Clarkston, Georgia and Southern Demographic Displacement

The IRC and the Georgia Coalition of Refugee Stakeholders celebrate "World Refugee Day"
The IRC and the Georgia Coalition of Refugee Stakeholders celebrate “World Refugee Day”


Clarkston, Georgia in DeKalb County in the Atlanta Metro Area is the ultimate example of Southern Demographic Displacement.

In the 1980s, Clarkston, GA was over 90 percent White, just a “sleepy little town by the railroad tracks.” During the 1990s though, the US federal government and its NGO partners like “World Relief” began to dump thousands of foreign refugees in Georgia through the same program that the League of the South is protesting in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, Tennessee on Oct. 12th:

“Until the refugees began arriving, the mayor likes to say, Clarkston “was just a sleepy little town by the railroad tracks.”

Since then, this town of 7,100 has become one of the most diverse communities in America.

Clarkston High School now has students from more than 50 countries. The local mosque draws more than 800 to Friday prayers. There is a Hindu temple, and there are congregations of Vietnamese, Sudanese and Liberian Christians.

At the shopping center, American stores have been displaced by Vietnamese, Ethiopian and Eritrean restaurants and a halal butcher. The only hamburger joint in town, City Burger, is run by an Iraqi.

The transformation began in the late 1980s, when resettlement agencies, private groups that contract with the federal government, decided Clarkston was perfect for refugees to begin new lives. The town had an abundance of inexpensive apartments, vacated by middle-class whites who left for more affluent suburbs. It had public transportation; the town was the easternmost stop on the Atlanta rail system. And it was within commuting distance of downtown Atlanta’s booming economy, offering new arrivals at least the prospect of employment.

At first the refugees — most from Southeast Asia — arrived so slowly that residents barely noticed. But as word got out about Clarkston’s suitability, more agencies began placing refugees here. From 1996 to 2001, more than 19,000 refugees from around the world resettled in Georgia, many in Clarkston and surrounding DeKalb County, to the dismay of many longtime residents.

Many of those residents simply left. Others stayed but remained resentful, keeping score of the ways they thought the refugees were altering their lives. …”

By 2010, the White population of Clarkston had plummeted to 14 percent. Foreign refugees from over 40 different countries – the largest group of refugees are from Somalia – are now over half the population. The White population responded to the destruction of the traditional social fabric by abandoning Clarkston to the refugees and a “low income” black population:

“For example, though refugee children usually learn English quickly, they often have difficulty with standardized tests. That has left some area schools with abysmal achievement records, and has kept families with children from settling in Clarkston. 

Crime is high in Clarkston, with out-of-towners often preying on vulnerable refugees. Leonetti says the town has hired more police, but hasn’t received federal funds to help add the new officers. The per capita income in Clarkston is $17,000 a year, and drawing new businesses to town is difficult. That makes finding jobs difficult for refugees.”

The result?

A high crime area. Abysmal schools. A low-income population. High unemployment. Plummeting property values. Business flight. The demise of a common culture. Low civic engagement.

“Diversity” was achieved in Clarkston, GA. Now the refugees who live there say they have “very limited” contact with White Americans who avoid the area because it feels too “ethnic” to them.

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  1. Stealth genocide – drive an ethnic group out of its living space but only one piece at a time so only a small minority of the target ethnic group are under attack at any one moment.

    Stealth genocide requires control of the media so the majority population don’t react as a group – only the small minority currently under attack reacts to the attack.

    This secret war of stealth genocide against the european-descended white population has been going on since at least the 60s and will speed up as it moves ever closer to the end-game.

    The end-game will be like South Africa first and then finally Zimbabwe.

  2. This has going on since the 1950s. By now, ethnic cleansing of white communities is accepted as an essential part of the American Way of Life by most. E. Michael Jones’ Slaughter of Cities portrays the early phase.

  3. White kids in the state of Georgia are now a minority in schools. The state of Georgia is now only 56 percent White and that percent is from three years ago.

  4. Notice once again, you have a Roman Catholic Latino woman, Maria Hinojosa, who has moderated & produced this anti-White & anti-Southern heritage video.

    It’s pretty obvious Maria Hinojosa doesn’t like the Confederate monument carved on Stone Mountain. She uses video of a Klan rally, that probably took place in New Jersey, to tie into the Confederate memorial.

    If you notice the foundations who paid for this video were mostly Jewish or tax payer funded foundations. So the Jews, and our own government paid for this Catholic propaganda.

    I did notice the Ford Foundation was credited too. Ford Motor had pulled their horns in on this type of propaganda when they were not selling cars a few years back. Maybe people need to start reminding their local Ford Dealers again that this anti-White & anti-Southern heritage propaganda is unacceptable.

  5. Ford Foundation is completely separate from Ford Motor. Wikipedia says that the Foundation sold the last of its FMC stock in 1974.

  6. Earle,

    Ms. Hinojosa was a classmate of mine, so was her brother, who’s a tenured professor at I think UCLA – something very cultural marxism, political, Chicano studies, that sort of thing.

  7. The mass movement and replacement of peoples seems to be a basic feature of capitalism. It tends to be justified in progressive religious terms, but capitalism is the economic system of progressive Christianity, the two don’t seem to me to be really separable.

    The people have been brainwashed that capitalism is their system, so they support the officially capitalist party, the Republicans, even though as James Kirkpatrick wrote in VDare the other day Republicans are very hostile to white interests.

    White people are going to have to abandon the Republican party. A Southern nationalist party might have a chance in the South.

  8. @fnn

    That’s bullshit sonny. If you look at the Ford Foundation annual report you will see that the Ford Foundation is a direct tool of the Ford family who own/control the Ford Motor Company.

    Ford started to get some heat about the immigration activities of the Ford Foundation and for a while they retreated on immigration.

    Don’t think for a minute that if a local Ford dealer thinks he is going to lose sales because of the immigration activities of the Ford Foundation, that he’s not going to be on the phone to Detroit bitching about the Ford Foundation & immigration.

  9. Best part is, the Republicans aren’t even fucking true capitalists but more akin to corporate, banking and Wall Street socialists.

  10. VDAREs brand of conservative mainstreaming “let’s self-censor and play by system rules” is pretty pathetic. I don’t understand how VDARE has an audience.

  11. Earl,

    fnn also mentions “The Slaughter of Cities.” Sounded interesting so I looked it up, thinking I would read it. The whole premise of the book is that what’s occurring is —-GET THIS!—- the “wasp establishment’s” need to ethnically cleanse the catholics.

    In other words, the “wasps” being blamed (even though it’s primarily their group that has, in reality, been “cleansed.”) Um… they USED TO LIVE in the very cities that the catholics are saying were “cleansed.” Um… so who was “cleansed” first, lol.

    But that is SILENCED.

    Maybe it will not even be posted here.

    Fnn… the founders WERE protestant whites and they lived in the cities (in their own country that they founded) before the “cities” became a catholic (and jewish) place WHERE THE FOUNDERS DO NOT EXIST.

    NYC is only 4% of the founding (wasps) stock. So WHO then, is “cleansed.”

    (Cut me a freaking break!) Please be honest.

  12. ‘During the 1990s though, the US federal government and its NGO partners like “World Relief” began to dump thousands of foreign refugees in Georgia’

    These fools are DESTROYING us!

    Check out the website of those unbelievably stupid clowns.

  13. Lew says:
    October 4, 2013 at 5:31 pm
    VDAREs brand of conservative mainstreaming “let’s self-censor and play by system rules” is pretty pathetic. I don’t understand how VDARE has an audience.

    Jack Replies:

    Lew is trolling. Vdare is great.

    Don’t feed the trolls.

  14. Hey Lew – clean up your mouth !

    Stop shouting the F word.

    Does your mother talk this way?

    Maybe she does.

    We try to keep some standards, think that we are a little better than the lowest, low life Black, Shudra, underclass thug. But, sadly, many of our people are just as bad.


  15. I beg to differ. VDARE used to be great. Now, it just peddles retread conservative shit. We are almost in 2014, and at this very late hour VDARE writers such as James Kirkpatrick are still telling their white readers to keep hope alive for meaningful change through the Republican party. What rubbish.


    The historic American nation has to figure out how to detach itself from a movement seemingly comfortable with long-term suicide as long as it can get another quarter of donations from corporate lobbyists and the grassroots viewers watching Fox News.

    I have argued that the answer may have to come from what I’ve started calling “Pete Wilson Republicans” – socially and fiscally moderate Republicans who can use concerns about crime, multiculturalism, and mass immigration to push narrative-changing policies that speak to swing voters.

  16. This talking Jew-head Maria reminds me of Barbara Lerner Specter (or is Spectre of Sweden). All these regugees dumped in Georgia (probably by Jew enabled finance of NGO immigration in cahoots with Fedgov are buying foreclosed homes.

    Now that is interesting. That was the mortgage backed securities debt debacle where the Jew banks sold homes (many already paid off) – of whites to debt buyers in the ME and Asia. The gov’t put leins on those homes and millions were forcibly removed – as I said many whites removed from homes that they had paid off years before.

    The cover story of this crime that played in the controlled Jew press was that these ‘too big to fail’ banks had made bad loans (sub-primes) to people who couldn’t pay. That is the proverbial load of BS. Many, many of the ‘foreclosed’ were whites who as self-employed may have taken out a low-doc (subprime) loan and paid off that house years before. And the electronic titles office refused acknowledge their title. So the Jew banks which had received all that repayment plus interest enlisted the Jew police state to give these people the Palestinian treatment.

  17. Lew – understand. Somalians in Tennessee have caused me to fight a one man crusade in Tennessee. These next two weeks.

    Sorry for the school teacher rebukes about your language . I was and will always be a school teacher.

    Please try to refrain from using the F word.

    Take care.

  18. “If you look at the Ford Foundation annual report you will see that the Ford Foundation is a direct tool of the Ford family who own/control the Ford Motor Company.”

    Got a link, jackass?

  19. “These fools are DESTROYING us! Check out the website of those unbelievably stupid clowns.”

    They’re successfully waging a campaign of stealth genocide against people they see as tribal competitors.

  20. Fr John, the only beacon of hope for any nation is the Kingship of the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom order for baptised, regenerated, discipled nations: the Church. Nations are to be built up as nations on: the Church. It goes without saying – those nations and their states should be in occupation of their ancestral lands.

    Europe and the European people who have have built infrastructure, created economy and technology throughout the world should have rights to nation statehood s a people within the native lands of its diaspora.

    Jew world order Babel builders, Bolsheviks, ethnic cleansers, population dis-placers, genociders, immigration invaders can only be decisively dealt with on the basis of what the European peoples have now largely rejected. So good luck with attempting to oppose monolithic Judaic racial supremacy, its tribal collective and its world gov’t by some kind of nationalist movement.

    Australia is no shining beacon of hope for White nations. It is largely secular and jewed. If an ethnicity is unassimilable to the White life-style in Australia, if they hate Whites and White society, if they oppose Christianity (even the very tame, apologetic versions that are acceptable Down Under) – then they are are being financially enabled to arrive en-masse, their large families are subsidized by the government and they are building their la razas, their ethnic advocacy whiney lobbies, their gangs, enclaves, stans and housos (pronounced how’ zoes – Aus slang for housing commission or Secion 8 housing).

    SBS is currently programming the minds of the goyim on the subject of Housos with an hysterical comedy by the same name. Watch it on YouTube. It is important to note that the wanker in Housos is the tall, white male (Dazza) whose economic failure reduces him to attempting to get a disability benefit for erectile dysfunction. All the other ethnicities, of course, the Lebbos, the Kiwis (Maori – of course), the Abduls etc have no problem accessing the public teat. Whereas, Dazza (of course) is the complete screw-up.

    If anyone out there in TV land thinks this clever script is just a co-incidence, then pull the bananas out of your ears and think.

    Question: “How are these ‘destitutes’ being financially enabled to migrate to Australia?’ If you can answer this question – then you have the key to the immigration invasion. Cue: ‘give me your tired, your poor – your huddled masses yearning to be free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shores. Send these the homeless tempest tossed to me. I lift my lamp beside the Golden Door…”

  21. “Nations are to be built up as nations on: the Church.”

    That statement sounds true, taken out of the context of what is your reference of “the Church”: which is that HISTORICALLY (as well as recently) heretical, fabulously wealthy, essentially CRIMINAL enterprise based in Vatican City that aspires to rule the world. There are so many sources of information on the internet now that it is impossible to keep the sepulcher sufficiently hidden with whitewash. Australia needs a revival of true Christianity, NOT full takeover by the deadliest false version of it.

  22. Advocating popery on this blog is leading our people to destruction. Southern states cannot benefit from control by the Vatican. We all suffer its ill effects now.

  23. This ties in, b/c part of what runs VTO, Vatican Trade Organization is the concentration on the “relief works,” such as this part of Georgia became the victim of.

    Look: Japan has vast wealth, political embassies in every country, guards who wear clown outfits, archives full of treasures heisted away from countries during war-booty conquests, Japan claims rights to collect taxes (tithes) from anybody it wants or the boot comes down, Japan’s leaders wear various types of ceremonial gear—– BUT NO ONE ever calls Japan a church.

    England has vast wealth, politican embassies in every country, guards who wear clown outfits, archives of treasures stolen from countries during wars, and they collect tons of taxes, but no one calls england a church, or the queen a preacher. Wow, even Kenya can have embassies, collect taxes, hold title to vast lands, have museums of stolen stuff, but Kenya is never called a “church.”

  24. Why weren’t the “separation of church-state” constitutional laws better able to guard against things such as Genocide under the guise of “Relief Work?” or “peace keepers” or these other euphemisms they use? Hardly anyone ever talks about this under the separation of church-state issue

  25. Looking at the photograph above, and not knowing anything in depth about the people themselves, it looks like a perfect representation of the anti White party: the Black, the Jew, and the turncoat white national orphan.

  26. “Hardly anyone ever talks about this under the separation of church-state issue”

    It’s a matter of separation of nations from nations, of white nations from control by the Vatican-based universal “church”, and from control by Talmudism.

  27. The turn coat national orphan, traditionally in all cultures called a traitor, is the soft underbelly of the anti white coalition. If ever there was a group screaming out to the gods to be singled out it is this group.

  28. Wow, given everything that the white woman must know about the region’s history she still sits there. She doesnt realize that she’s been bled white.

  29. The triadic structure works like this.

    The black says gibsmedat… The Jew says give her that! And the white exclaims ok!

  30. I listened to the video for 30 seconds. It’s absolutely sickening. These darkies simply chased out whites from a settlement that whites built and they are overjoyed. The old coon says “when I was a boy the Klan…” I switched off.

  31. A little aside on the Federal Government & special privileges for Federal Government employees:

    Why should Federal Government employees be paid for not working? They have Unemployment Compensation(UC). Have them go on UC like anyone else.

  32. You gotta listen to this video. Email it far and wide,
    show it to your kids. The Chutzpah of Hinojosa is breathtaking.

    The Somali business man is respectable enough on the surface but he’s got genocide on his mind.

  33. I notice that some are complaining about the churches helping the third world immigrants coming into the USA. It’s not the traditional beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant churches that is the cause of this, it’s the liberalism that has snuck into the churches in the last hundred years under the names “social justice” and “social gospel”. Too many priest, ministers, and laity have abandoned the historic truths of the Christian religion for what is really socialism with a Christian veneer. Since socialism is subversive to all authority, except it’s own, it hammers away at the laws of a country screaming “fascism, nazism, racism, homophobia etc.” to achieve so-called “social justice” on behalf of a so-called “oppressed minority”. They claim they want equality, both the actual goal is supremacy over the majority population.

    Damning the churches isn’t going to solve our problems. It’s the poisonous ideology called liberalism/socialism, and the carriers of this poison, the sell outs of the white establishment, their religious, sexual, and racial minority co-workers, regardless of what their racial, sexual, or ethnic background might be, that have to be targeted. I know it’s easy to blame one group (it’s the Jooos, it’s the Papaaaists) for this crap, but it’s wrong. We have allowed this to happen because we got lazy and complacent, but we don’t have to go on like this. We start by dealing with the white liberal sell outs in our midst first, because if it wasn’t for them, the racial, sexual, and Non-Christian religious minorities wouldn’t have gained the power they now have. It will be very difficult for some of us to criticize and attack our own, but if we don’t take care of them first and replace them, they will be in position to aid and abet these other folks again.

  34. Catholic migration resulted in a power struggle with Anglicans. Kennedy was the apotheosis of Catholicism in the US. This opened the door to the ghouls.

  35. Roman Catholic priest craft has become so pervasive in America that his effected and weakened the message of many Protestant churches. The whole Roman Catholic idea that a priest will intercede between man and God and that a priest has some special powers was really foreign to American Protestants.

    The whole concept of an infallible Pope is bad enough, but, priest craft is even worse.

    Worshipping the Virgin of Somewhere in Mexico isn’t my idea of a religion either. LOL.

    But, I’m still trying to get over today’s 407-0 vote in Congress giving 800,000 laid off Federal employees back pay for NOT working. Even though these Federal Government employees are eligible for unemployment compensation. If you are I get laid off we may get unemployment compensation, but, we will surely not get back pay. This is the worst in disparity of treatment!

  36. Lew said’ “Sorry about the language, but Somalis in Tennessee and Georgia gets under my skin.”

    Agreed. Stopped in Chattanooga to get fuel on our way to Gatlinburg. There was a whole gaggle dressed in full african attire. Sickening.

  37. Stephen E Dalton says:

    ‘It’s not the traditional beliefs of the Catholic and Protestant churches that is the cause of this, it’s the liberalism that has snuck into the churches in the last hundred years under the names “social justice” and “social gospel”.’

    It matters not what churches have believed over the centuries. Today, they are enthusiastically promoting and implementing policies that are destroying the White race.

    Within a five mile radius of my home are many churches of every denomination speaking against so-called racism and bigotry. All have minority outreaches and programs aimed at diversifying the community.

    They collect tithes, offerings and hold special fund raising events to extract monies from their mostly White congregants that are used to resettle blacks, latinos, hmong, dot heads etc. into our neighborhoods.

    Let us have the courage to face the truth.

    The power, influence and overall clout of these churches is staggering

    One of my nieces invited me to an event at her Methodist church having something to do with her two sons. I was shocked when I saw the pastor – a dyke negress. Seriously, an openly lesbian negress is the spiritual authority, advisor to a flock of dumb White sheeple?

    Of course, I told my niece what I was thinking. She rarely speaks to me anymore.

    A White man bought a home down the street from me two years ago. He and his wife take in foster kids that come and go. All have been black or mixed.

    He has been pushing a baby carriage around since spring, grinning from ear to ear, showing off the nigglet his obese, unmarried daughter popped out.

    One of their foster teens was arrested for burglarizing homes in the subdivision which had been virtually crime free in the twenty years I’ve lived here. Another was sent to prison for a violent rape, carjacking incident.

    The assistant pastor of his church set the example by adopting three of the most repulsive looking Africans imaginable. Several members of the flock are following his example.

  38. @Sam
    Calling people racist clearly works. One of our intellectuals should write a 3000 word essay about it. 😉

  39. Yes, Mosin – when I say “the Church” I do refer to the Catholic Church with its See in Rome. I am not talking about a little group of sectarians with their private view of the Bible and a negative outlook on the history of Western civilization – which was built and maintained by nations baptised by the Church with its See in Rome. I am talking about 1,000 years of civilization before heretics enabled by the synagogue started preaching the length and breadth of Europe for a whole swag of private interpretations of the Bible in line with Judaic thinking.

    King and saint Edward the Confessor of England knelt and prayed before our Lord’s presence in the Corpus Christi before all matters of state. The Protestant heretics who threw down the Christian nation state burned down chapels and threw the Divine Presence into the street proclaiming His promise “Lo I am with you all the days” to be a papist lie.

    I am entirely unsympathetic to your outrageous and heretical views.

    When I say “the Church”, I refer to the Credo: I believe in one, holy, catholic, Apostolic Church”. The Church in Rome where the Chair of St Peter was set up after Antioch was the See of the Petrine Office which presided over or received the precedence of the Councils proclaiming the great symbols of the faith. It is the same as addressed by St Paul in his letter to the Church in Rome in the Book of Romans. And the historical record of its acts both good and bad and its teachings are there for anyone who wants to know that 1,000 year history of the West.

    You don’t get this. Obviously. You fail to see all the Western European nations baptised into this ordo and built up on this Church – the nations that successfully resisted the invasion of Islam for over a thousand years, the nations that following the teaching of the Church proscribed usury (though in practice treasonously and sinfully honoured in the breach by Catholic princes and the Vatican contra the ordinary, constant magisterium of what the Church always has taught). Beyond your ken are the nations that founded the first universities, hospitals, religious orders for the ransom of White European slaves, missionary orders for the Evangelisation of heathen people, institutions for self government of populations such as the Bretton Parliament guaranteed by the French monarchy, conservatories, schools and countless organisations for the relief of the poor.

    You hate the Church, Mosin – so good luck with your doomed nationalist aspirations on the basis of some sort of Jesus movement or other.

    The fact that the Church has always possessed infrastructure, goods and property is always a scandal to those who reject our Lord’s mandate to his Apostles and by extension, the Church (of which they are, with our Lord, the foundation). That mandate is to evangelize, teach and disciple nations.

    And those who hate the Church, such as yourself, are further scandalized that baptised nations built up on the Church did use the sword of temporal power to protect and defend their baptised populations. Of course, following your thinking, they should have just let the Muslims invade from East and West and place them under Sharia Law – as though a baptised people has no right to a nation state or to legislate on the basis of the social doctrines of the Church. Added to such affront, these nations did take land and resources (by conquest) in the Americas. And the Church baptised nations in the Americas. Christian nations built them infrastructure and founded successful economies. And many religious orders in the Church successfully worked to free slave populations.

    Now the American Whites who created their own state on the basis of that Western patrimony (however degraded in England’s Deist remnant of it) think they have entitlements on the basis of that conquest – invoking race, superior technology and cultural achievement.

    Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo-hoo-hoo.

    Your line is exactly the line the Judaic supremacy wants for nationalist Whites who have Christian sentiments about gentle Jesus, meek and and mild. There is a big difference between that freeze frame and the Credo of the Church. And yes. The Sacred Heart of our Lord is meek and humble. The Heart of our King is patient and abounding in mercy. ” Cor Jesu, patiens et multae misericordiae” from the Litany of the Sacred Heart.

  40. Yes, Lynda, I do hate the lies and crimes of Romanism, both historical and recent. I love the true Church that follows the Christ of the New Testament, instead of the Jews and pagans: Your universal-global “See” is “Judaic” indeed, analogous to the abolished Jewish high priesthood. Your pagan goddess worship of the so-called Queen of Heaven and Mother of God also has an Old Testament precedent — in condemned ancient Hebrew apostasy.

    If your Anti-Christ “church” would ever gain FULL control here, those of us here who love truth and freedom would likely be burned at the stake.

  41. There’s no intrinsic problem with Mary as a venerated figure. I think that Henry VIII iconoclasm was a disaster. The OT thumping by the Puritans who followed him were annoying. I also think that the English transferred the Mary worship to Elizabeth I which is a bit unfortunate. It’s comforting to have a mother figure in your religion. Some sort of female presence.

    The iconography of Christ, before the artists adopted the depiction of Mary, was a bit too androgynous and he manned up considerably once his mother was introduced as a person to contemplate. Put it this way, women watch their sons, fathers, husbands die and suffer and things like the Pieta are a way to show Jesus’s family. I certainly prefer the cultural output of the Catholic Mariolotry over the sterile and inhuman Allah and Jehovah.

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