Tom Watson Statue To Be Removed From Georgia State Capitol

ADL exults over the removal of the Tom Watson statue at the Georgia State Capitol
ADL exults over the removal of the Tom Watson statue


Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia recently signed an executive order authorizing the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta.

Rather than be seen as a weakling who is capitulating to the demands of a PC lynch mob, Gov. Deal claims that it is only a “safety issue” and that the statue is being removed due to a “big renovations” project on the steps of the State Capitol, but a spokesman for the Georgia Building Authority says that it would be a “prohibitive cost” to restore the statue to its present location and that it is being permanently removed to a nearby park.

In reality, the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the Georgia State Capitol is part of a well organized leftwing agitation campaign to remove the monument which includes a petition on that has gathered nearly 1,000 signatures. The ADL has issued a press release praising Gov. Nathan Deal for acting to remove the Tom Watson statue which has “offended” them for so many years:

 “For many years we at the ADL and many Georgians of good will have been offended by the statute of Tom Watson standing in a place of honor at the front entrance of the capitol,” said Shelley Rose, Associate Director of the ADL Southeast Region. “We are grateful to Governor Deal for acting to move the statue. In doing so he sends a clear message that he will not tolerate the hatred and bigotry that defined so much of Watson’s career.”

Gov. Nathan Deal has succeeded in sending a “clear message” to State Rep. Tyrone Brooks, the president of the Georgia Association of Elected Black Officials, who is “elated” by the removal of the Tom Watson statue, and who would like to see the statues of Sen. Richard Russell, Gov. Eugene Talmadge, and Confederate General John B. Gordon also removed from the State Capitol, as well as all the other statues which he considers offensive.

Rep. Brooks has linked the removal of the Tom Watson statue to the NAACP’s victory in the removal of the 1956 Georgia State Flag. He believes that it is “a sign of progress” and that Gov. Deal has decided that it is time to “begin to remove the old racist artifacts” from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol.

He also hopes that these “old racist artifacts” will be replaced by African-American, Native American, and Asian American monuments which represent “the Georgia of today” rather than “yesterday.”

Note: I’m seriously considering going to Atlanta to protest this.

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  1. This is a damn shame.

    The Jews hate Watson because he pointed out over a year after Leo Frank had been found guilty of murder by a trial jury in Georgia, that Frank according to his own trial testimony had confessed to the murder. People forget that Watson was the Jerry Spence/F. Lee Bailey of his day in Georgia. An accomplished defense attorney, who may have saved as many as 54 Blacks from gallows. Watson knew and understood Blacks!

    But, the Jews had another, and less known reason to hate Watson.

    A lady from the Mount Vernon Ladies Aid Society, had written a very soft piece in a national woman’s magazine questioning how a Jew named Levy had gained control of Thomas Jefferson’s home Monticello. According to the Jew spin, even back then, this Levy was a patriot who had bought Monticello for altruistic reasons. Watson didn’t buy it, and he went to Virginia to investigate. What Watson found, and documented was that Levy had stolen the estate from the Jefferson family. This didn’t go well with the Hebrews and their meme.

    Watson antagonized the Roman Catholic’s by publishing all of the latest Catholic sex scandals coming out of Europe. Watson didn’t publish and homosexual, or pedophilia, but, he did publish the latest priest-nun-female parishioner type of straight sex scandals. My guess is that Watson had friends in the American diplomatic corps who sent him the European clippings. LOL.

    Watson, although a progressive populist, was an anti-socialist and wrote critically of the socialists. He also attacked the big Northern money, and those Southerners who sold out to it.

    If you go back and read Tom Watson’s magazines, newspapers and articles, they are still as fresh today as they were 100 years ago!

  2. Excellent comment, Earl. MORE statues of Watson ought to be erected, as near as possible to Talmudic and Roman temples and Global Banker headquarters. Since we can no longer afford statues, erect posters or signs then.

  3. Depriving a people of their culture, traditions, history and heroes is every bit a part of the genocide agenda as forced racial integration and “assimilation”.

  4. Willis Carto’s book “profiles in populism” had good sections on Watson and Father Coughlin.

    I like Coughlin – mass audience or fighting working class Christians – opposed the Jews as shyster usury bankers.

  5. Father Coughlin was outstanding, but, when the Pope told him to shut up, he shut up for the next 40 years!

  6. As the last paragraph makes clear:

    He also hopes that these “old racist artifacts” will be replaced by African-American, Native American, and Asian American monuments which represent “the Georgia of today” rather than “yesterday.”

    This would be an excellent site to protest the replacement of the Southern people and all things connected with their history, which is, by his own admission exactly what is going on here.

  7. I support the campaign to keep Watson’s statue on the state capitol grounds, in spite of his Anti-Catholicism. All of our political leaders, from colonial times to now had moral and spiritual flaws. To use these flaws to demonize them is an old leftist trick. Tear down the founding fathers of a people, and promote your guys as the knights in shining armor. The dupes who buy into this crap are too stupid to realize the new order will be no different or worst than the old order in the long run. And if they don’t measure up to the new order, it will give them the same treatment that they gave the leaders of the old order, probably with a bullet in the back of the head as an added bonus.

  8. The irony of this is that Watson was fairly left-wing himself. He was one of the key figures in the Populist movement.

    Maybe the traditional poles of left and right do not apply in this controversy.

  9. Does it surprise anyone the Jews closed ranks around Leo Frank? I seriously doubt they lynched Frank because he was a Jew. They just wanted to make sure justice was done. Influential Northern Jews had moved in to get Frank off the hook.

    The Jews depraved indifference to goyim life is such that protecting even a pedophile child killer was not beyond the pale. But it makes sense given that their actions were consistent with Talmudic principles. The recently deceased Rabbi Yosef taught that the goyim were not fully human.

    The Jews vanguard role in helping further white genocide makes a lot more sense if you remember that like poor Mary Phagan they don’t see us or white children as fully human.

  10. Earl, be fair. In response to agitation from Jewry, the US government made serious threats against the church to get them to silence the great and honorable Father Coughlin. One can undermine a series of legitimate points on a topic by overstating a case.

  11. Yes, Lew, the government did pressure the denomination, many times, which did not initiate but increased the pressure on Coughlin. At one point he was threatened with a charge of sedition.

    But he was such a showman and promoter — in the tradition of popular American evangelists and megachurch founders. However, his only scandals seem to have been using his platform to pressure the government to free silver prices, which it was revealed would have made his church and radio organisation a fortune since they were invested heavily in silver, and resuming political activity and broadcasting after he had vowed to cease forever if Lemke was defeated. He finally did stop under threat of expulsion from the priesthood, from 1942 until his death in 1979.

  12. @Lew

    The argument that Watson always made, was when Protestants couldn’t criticize Roman Catholics, Jews, Moslems, Buddhists, or whatever then our Republic was over!

    The Roman Catholic Church was powerful enough to get Watson’s publications banned from the US Mail on at least two occasions simply because he had reported on straight Roman Catholic Church sex scandals in Europe.

    If you read Watson’s publications, his criticism of the Roman Catholic Church is very tame and historical.

    As far as Father Coughlin goes, silenced for 40 years Lew?

    Another interesting twist, is that Watson claimed he had proof of a formal political alliance between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jews to control American politics. That may seem like a bizarre claim by Watson, but, it sure as heck looks like it today when you follow the votes of the Catholics & Jews in Congress. Political deals by the Roman Catholic Church are not unknown, and are fairly common in the history of Europe.

    I’m sure that the Roman Catholic fellows here are acting & speaking in good faith, but like Father Coughlin they just haven’t gotten the memo. Not yet anyway.

  13. To those who are Anti-Catholic, remember this saying “Anti-Catholicism is the pornography of the Puritans.” So, boys, go ahead and enjoy your copies of Maria Monk.

  14. I think it’s really interesting that the Roman Catholic Church was politically powerful enough 100 years ago to get Tom Watson’s publications banned twice from the US Mail for reporting the news.

    Woodrow Wilson banned Watson from the US mail after the US intervention in WWI, because Wilson knew Watson would oppose American intervention.

    Wilson’s opposition to Watson didn’t hurt Watson who was elected US Senator after WWI.

    Remember, in those days, before UPS, and FED EX there was no way to distribute a book or publication except through the mail.

  15. Wow, Earl, I did not know that.

    Maybe they could move this statue to our house, if it is really homeless? It would look great somewhere around here.

    And he really had quite a career, and was so incredibly populist you’d think it would save him from the chopping block, as he did more for the left than most of leftists have.

    Monument Desecration is a known aspect of Genocide

  16. @ Tom was an agrarian populist rebel, who grew ever more anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic as he matured….

    lol, maturity will do that to a person

  17. Steven,

    I know you think I’m “anti-catholic,” but it’s very funny, in the sense that I AM simply NOT one. That’s all, really. Like how jews call everyone who is not them “anti-semitic.” To me, calling anyone “anti-catholic” is the same thing—- just an unwillingness to let in their very different position, ideas, reality.

    Northwest euro protestants have our own history. Well…HAD, since the pope’s coming in 1965 for the first time, and with much machinations, changed what the country could be, for us, (and really all whites, lol) forever.

    Many non-catholics have deep OLD ties to the u.s. country, since so many of us were already in the colonies when the country was founded, that stated it was “for us and our posterity.” And yes, founded by mostly non-catholics, almost categorically. So, we have our own knowledges, history, early american writers, poets, painters, music, and much more.

    Frankly, I think having lost the U.S. and Canada, the pope has finally managed to wipe out Nordic europe. (Good for him, I guess, but it is Genocide. The latinization of the u.s. is good even for white catholics, imo—they are in high positions now, when they never could have been before, and brought the mexicans to put them there)

  18. @DixieGirl The wild card factor in this debacle are the descendants of Tom Watson, some of whom are very well heeled. Well they defend Watson? Stay tuned—this ain’t over by a long shot!

  19. Dixiegirl, your comments always make good sense.

    Earl, good thinking on the role of the descendants, family honour and all. Any information yet?

  20. “That may seem like a bizarre claim by Watson, but, it sure as heck looks like it today when you follow the votes of the Catholics & Jews in Congress.”

    Not to mention the Supreme Court!!! Six Catholics and three Jews.

  21. America: Land of the Oligarch and the White Slave

    Very interesting article on Occidental Observer

    75% or more of the pre revolutionary whites in the colonies were slaves or the descendants of slaves. No not black slaves but “indentured servants.” up to 50% of transported slaves died in transit or within 5 years of landfall.

  22. “not black slaves but “indentured servants”

    Many of whom high-tailed it up country and into the wilderness before their contracts were up.

  23. Not white SLAVES as such, but the indentured, and especially the overflow of the destitute and criminals from English prisons.

    Good article find, John.

    ‘However it did not stop with the enslavement of people who committed crimes. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time could result in being forced into servitude. As the opportunity for wealth increased, so did the rapaciousness of the elite, and as the demand for labour increased so the circle of enslavement started to include anyone whom they could lay their hands on. FROM THESE FORCES AROSE THE CLASSES THAT INITIALLY COLONISED AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN’ (my capitalization) — the ‘Norman’ Elites and their ‘Golden Circle’ culture of ‘creating immense wealth’!

  24. ‘Many of whom high-tailed it up country and into the wilderness before their contracts were up.’

    Two or three rural counties in the northeastern corner of this state were settled first by hundreds of indentured males who had escaped from New Netherland, and then mated with Indian squaws. Indian-like names are still common in that area.

  25. There is still an Oligarchy here, of a money-loving Elite, that seeks to make us their abject slaves through taxation, inflation, regulation, disinformation, etc. Watson had a lot to say about it.

  26. If Watson’s magazines were banned from the US Mail, it was probably because of the “Puritan Pornography” he published in them. A lot of that PP was very salacious, and would have been liable for prosecution under the Comstock Act that forbid obscene material from being sent through the mails. When I lived in Dallas, Texas three decades ago, the Dallas Theological Seminary had a collection of PP, and the stuff I saw would have come under the Comstock ban. Some years after that, I discovered a PP book at a Goodwill, and brought it for research purposes. I did a web search on the authoress, and discovered she was a fraud. Indeed, most of the authors of the PP books were frauds, many of them being alcoholics, drug addicts, pathological liars, or mentally ill. It is to their credit that some Protestants saw through the deception being carried out by the PP authors and exposed them for the frauds and pornographers that they were. It’s a pity Tom Watson didn’t exercise a similar prudence with the stuff he published.

  27. It’s quite important to point out that most of the whites were slaves in no uncertain terms. It explains how the givernment today fucks around with the Pale Chattel and how the bleeding white girl can be so easily ignored.

  28. My point and the point of the article, is that whites were slaves in the north. Infact, slavery of whites was centered around the Philly, New York and Boaton area.

  29. ‘Hofstadter gives a long historical survey, and details the phenomenon from the early days of the Republic. Suspicions directed at newly arrived waves of immigrants, at nationalities and religions. The hysteria over Jesuits, for instance. Hofstadter writes, “Anti-Catholicism has always been the pornography of the Puritan”’:

    White nationalists and southern ethnonationalists are guilty of the same anti-immigrant, ‘alien paranoia’ and spread similar, ‘racialist pornography’ then.

  30. Note that Richard Hofstadter, who expanded the definition of pornography to include the expression of white racial political, moral and religious views, had Jewish parentage and identified as a Jew.

  31. Please adhere to the OD comment guidelines:

    No hobby horse comments.

    White vs White Christian sectarian flaming is strictly prohibited.

    If you can’t make a short, intelligent comment that references the post, pleas do not post. These obsessions with hating perfectly healthy other groups of White people cause our people to waste their lives fighting:

    The Catholics
    the Huns/Germans
    The Russians
    The Serbs

    Other such nonsense.

  32. Tom Watson’s Satue is being removed by White hating Blacks, supported to a lesser extent by Whute hating Jews in the ADL, SPLC etc.

    It ain’t a Papist plot.

    Tom Watson’s T&A stories about White Catholic priests having too much heterosexual affairs with White women back in the day, that’s not a big problem today.

    Kind of like the problems we once had with Irish street crime in Detroit – it ain’t a problem now.

  33. JR, yer right about the Watson statue removal plan not being a Papist plot. Unfortunately, some wooly-minded social(ist) justice type Catholics will probably get involved in this foolishness because of Watson’s Anti-Catholic rhetoric. These idiots have no respect for our own past Catholic leaders, because they couldn’t measure up to their false standard of perfectionism, so it’s a given they won’t respect such men outside of the Catholic faith.

    The T&A stories that Watson published about Catholic priests were basically, as I’ve said before, were the stock in trade of a certain Protestant mindset that got it’s kicks from reading salacious stories like this. The religious cult I was involved in 30 years ago pushed stuff like Alexander Hislop’s “The Two Babylons” that contained element of the garbage down our throats. Thankfully, most Evangelical Protestants, (with the exception of a few die hard fundies) no longer buy into this poison. They are a lot better educated in history than their ancestors were, and they know the Puritan Pornographers deliberately perverted history and suborned testimony from false witnesses.

  34. That White slavery stuff is a bunch of baloney. Indenture was similar to an apprenticeship. You voluntarily bound yourself to a master to learn a trade, and in those days trades included medicine & law. LOL. Indenture, also paid for your trip to America, and it included food, clothing & shelter.

    It’s true there were some minor criminals, who were given the choice of America or prison, and they too were often offered indenture.

    One thing to remember about indenture in colonial America, if you didn’t like the deal, you just walked off. Which happened more often than not.

    Primogeniture, the fact that younger children did not inherit any property, had much more to do with American colonization than anything else.

  35. Stephen ( Torquemada sympathizer ) Dalton says:

    ‘They are a lot better educated in history than their ancestors were, and they know the Puritan Pornographers deliberately perverted history and suborned testimony from false witnesses.’

    Puritan pornographers?

    You are seriously weird.

    You have condoned devilish inquisitions, heresy tribunals and hundreds of years of torture yet have the nerve to accuse others of suborning testimony and bearing false witness?

    Thank God the absolute authority, power and ruthlessness of your church has largely become a footnote in history.

    Do you not realize that the marriage ceremony of Brad Griffin and his wife (unauthorized heretical minister, service and church) if performed during the dark days of Papal dominance could have been just cause for their torture and execution?

  36. This is the ADL of course. The entire organization was set up to use a Jewish defendant as a way to crack open and split an organic white community. Readied for replacement by Mulattoes with no history and no identity.

  37. Sam, I can’t argue with a person who’s mind is made up before the facts are in, but I’ll try to give you a few facts anyway.

    Marriages done outside the Catholic Church by Non-Catholics are assumed to legitimate marriages. I believe it’s the Jews who don’t consider Non-Jewish marriages to be legitimate. BTW, I don’t appreciate you dragging the Griffin’s into this. It wasn’t necessary to illustrate your point, whatever it was.

    The inquisition courts compared to the secular courts of those times, were extremely mild and fair. Their reputation for fairness and mildness was so well known that defendants in a secular court were the inquisitions operated would say something blasphemous, because that would automatically throw his case over to the Inquisition where he would get a fairer trial and a possible lighter sentence from that court. If you care to think outside the box you’re in, read “The Spanish Inquisition” by Henry Kamen, a renowned Jewish scholar who’s book is considered the definite work on the Spanish Inquisition. It utterly discredits the infamous Black Legend so beloved by many Anti-Catholic bigots.

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