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  1. In this case, we had a moral obligation to help these refugees. Vietnamese-Americans today are one of the best assimilated non-white ethnic groups in America.

  2. @EC
    Get off your moral high horse anti-White. You have no moral authority here or anywhere else. What you advocate for White people is Genocide.

    And yes, the Vietnamese have their own land and no one is demanding they become a vanishing minority and have their identity and culture annihilated, using massive immigration and forced integration of random populations into their country.

    If anyone was doing to the Vietnamese, what you anti-Whites are doing ONLY to White people, everyone including the Vietnamese would call it Genocide.

    Anti-Whites say Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for Everyone.

    That is Genocide for White people.

  3. In this case, we had a moral obligation to help these refugees.

    So is that an admission that in other cases no such obligation exists/ed?

  4. Think of what AmeriKa did to those people, and to Cambodia, and LAOS, the world’s leading CIA-protected poppy field before Afghanistan became it. ALL federal-global war crimes! Now we suffer the refugees.

  5. “We have a moral obligation to dismantle the US Empire.”

    Ending the Federal-Banker-Vatican-Zionist Global Empire is indeed a moral obligation.

  6. EC,

    Listen to the opening words of the man in the beginning.

    That is already what YOU YOURSELF should be saying. Already, people say these exact words about America. They failed to protect it— its language, its institutions, freedoms, traditions, historical narrative, Generational historically American children, they failed to help them be parents to another Generation.

    If that is your first response, then you are what failed completely.

    What you say is true, in a sense, about the moral obligation—- but Militarist-Corporatism forced on the American people (against their will) created such “obligation” for them all over the entire world, to the point that this became the mark of the “white european” refugees on America.

  7. And that’s actually why it does seem we are in the VTO (vatican trade org) System, not the jewish one (has nothing to do with liking one or the other people better, as either way we ARE TRULY NOT under the previous Nordic-northwest euro prod system the Americans created, which is what my family would belong in).

    501c3 pushed all “churches” to be “Empire Churches,” preaching refugee resettlement for Empire, in “empire christianity,” which can only be experienced as Genocide, displacement, foreign and so on.

  8. The argument that we owe a moral debt to all Vietnamese because some of their people helped us militarily is not a convincing one to me. The same argument is made for the Hmongs, who supposedly helped us in southeast Asia. But did they do it because it was in their own self-interest to do so, or just out of pure love for us?

    So now we have Hmongs here under the very same ”we owe them” pretext, as well as Vietnamese. If we ”owe” them, could we not repay the supposed debt in some other way than by letting them colonize us? What about the foreign aid all these countries receive from us? It seems only giving up our country to all of them collectively will ever be ”enough.”

    We are not in a position to be giving our country away. There are many more people around the world who want to stake a claim on our land than there are of us.

  9. You are such a troll Mosin. The Jews own all credit issue and the apex international banks: the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank. Yet you can not manage to include this key word in your mandate. Not all Jews are Zionists. Not all Zionists are Jews. Christian Zionism (of Whites) is bigger than Ben-Hur. The hierarchy of the subverted Roman Catholic Church is Judaic (not necessarily Zionist) whereas the huge Baptist Convention in the US is Zionist.

    It is always worth noting how these easily documented factoids always elude the Jews, their shabbos goys and the anti-Catholic bigots.

  10. Alright Lynda, although the word “Banker” is understood very well by many (though apparently not by you) as a synonym of Talmudist, I will now change “Federal-Banker-Vatican-Zionist Global Empire” to make it read (more clearly for you but not so smoothly):

    “Federal – Non-Zionist Talmudist – Vatican – Zionist Talmudist Global Empire”.

    Re: “You are such a troll”:

    “Troll”, as you use it, denotes someone who dares to write things that you don’t agree with and don’t want to be said. Out of respect for a woman (though I have wondered whether you are really a woman or a real racialist, or some other kind of Romanist propagandist trying to spin and control) I won’t call you a troll.

  11. “The argument that we owe a moral debt to all Vietnamese” is wrong. Rather, we have a moral debt not to serve but to dismantle the “Federal – Non-Zionist-Talmudist – Vatican – Zionist-Talmudist Global Empire”.

  12. How about simply “Federal-Global Empire”? Talmudist, Vatican, Zionist, etc. are all understood. It is a kind of plutocracy.

  13. “I like the Vietnamese, but they have a homeland. It’s called Vietnam.”

    Sounds good in theory, but the South Vietnamese who supported America no longer had a homeland after North Vietnam won. What should we have done to help our South Vietnamese allies?

  14. EC writes, “””but the South Vietnamese who supported America no longer had a homeland after North Vietnam won. “”’

    You have the Vietnam war upside down, the US was in Vietnam to support the South Vietnamese, it was not the US which was in danger of being over run by communists.

    The fact that the South Vietnamese were corrupt and had many traitors was their problem and cause them to lose against the North Vietnamese.

  15. “Empire = Brown Out, since at least the Vedic times.”

    LOL! This is rich, considering that white Europeans (especially Northern Europeans) did not even have civilization, let alone empires, until well after the Vedic times.

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