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  1. It’s pretty clear Cobb and his buddies are screwy. I hope all of them fade away from the public view, and the spotlight will be focused on the sane, responsible leaders that we have.

  2. This guy comes off as screwy or even an agent provocateur but it proves the point: the anti-White PTB won’t allow anything 100% White. ND as well, one of the whitest of all the states.

  3. Is the message of this post that if an all-white enclave can’t be established freely in a small town in the very rural, very white state of North Dakota, if can’t be done anywhere at all — or that all explicit white racialists always come off as ridiculous clowns, and ‘mainstreaming’ is the only sane path for white people?

  4. ‘With just a portion of the money he apparently has we could have done a lot’

    Truth and godly love are more powerful than money. ‘Free’ money, like a loose woman, is seductive and corrupting. Tea Party groups and churches regularly fall under control of women and wealthy contributors.

  5. Hey Mosin, why don’t you go and preach on some street corner or something like all the other religious nut jobs do? Maybe you can carry a sign saying “Repent! The end is near.” Because you are really stinking up this place with your constant Testifying.

  6. I’ll withhold judgment until we have more perspectives, but if things really have come down to him actively terrorizing the locals with firearms, then the project’s at the end of its lifecycle.

    I know Cobb’s been pretty viciously harassed and terrorized, but if he’s lost his cool then he needs to shut it down and cash in the myriad lessons and rhetorical points which have been gained with the project. It won’t do him or his prerogatives any justice to continue escalating this until the Feds have a credible case for taking him out of the game altogether.

  7. Re: ‘nutjobs’ preaching on street corners:

    Atheistic Californians ridiculing the preaching of the Gospel, in your state.

  8. Mosin, are you lining on earth? I’m a member of a Tea Party group in my neighborhood, and wth are those ” women and wealthy contributors” y’all talking about? You must not get out of your basement much. The more I read your posts, the more I’m convinced you’re a troll who just wants to stir up s–t. For cryin’ out loud, do something useful for this movement, instead of carping all the time.

  9. More on controlled Tea Party groups, speaking from experience, as a long standing and active member of SEVERAL Tea Party groups: Women DO run most of the local Tea Party groups, and wealthy backers, many with Republican Party connexions, also exert control, directly or indirectly. It is the same in many churches.

  10. He had a really good argument, he himself is looked down upon simply because of his political views, it’s a good example of a biased upbringing

    Free speech!!! just don’t be racist because the Liberals will cry their eyes out.

    Absolutely disgusting the way he is treated, he can’t even shop where he wants anymore!

  11. The open carry of long guns is legal throughout North Dakota, and both Cobb and Dutton were carrying long guns. The two men weren’t walking around like they owned the whole town; instead, they were walking around like they had a right to be in the town. They weren’t committing terrorist acts; they were asserting their 2nd Amendment rights. If anyone other than a white nationalist did what Cobb and Dutton got arrested for, there would have been no complaints by anybody, and no arrests would have been made.

  12. If Cobb is lucky, and gets a judge with a sense of humor, a get out of town plea deal will be offered. I would think bail will be set fairly high.

  13. Since Cobb recently found out that his genetic makeup includes 14% African roots, this is obviously another attempt by Whitey to keep a Brother down.

  14. The moral of this story is to finess the White Nationalist issue. Start some town for traditional Americans, Southerners, Amish, Boers -all are White, none get on TV and make fools of themselves, get persecuted for basic gun rights.

  15. Is the message of this post that if an all-white enclave can’t be established freely in a small town in the very rural, very white state of North Dakota, if can’t be done anywhere at all — or that all explicit white racialists always come off as ridiculous clowns, and ‘mainstreaming’ is the only sane path for white people? – Mosin Nagant

    You have a wry sense of humor Mosin.

  16. It’s pretty clear Cobb and his buddies are screwy. I hope all of them fade away from the public view, and the spotlight will be focused on the sane, responsible leaders that we have.- Stephen E. Dalton

    Maybe Cobb made some missteps under extreme pressure and harassment. It sure as hell doesn’t make you right. Now back to the shadow.

  17. Craig Cobb is entertaining, like Rev. Linstedt with his bon mot de jew’re and Harold Covington’s novels. But stuff like this is sugar floss candy with no substantial nutrition value as it will do nothing to make sure the white race is still alive 200 years from now.

  18. Lew, if a person makes this kind of “missteps under extreme pressure and harassment” he should learn how to deal with it or avoid being in the spotlight and making a fool out of himself and the movement. That’s why I support Hunter Wallace, the LOS, and the COCC. The folks who belong to these organizations understand the importance of maintaining group discipline. That’s why I was willing to travel long distances to be with these people. They aren’t going to allow their groups and demonstrations to become an ape house poop flinging free for all.

  19. The clown types probably can’t be gotten rid of. And they’re so useful to the anti-white system that if they didn’t exist someone would invent them. Rather than decry them, a better idea would be to find a way to use their antics to your advantage. Something like “This is who we are; this is what the media shows you. Wanna bet this system’s not anti-white?” [“We” referring to the sane crowd; “media shows” you referring to the Cobbs, skins, neos etc]

  20. If 14% negro makes you that retarded and dangerous, it stands to reason that the urban blacks are about 600% more retarded and dangerous LOL.

  21. Mosin, you obviously haven’t been reading what HW or JR have been writing about. We can’t appeal to the average white man if we act like a bunch of clowns. I saw this in action in Peoria when Matt Hale was active here. He and his group of followers loved to dress in clown outfits, and some of their outfits were quite shabby. Hale also decided to revitalize Ben Klausen’s defunct WCOTC cult with himself as the Grand Pontifex. Yeah, like that would appeal to the average American! His clown antics tended to attract dysfunctional people to his cause. Remember Ben Smith? He’s the whack job who went on a spree shooting rampage that ended in his suicide. Smith lived in Morton, Il. and it was from there, he started off on his insane shooting spree. When I found out about Benny boy, my blood ran cold, because I lived in Morton at the time. This psychopath could have shot some folks in this town, thankfully he didn’t. And you still can’t figure out why we want to mainstream this movement?

    Your “Southern Talmudists” remarks are truly delusional. HW merely stated the Southern Jews supported the Jim Crow system. Even the Nation of Islam’s books on the blacks and the Jews said that.

    And as for your snarky inference about working with decent blacks, well if we’re going to bring the immoral, criminal element in the black community under control, why not work with them? If we’re not going to deport them all back to Africa right away, we better work with them as a purely practical matter to bring the anti-social behavior in those communities under control.

  22. Reverend Cobb has made a great sacrifice in his time, liberty and wealth. he has demonstrated that the constitution, right to bear arms etc etc is null and void. As is the secessionist issue. The US government is an anti-white tyranny systematically genociding the White Race. It has you by the throat and will not let go until you are dead. Neither is there any political solution. The only hope is that enough White people grasp the essentials of the Creativity Religion that he is promoting and employ it in their daily lives. Only that way can the White Race physically survive.

  23. This is going exactly how it always goes, when Nazi reenactors turn up wearing their WW2 uniforms and waving their WW2 flags.

    Meanwhile the other PLEs are getting on with business quietly, for the most part and more importantly, winning hearts and minds.

    Nazis are always knuckle dragging idiots, or agent provocateurs. Anyone who doesn’t know that by now is not a student of history. And if you won’t or can’t learn from history, well… Nice knowing ya!

  24. Craig phone me from jail 4 PM CST – 17 Nov 2013

    CornCobb called me collect from jail around 4pm CST today, Nov. 17 2013. CornCobb is a fellow ZOGbot jew, he’s Ashkenazi, I’m drunken Lumbee melungeon and along with Rabbi Alex Linder, the gut-sick guido-kikenweasel with Crohn’s/jew ass-GAIDS, I’m CornCobb’s ZOGbot case officer working with the $PLC/ADL/FBI. What with persuading Joe Paul Franklin to do an interview with the $PLC begging for mercy from ZOG, I’ve been almost too busy ZOGbotting to drink, ha, ha, ha. But not quite. As a drunken red-nigger melungeon rat, I’m never too busy that I can’t pull a cork on a bottle of mixed-Bourbon whiskey, especially Jim Beam. Soon I’ll be able what with the snitch-check to where I can gradjewmacate to 100 proof Wild Turkey. Anyways, where was I at with CornCobb? Between senility and drunkenness this old drunken red-nigger rat forgets shit. Oh yes, I remember now. He’s fine and says the jail is the best he’s been in. The cell has running water but best of all a flush toilet and prison toilet paper. CornCobb says that outside doing shows with she-boons giving out free DNA testing and toilet paper, his jewboy ass is rough as a cobb from all them dang corn cobbs used in the outdoor shitter. And between circumcision and that cold North Dakota winter, why his kike pecker was shrunk to nothing but a nubbin. Shame the $PLC wouldn’t let him migrate south to OPTT Tony’s basement in Southern Alabama and avoid the North Dakota winter like he was planning to do in September, but that pointy-headed PTSD ass-clown skinhead gyrene Dutton the Nutt would have likely burnt down the CornCobbery long before April.

    I asked how many blacks ?? He laughed and said, “I’m the only nigger in here”. Showing, he’s kept his sense of humor. And to think that CornCobb is more jew than nigger, yuk, yuk, har, har, har.

    The sheriff is allowing him to do the German interview tomorrow from the jail lounge. CornCobb is a celebrity, the biggest one in the bowel Movement since David Duck.

    They confiscated his guns and his computer. And last night, they took down his 4 signs erected in the trees on his property.

    After the sheriff viewed Mrs Dutton’s video, he launched an investigation of the townspeople involved, to determine which side is lying, according to what Craig thinks right now. He is waiting to see which way the prevailing wind blows.

    They’re holding him in the Mercer county jail, but Craig doesn’t know the name of the town. Anybody know ?? I’m a drunken red-nigger melungeon ZOGbot, not a fucking encyclopedia.

    Well, back to some serious drinking.

  25. “More on controlled Tea Party groups, speaking from experience, as a long standing and active member of SEVERAL Tea Party groups: Women DO run most of the local Tea Party groups, and wealthy backers, many with Republican Party connexions, also exert control, directly or indirectly. It is the same in many churches.”

    From my own personal forays into the Tea party types in my state (liberal though it is); yup, women who don’t wish to: a) upset the applecart (we need to be nice, but oh, those liberals!) b) really don’t want a strong man to voice his opinions, as if he means to lead (stepping back immediately from any direction that might imply DIRECTION, rather than just endless ‘talking about it’)…

    are what I encountered, three different times, with three different means of getting to know some of the people, OUTSIDE of a Tea party group meeting, where ‘group think’ seems to be the order of the day. Oh, I’m sure some man is leader, somewhere, up at the top, but most of the ‘men’ I have met, and read their columns, emails, appeals for money (always that!) are some of the wussiest ‘non-leaders’ there ever were. Michele Bachman has more cojones than most of the Tea Partiers in my state- and sadly, she is both a CZ in disguise (even though her own LCMS is opposed to that heresy) as well as (smartly) a Swiss National, due to her marriage. She can ‘opt out’ anytime, and most likely will. I don’t mind that, but I’d like her to offer an ‘Aryan Aliyah’ for her constituency, that would be recognized in Zurich, should the excrement hit the oscillator…. as it most likely shall.

  26. Dalton, If your goal is appealing to as many “normal” people as possible, you have a prepackaged message waiting for you. Under the banners of John McCain and Mitt Romney, the GOP carried almost the entire South.

  27. Right, Fr John. Those TP groups always need money to keep going, and besides the women, crypto types always seem to finance and control them. But truth is ultimately more powerful than money and women. Nevertheless, I think the TP movement is mildly beneficial overall.

  28. ‘If your goal is appealing to as many “normal” people as possible, you have a prepackaged message waiting for you. Under the banners of John McCain and Mitt Romney, the GOP carried almost the entire South.’

    Exactly. ‘Mainstreaming’ is preaching to the choir in contemporary ‘Dixie’ (the Neo-‘conservative’ New South) that solidly rejected the insane clown Ron Paul’s possible anti-Fed Banker, welfare haven dismantling, endless war ending shakeup, in favour of the maintaining the progressive status quo through the likes of McCain and Romney, and Lindsey Graham, et al.

  29. The reply’s to my latest posting are perfect examples why the COCC and LOS approaches to Southern/White Nationalism must be pursued. The average, normal person who wants a future for his family wants stable leadership, not extremists who’s behavior, symbols, and personal appearances turn people away from us. The ridicule I see directed at these folks by previous commentators shows why people with their attitude have never lead our movement(s) anywhere but to obscurity in the long run. The contempt they have toward the average American, the misogynous attitudes I see toward women in previous comments (and the various movements in general), the contempt toward more orthodox, traditional faiths and the adoption of strange ideas like Christian Identity, neo-paganism, or some extreme sectarian faith (the term ‘pilgrim church’ comes to mind) that have no historical connection to the culture they’re trying to reach, is a sure fire way to guarantee failure in the long run. So boys (and some girls) carp on in your obscure little corner of the universe, but kindly get out of the way of those of us who want to do something that will work in the real world.

  30. No, there are people that disagree with Cobb and the NSM on style but not substance. I happen to be one myself. Having gone to all that trouble, I think it’s a shame Cobb shot himself in the foot by entering the public eye with his aging hippy look and now by carrying guns.

    Appearance is a very important part of messaging, and Cobb and the NSM deserve low marks on this score. The real national socialists wouldn’t have shot themselves in the foot by adopting a fundamentally alienating appearance for their cultural context. Himmler supposedly carried a copy of the Bhagavad Gita everywhere he went, but he didn’t walk around in or encourage the use of Hindu garb.

    There is no reason people with a normal and conventional appearances can’t deliver radical messages. The other thread has a great example of this combination. There is good-looking family with a beautiful baby holding a sign reading Secede.

    Dalton, What I don’t get about you is that you keep bashing radicals and making appeals to normalcy when LOS main proposal, secession and breakup of the US, itself is an extremely radical proposal that won’t appeal to anyone who isn’t open to, you know, radical proposals.

    I have my doubts it’s only the culturally inappropriate symbols and trappings you object to with these pro-white radicals but the substance as well. I do get the feeling you won’t be happy until every member of the LOS is holding signs that say Vote Republican.

  31. Lew, the difference between our SN message and that of conservative Republicans is that we know the System can’t be reformed; we favour independence from it. As well, we embrace ethno-nationalism and want a complete stop to Third World immigration and polices enacted to encourage the repatriation/deportation of existing Third World immigrants. Those are the big differences, though there are many other smaller differences. Some conservative GOPers come close to these positions – especially many of the rank and file voters. For example, after Obama was re-elected polls showed 43% of Republican voters in Georgia favoured secession. But who spoke for them? No elected GA official came out to lead on the issue. That is where the League comes in.

  32. Lew, fyi, I’ll vote Republican if the candidate has ideas that jibe with SN. As for your inability to understand my thinking, well Lew, if your thinking wasn’t so mired in concrete, you might be able to get it. Yes, secession is a radical idea, depending how you look at it. If a person has an upset stomach, Pepto-Bismol would be the best solution. If he has stomach cancer, surgery is probably the way to go. As PP pointed out, the system can’t be reformed. So is secession really radical or the right, normal treatment? Do the math, man.

    As for substance, I’ve made it quite clear that any form of nationalism in this country has to be derived from the culture of the people . NS is not from our cultures that founded this country. It’s something that is alien to us, and doesn’t belong in SN or America.

  33. So many morals to this same old, same old Hollywood scripted weird, old racist kook story.

    Moral #2

    Don’t seek out the lying Jews media/MSM/BRA media and look and act like a fool.

    Looks are important . Most White women act on what looks good, what looks bad, what looks weird, scary and threatening.

    Moral #3

    Only the 3% Constitutional Rights, 2nd Amendment exclusively White folks care what’s “legal” regarding gun rights.

    In the real world, if you get branded an “extremist, racist, hater” and are caught on film brandishing guns, expect to get persecuted.

    And the 3% Constitutionalist 2nd amendment White folks who defend kooks like Cobb, the Black Panthers, Muslim extremists brandishing guns in public – these race denying, constitutionalist White folks are a real pain in the a#*.

  34. Re: Lew

    Secession isn’t an extremely radical proposal in the South.

    We know from the polling data that millions of normal, ordinary White Southerners already support secession or at least persuadable on the issue. The League should focus its efforts on trying to connect with and mobilize that mass constituency.

  35. Re: Lew

    I never had any objection to the idea behind the Leith project.

    If it weren’t for Craig Cobb, a handful of “White Zionists” could have easily moved there and taken over the town.

  36. I am glad these (2) were arrested! What Nut jobs they are.Who in the year 2013 would still want anything to do with anything Hitler besides Corn Cobb?
    If he thought he could scare people with the crappy guns he has he has another thing coming.
    It is deer season in the county and there are hundreds of hunters walking around with way better weapons than he was toting.
    He picked the wrong town of people to screw with he should of done a little research on the people in the area!
    Hope he ROTS in jail!!

  37. Craig Cobb is a nut. Always has been.

    I feel sorry for anyone who has had the misfortune of encountering him over the years. Fortunately, he is far removed from the South. I’m glad that weirdo is not our problem.

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