Amurrica Series: Miss America 2014

New Jersey

Here’s the new Miss America, Nina Davuluri. She won the prize on the platform of “celebrating diversity through cultural competency.”

“I have to rise above that,” said Davuluri. “I always viewed myself as first and foremost American.” ….

“I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said. “I’m thankful there are children watching at home who can finally relate to a new Miss America.”

Note: Check out Miss Georgia, Miss Montana, and Miss South Carolina.


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  1. Pathetic!

    White people falling all over themselves to promote diversity.

    If Whoopi Goldeberg entered some of these beauty contests she would probably win a few.

  2. Well this isn’t really a surprise, since the late 80s hasn’t the winner more times than not been a mud race? I am curious who the judges were this time around? Everytime I have ever watched the show the judges were mostly non whites. I recall when one year they showed how individual judges scored contestants and then black judges appeared heavily biased toward their own race.

    In today’s day and age it seems fitting that the American people should vote just like they do American idol etc. I can guarantee this woman would have won. America when allowed to vote, based on these shows vote for white people over non whites.

  3. “I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity,” she said.

    No one watches these pageants anymore because they have nothing to do with real talent and beauty – it’s just politics. Imagine being a beautiful White woman knowing your superior in every way and yet have to stand up there and be humiliated by them choosing some mud over you. Its ridiculous and everyone knows it.

  4. Hell, that high yellow should not even been in the runnin. Every man knows it. It is probable that everyone associated with or who viewed the damn thing must feel know it is a sham.

  5. Arturo:

    Your cleaning lady is of Indian descent? Pretty unusual, considering that Americans of Indian descent are on average significantly richer and better educated than white Americans.

  6. “mud” races? wow, you are very ignorant, stupid people. if you don’t like multiculturalism, go elsewhere, because there is absolutely nothing you stupid people can do to change it.

  7. This crap is going on in grammar schools, high schools, and colleges here in the US. A female relative of mine was plainly robbed in her pageant. She’s not a blond but a beautiful and talented White female. Some big boned black female you wouldn’t give a second glance to won. What a bunch of crap.

  8. I also want to know what the judges in Alaska were thinking putting an unattractive black drag queen in the pageant. I’ve seen better looking women behind the register at Walmart.

  9. Who cares? America, as envisioned by the Founders, no longer exists.

    This woman does embody ZOG America Inc. ZOG is ditching the Nigras. The Asians are the up and comers. So – good for her.

    She doesn’t represent me because I have no country. I don’t care.

  10. I did review a few of the contestants. Most of the actual Founding Stock girls are cute, and attractive. The AK one?? ARRRGGHH. Some clown seems to have decided to put Moochelle Drag Queen Jr. in, perhaps to appeal to the Perez Hilton crowd.


  11. Eventually it will break out into open war between groups. Rose, twats such as yourself must have been quite common in 400 Rome.

  12. Rose,

    obviously, they object because “multi-culturalism” is just a code word for antiwhite. why are you for genocide?

  13. Brutus, I haven’t heard anyone bring it up for ages, either. But then, was around a group of older women who did mention this one. Only saying they weren’t watching, then they went on and on about how they never watched it anymore, but talked of recollections of childhood sleepovers where all the girls would watch together when they were kids, and how great and fun it was, and how they’d take pointers on how to be poised, look good, etc., and see if their person of choice won and so on. They remembered it as a really important cultural event… but of yesteryear

  14. “Pretty unusual, considering that Americans of Indian descent are on average significantly richer and better educated than white Americans.”

    Pure mythology.

    For a start, just take a good look at the self-produced stationary and advertisements around all the Muslim run quick marts and motels. For example, I was just at one the other night where the dot heads have “three packs of cigrattes for…” plastered up all over the place. You see similar miss-spellings and such all the time when you start looking. And if you try to talk to many of them….Well. I’m not even talking about the language barrier here.

    In college, it is by no means apparent most of them are super geniuses, either.

    Pure mythology. Propaganda. And that’s all. That country has over 300 million total illiterates. More than the entire population of the United States. They are just another third world people. Some of them are intelligent. Most are subnormal.

  15. Brutus:

    You realize that only about 14% of India’s population is Muslim, right?

    Secondly, note that I only mentioned “Americans of Indian descent”, not “people living in India”. India’s literacy rate is completely irrelevant here.

  16. Indians are saying “she could never have become Miss India, because she is darker than what is considered beautiful in India”.

  17. Oh come on guys… ok there´s a political agenda behind it, but you can´t say she is ugly…

    By the way elected Misses never thrilled me.

    Take a look – in my hometown this ex-Miss Germany is candidate for the parliament:

    This pitifull creature is part of our PC-Nomenclatura…

    And what about your Miss Montana. Check this out:

    to avenge misery – is that a hint for the Marano character of the Roosevelt family? Sounds like the Tanach or Walter Benjamin…

    However Nina isn´t American – but she is handsome… 🙂

  18. When I heard that Nina was crowned Miss USA I was upset. In my view she is really hot, but that is besides the point. The point is to condition Americans into believing that their society simply does not have a racial basis to its identity.

  19. E C says:
    September 24, 2013 at 9:51 am

    “However Nina isn´t American”

    “She is an American, by birth.”

    You don’t change race, when the government gives you a piece of paper. Nations are not made of paper.

  20. I can’t believe the ignorance on here. I think some of you are just mad because “Your America” which was never “yours” to begin with isn’t the same and never will be. Although entitled to your opinion, it is the 1950’s thought process of some of you that cause setbacks to yourselves and everyone around you. Stop pointing fingers all the time. Nobody owes you ANYTHING furthermore who the hell are you to tell people to go back to where they came? Most of you probably don’t own sh*t either. The same rule should apply to you since “your” ancestors built the very foundation of this country on deception, theft, murder, rape, kidnapping, enslaving, dehumanizing….(the list is very long so I’ll stop here for the sake of time and space) as the building blocks of this country . And sadly, most of you are the biggest hypocrites in the land being that you will patronize a Mexican restaurant all the while complaining about illegal immigrants. So how the HELL could you consider yourself any better?

  21. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Treating such a beautiful young lady like that. Seriously, what if i insulted you like that? You’d probably beat me up
    RichardPW, your ignorance is killing me. SHE IS A CITIZEN BY BIRTH. Get this idea into your head, please.
    Dota, what the hell? That doesn’t even make sense?
    Brutus, please look up the winners of every single major academic competition in this country. Indians nearly always come in within the top few places. These people are smart. And Muslims have nothing to do with Indians. I suggest you educate yourself before insulting others’ education.
    AM, Ms.Maryland FTW!!! But seriously, have you never been in a weird position in your life?
    Arturo, you are a jerk. She is a beautiful young woman with a bright future ahead of here.
    Everyone who called her “mud”, what are you even thinking? I know cats with more cultural sensitivity and kindness than you.
    Everyone who insulted this wonderful woman, just stop. There is no point to this. You are all either jealous or just really mean people.

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