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  1. Dear HW,

    here is an article from Norway showing how the respectable conservatives and the far right are teaming up to form an anti-immigration, anti white-genocide government.


    I think the Greek puppet government overreached by violating the rights of Golden Dawn, which will actually serve to strengthen the Greek right, if not the Golden Dawn themselves.

    Can the GOP hold it together over the shutdown? What have they got to lose? I for one predict that the longer this goes on the more likely Obama and Co will over play their hand, and the anxious right will buck up and rally to the GOP. I am not arguing “take back America”, but I am arguing increased polarity especially going in to the 2014 elections. Divided government is crucial, when the only alternative is united proto-Communism. The screechers on the Left get more nakedly anti-white and anti-freedom every day, and they will raise the hair on the back of the rank-and-file white who will realize that these people can and will put bullets into our heads and march us off to “re-education camps” if given the chance.

    When a radical movement goes mainstream, these are the types of changes that happen, keep up the good work, and don’t back down!

  2. Well here comes the yankee…

    I think separatism is what should be promoted and ‘advertised.’ Secession, while I support it, just evokes this sense of somehow involving supremacy, the label our enemies think they can defeat us with. Although ‘nazi’ is used more often, and sometimes I wonder if they know that supremacy is really a jewish thing, so they tread carefully and try not to overuse it.

    But it’s still implied when not overtly stated. No one can argue with separatism, it’s just not assailable. Why should we not have the right to live separately, especially when our enemies constantly talk about how horrid we are.

    So separatist is my favored word, even as it doesn’t offer an impressive verb tense. It’s still the way to go. Seceding sounds like white people are trying the allegedly oppressed ‘minorities’ with them, when nothing could be further from the truth.

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