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  1. I haven’t read the article yet and need to take a blood pressure pill before I do (sarcasm).

    So far I’m wondering if there were any people who had planned to go to the Traditional Youth Network protest of Tim Wise at IU?

    I wish there were more coordination and organization between activist groups.

  2. ThinJim is right. The Left uses “name calling” because demonization works.

    This is WHY I express myself the way I do. “Politeness” and good manners are for decent honest WHITE People. Those are WHITE People things. Oh – members of other Races may exhibit beautiful manners, etc – but it all comes down to power. You are either on top, or on the bottom. We Whites have been on top for centuries. Now – not so much. We’ve made a tragic mistake, be allowing ourselves to be conned and suckered by the Jew.

    Yes yes yes – I know there are tons of Race Traitors – but it still comes down to willful self delusion, and buying the poisoned Viper Oil the Jews decided to sell us.

    We are out of power now. We are a decided global minority. ZOG and their Golem are making the Final Push now. Good manners, to ZOG and their Orcs, signals “I’m weak. Come and kill me”. And that is ALL.

    We have no reason to be polite, and doing so is actually detrimental. Call the Lefties NAMES back. Make a scene. Don’t do anything illegal. Don’t use racial slurs, because the Kikenvermin want you to do that – but show anger, and fury, and outrage. Make up CREATIVE nasty NAMES. An affable demeanor signals that you don’t really care.

    I wish I could be there for the rally. I can not make this one. I will do my best to attend future events.

    You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. God speed to you all, and to us all.

  3. P.S. – Salon is Retard Central. Idiotic, clueless FAGS, and FagHags, way past their due date. They are running on fumes. They actually know this. This is why they are so desperate to push the Racist Southern Cracker meme. I’m certain those articles are the only articles that get ANY attention.

    The South was RIGHT.
    The Klan was RIGHT.
    Hitler was RIGHT.

  4. Heh Lind calls Andrew Jackson “faux populist.” Sounds like a typical Marxist analysis that won’t consider any force in history other than economics. Face it, your class consciousness and other theories are the real “social constructs,” developed by bourgeois Jews and others who would have been utterly out of place in a farm or factory; especially the former, Marx’s “rural idiocy” is the first manifestation of the Cafe communist hatred for people who actually work the land and understand nature, it would be followed by the wholesale slaughter of Russian peasant farmers.

  5. This one is even more amusing:
    Deluded secessionists have already won

    If this was a marriage we’d have already been divorced on moved into our own places. Why is it so important to stay together? Isn’t “less coercion” better?

    These are good questions to ask confused liberals. Why do you want to force whole states and regions to follow YOUR rules when they aren’t interested. Imagine the nirvana on Earth you could create if there were no more Tea Baggers in your House and Senate? Single payer, amnesty, total gun bans, 100% tax rates on the rich. Every liberal wet-dream could become a reality.

    All you need to do is Let Go!

  6. Three points:

    The value of the House, and the importance of getting out there and helping in the 2014 election.

    How most of our problems start getting better once Washington is out of the picture; despite this being a modest slow down, it already is having the desired impacts. What would a complete severance of ties with DC bring?

    Final point: the actual sundering of this nation will look something like this shutdown, it will not be a Fort Sumter / Gettysburg event.

  7. The first idiot commenter at that site says “the u.s. was the first country founded on an idea.”

    The preamble to the constitution says it was founded “FOR US AND OUR POSTERITY.”

    IT IS so funny these foreigners who deign to comment on a founding where their families were not present, and which was taught to them by trash t.v. And yet, they also think they are “sophisticated.”

    To mention this, you have to have some account with them or FB, which I do not, sadly. So, these tools are also on heavily censored sites.

    Wonder if they have ever even met people from families in u.s. before the founding. Doubt it. B.c then they would have learned about it outside their t.v.

  8. If what these people say is true, how come the Leftist mayor of NYC thought he could tell the people of Colorado how to vote? He even injected money into it. These people have gotten nearly everything they’ve wanted for the past fifty years. California is wrecked and the Rams left LA, because it’s no longer an American city. What more do they want?

  9. All publicity is good publicity. The fact there are so many “secessionist” stories from all over the country is a *good* thing. Apoplectic leftist responses are just icing on the cake.

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