A Few Brave Men Making a Difference

Tyson Foods

With treason and stupidity most everywhere, with the media controlled by alien elites that hate the South, hate all Indo European people, with seemingly endless hordes of dumb goyim, Black thug Football worshipping morons seemingly everywhere, with once solid White churches going full blown renegade – it’s easy to give in to doom and despair.

That ain’t us.

A few brave men can and are making a difference, we soldier on, pick our battles in places we can win and we will win.

Our side has won back Mother Russia – our enemies know this. Now we going back to the great Southern State of Tennessee to fight the good fight.

I’m partnering with a semi-local ex fraternity brother from Vanderbilt to sponsor paid media and earned media adverts against Tyson Foods replacing Southerners with nasty Somalian Muslim savages – low wage slaves, preparing the way for mall slaughters of Middle Tennessee White Southerners, as was done to White British ex-pats in Kenya.

My frat buddy is kind of “devil may care”, hates treasonous big corporations like Tyson Foods, hates lying MSM big media, hates corrupt Christian Zionist churches, plus he’s a fun guy to hang out and drink with – he’s not going to get drunk and get killed by falling off the Vandy Phi Kapp frat house, though one of our brothers did just that 10 years after we graduated.

I’m designing and paying for this anti Tyson Foods replace Southerners from the South campaign and possibly assisting LOS in very simple “hold a sign and shut up ways” – my frat buddy might try for somethings a bit more “in their face”.

Again, a few brave men can win important battles.

Never give in to gloom, doom and despair. If we lose, we go down fighting with a smile on our lips, earning the hatred but respect of our enemies.

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The South shall/is rising again.


  1. Good deal. Little slices of persistent mentally tough hard headed activism will win the day, and will win the day far sooner than waiting around for the white knight on a white horse to become President. Also good timing on your part because of what happened in Kenya over the weekend, at the hands of all those wonderful Somalians.

  2. Don’t look the Massacre at the “Black Mall of Nairobi” in the mouth.

    It’s perfect timing to get the demographics debate kickstarted. How long before American Malls are converted into rifle ranges and infidel veal pens for Jihad?

  3. How Long Until They Shoot Us in Our Malls?

    Don’t let them Mau-Mall us in Middle America Too!

    Mogadishu to Shelbyville is only a Visa away!

  4. If you think we have won back “mother Russia” you have lost your mind. Stalin liquidated Jews TWICE, and saved Russia from total Jewish control. What happened with the collapse of the Soviet Union was the Jews SOLIDIFIED their power in russia, and you are falling or the lies and the smoke and mirrors.

  5. Stephen,

    Thanks for the offer. I’m almost paid up on this advert campaign in Nashville TN.

    Let’s meet on the LOS event, keep it simple.

    If this is a modest, solid success, we can try for something more.

    Stay strong. Be positive.

    Kindness means being kind to our own kind.

  6. Julie Mitchell says:
    September 24, 2013 at 9:47 pm
    If you think we have won back “mother Russia” you have lost your mind. Stalin liquidated Jews TWICE, and saved Russia from total Jewish control. What happened with the collapse of the Soviet Union was the Jews SOLIDIFIED their power in russia, and you are falling or the lies and the smoke and mirrors.

    Jack replies:

    Oh, shut up.

    The worst Jew oligarch head of a Yukos Oil tried to start Jew American style TV networks, Putin put him in a public cage. Google “Pussy Riot”‘ see what happened when they invaded a Russian Orthodox Church – sent to forced labor camp in Siberia!

    From Russia with Love!

  7. “hate all Indo European people”

    So they hate South Asians and Iranians too? Shouldn’t you be happy about that?

    Seriously, though, what is with this obsession with the “Indo-European” concept? If you specifically mean “European”, why don’t you just say that?

  8. I use Indo European instead of European because it is more racial and less geographical. Too many people think Whites are confined to Europe or even Western Europe and most of our problems are cause by European peop,e going in to other people’s countries, taking land, exploiting the locals and everything would be fine if Whites went back to Europe and left Muslims, Black Africans, natives alone in THEIR countries.

    This completely overlooks the fact that North Africa, modern day Turkey, Persia/Iran, even parts of India were our Indo European countries. It also over looks the brutal reality that large parts of Europe, Great Britain, Detroit, Southern California, Shelbyville TN no longer are our places where our people can live in safety and prosperity.

    Blacks, Muslims never leave us alone in our countries, they always flood in, insist on sharing, taking what we have. Making our places, the same as their nasty places.

  9. Indo-European is a language family, not a race. North Africa was never Indo-European. It has been Afro-Asiatic throughout recorded history. India (except South India) and Iran are still Indo-European, and have not changed much genetically since the original establishment of the Indo-Iranian languages there.

    I am glad you brought up Turkey, because that provides an excellent example of how race does not correspond to language family. From the beginning of recorded history until about 1000 years ago, Turkey (Anatolia) was Indo-European. This streak was finally ended by the Turkic invaders from Central Asia, who imposed the Turkish language on Anatolia. However, this change was not accompanied by a significant genetic shift. The actual Turkic component of modern Turkish ancestry is no more than 7%, and that number is even lower in the western part of the country; IOW, the population of modern Turkey is not really different genetically from that of ancient Indo-European Anatolia.

    We see a similar pattern with the Arabization of the Middle East and North Africa, the Magyarization of Hungary (accomplished with <5% genetic change), the Anglicization of Ireland, the modern-day Sinicization of Manchuria, etc.

    The point is that language is highly flexible, and can change without much of a demographic shift. Therefore, when discussing highly diverse language families that date back thousands of years to before recorded history, using them as a proxy for common ancestry is extremely unreliable.

    I just want to add that Dienekes Pontikos has done through genetic analysis on the originators of Indo-European languages, and you may not like the results. It turns out that the difference between non-IE speaking Europeans (such as Basques and Finns) and IE-speaking Europeans is the presence of a measurable "West Asian" component in the latter. This component peaks in Turkey, Northern Syria and the Caucasus. So it turns out that the most "authentic" version of the so-called "Indo-European race" might be Turks and Chechens.

  10. E C says:
    September 25, 2013 at 8:31 pm (Edit)
    “Indo-European is a language family, not a race. North Africa was never Indo-European. It has been Afro-Asiatic throughout recorded history. ”

    JR replies:

    Just not true. 60 years ago Algeria was part of the country of France, not a colony, same as Texas is currently part of the United States. White Indo Europeans were the majority in French Algerian coastal cities, there was a brutal race war in the 1950s. French army won the war, pols surrendered to the Arab Muslims FLN, White French Algerian Pied Noir were offered the options of “the Coffin or the Suit case” by now majority ruled Arab Muslim Algeria. The racial results were the same in independent Algeria as in Black ruled Zimbabwe, formerly White ruled Rhodesia.

    Algeria is now 98% non White, some Berber Arabs claim they are White.

  11. I see what you mean about North Africa. Using that argument, though, much of sub-Saharan Africa was also “Indo-European”.

  12. Not to be a Negative Nancy here but, it seems to me that things have to become very uncomfortable for a significant percentage of whites before any real change can occur. I mean that people, women especially, have to become so concerned about the safety and futures of their children that they’re willing to accept that this multicutural bullshit has to go. White people need to actually fear for their existence, become fed up with constantly being called racist, and get tired of paying their enemies to dispossess them. Things need to get worse…much worse before presently unthinkable thoughts will be considered. This will require blood, and unfortunately, many whites will end up being counted among those that need to be dealt with as they were the ones that facilitated our present situation.

  13. Jack Ryan, why when you preach kindness to our own kind do you tell people to shut up who aren’t being uncivil? You’ve done this on Amren concerning disagreements you have with some about JQ.

    As for Indo European, I’ve used it to refer to indigenous europeans, meaning native europeans. I consider the native european tribes to compose the white race. This includes germanics, celts, slavs, I dunno maybe a couple others, but I don’t see the Romans as native europeans. Nor do I consider most of the obviously north african looking, and acting, southern italians to be really white.

    That said, if they want to identify as white given that they consider themselves europeans, as opposed to some other tribes who claims whiteness but don’t come from Europe nor identify as fully european, aka the jews, I guess I’ll take them.

    As each week passes in this White hating country I realize how imperative it is for us northwestern europeans to form an ethnic group. We don’t have to claim the White word; we just need to point out that we exist as an ethnic and political entity.

    I had to deal with Essex County in NJ recently with court stuff and to be an anglo celt means basically, that you have zero chance of getting anything but screwed. The jews and blacks control everything, some italians sort of hang out for the ride, and if you’re an anglo celt you’re basically hunted down as the scapegoated anathematized public enemy. Just going into the various court houses to get some business done I was outright lied to by an office of black clerks; the only person who was truly civil to me was some half italian, half white officer.

    Some other fair haired white guy was there trying to get some modicum of due process in an office lobby, and he just looked at me with a sense of shared desperation. You have blond or red hair, an anglo celt face, and you’re lucky if you get out without being attacked or falsely accused of something. We need our own governmental designation desperately; with the whopping percentage of hate crimes being focused on us I think it would be easier to achieve than most people would suspect.

  14. “Indo-European is a language family, not a race. North Africa was never Indo-European. It has been Afro-Asiatic throughout recorded history. ”

    St. Augustine of Hippo was a white North African. Christian art images mostly depict him more like Santa Claus, white with a long beard. He was said to be of mixed Berber, Latin and Phoenician ancestry.


    Africa north of the Sahara, from a zoological point of view, is now, and has been since early Tertiary times, a part of Europe. This is true both of animals and of the races of man.The Berbers of north Africa to-day are racially identical with the Spaniards and south Italians.
    Madison Grant, The Passing of the Great Race, Scribner’s sons, 1916, p.137

    The Berbers, among whom even today one finds light skins and blue eyes, do not go back to the Vandal invasions of the fifth century A.D., but to the prehistoric Atlantic Nordic human wave. The Kabyle huntsmen, for example, are to no small degree still wholly Nordic (thus the blond Berbers in the region of Constantine form 10 % of the population; at Djebel Sheshor they are even more numerous).
    Alfred Rosenberg, The Myth of the Twentieth Century (1930), Hrp, 2004, p.6

    Like all other Berbers, the Riffians include standard Mediterraneans in their tribal populations. Among these Mediterraneans the incidence of elements of blond hair and blue eyes is a bit higher than the usual twenty-five percent. I attribute the slight excess to several factors : isolation in a cloudy and cool mountain habitat and mixture with an older strain. Concentrated in the more isolated tribes in the central Rif, the older strain is characterized by individuals of stocky build, with large heads, broad faces, low orbits, large teeth, and broad noses. While variable in pigmentation, these individuals, who look like Irishmen, run to red hair, green eyes, and freckles. They cannot be explained by any historical invasion of North Africa, real or fancied; the bones of their preagricultural ancestors have been excavated from North African soil in sufficient quantity to confim the local antiquity of the genes which produces them. A broad head, a wide face, a snub nose, freckles, and other individual traits derived from this racial combination may be seen in other Riffians and in other Berber populations. Green eyes, for example, are common among the Middle Atlas Beraber (as anyone who was with the Goums in the last war may remember). Fair hair has been recorded from the Kabyles in Algeria, but actual statistical work shows them to be almost entirely Mediterranean with only a slight excess of blondism.
    Carleton S. Coon, Caravan – The Story of Middle East: The Story of Middle East (1951), Read Books, 2007, p.163

  15. Here Jack Ryan is putting himself out there for the cause of ethnic Europeans and some of you can only think to quibble over definitions?

  16. “You Anglos cruelly dished it out to every other race on earth for 300 years. Now you can just deal with it.”

    Med revenge, for what did the Anglos ever dish to the Meds, besides paying tribute and obedience to Rome?

  17. “As for Indo European, I’ve used it to refer to indigenous europeans, meaning native europeans.”

    The problem with this is that Indo-European languages were introduced to Europe from Asia. Even today, autosomal analysis shows that the main difference between IE-speaking Europeans and non-IE-speaking Europeans (such as Basques and Finns) is the former’s elevated level of a “West Asian” component which peaks in Turkey, Northern Syria, and the Caucasus.

    If you want to refer to indigenous Europeans, why not just say that? Or better yet, use the phrase “indigenous Northern Europeans”, since you wish to exclude Southern Europeans.

  18. fnn:

    None of the texts that you quoted disproves the point that Berbers have always been an Afro-Asiatic speaking people.

  19. I took the liberty of deleting 313Chris’ comments and some replies to his comments that violated OD comment guidelines.

    313Chris is simply a troll who hangs out here to cause disruption.

    Trolls are a huge problem with Internet comments.

    Please do not feed the trolls, ignore them.

    Some of us are now doing effective activism in the real world, trolls are just a distraction.

  20. JR, I just replied to Mosin on another thread. I’m sorry if my reply to him may have violated guidelines. I sincerely want to abide by the rules, but I get upset when some fool wants to inject a topic that has nothing to do with what we are discussing. BTW, I have no problems criticizing Catholic leaders when they do something wrong, but this constant harping about “the whore of Babylon” has no place on any thread. I don’t go out of my way to insult OD’s Protestant commentators and I hope the more level headed Protestants feel the same way about this Catholic commentator. BTW, if you’re going to follow up on your action with 313Chris, my problem with Mosin will be solved. I’m tired of trying to communicate with him, so I think in the future, if he’s still pulling this crap, (unless you delete him) I’ll just say O/T Mosin!

  21. Stephen, understand.

    Your comments didn’t violate OD’s comment guidelines. Mosin’s did, he does this church hobby horse defamation all the time.

    We have trolls here. Please don’t feed the trolls.

  22. Some good news.

    My billboard advert was approved. I just paid for it.

    I’ve gotten a Vanderbilt frat buddy with close ties to Nashville to sponsor it, as it looks better for locals to be doing the activism instead of outside agitators…


    “He’s a witch burn him”

  23. Re: “BTW, if you’re going to follow up on your action with 313Chris, my problem with Mosin will be solved”:

    “Two birds with one stone” is your recommendation, then?

    “I don’t go out of my way to insult OD’s Protestant commentators” — not out of your way at all: apparently no special effort of will was required to pronounce again and again what you call “the pilgrim church” that you despise either nonexistent, silly or heretical.

    Re: “he does this church hobby horse”: “Church” is a silly hobby, irrelevant, annoying, even embarrassing here, thinks the practical atheist.

  24. ‘Re: “he does this church hobby horse”: “Church” is a silly hobby, irrelevant, annoying, even embarrassing here, thinks the practical atheist.’

    No, the practical atheist realizes the ubiquity of religion and works with that fact about human nature. When believers speak of “God” they do so metaphorically, they just don’t realize it.

  25. Re: “the practical atheist”:

    I was not referring to you Rudel, but to one who refers to my concern with Christianity as a silly “hobby horse”.

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