Georgia House Approves MLK Statue


The final vote was 173-3.

Note: As of the 2012 election, Republicans control the Georgia House, 119-60. They’ve used their control of the governorship and state legislature to tear down the Tom Watson statue and erect an MLK statue in its place.

“ATLANTA | Support was overwhelming Monday in the Georgia House for putting a privately funded statue on the grounds of the state Capitol honoring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who grew up a few blocks away.

There was little debate before the 173-3 vote. Only Rep. Tommy Benton, R-Jefferson, raised the point that people commemorated with statues on the grounds had served as elected governors, senators or both. …”

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  1. I imagine one day, when saner heads rule, that all these MLK statues will be torn down, as a show of defiance to overbearing political correctness, reminiscent of the statues of Lenin after the fall of the Soviet Union. Or Sadam Hussein after the fall of Iraq. Any place that despotism has replaced the rule of law and lies have replaced truth by the political elite.

  2. The bill can be found on the GA House of Representatives site here:

    The roll call vote is here:

    The three dissenters are:

    Tommy Benton (R – Jefferson) District 31

    Charles Gregory (R – Kennesaw) District 34

    Sam Moore (R – Gwinnett, North Fulton) District 22

    Interestingly, Mr. Moore is a true neophyte, as he was only elected in a special election in January. He and Mr. Gregory, it must be said, show a strong libertarian streak, which admittedly is the most that is permissible for an elected official these days.

    I recommend that any Georgians in these gentlemen’s districts write them letters of thanks for dissenting from the politically correct, anti-Southern supermajority. ALL other representatives voted for, with four abstentions. But in naming the cowards, let us not forget those very few who did the right thing.

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