Showdown In Tennessee

Leftists organize a counterprotest in Murfreesboro
Leftists organize a counterprotest in Murfreesboro


We learned this morning that a group of leftists in Murfreesboro have organized a counterprotest to our “Demonstration Against Southern Demographic Displacement” which is scheduled to take place next month on October 12th.

The counterprotest is being organized by Mandela Satsuma from Watertown, New York, who can be seen enjoying the pretzel in the photo on the right, and who seems to be active in a wide range of causes in the region including Occupy Nashville and  The Nashville Radical Faerie Circle.

A Google search for “Mandela Satsuma” turned up some comments on a page called “Anarchist Memes” where she starts an argument about anarchists who come from “a place of privilege” posting degrading images of starving black people in Third World countries which reinforce colonial stereotypes:

“Dear Anarchist Memes – why do you insist on sharing so many photos of starving people in third world countries? I get that they are supposed to make an impact- people are starving while those of us in “developed” nations are living in excess, and it is despicable. We’re on the same page with this. But don’t you think these images are degrading to the people they portray? …

Quite obviously, Miss Satsuma isn’t starving.

Art Dishman organizes a Murfreesboro counterprotest
Art Dishman organizes a Murfreesboro counterprotest

Art Dishman from Hampstead, New Hampshire and his wife Misty Knight Dishman are listed as co-organizers of the Murfreesboro counterprotest.

Misty Knight Dishman deleted all the comments that challenged her worldview and described League supporters as “inbred” while ranting and raving about “bigotry” and “tolerance” before banning us from the Facebook page.

Nice suspenders, Art. Who wears the pants in this relationship?

Image taken from Michael Cannon's Facebook page
Image taken from Michael Cannon’s Facebook page

Michael Cannon of Smyrna, Tennessee has described himself to us as another organizer of the counterprotest.

To his credit, Cannon recently held a demonstration at the Rutherford County Courthouse against the Obama administration’s attempt to attack Syria. This image on the right of a hammer and sickle seems to have vanished from his Facebook page.

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  1. A technical Jew is a technical Jew. Also behavioral. The Culture of Critique is strong in the Dishman.

  2. Dishman bears more than a passing resemblance to Leon Trotsky, Kit Hitchens, Billy Joel, Natan Sharansky.

  3. “Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    September 26, 2013 at 1:49 am

    Blood will out.”

    Indeed. Always. Dishman’s a Yid, and a destroyer. Hunter – I told you it matters not where a Jew is born, or resides – a Jew is a Jew an a Jew is flesh-eating bacteria.

  4. “Ourselves and our posterity” refers to “we the people of the United States”. Nowhere there is any race or ethnicity mentioned.

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