New Pope is a Traitor

On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Some more bad news.

The new Catholic Pope is a traitor. His recent papal position papers embracing liberation theology is as bad as anything the Sandinistas or Rev. Jeremiah Wright ever wrote. Now this idiot is flying his expensive private airplane to the Italian island that has been invaded and overrun with Black African Muslim boat people. Pope Francis welcomes the Black African Muslim invaders and spouts predictable Cultural Marxist lies that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

As the Elvish King Elrod said in Lord of the Rings: “Our list of allies grows thin”

Here’s the sad story of the new idiot, traitor Catholic Pope.


  1. Jack- as I’ve said time and again, on this board, and on my own, the filioque in Roman theology made a sinful man [ the Pope] able to take the place of the Holy Spirit, and, when the Nordic Europeans turned from his heresy from 1517 on, the Papacy (much like the Mormons in their ‘1979 revelation on Blacks in the priesthood) began to invent a ‘new’ universalism that the worst Arminians couldn’t even hope to compete with…

    And it’s been downhill for the White Man ever since. It’s one of the reasons I couldn’t stay in Rome, because I saw this coming back in the 1970’s.

    “The Latins are not only schismatics but heretics… we did not separate from them for any other reason other than the fact that they are heretics. This is precisely why we must not unite with them unless they dismiss the addition from the Creed filioque and confess the Creed as we do.” – St. Mark of Ephesus – The Pillar of Orthodoxy

    I know it seems simplistic, but great errors usually are- simple departures from the Faith, that is.

  2. It’s Elrond.

    I agree with you here, Jack. If I wasn’t a skeptic and a secularist, I might see this pope as a serious candidate for the so-called “anti-Christ.” This man is pure cultural Marxist anti-tradition.

  3. It’s an understatement to say that Pope Francis sucks and has been a disappointment compared to his predecessor.

    Didn’t he say that atheists could go to Heaven? I also seem to remember him saying that the Catholic Church should give up on gay marriage.

  4. Sorry to post depressing bad news.

    But the Catholic Pope being an anti White, pro Muslim immigration, pro gay, cultural Marxist … Yeah, bad news.


  5. when you try to point this and other such things out, they will always fall back on the “jesuit” idea, that they are the ‘bad catholics’ doing all this. Attempting to protect “thee church” by saying there is a “good traditional” history. But that was pretty bleak, too.

    Catholics need to deal (on a personal level) with their history against Northern europe, (and northern europe in america). It’s a crucial issue. The Latinization of the u.s…. well, this is your leader now. He is a country, not a religion, and he owns the u.s. majority

  6. Stephen Dalton, where are you to respond to these heretics and tell them that the real Catholic Church is white supremacist? Lol. When clearly most of you Protestants are right about us; although we are not and never will be pro-gay, but we are race traitors and believe that the Jewish agenda is the lesser of two evils when compared to the civilizational degeneracy that is white racialism.

  7. PGRT, you do not speak for me. Nor do you speak for millions of other Catholics. and don’t even bother to quote pious crap from the mouths of either priests or bishops who are being naively or willingly led by a leftist, socialist agenda on race, immigration, or religion. A lot of good solid Catholics believe the current pope has been influenced by leftist thought. We will pray for the holy father, but unless he’s teaching what we Catholics call the deposit of faith, we won’t follow him in areas in which he has no training or knowledge in. (Like economics for example.

  8. “A substantial majority of Roman Catholic laity in America now support marriage equality – a momentous step beyond mere acceptance of homosexual people.”
    All of the mainstream Christian churches are becoming more philo-semitic, philo-Islamic, feminist-friendly, democratic, secular, and anti-White.
    “As the jews say, a “philo-semite” is just an “anti-semite” who doesn’t know it yet.” – TANSTAAFL

  9. ‘When clearly most of you Protestants are right about us (…) we are race traitors and believe that the Jewish agenda is the lesser of two evils when compared to the civilizational degeneracy that is white racialism.’

    Most of ‘you Protestants’ actually hold the same views as you Papists, and are united under Rome in the same global Apostasy. I see little difference between the Mother and the Daughters, Billy Graham included:

  10. PGRt writes:

    ” although we are not and never will be pro-gay, but we are race traitors”


    Sorry, the latest Catholic Pope and the Catholic leadership in Chicago, San Francisco, East Coast is pro gay, also pro Muslim immigration and pro Jew, pro Israel.

    Bobby Kennedy got killed by Arab nationalist for trying to be all things to all non Whites, Kennedy embraced the entire non White world, but also tried to be a super supporter of US military aid to Israel.

    Sirhan, Sirhan didn’t understand how this all went together.

    Maybe some Hispanic Catholic will do something similar to this pro gay, Pro Muslim, liberation theology Pope.

  11. The Pope is point man for an entire faith. There is no corresponding authority in Islam, or Judaism. The Pope has to be seen saying the right things. When the time comes to massacre and expell Islam the Pope won’t be talking like this.

    He’ll be quoting Urban.

  12. Good Pope quotes:

    “Although, O sons of God, you have promised more firmly than ever to keep the peace among yourselves and to preserve the rights of the church, there remains still an important work for you to do. Freshly quickened by the divine correction, you must apply the strength of your righteousness to another matter which concerns you as well as God. For your brethren who live in the east are in urgent need of your help, and you must hasten to give them the aid which has often been promised them. For, as the most of you have heard, the Turks and Arabs have attacked them and have conquered the territory of Romania [the Greek empire] as far west as the shore of the Mediterranean and the Hellespont, which is called the Arm of St. George. They have occupied more and more of the lands of those Christians, and have overcome them in seven battles. They have killed and captured many, and have destroyed the churches and devastated the empire. If you permit them to continue thus for awhile with impurity, the faithful of God will be much more widely attacked by them. On this account I, or rather the Lord, beseech you as Christ’s heralds to publish this everywhere and to persuade all people of whatever rank, foot-soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to those Christians and to destroy that vile race from the lands of our friends. I say this to those who are present, it meant also for those who are absent. Moreover, Christ commands it.


  13. The ‘Latin Empire of Constantinople’ (established by the Fourth Crusade against the Byzantines) had just been abolished (after the Byzantines recaptured Constantinople from the Roman Papist forces) when Urban IV took power. Urban then tried to stir up yet another crusade against the White Orthodox Christian Byzantium.

    The once-thriving orthodox Christian churches of the Near East, Egypt, North Africa, Spain and the Balkans were all weakened or lost to Islam due to Vatican interference and violent claims of domination.

  14. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘ The Pope has to be seen saying the right things. When the time comes to massacre and expell Islam the Pope won’t be talking like this.’

    I wouldn’t count on it.

    Monday, December 02, 2013
    Pope Francis Urges Closer Islam Ties

    On Islam, Francis said closer ties to Muslims are of “great importance” to the Catholic Church. He added that Christians should embrace Muslim immigrants “with affection and respect” as Christians would expect to receive in predominantly Muslim countries. (snip)

  15. Cap’t John, a great point about the Pope being the point man who will talk like Urban someday and a great quote from Urban!

    Mosin, we’re living in a Latin empire now?! Ah Mosin, have you looked at the papers lately? The empire that has been trying to conquer the world for the last 1500 years isn’t a Latin empire. It’s the Islamic Empire. The only thing that has kept that empire from reaching it’s goal is the Latin kingdoms and the Latin Empire that sprang from them. You have better hope that “Latin Empire” will be revived to save your Catholic bashing bum, because only Catholic leaders have ever won any battles and wars against the Islamic power in the long run.

    Sam, things don’t look to good now, but the Catholic Church will revive and rally us against the Islamic hordes. History shows we have a very good track record of triumphing against what seem to be impossible odds.

  16. Stephen E Dalton says: ‘Sam, things don’t look to good now, but the Catholic Church will revive and rally us against the Islamic hordes.’

    Wishful thinking.

    It’s one thing to fight enemy hordes at your gates, but quite another to fend them off from within – AFTER stupidly inviting them into your own country to wreak enormous havoc.

    Pope Will Pray for Invasive Africans, but Has No Apparent Compassion for Italians Who Bear the Brunt

    There’s a new Pope in the Vatican, and he is still making a first impression. So far, we have seen TLC, hugs and a simpler lifestyle. He recently announced his first foreign foray, and he chose Lampedusa as the place to display his special papal compassion regarding the deaths of several Africans on their way to the island, then on to Europe presumably. The choice may not have been the wisest, given recent history.

    Lampedusa is a small island which is the southernmost point of Italy, located only 70 miles from Tunisia. As a result, many thousands of young Muslim men have tried to reach it as a gateway to the welfare offices of Europe. Apparently numerous able young fellows have not been interested in fighting for the glorious Arab Spring. (Photos of the Africans in Lampedusa show 20-something men almost entirely.)

    Tens of thousands of demanding “refugees” have deposited themselves on the island over the last two years and have rioted when told they would be repatriated. The mayor of the town picked up a baseball bat to defend himself from the refugees rioting in the streets.

    One measure of the spreading refugee chaos is the necessity of nearby Malta (104 miles away) to institute a public health program at its refugee center to improve screening (€700,000 EU-funded health project to prevent spread of infectious diseases).

    But the Pope has decided to side with Africans, likely Muslims, who drowned attempting to enter Europe illegally. Will his support for “refugees” inspire more to come?

    Italy currently has an all-time-high 12 percent unemployment, and 40 percent jobless among the young. Italy recently paid hundreds of African refugees 500 Euros each to go to Germany. Last year, an Italian politician suggested immigrant-free public transportation to protect locals from hostile Muslims.

    Will Italians see the Pope’s compassion as stirring up more trouble for them?

    Perhaps Francis should consider Adam Smith’s observation: “Mercy to the guilty is cruelty to the innocent.”

  17. Sam, you show little knowledge of history. The Catholic Church and the Papacy are the oldest surviving European religio-political institutions. Regardless of it’s current weakness, it’s survival and triumph over the gates of hell is guaranteed by it’s founder. No, it’s not wishful thinking, its faith.

  18. Mosin, by “you Protestants” I’m referring to the Protestants who post on this site; you, Earl, Dixiegirl et al. Stephen, nice try, but remember that even traditionalist organizations are being taken over by Latinos.

  19. Jack Ryan: “Pope Francis welcomes the Black African Muslim invaders and spouts predictable Cultural Marxist lies that “Islam is a religion of peace.”

    Pope Francis: ‘Muslims are “our brothers” and Christians must cultivate “mutual respect” with them.’

    Should we consider people wishing to kill us for not submitting to ‘Allah’ brothers worthy of respect?

    No, it would be suicidal.

    Pope Francis: During his trip to Lampedusa on 8 July, the pontiff caused a great impact when, during the Mass, he addressed the “dear Muslim immigrants who are starting their Ramadan fast this evening, wishing you an abundant spiritual harvest”.

    In Muslim minds an ‘abundant spiritual harvest’ is tantamount to decapitated hordes of infidels.

    The West does not need more Muslim, negro immigrants.

  20. You racists are really something. The pope declares Holy War and fights the Muslims in the Middle East. He forms a catholic league and defeats the Muslims on the sea at Lepanto (thanks to the intercessions of Mary). He kicks out the Muslims and the Jews in Spain…

    But I gosh darn guarantee you that every protestant hick you run into will claim the following things about church history: the church was bad for the Crusades, look at what the church did with the Spanish Inquisition, or OMG the Cat licks pray rosary beads just like Muslims…. blah blah blah.

    I hate to tell you this, but although this Pope came from South America; he is ITALIAN. He’s not going to play checkers with the Muslims right now, he is playing a game of chess. AND right now job one is cleaning up the image of the Church with the media and cleaning house of crooked bankers. THEN we will see what he is made of on a global scale. Alright? Take a seat, and get some popcorn, you may learn something.

  21. I agree with Whitlock here. Argies are basically an Hispano-Italian hybrid. They ain’t Germanic or Celt. They are the blood enemy of the Turk and Moor. Watch what the Pope does substantively,
    Not what he says.

  22. One thing about the crusades.

    The Pope expected perhaps 1,000-5,000 knights might pick up the Cross and retake Jerusalem. He did not expect the mass migration of 60,000 men at arms and another 60,000 peasants to walk there. The Crusades were an utterly spontaneous mass movement. The Pope merely offered heaven to the martyrs. The people were primed to thump the Saracen and Turk from within their own folk memory of Islamic depredations. If anything the Church was as shocked by the migration of Crusaders as the Muslims were.

  23. ‘right now job one is cleaning up the image of the Church with the media and cleaning house of crooked bankers. THEN we will see what he is made of on a global scale’

    That is the pattern of the career of any great Tyrant. First they build up strength, then they MISUSE it causing great harm.

  24. ‘Argies are basically an Hispano-Italian hybrid. They ain’t Germanic or Celt. They are the blood enemy of the Turk and Moor. Watch what the Pope does substantively’

    However this ‘Argie’ is ITALIAN. Yes, keep watching what he does, and watching what he does….

    Argentinians are the worst enemies of Muslims? No wonder there is no Jihad or Islam in Argentina. LOL

  25. ‘people were primed to thump the Saracen and Turk’

    They thumped white Orthodox Christians on the way there, and killed both Eastern Christians and Muslims indiscriminately in many cases.

  26. Oh, Stephen. Get a grip, man.

    The Church that gave us Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc is no more.
    It is gone. Finis. Kaput.

    If it were still around, I’d be the first to hope for something coming from the chair of Peter. But Benedict (Arnold) XVI left the papacy, because of the overwhelming presence of the Gay Mafia, even in the Vatican. Franky the First was the OPPOSITION candidate before Benedict was elected- and now the liberals have him where they wanted him.

    The axe is laid to the root, and Rome’s fall- Babylon’s fall- will be great. But there is hope that the Third Rome- Russia- with her revified Orthodoxy- the faith the Catholics abandoned in 1100 AD, will rise again, as the recent actions in this country are showing.

  27. Joe Whitlock says:

    ‘I hate to tell you this, but although this Pope came from South America; he is ITALIAN. He’s not going to play checkers with the Muslims right now, he is playing a game of chess.’

    Bla bla bla to you too, Joe.

    If the Poop wasn’t a race traitor he would tell the Priests, Bishops and Nuns in this country to stop aiding and abetting the Mexican, Latin American invaders who are destroying this country and dispossessing it’s inhabitants.

    If he was not a traitor he would be telling the world to close their borders to nigger, Muslim hordes.

    Oh, but you claim he is playing a game of chess.

    How so?

    What, after we have been thoroughly decimated and driven out from our homelands will he launch a crusade to rout the interlopers?

    He chided Italians and Euros for NOT accepting and taking third worlders into their countries, cities and homes.

    He is a fruitcake.

  28. Henry Makow’s recent comments on the Catholic Church:

    “The Catholic Church is the largest and oldest institution on earth with roughly a billion nominal members, roughly 3 times the population of the United States.Since 1958 however, despite the numbers, the institution has been largely ineffective in combating the social ills they had so effectively handled for centuries. Abortion, pornography, divorce, obscenity all became prominent after the papal chair was usurped in 1958.To demonstrate the power of the Church before this, look at the time when Pius XII excommunicated President Peron of Argentina in 1955 when he tried to contradict the constitution and allow divorce.As a result of the excommunication, the populace of Argentina rose up and Peron was removed from office and Catholic teaching was upheld. Who would have thought that 50 years later Argentina would be legalizing “gay marriage.”Also, for those familiar with Catholicism you may know that the original Mass, which can be traced back to the 4th century (but could very well be apostolic in origin), was abandoned in 1969 to make way for a “new mass,” A ceremony that bears little resemblance to the traditional Mass. Again, who would want to destroy the sacred rite but an enemy agent masquerading as Pope. To find out why the “Catholic” Church of today has become a sick caricature of the Catholic Church of two millennia we have to look back to the papal conclave of 1958. I believe the documentary posted here will provide the key to understanding what has happened.At the center of the film is the election of the conservative prelate, Cardinal Giuseppe Siri, in 1958. What you will see in this section is a very clear emission of white smoke from the Sistine Chapel 2 days before the election of John XXIII. On this night 200,000 people turned to the balcony to see the new pope emerge on the balcony while news reports went out around the world that a new pope had been elected.

    Vatican radio later announced that the white smoke was a mistake and that no Pope had been elected. In this section you will also hear the testimony of an FBI Consultant that claims there are FBI and State Department files which state that on this night Cardinal Siri was elected Pope and took the name Gregory XVII. In addition, former papal adviser Father Malachi Martin gives his testimony that Cardinal Siri was elected BUT RESIGNED UNDER THREAT to him and his family. THE MEN WHO TOOK OVERThe men who took office instead of Cardinal Siri, namely John XXIII ( Angelo Roncalli) and Paul VI (Giovanni Montini) we’re more than just bad apples.John XXIII’s Masonic initiation is described in detail in Pier Carpi’s book the “The Prophecies of John XXIII” and there is a vast amount of evidence and testimony that he was indeed a Mason. For this alone he would be ipso facto excommunicated and obviously ineligible for the Papacy. Upon his election, he immediately made Montini (future Paul VI) a Cardinal and called the Second Vatican Council, two of the most disastrous decisions in the history of the Catholic Church.

    He also received Nikita Khrushchev’s son-in-law and daughter at the Vatican in a private meeting, this is after communist regimes around the world murdered and imprisoned millions of Catholics. The well publicized meeting earned an extra million votes for the Communist party in Italy in the national elections. John XXIII also began introducing changes to the Mass, changes that would culminate in the complete destruction of the Tridentine Latin Mass under Paul VI.

    Indeed these two men were not simply “bad popes,” nor did they become pope and then lose their faith. They were enemy agents who set the Church on a carefully designed plan to destruction.

    Furthermore there is a great deal of evidence that Cardinal Roncalli and the whole 1958 affair was planned by unholy forces, which is described in Part 3 of the film.

    When Roncalli died in 1963, he was replaced by Paul VI, a Vatican power broker who had never so much as served as a parish priest.”

    Believe it or not!

  29. They were tumbling each other repeatedly
    Before they set out to the East. They were Thump-y people.

  30. The Crusade has less to do with the Church than is commonly supposed. The Pope accidentally tapped into a yearning for war in the Occidental population. He was expecting to appeal to a couple of thousand noblemen and not much more. Instead 120,000 people, self financed set off to make war.

  31. The Spanish and Italian have folkish hatred for Arabs and Moors. It’s lurking under the well groomed surface. Argies have that streak in them. They are also Anglophobic just like Chris313…eventually the Italians will do something to stop the flood of Africans.

  32. Joe Whitlock says:
    December 3, 2013 at 1:17 am
    “You racists are really something. The pope declares Holy War and fights the Muslims in the Middle East. ”

    JR replies.

    In your dreams. This anti Christ Lib, liberation theology Catholic Pope is about to declare a holy war, crusade against…


    white Racists!

    This pope will soon join the grandchildren of MLK Jr., Gay and Lesbian transgender Act up AIDs activists and, AND Islamamic immigrant extremists and of course the ADL, SPLC, AIPAC in denouncing White racists as the cancer of history, the lone group standing in the way of a glorious …

    New Age!

    (Hope this anti Christ New Age Pope suffers the fate of Amy Biehl)

    14 words

  33. Like I said; it really doesn’t matter what the Pope does, you protesting heretics are going to hate him no matter what. Popes have been extremely conservative and now are more liberal. It won’t matter to you, you will complain either way because you hate authority.

    Another thing is that you guys keep getting on the pope for being too liberal, but what world white religious leader do you have that is conservative on the issues of race. AND, I’m talking a real leader, not some hick preacher from the back woods.

    You don’t, and that’s another reason you hate the man. You morons are on here disrespecting a man in charge of over a BILLION people world wide, but half of you can’t control your own trailer with 8 people living in it. Get real.

  34. The Catholic Church may not be in the best of shape right now, but I have every hope that it will recover to be the leader of the Western world.

    The older generation that is now in power is passing away. The younger generation of clergy and laity who are coming up to bat are showing themselves to be very orthodox and conservative in practice and belief, and the older, liberal generation doesn’t like it one bit! They know their time is short, they’re trying to hinder the growth of the traditional Catholic movements, but they’re failing because compared to the TradCats, they have hardly any young people to replace them when they pass. Their belief in birth control did in the next generation that could have carried on its work.

    The Church, in spite of all the problems it faces, will prevail. It’s history shows it has had problems like this before, but to the delight of its adherents and the astonishment of its foes, it has always come back with renewed faith and strength.

    Fr. John, the Orthodox Church isn’t going to save our bacon. That church is under the control of people who were communist operatives. I fail to see how the godless can lead a Christian Church. Putin is a former KGB agent who still honors the founder of the Soviet intelligence agency, an agency that murdered millions of people, especially Christians, who rejected communism. How anyone can see this man as a Christian is beyond me. And the Orthodox Church is a child of the East. It’s culture is Eastern, not Western. It has no understanding of the Western mind, so I fail to see how a culture that is as alien to us as Hinduism is going to revive the West.

  35. Wake up and smell the coffee, fellas … brewed from Arabica beans, no doubt.

    At University of St. Thomas, Catholics and Muslims find common ground
    Star Tribune Updated: November 25, 2013 – 5:22 AM

    Amid deep Catholic roots, St. Thomas makes room for Muslims to practice their faith.

    For the first time in its 128-year history, the University of St. Thomas has its own Islamic prayer rooms, as well as ritual washing stations for observant Muslims.

    The prayer rooms, which opened in September, reflect the surging number of students from Middle Eastern countries flocking to the Catholic university in St. Paul.

    The contingent from Saudi Arabia alone has jumped tenfold, from 12 students in 2008 to 121 this fall, and officials say they’re now the largest bloc of foreign students at the university.

    “Yes, we are a Catholic school,” said Karen Lange, the dean of students, “but I think this shows that we’re also a diverse place, and we’re welcoming of students from all faiths.”

    Terence Nichols, a professor of theology, says he’s not that surprised that Muslim students would feel comfortable at St. Thomas.

    “There’s been a growth of Muslim students across the country in Catholic universities,” said Nichols, who is co-director of the Muslim-Christian Dialogue Center.

    Why? “Because we take religion seriously, and they’re accepted.”

    Lori Friedman, director of International Student Services at St. Thomas, agrees. “In a Catholic university, faith is pretty important in general,” she said. “Our Muslim students feel that they can have their faith valued here as well, and be respected.”

  36. Pardon me for being very depressed over this story and many others of a similar vein, but I just do not see how we can overcome this force assembled against us.

    Catholic ‘Border’ Bishops Urge Advocacy For Amnesty

    Catholic bishops from the border region of Mexico, Texas, and New Mexico have sent an open letter to “Catholics and All People of Good Will” to urge them to engage in advocacy for the protection of the rights of immigrants and to help keep immigrant families together.

    The letter, called Family Beyond Borders, which was signed by the archbishops of San Antonio, Texas, Chihuahua, Mexico, and the bishops of other border region dioceses, begins with a quote from Pope Francis who, the bishops wrote, “has often stated that our efforts to renew the Church will only have credibility when we become courageous Christians and seek out those on the margins who are most in need.”

    “The Holy Father has recognized the tragedy that involves millions of migrants on every continent; and the Holy Father has given expression to the Church’s responsibilities in their regard,” the bishops said. (snip)

    In their criticism of the U.S. immigration system, the bishops stated, “Currently there is a 17 to 20 year ‘wait’ for Mexicans to acquire a U.S. visa,” and that deportations and detentions of nonviolent illegal immigrants are breaking apart families. (snip)

    The Church must “continue to welcome immigrants who bring their deep Catholic faith with them and thereby greatly enrich our Church,” the bishops wrote.

  37. ‘immigrants who bring their deep Catholic faith with them and thereby greatly enrich our Church’

    That says it all.

  38. “Jack- as I’ve said time and again, on this board, and on my own, the filioque in Roman theology made a sinful man [ the Pope] able to take the place of the Holy Spirit,…”

    I don’t think the filoque is the great heresy here. Its Augustinianism and the moronic doctrine of original sin. If we are all born as sinners, then why the hell should we even concern ourselves with condemning sin? Hence the new pope’s “Who am I to judge?” moronic comments. He’s just another Calvinist idiot who doesn’t think sin is any big deal because we’re all “born that way” according to the arch-heretic Augustine.

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