It was a long and eventful weekend here in St. Charles, Missouri.

Jack Ryan, William Rome, and Kyle Rogers were here for the wedding. I woke up this morning a married man.

Note: There are plenty of professional photos, but they are still being developed. I snapped this one with my smartphone in the church. Kyle also filmed the wedding and reception. We will upload a clip to YouTube.


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  1. My dears – you are beautiful!!!! Perfect and wonderful and beautiful.

    Snowy – I love White Weddings, too.

    Renee – you are GORGEOUS, Post pics of the dress. That’s the best parconfriot, IMHO,

    Now- Hunter, selfish man – I am not sending you a watchfob. Evil selfish man.

    You will get a prezzie for the house. Towels, or sheets, or something like that. Tell me the colors you prefer Renee. I love high quality cotton sheets. The Hubster can ruefully confirm this fact. I have stated that if I lose EVERYTHING, and am forced to live under a bridge, in a cardboard box, I will still have minimum 600 count sheet sets.

    Towels are great as well. As these things can be used on a daily basis, and make like more snuggly and comfy.

    So RENEE NOT HUNTER – please disclose color preferences.

    Cheers, and all the love in my Heart,

  2. And I would have been there if work didn’t have me living out of a suitcase for most of last week and this week.


    Which church? I get the feeling it was Emmanuel Lutheran.

  3. HW

    I don’t think I really missed them. I think I know who they are.

    Really, I shouldn’t complain, because from early January to mid-May, I’ll practically be living in Jefferson City to correspond with the legislative session.

    One of these days, all this rubber chicken business is going to be worth it.

  4. Thanks y’all for your best wishes!

    Denise, thanks for your kind words. I fell in love with my dress lol. I love blue and green. Those are my favorite colors, and you’re right, cotton sheets are definitely the best. We need items for our home and the family that we’re going to start soon. I want at least 5 kids, but I’m hoping more like 6. We have to do our part to replenish the white race. The most basic way to start to save our people, is to have kids.

    Countenance, yes it was at Immanuel Lutheran. That’s our church. It was a beautiful, traditional wedding.

  5. Damn, I wish I would have known. I would have been there, I live in Arnold, not too far away.

    I would have left the pugs at home, though.

  6. I know who you are Anthony. I figured it out a while ago lol. I was just calling you by the name you use on here

  7. Very honored to be there.

    A beautiful couple.

    Missouri just outside of brutal St. Louis has good stock.

    Lutheran wedding church – looks solid, a bit bland, not many White or Black folks speaking I tongues.


    The reception was fun, very solid all male Village People rendition of


    Just disappointed younger White gals wouldn’t partner dance with me.

    Oh well.

    Wishing Mr. And Mrs Huntsr Wallace all the best…

    Mrs. Wallace isn’t allowed to bring her country dog “Tank” to Chicago for the honeymoon , but the couple is most welcome.

  8. Please accept my very best wishes for your future happiness. Congratulations and may God bless you.

  9. Best wishes to you both, and may God bless you with health, happiness, children & many days together. Hope to meet you both one day soon.

    “Lex & Amanda”,
    Biloxi, MS

  10. I LOVE BLUE AND GREEN TOO!!!! Ooops! What size? Queen?

    I fell in love with my gown, too. I got an English made gown, pure silk, ivory, A-line, encrusted with pearls, along the neckline. Very simple, yet the fabric glowed…I was feuding with my long time cohort Haughty Blonde, at the time. I loved my dress so much that I invited her to the wedding. She thought my gown was in perfect taste – and she is a HUGE snob – so that was a gift.

    I also loved my bouquet. I had a bouquet of golden apricot, peach, and cream colored roses. I stared at it all night long. We just had our anniversary, by the by. We were married in October as well. Gosh – I know a wedding is technically about getting married – but all the accoutrements are so enchanting! Wedding gowns are so preeeeeetty!

    Weddings are fun!!!

    You look so lovely, and Hunter looks SO happy! I smile every time I gaze on the pixture. Your dress is graceful, and the bouquet is lovely and fresh. Those are daisies, n’est ce pas? Or asters? Marvelous!

    Oh – I got totally addicted to “wedding porn” when I was planning the nuptuals. I still watch “Say Yes to the Dress” – Atlanta version upon occasion.

    You will have gorgeous kids.

  11. Ahhh….I post too fast – and my “auto-correct” or whatever does some weird crap. It’s one thing when it’s my typos, and another thing when I get something like “pixture” WHAT?????

    Windows 8 is Demon Possessed.

    Just let me know the size sheets you need.


  12. Congratulations to both of you, and may you be very happy. Six kids would be good; my youngest daughter has six, and assures me that, after number two, there’s basically no extra marginal cost per child. Of course, that assumes living bunkhouse style, but there’s worse things could happen to a child. At any rate, the kids are not complaining.

  13. That’s great! Felicitations! I’ll have been married 30 years next July. I hope you well surpass that.

  14. Have plenty of kids.

    Are you thinking about settling in St Charles? It’s the actual St Louis.

  15. Thanks for saying that Hunter. You would make a great diplomat of the coming Southern nation.

    I like to think I am a good dancer, but get few opportunities.

    Nietzsche once said that he could only believe in a God that danced. I think I can only be patriotic to a nation, people that danced in a positive, way, with men leading appreciative, attractive women. Another reason I can’t stand Puritan, feminists, Muslims – none dance.

  16. Hunter Wallace looks so proud and happy. And for good reason! I’m sure Hunter is probably good in bed, too! I don’t know who I envy more – the husband or the wife. I would be happy in either shoe! Just remember – make a lot of white babies, and you’ll be in God’s path of White racial preservation.

    So a hat tip to you, and a hearty congratulations to your new bride, who is the luckiest woman alive. I now see you as my White Brother. Treat her like God’s own sweatheart, and she’ll love you to the end of time. God bless. White strength!

  17. Yeah.

    You knew all these dance moves, but you forgot that the women you were asking to dance didn’t know them, so they didn’t want to get up there in front of all their friends and embarrass themselves.

  18. Congratulations! I’m sure you’ll both be very happy together. May you have a large and beautiful family.

  19. Congratulations to the newlyweds. I’m sure Bob Eubanks would be proud.

    But now to the elephant in the room: others certainly have noticed but I guess I have to be the one to mention it – what was the Cambodian doing there? You know, near the front. Her presence seemed rather jarring, considering the ideological slant of the attendants.

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