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  1. Why don’t he move back to his old hood and live there solely? Then he could lead the counterrevolution himself?

  2. “You can’t discover it, we were here…”

    So it did not start with the “native americans,” in this case. Blacks in harlem have squatter’s rights. But I don’t see why a nationalist would have a problem with what he is saying. (Except the anti-whitisms.) After the family, neighborhood integrity is the next building block unit for “a people.” He’s saying the fact that the “property values” go up when some other group, is meaningless when you have no home.

    Property values in the “new south” have risen with the influx of northeast types, and they brought with them their welfare-statist way of “developing” americans just the way they feel they should “develop” iraqis or haitians or whoever. (Since “development” is how they recycle their public money). This puts them in the exact same relation WITH the people they are supposed to citizens with as they are with the people they are at war with, pretty strange.

    Anyway, as far as needing a home, a neighborhood, etc, Spike Lee sounds more cognizant than most people on stormfront or somewhere. The point is NOT the money.

    White Southerners can sell plenty of places in central NC or NoVa or WV for that matter for some big profits, but they no longer have a SOUTHERN home. (And in many areas, if they are not just pushed out by the “gentrifying” yankees, they still don’t have a home, not really, as their community is “changed.”)

    “Gentrifiers” always think they are improving things. But property values are only the main thing for people at the bottom of the Maslow Pyramid. (The northeast communists-statist-fascist [whatever you want to call them] who REALLY DON’T KNOW there could have been more to life than money (extended family networks, the ethnic unity, real community, shared religion, shared language, shared historical narrative, shared trajectory to the country, shared history in the old country, the arts, musics, etc, that spring out of those experiences…and on and on).

    To believe in “development” and “gentrification” is very unenlightened, imo.

    Who has it better—- the happy african couple who goes on their donkey to a well for water, or some rich guy (wife cheating, kids on ssri drugs, shoot up at the school, daughter probably going to be drafted into the military if some in u.s. govt. get their way, abortions pushed on them, etc, etc) living in an expensive house on yet another new jersey “superfund” site? Neither has easy access to good water. Given what I’ve seen of new jersey, I can see plenty of people choosing being the african.

    It’s seriously unwise to think you can compare lives.

    They are just different.

  3. Then he’s gotta Do The Right Thing and Get On The Bus to move out before we’re Bamboozled into listening to his bullshit anymore…I couldn’t resist.

  4. This is good propaganda for Conservative, White Christians.

    Conservative White Christians do not like to hear anyone talking constantly about having sexual intercourse with their mothers.

    It’s a good way to justify the reality that urban Blacks do poorly because of their own, inappropriate behavior.

    Who will hire some one, Black, White Aisan who’s every other word is “mother f…..”

  5. Those White folks don’t throw their trash into the street and some of them even clear it away, without being paid!!! What’s the world coming to???

  6. ‘Gentry will gentrify’ and there will always be tension between the Elites and lower castes — and money-worshipping, ‘immense-wealth-creating’, rootless cosmopolitans BELONG in urban areas.

  7. ‘Conservative White Christians do not like to hear anyone talking constantly about having….’

    Yes, true Christians HATE it. True Christians don’t have filthy tongues, nor secretly filthy minds. We need true revival most and first of all.

  8. If we were to look into that ‘movin on up’ demographic we would probably find Jews, Crypto Jews and their shabbos goy enabling class.

  9. The rioting in London was as much about lovely blonde women recolonizing the East End as it was about the eclipse of white London.

  10. Is he forgetting that Brooklyn and Harlem were white before they went black? Besides, it’s only yours when you build it yourself with your own hard-earned money.

  11. To Hunter Wallace:

    You probably know who I am already. It’s hard to believe we’ve known each other for well over 10 years now. I see we’ve both changed a lot over the years. It looks like your life has improved dramatically over the past few years. That’s wonderful. I hope you continue to find success in this world.

    Anyway, though I’m tempted to comment on a few more of your posts (great blog, by the way), my real reason for returning here is to apoligise to you for my past transgressions. When we last collaborated, I was a vain and immature person. I betrayed your trust, and said bad things about you. My behaviour was selfish, immoral and trecherous. For all this I apologise, and I take back every negative thing I have said about you. And I don’t think I’ll be the last person to apologise to you; let’s pray, for the sake of their souls, that the others will develop enough humility to know that they too have done wrong.

    Please understand–I make this apology without ulterior motive. I have no desire for your friendship, your cooperation, your good word, nor to regain your trust. I am just painfully aware of the transgressions of my past, I am ashamed of who I used to be, and I wish to make peace with all whom I have wronged, yes, ‘even’ people I know on the internet. I returned to the internet after a period of absence mainly to apologise and reconcile myself to people (although a few posts may have caught my interest along the way, and I have already spent too much time on that forum whose name I won’t mention). I can now return my new life, which excludes the use of computers and the internet.

    Anyway, Wallace, keep up the good work. You’re doing something far greater than all of your detractors. But they are merely ignorant, lost in vanity, and I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive them, even if you cannot forgive me.

  12. @ Mosin… ‘Gentry will gentrify’ and there will always be tension between the Elites and lower castes — and money-worshipping, ‘immense-wealth-creating’, rootless cosmopolitans BELONG in urban areas….

    Yes, cosmopolitans do— the trouble is they think they are elites. Many white people who think they are “gentrifying” really are not. Look at the “developments” in the south, where northeast migrants believe their strip malls of pizzerias are actually improving a way of life. (no joke; they really do believe they have brought “culture” to “ignorant rednecks”)

  13. There is a contradiction here insofar as blacks usually complain that whites leave and “take the wealth” out of neighborhoods, leaving blacks with growing slums. Now Lee is complaining that whites are bringing wealth into the ‘hood.

    White people just can not win, can they?

    But I don’t see why a nationalist would have a problem with what [Spike Lee] is saying.

    Lee is speaking from a racial basis, something white people have mostly stopped doing over the last half century. One can at least respect him for that, even if otherwise opposed to this politics.

    Be interesting to see how white liberals respond to this. Think Lee will be screamed down as a “racist?” Will his rant be ignored or even rationalized away by the usual suspects?

    There is a source for a laugh or two here when one considers the ideological convolutions that liberals must go through when blacks do not play it by the rules.

  14. DWL have already rationalized it away in conversations I’ve had about that Video.

  15. Sorry, Spike Lee is just a low life Nigger, he has no redeeming qualities.

    He had his short 40 seconds of fame (what’s the correct Andy Warhol phrase?)

    Alliances with Black nationalists, separatists never work, same with alliances with Jews or Muslims. These are not honorable people that keep their word.

    Left to their own devices, Blacks will fall down in to Zimbabwe or Detroit, they also want to go where things are better, where we Whites have made something good, nice. Blacks may not have high IQs, but they ain’t stupid. Only a stupid person would agree to stay in an all Black poor area like East St. Louis or Liberia when they can go to some still nice White suburb of Minneapolis.

  16. DixieGirl wrote: ‘the trouble is they think they are elites. Many white people who think they are “gentrifying” really are not’:

    Exactly. DixieGirl always contributes the right, white, sense of life.

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