Opposing Yankee Homosexual Rapist Cannibals

Presented for "Fair Comment"

(For “fair comment” Newsweek notes a Yankee alternative lifestyle)

We successfully protested Tyson Foods and the replacement of Southerners from Middle Tennessee. Our success was achieved by strong leadership, solid discipline – but also good issues. The leftist loons were forced to defend Tyson Food’s bad wages, bad immigration and bad animal cruelty, so naturally the Leftist loons wanted to change the subject and shout us down screaming …


Let’s try to think of some other protest issues that will work well for us.

Here’s my suggestion:

Opposing Yankee homosexual, rapist, serial killer, Canibals like Jeffrey Dahmer.

Southern States are much stronger than Northern Blue States when it comes to homosexual extremism – things like gay marriage equality or the Matthew Shepherd Federal Hate Crimes/Thought Crimes bill. So, we can expect 90% plus support for a principled pro Southern position opposing homosexual, rapist, serial killer cannibalism as practiced by Jeffrey Dahmer in the Northern Liberal state of Wisconsin.

This is another strong reason that the South needs to break away from the corrupt Liberal North dominated Amuricah – Yankees tolerate, promote homosexual extremism, including queer rapist, Cannibals!

When the South regains Southern independence, Yankee homosexual rapist, cannibals will be executed, not like Liberal Wisconsin where they are tolerated, treated as another victim group.

We should have lots of fun pressuring cowardly rich Christian Zionist churches to publicly oppose homosexual rapist cannibals and repeal the Matthew Shepherd Fed Hate Crimes bill. I’ve got a great audio file of crazed Black US Congressman LCD Hastings from Florida shouting that pedophilia and all kinds of other disgusting “philias” can not be discriminated against for who they are.

What do others think? What are some other causes that can spark a huge Southern rebelling against this sick and corrupt government/society.


  1. JR wrote:

    The leftist loons were forced to defend Tyson Food’s bad wages, bad immigration and bad animal cruelty

    I respond:

    And also, the Great 99%ers were forced to defend someone with a 2012 salary of $7.8 million, which probably puts Donny Smith in the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%.

    The state of Wisconsin may not have executed Dahmer, but they outsourced the job to prison blacks.

  2. I’ve rethought my position on this.

    Southern identity is going to fill in a whole lot of gaps.

    I think we need to work on our own local cultural identities, and dig deep to find meaning in place as the Southrons do. Fractured as most places are, we’re just not going to agree on much else.

  3. Mosin were these lines directed at me?

    “Your favourite haunts of Chicago and New York City are certainly NOT — and Nashville, the home of popular so-called “country” music, which we often call “adultery music”, is not among the holiest of hometowns either.”

    For whatever record, my family comes from Indiana (maternal grandparents) and Albany (paternal grandparents). Indiana grandma grew up on a farm; Albany irish and dutch/scottish were still fundamentally rural or at most, suburban. I took the name NY Yankees just to make a point, and I was a fan as kid growing up in suburban NJ.

    We have just so much time, folks.

  4. Mosin, for any psychologically positive semblance of group cohesion there has to a “they” to which you are superior.

    Heck, if it comes down to my neighborhood against the world, I certainly won’t be telling my neighbors everyone is better than us. We’re going to believe we’re the best, against all comers.

  5. I deleted a couple of comments here who simply don’t get this tongue in cheek effort at propaganda designed to appeal to poor, working class regular Whites in the South.

    Of course we don’t hate Whites in Wisconsin. I love Wisconsin.

    Unfortunately confused Whites in Wisconsin did vote for Obama and also voted in open lesbian Lib Democrat US Senator Tamy Baldwin, and Wisconsin let this homosexual rapist, murderer, cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer get away with his terrible crimes, without executing him – something that 99% of healthy Whites in the South would support/demand.

    Again, we’re trying to come up with effective propaganda campaigns.

    Why are we hair splitting on obviously easy topics like opposing homosexual rapist, murderers, cannibals?

    Do we really have liberal/libertarian loons here who are going to defend homosexual, rapist, mass murderers, cannibals like Jeffrey Daymer?

  6. Occigent, I understand it is natural to love and be attracted primarily to one’s own family, ethnic community and culture — and that there is another, secondary, natural love of one’s own RACIAL relatives worldwide, and of humanity. I think demonising ‘Yankee’ white people north of the Line is not natural or wise.

  7. NO regular commenter here would ever ‘defend homosexual, rapist, mass murderers, cannibals’. That is an absurd charge.

  8. I’m doing positive, real world activism, putting my money where my mouth is, taking out large billboard advertisements in Middle Tennessee opposing rich, a traitorous Tyson Foods CEO who floods Middle Tennessee with low wage Somalian Muslim food processing workers.

    One would think I would get some support for my hard, expensive activism.

    But noooooooooooo.

    Instead I must suffer the petty, foolish comments of couch sitting television boob tube watching goyim who just can’t seem to find a way to consider the obvious fact that regular poor, working class Whites in the South are going to oppose homosexual, rapist, murderers, cannibals like Jeffrey Dahmer from Wisconsin.

    It’s really not complicated folks – not complicated at all. Just do the simple, easy, day to day things in support of our people. Support our good people, oppose nasty Islamic terrorists, homosexual rapist, cannibals.

    We’re talking about homosexual rapist, murderers, cannibals – it’s an easy choice, not really complicated at all. Only a complete idiot, moron – maybe some Libertarian loon can’t see the obvious right answer.


    What are we going to do with our confused people? Is there a cure for the dumb goyim disease?

    Oh dear.

  9. I used to hate it too Mosin but I’m not a Southerner, this is their thing, and I’ve got to let it go. I know we Yankees like to see ourselves as little people and we wouldn’t ever admit our superiority as pilgrims before the Lord, but if we take the Southron’s views at face value, as we should, we’re pompous sons a bitches.

    I think at this late time we Yankees need to learn to let it go. We have to learn to let other whites go and give them the benefit of the doubt that as white people they’re doing things the best they can.

  10. Jack, I’m neither a Libertarian nor a couch-sitting television watcher. I grew up without television and don’t voluntarily even look at television. It is an utter waste of time, and I don’t want to support the evil. I don’t really comment on blogs all day as you imply. I comment on only two or three blogs including this one, and not every day. I do put my own time and limited funds into REAL political activism, not only recently, but for years. I appreciate your calls for real world activism, including running for office, communicating with representatives and voting in elections.

    The comments that were deleted on this thread regarded the unwisdom (I think) of the white-demonising anti-northern-white (‘damn Yankee’) propaganda strategy. My comments were not unreasonable, exaggerated or contentious.

    My answer to NYYankees’ question was also deleted, so I’ll repeat it now, but in a single sentence, so he has an opportunity to read it: When I wrote ‘Re: “Yankees”:’ I was not referring to you, NYYankees, but only to the use of “Yankees” in Jack’s post.

    Discussion threads should be more than a line of “yes men” marching in step. There should be room for difference of opinion in good spirit. Thanks, in advance, Jack, for not deleting this comment.

  11. “The leftist loons were forced to defend Tyson Food’s bad wages, bad immigration and bad animal cruelty”

    I wonder whether they REALLY defended those things, in addition to attacking southern ethnonational conservatism? Be truthful!

    “Southern States are much stronger than Northern Blue States when it comes to homosexual extremism”

    This northern state has a Defense of Marriage Act, and a lower rate of divorce-adultery than the average rate of states south of the Line. I believe that Christian sexual continence and normalcy is higher than average in rural areas, and this state does have the largest rural population of any state. Urban areas, including your own haunts of Chicago, New York and Nashville, are known to have higher than average rates of sexual depravity.

  12. “What do others think? What are some other causes that can spark a huge Southern rebelling against this sick and corrupt government/society.”

    Christian revival.

  13. Mosin,

    Steve D drove all the way from Middle Illinois to participate, very effectively in the League of the South’s protest against the displacement of Southerners from the South. Steve did a great job and was warmly welcomed by our Southern brothers in the South.

    Right now I don’t see you doing much of anything positive for OD, League of the South, CoCC our cause, outside of complaining on the Internet and going off on hobby horse hair splitting theological disputes. This type of pointless Internet trolling drives away new activists who want to be part of something positive that achieves real successes in the real world.

    There are so many simple positive things you could do. Tithe some small every month ~ $20, pass out literature, write letters to public officials etc.

    OD did ban a few people making consistent troll comments. Please note and make some changes in your personal life.

  14. Occigent – I deleted your comment where you defended Tyson CEO $7.8 million a year Donnie Smith. You seemed to be making some Libertarian loon, free market argument that Donnie Smith was a successful business man, instead of the horrible traitor to the South working to replace White Southerners with low wage slave Somalian Bantu Muslim savages.

    People, we need to tighten up our comments and also just our whole thought process and stop enabling horrible race traitors, especially filthy rich race traitors like Tyson CEO Donnie Smith, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Lindsey Graham.

    Defending, sucking up to traitorous rich White folks, that’s bad, very, very bad.

  15. Donnie Smith is the CEO of Tyson. He’s not the founder of Tyson. He’s no more or less an EMPLOYEE of Tyson than the entry level janitor at one of their chicken plucking plants. If he was making money for Tyson based on legitimate non-traitorous means, I wouldn’t care about his $7.8m compensation. But he’s making money for Tyson on the backs of immigration treachery, race treason, EL CHEAPO labor and the demographic displacement of the Dixieron. That’s why it matters to me, and should to the rest of us.

    Even if Donnie Smith was the founder of Tyson, I’d still be upset if he was building his business from scratch on the backs of EL CHEAPO labor black Muslim immigrants.

    Free market…yeah, for whites. Otherwise, some fortunes are better not made.

  16. Jack, thank you for the complement. All I did was hold a sign, smile, and wave at folks, but if you think I did a great job, I’ll take it FWIW. And you’re right about my humble self being warmly welcomed by the Southron brethren. Like one of them said, “We love our copperheads”.

  17. Here’s another example.

    Steve Ballmer (of the Developers Dance fame) recently retired as CEO of MSFT. Who is one of the leading candidates to replace him? Alan Mulally, who is currently the CEO at Ford. Now what does a car guy know about software? Nothing. It’s because CEOs of larger publicly traded companies aren’t hired with any relevance to what the company does, they’re hired for their managerial munchkin skills. Mulally wasn’t even a car guy, he started out at Boeing, in his field of expertise, aerospace engineering, but he rose through the managerial ranks, and when he got almost to the top at Boeing, but couldn’t get all the way there, he sold himself to Ford.

    If Mulally does go to MSFT, nobody but the most naive ideological cultist will believe that he will have ever had anything to do with what MSFT became. He’s just the temporary managerial munchkin that the Board of Directors hired to be at the top of MSFT’s managerial heap.

    CEOs of larger publicly traded corporations these days are more or less like head coaches of professional sports teams, different companies and teams recycling the same handful of failures and semi-successes over and over again.

    Just taking a pure guess in the dark, I think that Donnie Smith was that kind of person, a managerial munchkin who bounces back and forth between one corporate nest and another. His education is probably either Harvard B or Wharton, or something similar. He just happens to be on top of Tyson’s managerial structure at the moment; in reality, he probably couldn’t tell the difference between a chicken and a turkey just by looking.

  18. Jack Ryan says:

    ‘Unfortunately confused Whites in Wisconsin did vote for Obama and also voted in open lesbian Lib Democrat US Senator Tamy Baldwin, and Wisconsin let this homosexual rapist, murderer, cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer get away with his terrible crimes, without executing him – something that 99% of healthy Whites in the South would support/demand.’

    ‘What do others think?’

    Jack, your criticism of Wisconsinites voting for Obama and Baldwin is warranted.

    However, tossing in the Dahmer, cannibal stuff for effect is weird.

    He didn’t get away with anything. He was tried and sentenced to prison, would never see the light of day. Most people wanted him executed, BUT Wisconsin abolished the death penalty in 1853.

  19. Sam,

    I am going for gut wrenching, reach the regular White Southern guy in the street type propaganda, similar to Lee Atwater’ssuccessful use of Willie Horton weekend furlough to destroy the candidacy OD Mass Liberal Mike Dukakis.

    By opposing the most extreme of homosexual extremism Dahmer style homo rape, murder cannibalism, by planting the idea that Lib Blue states like Wisconsin tolerate this stuff, we’re getting Southern Whites to support breaking away from Lib blue state USA.

    We have to stop being so fair and “reasonable”, our enemies aren’t fair and reasonable, why should we be nice, polite losers who given in to replacement, White genocide without resorting to somewhat deceitful propaganda practices.

  20. The problem with blaming people for making too much money is that it ostracizes even the successful who work for companies that aren’t anti-white, who might have otherwise supported you.

    The funny thing is, the poorest financially solvent individuals (the ones you might call “normal”), people you may not meet in your Chicago high rise, hate class envy the most. They live right next door to the failures and they see it’s all a matter of decisions that aren’t pleasant, and discipline.

    • More on this later.

      Briefly, I expect we will continue doing what we are doing, our numbers will grow, the taboos will weaken, sympathizers will join us as their fears are alleviated, and in such a way the “movement” in the South will be pulled out of the internet ditch.

  21. Didn’t you tell Hunter to quit the movement and get a job in finance from one of his rich buddies from Auburn, and raise a family?

    No doubt Hunter’s rich buddies from Auburn all make money from trading pillow soft clouds among good white peoples.

  22. Hey Occident,

    Stop being a contrarian, stop being negative.

    We had a very successful protest in Middle TN, virtually every single regular White Southerner I met agree with my billboard advert targeting filthy rich, Tyson CEODonnie Smith for flooding Middle TN with low wage Somalian Muslim workers, also supported my advert documenting Tyson’s terrible record on animal cruelty.

    I/we chose Tyson CEO Donnie Smith as a propaganda enemy that regular White working class Southerners would hate – he’s not some poor immigrant working to put food on the family table, he’s a $7.8 million a year White traitor who searches for the cheapest Neo slave labor and he abuses animals to boot.

    Why would any health sane White Southerner from Leftto Right make excuses for this traitor Donnie Smith – unless they just want to suck up, sell out to anyone with money, do the Judas thing, take the 30 pieces of silver.

    Occident – very few Christian White Southerners view Judas as a sympathetic figure and even Judas wasn’t outed as being extremely cruel to animals.

    Please stop these contrarian , negative comments.

    We are being successful, working for positive success in the real world.

    Your negativity is not appreciated here.

    So just stop it.

  23. Jack Ryan says:

    ‘Sam, I am going for gut wrenching, reach the regular White Southern guy in the street type propaganda, similar to Lee Atwater’s successful use of Willie Horton weekend furlough to destroy the candidacy OD Mass Liberal Mike Dukakis.’

    Jack, I agree with you for the most part about using gut wrenching propaganda. And yes, the Willie Horton ad was quite effective because — it was based on truth, not fantasy or unsubstantiated, far- fetched claims.

    Horton was a slug who should have remained behind bars. People were outraged that he was furloughed and then went on a spree of robbing, assaulting and raping.

    If we stray too far from the actual facts and make outlandish claims, it will produce a negative response among honest, decent people.

    I admit I could be wrong judging on the successes of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and the lying, radical left. They have snagged ALL the chips on the table using strategies most decent people would regard as dishonest and contemptible.

  24. I believe two beautiful, healthy 20 year old whites killed plus countless whites disabled permanently, disfigured, raped, beaten and stun-gunned by black haters in about a week qualifies as gut-wrenching. I’m just counting purely hate-crime murders of strangers here; if I included the number of whites killed by blacks they knew in the past week the figure would be higher.

    Anyone checked out this yesterday’s story on Martha Childress? Or Natasha McShane?

    The hatred Diversity acts out on our people is what more whites need to find out about. It’s simple and obvious, and fully exposes that the federal government is anti-white.

  25. Hey Jack Ryan

    Don’t call the Somalis terrorists. That’s a pivot. It’s a cue to bring out the “most Muslims aren’t terrorists” line, which is true, and arguing against it really is bigotry, which is what the proggies want to argue against.

    It leads to further policies of respect for Muslims and interfaith efforts to turn them into Progressives (Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a scoundrel, but I heartily approve of him berating his muslim priest that he only wants to hear about Mohammed (piss be upon him) in his muslim temple, and not about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

    Don’t call them victims of wage slavery or terrorism either. That makes you a proggy.

    It also leads to more food stamps for immigrants, paid for by taxes on us.

    Say merely that they are not us, and they are being shipped in to suppress our wages and to be turned into a vote bank against our interests.

    Then watch the proggies
    (1) explain that the Somali’s interests are our interests and not the proggy’s interests. For example, while proggies have been destroying the family in the West, no one has been promoting homosexuality and divorce among Somalis, so Somalis hold shockingly regressive views. This means that Somalis are just Republicans we haven’t met yet if only we would stop being bigoted towards them.

    (2) explain that suppressing our wages increases some kind of global utility function

    (3) explain that (tehe, thanks to explicit federal assistance to minorities starting businesses, but don’t mention it or you’re racist) immigrants end up starting businesses a lot (contradicting 2, of course; if we cared about the global utility function, they should start those businesses in their land), and therefore don’t suppress wages (even though those gas stations and convenience stores would otherwise be run and staffed by Whites).

    (4) explain that America is a melting pot and all Men are Created equal and we’re a new nation dedicated to liberty and so forth

    Anyway, the same logic applies to homosexuals. Homosexuals we will always have with us.

    Celebrating their lifestyle and pretending it’s exactly like the family, the blasphemy that is gay marriage, the disgusting glorification of homosexual rapist cannibal murderers and other forms of sexual degeneracy – this is one of the core principles of progressivism.

    Nail them to that cross.

    Dahmer absolutely deserved execution. Wisconsin’s refusal to execute was due to their progressive laws. Make them explain those laws, not with respect to the Athenian strategos who were ordered executed for losing battles by the Athenian mob, nor with respect to Jesus, ordered executed according to the wishes of the Jewish mob, but with respect to Dahmer. Make them explain why prison security is so lax that Blacks can murder in there. Make them explain why a respectable publication like Newsweek made a cover of Dahmer (and Time of Dzhokhar).

  26. I would just like to apologise to Occigent as I understand he is a solid patriot and supports OD.

    Mea culpa

    I’m sorry.

    I just want to keep our positive, victory in Tennessee going forward. I’m also a bit defensive when people criticize my propaganda and I really put everything I had in to this Tyson Foods is bad for Tennessee campaign.

    I’m sorry Occigent.

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