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The new Disqus comment system which is used on Amren should allow you to rate and edit your own comments. You can also follow other commentators when they post on other Disqus enabled sites.

Update: For those who are concerned about their security, there is no difference between using a Disqus and WordPress comment system except that Disqus comments can be edited and searched which makes it much easier to find old discussions.

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    • HW, I can’t BELIEVE you (in one fell swoop) DELETED the threads that were on all your prior posts!? Are you insane? Just to go back and read Denise’s comments with Stone alone, is great race recreational reading… lol

      Or Mosin’s insight’s.
      Or Jewdel’s inanities.
      Or …….

      Well, I think you’ve done both yourself, your readers, and this blog, a GREAT DISSERVICE.

        • I know that, Hunter. But to have them all ‘disappear.’ And I don’t envy you the task of transferring all of that stuff, should you decide to do so.

      • “I’m sure that many of your atheist readers will rejoice that I probably won’t comment here anymore, but they’re going to hell, anyway.”

        I thought you were leaving?

          • More’s the pity that we still have to put up with your insane religious comments. All from a theologian without a degree, a preacher without ordination.

    • Just a personal opinion: your comments as QD are much better than as Countenance. There’s a real argument in favor of moderated restraint in that.

      • Because I use QD on Disqus based sites, which in my case is AR most of the time and the rest of the time a few lamer con blogs, like Breitbart, Daily Caller and Gateway Pundit, I mind my pints and quarts. And also when I’m countenance on SBPDL, Steve Sailer, True News USA, Angry White Dude and a few other places. But here, and on my own blog, I feel no need to hold back.

        And yes, I think I know the subtle message you’re trying to send.

  1. Hunter, thanks for putting in the Discus Comment System. It will be easier to respond to other peoples comments.

      • Hunter, your opinions about comment system superiority are just as wrong as your opinions on racial superiority. I’m switching my activism to a WordPress site which uses the old system; maybe Keevsky’s or Denise’s. A shame, since I was right about to answer questions from Silver and DixieGirl when the change went over and the conversations hidden (quite without warning, by the way, but such is the prerogative of revolutionaries). I will probably still lurk here though. Goodbye, farewell, and long live Dixie, I guess.

        • 1.) Disqus comments can be edited.

          2.) Disqus comments can be rated.

          3.) Disqus comments are searchable.

          4.) Disqus comments can be easily shared.

          5.) Disqus comments are used at Amren, SNN, Takimag, CofCC, and Alternative Right.

          • Yeah, and I don’t like THOSE sites, either. I MUCH prefer the older style. I find Disqus to be annoying on the order of 313 Chris. And, with the comments above about Israel knowing EVERYTHING about American Citizens, (and the Mossad’s motto, ‘By DECEIT shalt thou wage war,’) I’m even less inclined to post here, now that you have Disqus….

            Having to sign in to some impersonal ‘service’ (even one that just monitors comments) just seems too ‘controlling.’ When it was WP comments, I knew that YOU knew my data, but I don’t trust these sorts of ‘collection efforts.’ I can’t believe I agree with PigRot, but I guess I do.

            I’m sure that many of your atheist readers will rejoice that I probably won’t comment here anymore, but they’re going to hell, anyway. I wish you well, HW. Get married and have a lot of kids. I may be back to post from time to time, but you’re going the route of most internet ‘talking heads.’ You’re seeking your legitimization by becoming mainstream, in one way or another… which means, like Rush Limbaugh, you’ll eventually end up a caricature of your own ideals.

            Sorry, not interested. I wish the South all success at secession. But, like Robert Frost’s poem, ‘Two paths diverged in a wood,’ etc. Pax et lux.

          • In terms of security, I can’t imagine there would be any difference between having a free Disqus comment engine and a free WordPress comment engine.

            I switched to Disqus because 1.) it has more features, 2.) it is used on more websites, and 3.) it will make it easier for guests who are familiar with Disqus to post here.

          • Oh, you misunderstood me. I didn’t say I WOULDN’T post, I said I would not post as OFTEN. As if your opinions (and literacy level) have greater merit…..

          • Fr. John, in case you haven’t noticed, we are going mainstream with our message, how else are we going to win? If we go your way, we will still be talking to ourselves on the internet twenty years from now, accomplishing zilch.

          • I’m glad that HW is ‘going mainstream.’ But how can you fight the ADL, with no funds- but transferring to Disqus? I don’t think so….

        • since I was right about to answer questions from Silver

          That was actually a promising discussion. A real pity it was prematurely terminated.

  2. Anyone else notice how this story got swept under the rug with all of the Syria nonsense this week:


    “It’s bad enough that people are being monitored; it’s bad enough that we have no privacy at all. But it’s even worse that the data is shared with others(Israel) somewhere else in the world for their own benefit and far worse still that the powers-that-be have lied through their shiny white teeth to the people of the US and to the rest of the world.”

    Somehow when snowden leaked the fact that we were being heavily monitored (which everyone already suspected) the media can’t get enough of the story. Obama specifically said in one of his Snowden press conferences that the NSA’s data on us wouldn’t be given to 3rd parties. When snowden leaks the fact that the NSA gives our info to Israel for whatever purposes they desire, no one cares. Not a peep. All the Syria hype smothered it. Watch Syria fizzle out and Obama get praise for his restraint. Syria was never anything more than a ready made distraction

  3. This works out just fine for me. I’m mostly just a reader here, but since I’ll be auto logged on with Disqus I think I’ll comment more often. I think Disqus is better than the way it was before, because replies are obviously seen as replies. Every comment has its own specific web address, useful if I want to save an exceptionally good one.

    • Arf arf, fellow canine, Puggg. Good to see ya.
      Okay with Disqus too; it’s conveniently in use by my other conservative sites. I especially like the edit feature.
      DQ does occasionally “hang,” I suppose when overwhelmed.

    • When I logged on this morning, the new Disqus comments that people were posting were not showing up on OD. I will get it sorted out eventually and we should have Disqus with all the old comments.

  4. Why Double-Down on the Stupid?I’m Out on the “New Fadeberg”

    Nobody but you wants the Disqus. You have been told by all of your original posters — some who have seemed to have left without further complaint — that they don’t like or want it.

    You are risking not only losing your history and relevance as old cross-linked hyperlinks to other forums and blogs no longer work. You are making all of us feel like idiots for trusting that there wouldn’t be any more “Fadeberg Incidents.”

    Even more to the point, your doing exactly whatever you want to do which ends up turning out bad, ends up in your former commenters either turning out aggrieved and thus hostile — how many more Il Ragnos do you want to create? — or they simply move elsewhere without comment saying to themselves “Never again.”

    And what do you gain by essentially screwing up five years of blog history and 135,000-plus comments? Or even being willing to risk doing this at all just because you want to do so? A mechanism by which you replace most all of the serious commenters who you have now alienated by you doing whatever you wanted to without consulting them first with wop-mamzer yanktard Chris313 and jewdel, the dead Nazi impersonator creating several hundred “Muh Dikkk!!!!” posts. If I wanted “MuhDikkk” then I’d go over to Niggermania, VNNF/TGMNNF/GFRTCNNF or the phake phorafags/feebs.

    You want MuhDikkk, then re-open your forum and let the MuhDikkk flow. Or get on jewbook and do you some some MuhDikkk.

    You woke up this morning and found out that something had disabled Stupid/Disqus without you having to actually for probably the very first time in your life doing a backup and unfucking-up your fuckup. You should thank YHWH for Disqus crashing only two days into the New Stupid.

    Yes, it is your blog and I suppose I must agree that you can do with it whatever you please. But I don’t think that there are going to be too many more second and third and fourth chances to create something anew with newbies who don’t know about how you are doing exactly the same sort of stupid shit that you did a decade ago. In which you set up a forum or blog, sucker people into working with you who think that “Fade’s changed — he’s no longer the spoiled little rich kid who tears up his toys when he gets tired of playing with them — and then you do some stupid shit in which they no longer can recover their works and efforts that they spent on your forum or blog.

    Nobody can put up with having to live with you doing whatever you want every time you “cycle” whenever the old schedule of medication wears off.

    You want to do something different? Then go ahead and do something different with a new batch of tard. At least “lock in” this old blog and leave the archived material alone under a new name, like Original Dissent Classic, and you go on with the “New C(h)oke”, er, New Occidental Dissent with extra-High Fructose Mongrel Fuktard and Disqus Muh-Dikkk, and at least leave something for those of us who stupidly thought you had gotten your shit together finally. If you do this, then at least I’ll have reason to believe that you’ve grown some sort of maturity and ability to think of others — who have supported you in spite of your past history. And I’ll be at least mollified as you head out with a new motley crew as us old timers sit this one out on the shore.

    You can’t be a leader if you keep on fucking over your friends, followers and comrades every time you get a brain fart and change what we thought was the original unwritten agreement.

    This is the last time that I’m going to spend any more time and effort on the “New Fade.” As Father John put it, “I’m Out.”

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  5. 1.) A handful of OD commentators don’t like Disqus, but most of our commentators are active on other pro-White websites and already have thousands of Disqus comments.

    2.) Disqus is used by Amren, Alternative Right, SNN, and the CofCC. It used by thousands of major news websites including CNN and ABC News. Switching to Disqus comments has already made it much easier for new commentators to participate in our discussions.

    3.) This isn’t true. Disqus is a comment system. It is a WordPress plugin. It doesn’t have any effect on the posts on my WordPress blog.

    4.) Where would they go? Amren? Alternative Right? CofCC? Every other major pro-White blog is already using Disqus comments. Most people have a Disqus account which stores their comments in a central location and allows them to easily move between their favorite websites.

    5.) None of the WordPress comments have been lost. Every single WordPress comment is still there. I imported over 90 percent of the WordPress comments into Disqus last night.

    6.) Why would I reopen the vBulletin forum? I’ve opened it half a dozen times over the years and no one ever used it because vBulletin – like the Yahoo groups which were used in the 1990s – is obsolete.

    7.) Disqus is nothing more than a global comment system. WordPress has a global comment system. Twitter, Blogger, Google, and Facebook can also be used to post comments on blogs.

    8.) What makes more sense? A centralized Disqus account which saves all your comments or crossposting the same comment across several different obsolete vBulletin forums?

  6. I can’t understand why some OD commentators are so paranoid about Disqus. They say it will be easier for the government to spy on them. Shoot, with the hardware the government has now days, they can break into any system. so, what are you going to do, use long distance runners to delay your comments?

  7. “with the hardware the government has now days, they can break into any system. so, what are you going to do, use long distance runners to delay your comments?”

    Let Disqus make millions selling our comments, since “we have nothing to hide”. Fully public Facebook pages are most sensible, because “we have nothing to hide”. Yes, who cares if The Government has all that hardware. Let Them record every keystroke, and know and interpret everything we say and do, because “we have nothing to hide”.

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