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  1. That dome conjures up an image of a blackhead. But when SHTF day arrives, we’ll be broke and our worries will truly begin.
    “… Christians themselves are under attack all throughout Egypt, with practically zero coverage in Western media … kidnapping young Christians and holding them for ransom has become increasingly common in Egypt.”
    http://www.christianpost.com/news/coptic-christians-killed-for-ransom-in-egypt-103730/ Coptic Christians Killed for Ransom in Egypt

  2. Any mosque, no matter how beautiful, is ugly, because of the Anti-Christs that are inside them every Friday.

  3. Mosques are used for command and control centers and to stow weapons and ammunition and hide combatants. It’s all for the “religion of peace” or it that pieces? As George Bush said after the WTC demolition Islam is a ….whatever.

  4. Hunter, please do a piece on the University of Alabama Sorority fiasco.

    There is some obvious common ground with us and the Sorority leadership which did not want diversity for diversity’s sake rammed down their throat. We need to support them & swell our ranks.

    The sight of white students out there marching to “integrate” a white sorority in 2013 makes me sick. Do they not see what integration did to their University sports programs?

  5. Golden Dawn and Antifa clash in massive street battles in Greece.

    The Antifa are so fugging stupid. A random murder of a rapper is not exactly rare.

  6. Sadly, the mosque is not all that much uglier than most churches being built these days.

    Just as they commonly draw inspiration from Abraham, nowadays Moslem, Christian, and Jew all draw their architectural inspiration from Walmart and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Were it not for the minaret I would presume this was part of a community college.

  7. You are right. There is no taste at all. Hideous clone house subdivisions and cube chain restaurants as far as the eye can see. I hate chain stores and subdivisions.

  8. I remember not that many years ago, if you took a ride anywhere in rural America, all you saw were small White Protestant churches. Today, and in the future you will see these pagan edifices Catholic, Hindu, & Moslem too.

  9. Contards debate architecture, its the playbook of getting distracted and the above posts are a great example. And people wonder why Contardism is failing. Stupid is one thing but to not take the moral highground from the anti-white left is a fucking crime against whites.

    The LOS is using timid language “displacement” but at least they are attempting to take the moral highground and then attract other Southerners to it. Contards on the other hand are feeble submissives or completely failed reactionary scam artists.

  10. So, whatever a “contard” is, I am one because I care about Beauty? I tell you, if the Liberal Order were not such an efficient factory of ugliness, or the Right did not care about Beauty (or had the modern aesthetic senses of Jonathan Bowden and Norman Lowell), I think the Right, both mainstream and nationalist, would be a lot smaller.

    Moreover, I think the word “displacement” is the best fit. Substituting “genocide”, for instance, would confuse candid Southerners, because the word connotes concentration camps and mass murder in the popular mind, and they would have a hard time applying it to the present.

  11. You totally miss the boat Simmons. This is a discussion of the casualties we endure under the globalism and multiculturalism forced on us our phony democratic system. We have a plutocratic oligarchy and corporate fascism. The monopoly of the democrat marxist left and neocon right offers no meaningful recourse. We rightly criticize soulless consumerist, commercial, and globalism and hyper-capitalism, and frame it in the context it deserves. It’s flooding our society with shit-people, shit-music, shit-art, and shit-architecture. Check out http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/.

    That is what the average American has become under this disgusting, failed empire.

    For the record, this isn’t a “conservative movement”. We want it gone and dead so we can piss on its grave.

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