We’re Not the First

Tyson bad

(Others have spoken out against terrible animal cruelty of Tyson Foods)

I would like to present for “fair comment” the advert pictured above, and some excerpts below – we are not the first to publicly oppose Tyson Foods’ terrible policies.

There was/is an existing movement to oppose, change Tyson Foods:

For more information visit: http://aldf.org/boycotttyson

“Tyson claims to be an industry leader at the forefront of animal welfare while relying upon inhumane farming practices. Throughout its promotional materials, Tyson claims to provide environments “favorable” to pigs. However, Tyson uses gestation crates, in which pregnant sows are unable to turn around, comfortably lie down, or take more than a step forward or backward.

Similarly, Tyson claims to provide a “comfortable environment” for chickens. Yet, comparing Tyson’s methods to welfare-protecting alternatives regarding housing density, lighting, and weight gain, the Animal Welfare Institute found that Tyson “produce[s] no humanely raised chicken products.” Animal protection groups have routinely exposed animal cruelty in slaughterhouses connected to Tyson, which relies on broiler houses for its production and uses methods that cause rapid and debilitating weight gain for the “broiler”

The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint against Tyson Foods, Inc. for violating the Federal Trade Commission Act that calls for fair business practices. ALDF’s complaint asks the Federal Trade Commission to investigate and put an end to deceptive marketing tactics used by Tyson.”


  1. 7+ million/year actually sounds too small to me; is he really the “boss”? I know that the top man at Philip Morris, USA (a much smaller outfit) gets at least 20+ million/year. Yes, it IS absurd. (Only rock “musicians”, actors and baseball/football stars deserve that much money.)

  2. “Only rock “musicians”, actors and baseball/football stars deserve that much money.”

    Only because they are independent contractors negotiating directly for what the market will bear. Even so record company execs and lawyers are notorious thieving Jews. Corporate execs work in a much more oligopolistic environment and one in which they have undue power over their own stockholders and over the market which they work with the government for special favors and restraint of trade. (See Jack, I am not a full moon libertarian!)

  3. At the very least the leftards will have to denounce this so in some sense this might help in political mainstreaming by confusing the pre-arranged “sides.”

  4. Son of Springdale says:
    September 20, 2013 at 11:58 pm
    Look at what Tyson Foods has done to their home town. 20 years ago Springdale, AR was 95% white and a booming economic center. Now it is barely 50% white and considered the dumping grounds of the Northwest Arkansas area.


    Jack replies:

    So put up billboard adverts of my design in Springdale Ak.

  5. Walmart, another southern corporation from Arkansas, has destroyed thousands of small white towns above as well as below the Line, shutting down the local businesses and hiring and bringing in more non-whites wherever it spreads. The coming of a Super Walmart here has changed the face/s of our community. The Golden Circle is alive and well.

  6. Yep. Support local agriculture, starve the beast.

    Starve the beast, or the beast will starve you. Walmart and Tyson can and will fail, for a variety of reasons. Converging catastrophes will end the centralized food system, whether it’s the drawdown of fossil water in the Oglalla aquifer and other fossil aquifers, superweeds beating glyphosate, high oil prices, the poisoning of the aquifers from fracking. Right now ranchers in North Dakota are seeing their cattle die of poisoning from fracking.

    The most interesting discovery I have made about relocalizing agriculture is that all the townspeople of any locality have to do is recycle fruit/veg compost to feed larvae to feed chickens, and get high quality, locally raised animal protein. Some bagged feed will still need to be bought, but only a fraction of the current amount.

    The big disadvantage of small scale chicken farming is total dependency on Industrial Agriculture bagged feed. BSF larvae is high protein content feed, so it’s the good stuff. you just need some vegetable matter and some oyster shells to round out their diet.

    You can sell BSF larvae to pet stores too, for people to feed their pet reptiles. if you can get your neighbors to give you compost, and have a space to do it with controlled temperature range, yer in business.

    There are already existing networks of small farms trading with each other. You find one node, and you’re in. These networks are kept relatively weak by artificially low food prices. What’s amazing is that they don’t give up and go do something that makes more money! THey are plucky volunteers who do it because they love it.

    But if food prices go up, these existing networks will become the next big business trend, like the IT boom or the housing boom.

  7. “and some oyster shells”

    Pulverised calcitic limestone costs much less than radionuclide-polluted oyster shell from the Bay.

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