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  1. The video about the Palies has one big gaping hole in it. It doesn’t mention the divisions of religions that they have. The video seems to only focus on Muslims. Many Palestinians are members of the Orthodox, Eastern and Latin Rite Catholic Churches, and Evangelical Churches. I suspect the producers of this video were probably sympathetic to the Arab Muslim cause, and ignored the Christian Palestinians all together.

  2. Many Palestinians are racially White. They’re similar to Greeks and other southern euros in appearance. Some are even nordic looking due to the crusades.

  3. This crap makes me sick to my stomach.

    Meanwhile Lampedusa Island is besieged Camp-Of-The-Saints style invasion every day, by never-ending hordes of low-IQ, low brain-mass Africans whose very existence was made possible by white generosity thank you very much.

    When oh when will white people catch on?

    I swear to Allah it gets gloomier by the day.


    Answer: perhaps never.

    Whites were 33% of global population in 1950 ; today whites are fewer than 8 % of global population.

    Where is the outrage? Where is the urgency?

    The new Tom Hanks movie, “Captain Phillips,” tells the story of Stick Age (Not Stone Age, STICK age) somali pirates – (who btw are slightly more intelligent than their west african, sub -saharan cousins, as a result of arab / persian admixture), attacking a cargo ship that for God’s sakes was stuffed to the gills with White Western food aid intended for “people” exactly like themselves.

    That’s right: white boat with white crew filled with white food aid for black africans gets held up by the same africans YT sent the ship to help in the first place.

    This is a situation of literally Biblical proportions, and yet the sheeple continue to be concerned only with niggerball; while the vermin at the NYT continue to “comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable”.

    This should be the obvious take-home message for “Captain Philips.” But if you check out the NYT review (and others) of the movie, you will see that the vermin at the Times are all breathless about how the film “humanizes” these Stick-Age Somali devils who were essentially created by whites. Kind of like how the Entire population of negroes in the United States is a DIRECT result of white intervention.

    Something has got to give, cuz this crap is simply NOT sustainable.

    Wake Up White People !

    – Arturo

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