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  1. I wonder whether his conversion to Orthodoxy will be mentioned. I hope he quotes a lot of Scripture and references Christ just as boldly as the Duck Commander, making THEM cringe or gnash their teeth. Shock and awe them.

  2. If they bring up ‘the Nazis’ (seems likely) he might bring up some of the gory details of this holocaust: http://cienciologia.wordpress.com/category/hellstorm/ But THIS response would truly surprise them: Show that he’s way ahead of them and they’re far behind on what are the current rules of politically correct speech! http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/16/world/middleeast/israels-efforts-to-limit-use-of-holocaust-terms-raise-free-speech-questions.html?smid=tw-share&_r=0

  3. “I can’t stand working with white people that are traitors, because traitors, they have betrayed us, they’re cowards. I see only one place for them — in a ditch.”

    He went too far, but I like the general attitude. I predict if you are a White anti-White in the future that is coming, your treason will not be tolerated. The majority of Whites will kick you to the curb.

  4. Part of what makes Stephen Dalton, Jack Ryan & Co. so obnoxious to those of us who don’t ‘believe in pre-fab fantasies’ of how the world goes round, is that they attempt to speak with authority on topics they know so little of – like who’s behind the claims in NYC that the Jews are somehow equal (if even any) targets of the blacks. What does a non-northeasterner know about living White in the seat of Jewry in America? Really, I’d like to know…because most of us who have had to feel differently. It’s reducing ‘complexity’ to the absurdly simple to say that the Jews aren’t integral to anti-White; they are in fact the main fulcrum of it, although not the only spoke on the wheel.

    Witness the fulcrum turning in this article on Kelly Thomas’ murder by zio turd world muscle man aka american cop:

    The defense team was jewish. And do you think their ilk works for free? Jews don’t make matzoh with the blood of christian boys, just their profits.

    It’s not White people’s fault, Stephen Dalton, that you come from some cult. Work past it. Kelly Thomas did nothing to the fat disgusting turd jews or hispanics. Check out who turned the wheel in NOI’s Zebra murders and then tell me how ‘complex’ it all is. Nothing’s changed in 40 years in California.

    Redheaded Nicole Kidman’s character told the tyrannical Confederate Home Guard in the movie Cold Mountain, “There will be a reckoning.”

    Listen up you genetic defective parasite Potok, Inc.

    There will be a reckoning, and that day is coming sooner than you think.

  5. He’s refreshingly NON ‘Mainstream WN’! All kinds of people (including Tea Partiers in hushed tones) will be talking about Nightline tomorrow, but the show has rather low viewership.

    He has all the crowd-gathering, content-delivering ability of the best street preachers (see my comments on street preaching on the ‘Is Street Activism a Waste of Time’ post).

    Note the conversation where the Black nationalist, who OPPOSES interracial mixing, says ‘Give me the BLACK woman’, and Matt replies, ‘Yes you can have her’.

  6. I think I saw him carrying the Bible in one scene — nothing more about Christianity that I can remember. God is much greater than guns, but we were only shown him with guns. This is my last comment. Good night.

  7. Well, they succeeded in portraying him as a dangerous lunatic. That was their goal. Showing him with the guns and then talking about killing people with the Black nationalists – that pretty much did it for most people I’m sure.

  8. Just about every comment, image, or idea – with the exception of the NSM rally in Kansas City, or the ADL’s swastika photo with the Aryan Terror Brigade in Kentucky – which I would have urged Matt to reconsider as unwise, was prominently featured in the ABC “special report.”

    I think Matt made a number of good substantial points. I liked the disarming comment about being the bogeyman. It would be interesting to see the mountain of film that was left on the editing room floor.

    In particular, there were two comments that stood out to anyone watching the show: the one about traitors ending up in the ditch, and the one about a long drop from a short rope. These two comments were such obvious fumbles that I have a hard to believing that Matt wasn’t fully aware that he was giving them something for he could get the rest of his message across on television.

    If either of us had been interviewed, we would have been so boring and conventional that it probably would have never aired. They obviously wanted something more tabloid, and that’s what they got.

  9. Yes NYYankees. There will be a reckoning.

    Ps 137:7 “Remember O Lord, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem who said “Raze it, raze it even to the foundation.”

    And. “How are the things of Esau searched out! How are his hidden things sought up.” Obadiah 5.

    Their day is coming in our time when “the secrets are shouted from the housetops” because the once hidden things of Esau are now able to be searched out.

  10. Hunter Wallace says:
    January 17, 2014 at 6:52 am

    “Just about every comment, image, or idea – with the exception of the NSM rally in Kansas City, or the ADL’s swastika photo with the Aryan Terror Brigade in Kentucky – which I would have urged Matt to reconsider as unwise, was prominently featured in the ABC “special report.””

    For the rest of his days, no matter how he mellows, that is how they will introduce him.

    Makes me wonder why Pro White activists bother going to the lamestream media, to be character assassinated, when we have our own media.

  11. I do not have a TV so I can not comment on the program. But…I’d day that any kind of PR is good PR. In the past, the mainstream media (MSM) could do a hatchet job and get away with it. But in today’s world of the Internet, podcasting and uploaded videos, the other side of the story is easy to access. There is a sizable chunk of the Nightline audience who are now exposed to what Matt has to say. They will follow up with online searches. This is where you have to be prepared with websites and videos and online fundraising. Think of all the people even now googling “Traditional Youth.” They will want to know more and, more importantly, will ask what is it we can do?

    You have to have an answer.

    As for dealing with the MSM: there is a sizable body of experience on this. Radicals have understood that any any media coverage can be leveraged into gaining access to a wider audience. Look at how they exploited the MSM during the 1950s and ’60s. It would be worth running some articles on how to use these tactics.

    Another thing to consider is the bandwagon effect: if Matt can raise network ratings, other media will want to get in on the act. Again, you have to be prepared with an intelligent plan to exploit the attention, and reach wider audiences. There are numerous works on this: Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals,” training materials for campaign organizers, psychological warfare manuals, information warfare studies. Most of this is online, by the way. It’s worth studying.

    You might even break out Noam Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent” which shows how the media operates; granted, Chomsky is on the far left but he sees the Establishment from a quasi-anarchist point of view and you can always change the names to see how the system works–and how you can use it against itself.

    Anyway, there’s an opportunity here. Let’s see how it can be exploited.

  12. I had one more comment: has anyone in Trad Youth considered seeing a media consultant? Someone who would sit them down and show how to exploit media attention.

    Thing is, there is a science to exploiting the media. The principles are well known. It’s just a matter of getting onboard with them. Start a training program, read the manual.

  13. Heimbach: I want people to know that we all have to eat, and whether you’re a so-called racist or not, we all want the best for our children.

    Heimbach post ABC edit: I want. to. eat. your. children.

    Have to give that kid enormous credit for courage though. Perhaps he should have mentioned the striking similarities between his movement and Global Jewish Advocacy

  14. NYYankee, I never said it was the fault of “white people” that I was involved in a cult. It was strictly my own fault. The only thing I blamed the cult for was teaching me to think that one group was behind all the problems of the world. This type of thinking is typical of folks who have never learned what the Apostle James said. “From whence are wars and contentions among you? Are they not hence, from your concupiscences, which war in your members? You covet, and have not: you kill and envy, and can not obtain. You contend and war, and you have not, because you ask not. You ask, and receive not; because you ask amiss; that you may consume it on your concupiscences. (James 4:1-3) That’s why I said if the Jews (or any other group that has given us grief) were to disappear tomorrow, we would still have the same kind of problems to a lesser or (hopefully not!) greater degree with other groups. Human nature has always been contentious from day one, and it will be that way until the close of history.

  15. Re: ‘Is ‘Duck Dynasty’ real?’:

    Hunter, do you realise the source for the story in your link is ‘the People’s Atheist’ (whose father was ‘a lifetime atheist’ of possible Talmudic ancestry, who left his mother when he was young) who says he is in the business now (literally in business) ‘of making a mockery out of religion’, especially Christianity. He says the brothers stopped shaving off their beards just to make money, and that, since the pursuit of riches is un-Christian, they are not only greedy fakes but Christian hypocrites as well. He completely DENIES THE NEW BIRTH that makes all good behavioural changes possible, including the brothers’ reversion from the modern ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ lifestyle back to their ‘redneck’ southern white heritage.

    R-Moreland, thanks for not having a TV and letting us know that. I would never choose to introduce one to my home either. I was going to add last night that I regret using TV to see it, but I’m not totally legalistic and I thought it was important. Down with Talmudvision and wasting time.

  16. I had no idea ABC News “Nightline” was still on, thought it was cancelled 25 years ago.

    That was the show hosted by the Jewish dwarf Ted Koppel, he of the bad toupee . It started during the Iranian hostage crisis “America Held Hostage”.

  17. The part I’m really butthurt about is how they made it look like we retreated when the Boxcar faggots hosed us. We stayed for precisely thirty minutes, and enjoyed the water hose and apple shenanigans for an extended time before wrapping up.

  18. As a (real) White person, I think I fear Lynda’s “reckoning,” as it’s my understanding she intends to Genocide people who don’t think exactly like her. Sorry if I’m wrong on that.

  19. Interesting post, Yankee:

    “…Kelly Thomas did nothing to the fat disgusting turd jews or hispanics. Check out who turned the wheel in NOI’s Zebra murders and then tell me how ‘complex’ it all is….”

    Poor Kelly Thomas! But what are you referring to in the Zebra murder case? Just not sure

  20. The jokers at crossroads were quite a good laugh.

    White men offended by white men consciously adopting the identity.

    The nigger on Nightline wasn’t phased in the slightest.

  21. I recommend Southern Nationalists and other nationalists adopt David Duke’s media policy.

    Only do live/unedited MSM interview. When you allow the MSM to do taped, edited documentaries, interview, they pick and choose to make you look as bad as they want. They can and will use stock footage of alleged White racist atrocities, violin teer jerking videos of little Black children crying after their church was allegedly burned by evil White racists.

    Also the trash TV Jerry Springer type mob attack show doesn’t work to our advantage.

    Try to resist the temptation just to get on TV. It’s like being thrown to the lions in the old Roman Coliseum.

  22. “Why is he making common cause with Panthers and and whatnot?”

    Because sometimes that is an effective tactical strategy. Because sometimes the aphorism “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is true. Because frontal attacks have a relatively low success rate. I thought you Brits had learned that lesson in the trenches of WWI.

    What particular strategy works at different stages and modes of a struggle is fluid and situational. I enjoy watching Louis Farrakhan on TV. As advised, read Alinsky. I would add to that my advice, which is to read Lenin too.

  23. DixieGirl, here are just a couple links for the Zebra Murders which took place during the 1970’s. It was an intentional campaign to exterminate whites by the Nation of Islam. The jews helped foment this insanity, in that the ACLU, which was primarily funded by jews, joined the NAACP to sue I believe it was the cops and the government to prevent searches of black men, even after several murders had been committed. Same jews had no problem with the random stop and searches of white men during the same period while a notorious white male rapist was on the loose. White men were getting stopped constantly for some time, but the mostly jewish-financed ACLU collaborated with the NAACP to prohibit random searches of black men while as many as 300 white victims were perishing at the NOI’s hands. Their MO was a black man had to kill nine white men or something like five white women and four children to achieve a certain status.

    I don’t dig Amren and they probably covered for the jews in their articles, but you can start there and surf around to find the more candid exposes on just how protected these animals were by the jewish establishment. There was even a probable cell within the cops of some black organization that was preventing the halfway decent cops (back then there actually were some) from protecting the few witnesses who were willing to testify. At one point a couple of brave ones were holed up in a motel to hide and the NOI raided, forcing the cops to have to run and evacuate the poor souls. It’s one other reason it was so hard to stop them, but still related to the fact that the cops were so disempowered to begin with. The jews provided the backing for this licensing of these black maniacs to walk free and terrorize all whites, even the cops.


    It was great to see Matt Heimbach last night. I thought he did very well considering what a rigged game it was, although I’d prefer more civil-styled criticisms of Diversity cult, like those based on the fiscal exploitation of whites, for one example. When some girl harassed Matt’s White Student Union, his cohort asked her who was paying for her financial aid or something and she blanched. It was one of the WSU’s best moments IMO. Thomas Buhls could be a little less militant-seeming too, especially because he’s cuter on TV although I reckon he doesn’t care.

    I really think it’d be great to see some White women out there too, old, young or in between. Right now there’s a major fracturing of Diversity Cult’s gender and race coalition as the non-whites grow more and more brazen in their anti-White hysteria. White women of all times desperately need some spokeswoman, especially a younger one, to draw them back into the fold. White feminists especially need somewhere to go now that they’ve been kicked to the curb by Diversity. A defiant but softer presentation might work wonders here. I’m actually surprised more White women aren’t signing up in droves, considering how used and abused they’ve been by the blacks, hispanics and jews. I’m early middle age and Thomas sort of intimidates me. One could imagine how his manner might spook young women who often scare more easily. I’m not trying to attack here, just offering up my thoughts on how critical it seems to attract more women into the movement, especially some of the younger ones.

  24. After viewing the whole ABC Nightline show, I thought Matt did rather well and it was a positive media appearance. Matt came off as calm, intelligent. And ABC news was reasonably fair, surprisingly fair.

    Well done.

  25. The Panthers are no use. I’d say that NOI are pretty formidable though.

    Making common cause with either is pointless.

    I don’t want to cast aspersions but Heimbach reminds me of Admiral Jackie Fisher. Although Jackie had jaundice I’ve always suspected Jackie’s moms had an affair with a Chinaman or a Hindu. Heimbach is another Cobb in that making. Thi s young fellow is going to get a DNA test that shows he’s partially Chinese or Korean, I swear it. Like that Jobbik guy who turns out to be Jewish.

    That’s what I mean by Common cause actually. The guys that do the TV white identity thing are often ambushed by actual ancestry. Heimbach wears his whiteness adamantly, yet he seeks common cause with black nationalists. Of course black nationalists claim they’d like separation too, but anyone can see that they just seek Power.

    I sense a set up.

  26. After viewing the whole ABC Nightline show, I thought Matt did rather well and it was a positive media appearance. Matt came off as calm, intelligent.

    Given the fractured nature of television “reality,” Matt got enough points through via sound bite. The real issue here is the followup. When Nightline viewers do Internet searches and come to white nationalist websites, what information are they going to get which will win them over?

    And yes, being calm and intelligent is vital for winning people over.

  27. Jack Ryan, I AGREE with your assessment, and I am truly surprised! You might not have liked it, though, if Matt had ridden the ‘hobby horse’ of religion by explaining his conversion, quoting Scripture and prescribing Christianity as the only cure for the ‘chronic wasting disease’ of white peoples. I wish he had. Maybe he did, and it was edited out because they fear Revival more than gun ownership.

    Captain John, I thought the Panther leader scene was brilliant because he was able to use it to highlight the identification of the GREATEST ENEMY of all races: the Global Elite. When they shook hands on Matt’s statement that the Global Elite must be destroyed first, I thought that was the true climax of the show. But it was understood they’d be fighting each other anyway, and what Matt said immediately after exiting made it perfectly clear he did NOT intend seriously to make any common cause with Black Panthers on anything.

  28. Re: ‘if the Jews (…) were to disappear tomorrow, we would still have the same kind of problems’:

    You are trying to deflect attention/shift our focus, again.

    ‘I never said it was the fault of “white people” that I was involved in a cult. It was strictly my own fault’

    What made you join the cult you are in now?

  29. Captain John, my jewdar is probably way sharper than any white person I’ve ever met. I sense no jewishness in Heimbach. People need to remember that the Romans dropped their seed all over the Roman Empire, which means that the celts and germans are not simply that – they are also part Roman and mixed in with each other too. But the roman is more obvious given that at some point the southern europeans became a hybrid of north african and native european. I conclude this by looking at them, and by noting that there are some spanish, for one example, or some northern italians, who more resemble native or mainland europeans than their putative counterparts. There are pockets of Spain where these native characteristics still manifest, although there are some differences in both Italy and Spain in facial features even among these native europeans.

    Remember too that the Irish Catholics had some sort of communion with the Spanish, being that both were Catholic countries and united at times against a common adversary, Protestant England. Ireland is quite diverse in how people look, and while more irish tend towards a native european phenotype, many have black hair and mediterranean-ized features, etc. even as fair skin still predominates. It was far easier to cross a sea than a real ocean or a mountain range and/or land mass peopled with hostile natives waiting to jump you. It was also tougher to drag things across land than to move them by sea if you consult basic physics.

    So there were political motivations, cultural dynamics and the logistical means for more integration in Ireland with some of the Spanish (recall that the Romans never made it into Ireland) than people seem to realize. I doubt there’s too much jewish blood in the irish; romanized or moorified spanish are what used to be some iteration of celts who went into Ireland. The Irish or what was called Gaelic language is closer to the celtic language in Spain than it is to Welsh or Cornysh, or so I’ve read (I’m not personally familiar).

    The Moors also took over Spain along the way and some were arabs:

    Since I have no idea what Heimbach’s parents look like, I couldn’t place the streaks of non-native celt or german in him, but I don’t detect jewish.

    Most northwestern european have some parts mediterranean in them. I look like a pure viking and celt, I’m tall with very light hair and extreme native european facial features, etc. Three of my grandparents looked stereotypically ‘native european’ and were irish, irish german, and dutch scottish. The other was an irish woman with dark auburn hair, a petite frame, blue eyes, fair irish skin and mediterranean influenced facial features. So even someone like me who looks like a pure northerner has some north african blood in them oftentimes.

    We can’t be total purists or biological fetishists. It’s just not healthy or realistic or natural.

  30. ETA: Captain John wasn’t suggesting jewishness in Heimbach, but others in the circuit have. I simply try to explain some irish and european history above; the irish parts may not be as obvious to many.

  31. “Well, they succeeded in portraying him as a dangerous lunatic. That was their goal.”

    Why would anyone be stupid enough to allow the enemy to portray them as they see fit? Was this guy forced to go on this program? By agreeing to be interviewed by them he was implying 1) they are non-biased 2) they are a legitimate source of information 3) what they say is truthful. On top of that, they have the ability to edit as they see fit.

    He should be working on establishing his own media (buying a newspaper, establishing an internet site, etc.) not pandering to those who have the power. He should be trying to remove power from them and transfer it to himself and his movement by 1) encouraging state and local legislation aimed at crippling the competition* 2) establishing an alternate to the competition.

    *it’s actually pretty easy to do so. Here’ one example: a state or local government passes legislation requiring cable and satellite companies to decouple their channel selection and allow consumers to pay for them individually. How many of those channels (MTV, MSNBC, etc) do you think would be viable once middle-class conservative white families were given the option of having these channels in their homes? Exactly. Remember the Duck Dynasty scandal? A&E would have been a lot more hesitant to pull a stunt like that if they had known that their audience could have simply canceled them while keeping the rest of their package. As a bonus, it would be immensely popular amongst the poor because it would lower prices. It could even be billed as a means of reducing prices (and we’d get the good result listed above just the same).

    At the end of the day, you’re going to have to “out jew” the competition. Being stupid like Heimbach here is a road to defeat.

  32. This is a prime example of why SN is superior to WN.

    If a guy like Heimbach is insulted for being a crazed white racist, that drives more people into the opposition’s camp – no one wants to be a crazed white racist. Whites have little or no ethnic solidarity, so this is pretty easy to do.

    If a guy like Heimbach is insulted for being a crazed supporter of Southern Independence, that drives more people into our camp because any attack on him is, by extension, an attack on the Southern people directly. The A&E incident illustrates this point. Southerns still have some ethnic identity that is at least tacitly different from the generic “American white” identity. An attack by A&E on them was an underhanded ethnic attack on all of us.

    Does anyone really believe that if Duck Dynasty were a show about duck hunters in Vermont that A&E would have backed down? No, there was a lot of implied ethnicity in that scandal and a lot less ideology than people think.

  33. “Because sometimes that is an effective tactical strategy.”

    In 1969. Not so effective in convincing ordinary white Southerners who despise the Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan to support you, though.

  34. It struck me that I’d seen similar features in Admiral Jackie Fisher.

    Jackie wasn’t a Jew. Just an Indian or South East Asian (partially)

    It’s possible jaundice created the look but my recognition was similar

  35. Heimbach is consistent with the way the Swiss look. Federer, if he were a chubby guy might look similar.

  36. Btw I’m of the darker Irish sort. He doesn’t resemble what I’d call Black Irish.

    See Colin Farrell or Pierce Brosnan and that Ryan bloke who ran on Romney’s ticket.
    The Spanish do not really look quite like him either. They tend to have Gracine features.

  37. Captain John is right about the central Alpine or Swiss appearance. I don’t think Matt has any more Asian DNA traces than most of us.

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