier. It also looks like a medieval host riding out to meet the heathen. It’s something the EDL could integrate. A convoy of bikes clearing the path right behind the coppers.

  11. So they were expecting 1 million bikers in DC today and only 2,000 to 5,000 showed up, is that right?

    Meanwhile in Catalonia they were expecting 400,000 separatist protestors and 1.6 million showed up:

    500,000 citizens joined hands just in the city of Barcelona, and a total of 1.6 million Catalans participated in the rally, according to the Catalan Police. However, the Catalan Home Affairs Minister, Ramon Espadaler, emphasised “the difficulties” in calculating such a figure but he stated that 1.6 million “would be the lowest estimate”. This means it is the largest demonstration that has ever taken place in Catalonia. The Catalan Government’s Spokesperson, Francesc Homs, stated that “very few noble causes, such as the freedom of a people, could gather so much support at world level”. Hundreds of thousands of Catalans travelled throughout the country to demonstrate in one of the 788 stretches that the organisers had split the ‘Catalan Way’ into. For a few hours the entire Catalonia was literally paralysed with the massive demonstration. After the rally, the Catalan President sent a message to the Spanish Government: “it is about time that the Spanish State authorities – since we are now in a democracy – listen to the voice of Catalonia’s people and respect their will to decide on their own future”.


    Catalan protestors: highly motivated.
    American protestors: not so much.

    As for the Wonkette, y’all should thank her for the free publicity. But be prepared for the hordes of violent leftist counter-protestors that will show up and probably outnumber you in Murfreesboro. The comments on that post give a good indication of the type of people you’ll be dealing with there. Just keep your cool and don’t react to their provocations and everything should be fine.

    Also, is it true that you guys wear Robert E Lee underoos? Or did the Wonkette just make that up?

  12. “2.) It’s true that the Shawnee and Cherokee Indians were displaced from Tennessee in the 19th century. Remember, it is wrong to displace people in the own lands, unless they happen to be White Southerners. In that case, it is perfectly legitimate to cheer for our extinction, and to say it can’t happen “soon enough.””

    Yup, Anti-Whites understand the concept of racial land, unless the people occupying it happen to be White.

    Anti-Whites say, Whites took America from the Indians, so they are going to make it up to the Indians, by giving America to the third world.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  13. Denise says:
    September 11, 2013 at 7:39 pm

    ” but most are the repulsive Anti White Whites. UnWhites. ”

    If White people are loyal to other White people, does that equate to White people being MEAN to non-White people?

    Does KINDness to ALL people require I betray my OWN people, White people?

    Why should a White person be expected to be loyal to words, ideas, institutions but not loyal to other White people — Isn’t that MEAN?

    Fact is, White anti-Whites are just being MEAN to their own. They are not anti-racist, they are anti-White.

  14. @AlexJ: “Fact is, White anti-Whites are just being MEAN to their own.”
    “… we liked to feel oh, so superior to the bewildered people – usually in the poorest parts of Britain – who found their neighbourhoods suddenly transformed into supposedly ‘vibrant communities’. If they dared to express the mildest objections, we called them bigots.” – Peter Hitchens http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2013/04/peter-hitchenss-show-of-guilt/
    When Jews and their White race traitor friends run out of White people, they will discover the flaw in their policy. You can’t hide out in a penthouse apartment when everything is a giant niggertown.

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