The SPLC and South Carolina’s SB 20

In South Carolina, the SPLC legislates and the US Justice Department executes
In South Carolina, the SPLC legislates and the US Justice Department executes

South Carolina

In 2011, South Carolina passed an immigration law modeled on Arizona’s SB 1070.

The US Justice Department, SPLC, ACLU, MALDEF and the National Immigration Law Center then sued South Carolina in federal court. The federal judge over the US District Court in South Carolina gutted SB 20 and his decision was upheld earlier this summer by the 4th US Circuit Court of Appeals.

In South Carolina, we can see the same coalition of interest groups that we have already encountered in Georgia and Tennessee: the SPLC and ACLU, corrupt Republicans like Sen. Lindsey Graham, agribusiness and chicken processing plants that want cheap labor, ethnic organizations like the NCLR and MALDEF, the anti-White liberal media which glamorizes illegal aliens and demonizes natives, and above all the US federal judges who now wield more power than royal governors.

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  1. You know what’s weird? I’m not even angry about this anymore. I’m indifferent. We can expect any kind of immigration-restriction law with any real teeth to be gutted before it ever gets implemented. There’s no scapegoat here other than this cursed Union. Without the Union, the SPLC would be powerless. Without the Union, we could deport whoever we want, whenever we want to. Without the Union, Whites could live normal lives again.

    End the tyranny.

    Dissolve the Union!

  2. We could live normally without the Union. But how do we get there? We’ve got to wait for the Beast to collapse, focus on surviving until then.

    Eastern Europe didn’t only survive under Communism. Now free, a lot of those peoples are very traditional and nationalistic.

    I have no idea how to fight this, but persecution can make a people stronger. I like the Mantra sign that was put up recently in Arkansas (see CofCC). I think if people wake up, they’ll fight. Even if we can’t win politically, if whites regain a desire to survive as a people, then we’ve won regardless. Winning is surviving, and whites have a better chance at survival if they… want to survive and have some sense of identity.

  3. All above are right, of course. The Promise was, I believe, that the earth “shall not perish by water again, but by fire”. And, the end of the earth as we know it, that is the so-called “united States” is totally due for collapse “by fire” and very soon, IMHO. “Only the strong survive, and they will be those who can and always have cared for themselves and their own. The “weak” who totally dependent on a Union government handout each month for food and sustenance will NOT survive. The survivors can then “start over”.

  4. All of the Central American jungle folks wandering around the low country can’t be doing anything for property values. It’s really creepy to see them emerge from the foliage in South Carolina looking like a lost tribe of head hunters.

    The construction sites are Mexican operations. You may have one White bricklayer, and seven Mexican helpers. but, soon the one White bricklayer will be gone, if he isn’t already.

    I’ve been told the Mexicans are taking/have taken over fiberglass boat building. (99.9% of small boats are fiberglass)

  5. Well, Spencer,

    The ones with the big savings are the very people who have taken the handout, from their government jobs, the very people who caused the problems— the inflated school salaries, military, military pensions and fat “home schoolers,” administrators of all the welfare-warfare programs, etc. These are the people most “sitting pretty,” if truth be told. They will be the same “survivor” wankers as they were under their government republican paychecks and welfare admin paychecks— and the exact same kind of “sellouts.” If the tide ever turns, Ms. Bauer will be first in line to say the exact opposite for her dough, most probably.

    Funny that she mentions Latinas, LOL.

    They really are the only kind of “immigrant,” aren’t they? (And she knows it.)

    Importing one ethnic group (racially, religiously) to create a new “hegemony” in a land space is very obviously genocide. The government who (in tandem with foundations such as this one, and big business) will print everything in a foreign language (spanish) will obviously CEASE to print things in the country’s original language (whenever they see fit).

    Could you imagine going to China, and simply printing everything in Nigerian? Could you imagine going to Russia and just printing everything in Italian? Could you imagine going to France and just printing everything in German? Could you imagine going to an Indian Reservation and printing everything in Hebrew? Could you imagine going to Israel and printing everything in Latin?

    In previous world history, this would be seen as beyond treason. As an act of aggression so great that…. well, who knows.

  6. Earl,
    talked to someone from a ‘union’ job who said they swept through where he was, and literally like the white guys were all gone, and hundreds of south americans put on the site (large site). Everything was then conducted in a foreign tongue.

    Many of the “liberals” if they really understood the reality of that kind of scene would jump ship from their positions; there’s no doubt of it. They really do live in the little fantasy bubble that people s/a them are given as a life, of the movies that create their whole sense of reality, not real-life job sites.

    Also, they believe this bubble-life is what “sophistication” is (it’s what they are told). Always they are shocked when richer, better educated people reject them for their narrow stupidity.

  7. Here’s the other thing about these people and their jobs:

    Why did they not want –how to say?— TO LIVE? Did they not have anything inside them to do to grow, make, create? Some burning desire and goal to contribute in a real way to the world? Why was this creativity sucked out of them? Is it bad parenting? Or just genetic? Or what?

    People who just see to get a foundation check on processing immigrants or that sort of thing—- well, they are lacking (obviously) in a desire to create, make, produce and so on.

    Idk…. what happened to make them so uninspired like that?

    With some weight loss, a little makeup done differently, and a different haircut, this lady would look a bit better.

  8. How about giving the names, contact information of the worst Fed judges who denied the will of the people in South Carolina?

    Populist conservatives in 1980s California used to recall corrupt judges who overturned the death penalty.

  9. I’m a non-white race realist and I hope I don’t offend anybody by saying that I’m not bothered by whites going extinct. I don’t care if whites survive as a people. I just don’t want you guys to be persecuted on your way out. What’s happening to whites everywhere is tragic and my deepest fear is that the U.S. and Europe will start to go down the same path as South Africa.

  10. Of course, the best outcome for me would be for whites to survive. But if you guys don’t, that’s alright with me as long as you aren’t persecuted ’til the end of your days.

  11. Saw the vid. Very funny. Listen to this yenta warpig play the ‘unconstitutional’ righteous indignation card on the Whites of South Carolina. The Whites should stick ‘unconstitutional’ right up the collective wazoo of the Jew power orgs.

  12. Let me assure my fellow Americans that once your community is majority Hispanic it is no longer America. I myself am getting ready to leave El Norte (South Texas) and will relocate to a recognizabley American area. I work for a national retail chain and have to endure meetings conducted in Spanish, pushy Mexican customers who are aghast if you don’t speak Spanish, and am eternally vexed as to why our unpatriotic and traitorous business leaders hire Mexicans who travel into America every day and deprive American citizens of a livelihood. Our city government is headed by a bunch of spineless Hispanic politicians addicted to the federal trough and cannot or rather do not care that the Mexicans step all over our sovereignty. People like the woman in this video are responsible for destroying Texas, it’s not the same state I remember as a kid, one day they will have to explain to their children why they actively destroyed America.

  13. one day they will have to explain to their children why they actively destroyed America.

    Well you see Ari, there were pogroms and nazis and republicans and so the goys had to go. So we pointed to the seashore and told them to swim to the other side…I think they’re still going hehehe.

  14. Jack Ryan,

    Thanks. I’ll look into that. I hate linking to the SPLC site, but I’ll google this story. If possible, I never want to visit the SPLC site. I don’t understand why it’s ever linked, with all due respect.

  15. Typical anti-White Jews from the ADL.

    And I wouldn’t link to them either. They probably have an IP address collection system, so they can build a database of who visits them and from which location. Its the kind of thing they would do.

  16. The horror…the horror…there’s nobody to pick strawberries anymore! In a democracy people are sovereign; not some select sybils who get to interpret a legal document. Why should the few decide for the many? Or know better? But these are academic questions and why a written constitution that pretends to limit popular sovereignty is of course profoundly anti-democratic.

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