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The vast majority of the WordPress comments have now been imported into Disqus. We’re still missing a lot of comments though. I will import the rest of the comments when I have access to a better internet connection.

Update: For some reason, the new Disqus comments are not showing up, so we have temporarily switched back to WordPress comments.

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  1. @Hunter


    I don’t like Disqus, and I don’t trust Disqus. It cross links everything you do automatically. My anti-virus, and computer security programs don’t like Disqus either!

    If you are an adult, and use your computer for financial transactions, banking, or important records & appointments, I wouldn’t use Disqus.

    If you are a kid in your mother’s basement Disqus is probably just fine.

    Remember I have a reputation for understatement.

  2. By not using Disqus, we are just making it harder for the vast majority of people who are using Disqus – including people on SNN, CofCC, Amren, and Alternative Right, not to mention thousands of news websites – to post on OD.

  3. Some blogs I see have multiple different comment systems hooked up, and you choose the one you want from a pull-down. I can use either, but I prefer WordPress I think. I’m not sure it’s very hard to use, in fact it strikes me as simpler and easier than Disqus.

    • Here’s why WordPress sucks:

      1.) First, there is no way to edit your comments.

      2.) Second, there is no search engine for your comments, so it is nearly impossible to find them.

      3.) Third, every comment on a WordPress blog (unless you are logged into a global WordPress account) is posted in an internet ghetto, which you have no way of retrieving.

      4.) Fourth, every blog that doesn’t use Disqus has its own comment system, which makes it a hassle to post from one site to another, whereas with one Disqus account you can easily post comments across thousands of websites.

  4. Hunter, please stay with Disqus. Ignore the crybabies who don’t like it. I like it because I can respond to someone by posting right under his original comment, instead of going up and down a page to find out what he said in order to comment.

  5. In my experience, just from a commenter’s viewpoint, I find Disqus very ‘buggy’. Many of my attempts at posting on various Disqus sites failed.
    On my own blog I would not use Disqus. Google ‘Disqus security issues’ and read how your data may be shared or used by Disqus. It is not just ‘crybabies’ who find Disqus less than trustworthy.

    Disqus, along with Google, Twitter, and Facebook now look like controlling too much of the Internet’s discussion, and this is not a good thing. These people are now set up as gatekeepers and our freedom of expression becomes more narrowed.

  6. ODD regulars from across Christian denominations; me (Catholic), Fr John (Orthodox) and Earl (Protestant) have all caused Discus not to work well on this site through the power of prayer.

  7. My comments during the Disqus experiment appeared in the threads, but didn’t appear in the sidebar list of recent comments.

    Good old WordPress. Imagine saying that. Well, if WordPress is evil, Facebook and Disqus are much more evil. Disqus is “exploiting a goldmine” in internet comments, and has noticed that (interestingly) pseudonomous and anonymous commenters tend to make better comments. But for how long will any anonymous commenters remain truly anonymous?

    Let’s retain as many checks and balances as possible in the world-wide web, and exercise as much as possible whatever remains of our right of free speech and freedom of association. Down with Disqus. Down with the tyranny of rootless-cosmopolitan, “rat-race” Federal-Global Elites on the web, and everywhere else.

  8. “ODD regulars from across Christian denominations; me (Catholic), Fr John (Orthodox) and Earl (Protestant) have all caused Discus not to work well on this site through the power of prayer.”

    Pray for more pricks even harder to kick against.

  9. Denise, welcome to our Rainbow Coalition of the comments system counter-revolution. We live to fight another day.

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