Tennessee Tyson Protest Post Cards are Available

Tyson post cards

I ordered high glossy large post cards based on my/our billboard advert. They didn’t arrive in time for me to bring to our protests, but they were here when I came back. I think they are excellent.

I can order them for you, to be sent to your home/private PO box 100 for $15.75 plus postage, that’s 15 cents per post card.

We had great signs, now get some great post cards.


  1. I wasn’t able to come (had to work Saturday) but I live in the Antioch area near I-24. It’s just 30 minutes to Murfreesboro and 50 to Shelbyville for me, and I’d be glad to order some postcards and go raise some awareness this coming weekend to atone for my absence. Should I pay through the paypal tab?

  2. Just tell me how many you want.

    .15$ 15 cent per card

    Tell me how many, where you want me to send them.

    They look great .


  3. Thank you for protesting animal cruelty – another issue that should be reclaimed from the mindless “progressive” agenda.

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