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  1. “A lot of Southrons need to be lynched. But that will have to wait until after the Secession succeeds.”

    Any realized scenario that encompasses secession will result in your having ample opportunity to “bust caps” into all and sundry. (Of course many will be shooting back.)

  2. “Arkansas like West Virginia had a Rockefeller as a major political player for years.”

    There were lots of “yellow dog” Democrats in both places. That’s why Manchin still gets elected in WVA. The fat cat Republican coal companies can be a might “high-handed” to say the least.

  3. Not just yellow dogs. In the case of West Virginia, in particular, a lot of voters (perhaps most) lean left on economic issues.

  4. Very good link, GrahamB, because this non-white (Wong, apparently East Asian) starts out saying everything right about the white race and the genocide, and ‘the mantra’, proving that he UNDERSTANDS it all — before he changes personality to conclude with an intense (powerfully PC) denunciation of all racists and denial of the reality of race in general. How many thousands of others understand it as fully as they deny it?

  5. Mosin Nagant says:
    October 21, 2013 at 12:25 pm

    You have very poor reading comprehension Mosin.

    Like all anti-Whites he certainly understands “race”, when it comes to blaming one identifiable group (Whites), for all that is evil in this world.

    And he does not deny it is genocide, he justifies it and he gloats.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

  6. The common response to the Mantra, is they claim race doesn’t exist or matter and then they do a 180 and start ranting about the White race, being uniquely evil race.

    So race doesn’t exist/race does exist.

  7. The only way double think like that, targeting only one group makes any sense, is if “anti-racism” is just racism against White people.

  8. A guerrilla marketing campaign could go viral, by the way. Chalk on sidewalks, bill boards, home made signs, flags. Marking territory is a great way to hack into the mammalian mind.

  9. GrahamB, I did understand that he justifies the genocide, and I said he concludes with intense denunciation and denial of what he seemed to present objectively, even somewhat sympathetically, in the first part. He rejoices in the demise of white racialists. As you noted, the first part of his essay shows he comprehends our position fully, which makes him VERY guilty.

  10. “In the case of West Virginia, in particular, a lot of voters (perhaps most) lean left on economic issues.”

    Yes, the coal companies generated a lot of union organizing against themselves.

  11. I personally think that when you try to ground the ‘debate’ in terms of race realism, you’ll always lose with any moderates you’re attempting to convince. Instead of saying anti-racist is code word for anti-white, what should be pointed out is racism against whites. It’s everywhere, all over and we have endless evidence to prove it.

    But when you posit the argument in terms of to question racism is to be anti-white you’re basically saying there are races in a deeply biological sense, and the vast majority of middle and lower class whites don’t believe that. They would grasp that they’re being subjugated and even genocided if you pointed out to them that their race isn’t granted the same legal protections as the other ones.

    I am certain that agitating within the system only works if you work racism against whites as the crux of the matter. Most middle and lower class whites believe in cultural, ethnic and economic issues but not in race realism. The system is set up to defeat any white movement that tries to argue within it using race realist mindset.

    When you point out that Holder is racist, for eg, when he says we aren’t protected by hate crimes, and then to all the hate crime murders of whites by blacks for eg, you win. When you point to how whites are not protected from job discrimination on the basis of their race, you win.

    When you assert that we’re a superior biological race you’ll ALWAYS LOSE. That’s separatist ideology and should be reserved for a separate sphere. Within the system, just fight for whites equal civil rights, which we most definitely are denied, and we’ll go as far as we can within the system, which I think will break into a civil war before whites are treated equally…

  12. I’m curious what you all think about the “memes” we are promoting such as the one on the billboard and our “secede” stickers. Are these words and phrases easily understood by those who are completely clueless and whom we are trying to educate? If you weren’t already knowledgeable about these things would you know what message the billboard was trying to convey? What does the word “secede” in isolation mean to the uninformed?

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