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  1. Western Maryland should convince Western Pennsylvania to join in in a new state. Let Baltimore and Philadelphia becomes a new state. Then the number of states wouldn’t change, but there would be an African-American dominated state that could elect an African-American legislature, an African-American governor and African-American Senators! What a great story of America coming together, of conservative Republicans willing to give up their ties to their old states so that African-Americans can have the most political power in a state since the times of Reconstruction. I’m sure even the NYTimes would not want to be opposed to a plan to deliver more power and independence to African-Americans.

    • Ragnar, you echo my thought and comment on another blog: that Western Maryland and Pennsyltucky should join and rid themselves of the control of the liberal Eastern megapolis. But rural southeastern Pennsylvania including Lancaster County must be spared and included in Appalachian Penn-MAR-tucky — and don’t forget that much of the Delmarva peninsula is also very white and conservative and they would also like to secede.

  2. We might as well make it official. The people of Western Maryland have been virtually disenfranchised through gerrymandering. My ancestors were among the first settlers of Maryland in the 17th Century, but it doesn’t much feel like it belongs to us anymore. I was in Baltimore last month, and it’s such a cesspool. I felt like an alien in the city of my birth.

    • That’s how I feel about Miami, though my namesake has only been down here four generations. My ancestors settled Georgia.

  3. Partitioning Maryland, or any other Southern state, does nothing to solve the problem. The problem is that Maryland, along with every other Southern state, is occupied by the USA.

    The futility of the Western Maryland proposal becomes especially obvious when considering that the leader of this proposed new state has a decidedly non-Southern name (Scott Strzelczyk).

  4. Since I was a young boy, and that’s a long time ago, the folks in Western Maryland have been talking about getting away from the Baltimore-Washington Negroplex.

    The eastern panhandle of West Virginia, and the West Virginia counties bordering Maryland have talked about going their own way for years.

    I tend to think it’s all talk.

    Up into the 1950’s early 1960’s segregation started in Hagerstown, Maryland. That’s where the black folks had to move to the back of the Greyhound. Oakland, Cumberland, Hancock and Hagerstown are all in Western Maryland. Jefferson Davis vacationed in the mountains of Western Maryland near Oakland because his wife hated the summer heat of Washington & Mississippi. You can actually see your breath at night in the Western Maryland mountains in July, and at the same time it will be in the upper 80’s during the day.

  5. Of course they interview three losers who are obviously liberals, dependent on the state or stupid as the opposition, because that is the liberal white base. Look at that fat tatted up whore, what did you think she’d say? She’s probably had more hot loads in her than hot meals.

  6. Our own ‘leaders’ disarmed the shield of racism via civil rights act. Money grubbing fools gladly assisted. I’ve lived in this area my entire life. I’ve known people in my town who got rich selling their lands to section 8 housing. And the contractors were happily construct. Cops who looked the other way for a fat pension. Fools with the loot now moved to safer and green pastor. Here I’am now deep in the jungle.

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