Klan Rally – 70% Undercover Reporters

The often, very funny humor magazine “The Onion” once did a satirical story noting the high number of undercover MSM reporters posing as White Supremacists at Klan rallies.

Let’s hope our numbers of media undercover agents and SPLC agents provocateurs are less than 50%.



  1. As James Edwards says, and the other half were FBI agents. LOL.

    If you do have any “would be” “wannabe” Klansman show up, I would hope you make them adhere to the dress code of the LOS & CofCC. If you look at any old time photos of Klansman, say politicking around a Courthouse or State Capitol they were all well dressed, in at least shirt, tie and straw hat. http://www.hatshop.com/img/hat_part_straw_F.jpg

    The Hollywood Klansman is pure fiction.

  2. Perhaps there is a deeper IRONY.

    Most journalists spend their entire career covering the mistakes of the incompetent and stupid vicious negro. They hope like Ahab to encounter the Great White Defendant (Much like Matt Nifong) to prove their construct of “The Man” is actually true. Some nefarious WASP someplace pulling all the strings and taking all the women and money.
    By showing up as snoops at these rallies they are as good as admitting that they got nothing. That they are themselves the generators of the Klan.

  3. @ Rudel That 1939 movie was the last, somewhat sympathetic, look at Southern White men & women, and their resistance to Northern tyranny made by Hollywood!

    Nineteen Thirty Nine was nearly three quarters of a century ago.

  4. I don’t think there has been a Hollywood Western made since the Sixties that shows a Southerner in any sort of favorable light. Roster Cogburn in the original True Grit is the last heroic Southern character that I can think of, and he was pretty raw, and an alcoholic.

    One TV show that was on for a few seasons, that I thought rang true, was the “Southern Sportsman” which portrayed the field & stream in a very comfortable, understated manner. Southerners don’t have the frantic approach to the outdoors that Northerners do.

  5. The whole Lonesome Dove series portrays Southerners as pretty heroic.

    What about James Garner, Robert Duvall, Dennis Weaver, Ashley Judd, Dixie Carter, Fred Thompson, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Hendricks :-), Dolly Parton, Billy Bob Thornton (great as Davy Crockett), Matthew McConaughey, Michael Rooker and Norman Reedus who plated brothers on The Walking Dead, etc. etc. etc?

    They are not all race mixers IRL either.

    Westerners like Sam Elliot play pretty good Confederates too on a whole series of Westerns from TNT and Hallmark. The list really goes on and on.

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