Crimea Secedes From Ukraine, Votes To Join Russia



Crimeans chant "Glory to Russia" after parliament votes to join Russia
Crimeans chant “Glory to Russia” after parliament votes to join Russia

“The Moscow-backed government of Crimea said Thursday that it will hold a referendum on whether to formally secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, dramatically escalating tension as the West tries to negotiate a withdrawal of Russian troops from the region. …”

Note: The League of the South will be holding a demonstration in Tallahassee on Saturday against Sen. Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill and Southern Demographic Displacement. We are also calling for the secession of Florida from the USA.

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  1. Paul Craig Roberts: ‘ I suspected that Ukraine would come to a boiling point when Putin and Russia were preoccupied with the Sochi Olympics, leaving Russia unprepared. ‘


    What a silly comment.

    As if KGB trained Putin was was caught totally off guard and unprepared for the possibilities of the events unfolding in Ukraine.

    Poor Vladimir.

    While he was preoccupied with the luge we put one over on him.

    Not hardly.

  2. Lew, I read your suggested Counter-currents article that takes the premise: ‘Russian identity is as trans-racial as American identity (…) Russian imperialism, like American imperialism (…) is a mighty engine of miscegenation, an engine that has been chugging away since the Middle Ages. Like the first Rome and the second Rome, the Third Rome is not a nation but a machine that liquidates every nation it captures, including its own founders. Thus Russian imperialism is not an alternative to globalization, but just another form of it’ — and that dwells on the majority non-white demographics of Russia as a whole, while overlooking the fact that Ukraine is even more Asiatic, and more Jewish, than European Russia (east of the Urals). On another thread, Jeppo posted a link to a map of whiteness in Europe that seems to support the same argument, showing a band of 99% whiteness running through eastern Europe from Greece to Poland. However, a LOT of those 98 to 99% ‘European’ Greeks, Hungarians and Ukrainians, etc. look pretty dark and Asiatic to me!

  3. White-ness is not the same as European-ness. Asiatic traits increase across Europe west to east. Darkness increases from north to south. How is Russia less white than Sicily?

  4. Germany and its neighbors and Japan neutrality alllies imposed unconditional surrender in 1945. fast forward:China,Pakistan,India,Israel,Russia, armed with nuclear missile. These countries like Mordor and Saruman on the march to war for western wealth. By 2050 they will turn on each others with nuclear, great reduction of humanoids.

  5. “I just found out from reading AR’s threads just a few minutes ago that there is already an in force extant Russia-Ukraine treaty which allows Russia military and other rights to The Ukraine.”

    There’s an agreement tied to the naval base which allows them to have up to (IIRC) 20,000 Russian troops in the Crimea (not the rest of Ukraine). The western media have been lying about an invasion (although that doesn’t mean there won’t be one later).


    “There’s also an in-force extant US-Ukraine treaty dating to 1994 under which the US is already legally obligated to defend Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian invasion.”

    It’s not a treaty; it’s some kind of diplo-speak “memorandum” with no legal obligation.


    “‘As for the “ethnic Russian” refugees leaving Ukraine, they are the descendants of Russian colonists brought in by Stalin after he killed between twenty and thirty million White Christian Ukrainians.”

    Nope. The Russians took the south and east parts of Ukraine off the Ottoman Turk empire and settled Russians there. Kaganovich starved them as well as the Ukrainians. Stalin did deport the Tartars in Crimea and replace them with Russians.

  6. “Preoccupied?”

    He’s right that something was bound to happen during Socchi because of the media focus but you’re right “preoccupied” is not the right word for it.

  7. Lew says:
    March 7, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    ‘Some new contributer at Counter Currents just wrecked the pro-Putin, “support Russian traditionalism” side of this debate. Trust me; I hate Jews as much as the next guy, but Putin is what he is.’

    (snip) It is also a widespread delusion among western White Nationalists that Russia is free of Jewish influence and is an antidote to the Jew-led New World Order. Firstly, at every opportunity, Putin pays homage to the official “holocaust” narrative promulgated by the Jews.

    On many occasions he said that the holocaust was the most abominable atrocity in history, and the Red Army put an end to this horror.

    Since the cult of victory in WWII and the glorification of the Soviet past are the main pillars of national identity in modern Russia, this implies that Russian identity and patriotism are not only not opposed to Jewish interests but, on the contrary, are directly in line with them. (snip)

  8. @Mosin

    From the article it says that the West will “surrender” the Crimea to the Tsar. This is preposterous. The Crimea has been under Russian control for the last three hundred years. Before the recent revolt/coup d’etat in Kiev Russia already had 15,000 troops stationed in Crimea. These extra forces are just insurance the Tatars aided by the largely fascist/Roman catholic rebels from the Western Unkraine don’t stir up any trouble and endanger Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

  9. “An article speaking in favor of partition as a cure for strife.”

    Just as Madeleine Allbright and Bill Clinton argued as an excuse to forcibly hand over parts of Serbia ie. Kosovo to the KLA Muslim gangsters in the 1990’s. We though it was just peachy to bomb Belgrade and send in troops.

  10. ‘Roman catholic rebels from the Western Ukraine’:

    Yes, that is another factor contributing to conflict with Russia. Partially Romanised Ukraine, and fully ‘heretical’ Russia, have both been ‘consecrated’.

    ‘We thought it was just peachy to bomb Belgrade and send in troops’:

    I knew it was criminal. Serbia is marked for destruction. Croatia can do no wrong.

  11. Passing this along. “In Crimea, Every Free human in the World Won” —

    Excerpt from the long article: “In the bad old days of the USSR, it was all simple: there was state censorship. But there is no state censorship in the West, no Glavlit and no Goskomizdat, and yet the western press is far more monolithic and dishonest then even the official party press in the USSR. But there is one crucial difference between the USSR and today’s AngloZionist Empire: the Internet. Simply put, the Internet is the only global media not controlled by either governments or corporations (which is really the same thing). Yes, there are numerous attempts by both governments and corporations to change this, but at least for the time being, information is circulating freely throughout the Internet. This introduced amazing changes: 1) a single citizen with a minimal income now had the means to meaningfully oppose the lies of even major corporations or governments: the case of Alain Soral in France is typical of this amazing trend. 2) the resistance to the Empire is now geographically decentralized: as this blog illustrates so well with the amazing diversity of its readers. 3) information simply cannot be suppressed: the world learned of the massacres and atrocities of the Wahabi insurgents in Syria even though the corporate media tried hard to ignore them. 4) low-level classified government documents do regularly get compromised by various individuals who can then leak it without anybody being able to stop it (Assange, Snowden, Manning). 5) an increasing number of people sever their exposure to the corporate media which now mostly subsists on government grants. 6) even those who still watch TV or read the press are aware that they are being lied to. All this means that we live in a new reality in which the global AngloZionist Empire is now actively opposed by a global resistance which knows no borders, no nationalities and no religions: people from different countries, nations and religions stand together against a common hegemon not just in theory like in ‘Proletarians of all countries – unite!’ slogan, but in actuality and they actively collaborate with each other. It is to this global resistance to the Empire and its GIOs that Putin addressed his words yesterday. Sure, of course, he was primarily speaking to the people of Russia, Crimea and the Ukraine, but he was also reaching beyond, to all those, probably many millions, who would make the effort to listen to him on YouTube or read a transcript of his speech. Because, of course, all this is much bigger than just a power struggle over a relatively small peninsula in the Black Sea: yesterday, for the first time, a powerful and determined leader openly told the Empire: we know you, we understand what you are trying to do, and we are not going to let you do it. In fact, we reject everything you stand for and we will never let you rule the planet. And today, we have the means to stop you! I think that we are entering a new era for which many of us had been hoping for a very long time. An era when a resistance which used to be only local has finally found a leader capable not of commanding it, no, but capable of representing and inspiring it. I honestly don’t think that Putin wanted that…. Iran and Hezbollah have been openly resisting for many years, but they simply did not have the means to reach much further beyond the Middle-East. As for the resistance in Latin America (Venezuela, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia) it has not been able to effectively deal with more lukewarm or hesitating leaders (Brazil, Chile, Argentina) or with outright US puppet states (Colombia). If anything, the recent vote at the UNSC in which only China abstained and every other member voted against Russia goes to show that on the global scale Russia is alone and that no world leader has the courage to openly stand next to Putin. Even though I had been following Putin’s career very carefully since 1999, it took me until 2008 to fully get a sense of what this man was all about. Still, I know that a lot of people remained skeptical: was he really what he appeared to be or was he simply playing a sophisticated game of ‘good cop – bad cop’ with Medvedev, with each of them catering to their own audience? When Russia was invited to the G8 and when it acceded to the WTO a lot of careful observers wondered whether Putin was really as ‘anti-Empire’ as he claimed to be, or whether he was just conducting a hard bargain for better conditions inside the Empire’s international system. I hope that they today these skeptics see that Putin is ‘for real’ and that he is now the de-facto leader of the global resistance against the AngoZionist Empire. As I have mentioned above, a lot of readers of this blog, with no personal connections to Russia at all, reported yesterday that they had listened to Putin’s address with tears in their eyes. This resulted in a rather moving discussion of red-eye triggering ‘dust storms’ reported from various parts of the world (Germany, USA, Uruguay, Austria, Canada and, of course, Russia). One anonymous poster though did not want to use a cute euphemism and simply wrote: ‘Here it wasn’t a dust, it was just a sincere pure cry for the hope of the all humanity around the world, that we can live in peace, mutual respect , abundance and prosperity for everyone around this beautiful earth. I do believe that this is the start of the new era.’”

  12. The common denominator of the Ukrainian fascist ‘Ustasha’ and the Globalist Empire is the Vatican, with its ‘Inter-Mary-ium’ programme for Fatimite-‘consecrated’ Russia and other unsubmissive eastern white nations. Never forget the lesson of the true ‘holocaust’ in Europe where Jewish losses paled in comparison to the planned extermination of white ethnic Christians unsubmissive to Rome — in which the Romans and Talmudists cooperated just as they do today in Little Russia (‘Ukraine’).

  13. Uniate ‘Greek’ (Roman Catholic Universalist) priest preaching the Crusade (Jihad) against the Russian Orthodox nation:

    Why does Globalism support these ‘Nazis’ and ‘nationalists’? What kind of ‘Nazi-ism’ or ‘nationalism’ is this? From a recent article in ‘Is the guerrilla side a self-organized and self-indoctrinated popular movement tired of a corrupt and inefficient state? That is hardly the case. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union the international power groups have invested billions of the Federal Reserve notes into Ukrainian “pro-democratic” NGOs and politicians. While preaching “Ukrainian commitment to the European choice and democratic values” in the meantime they clearly saw that there is no short-term historical perspective for making Ukraine a state hostile to Russia, which is evidently THE GOAL OF GLOBALIST EASTERN POLICY. THE STAKES WERE PLACED ON (…) THE UNIATE CHURCH (…) CREATED BY THE HOLY SEE (…) in a desperate attempt to weaken close ties of Rzeczpospolita’s Orthodox with Moscow. Since the early 1990s the Uniates enjoyed silent support of the newly-independent central authorities in Kiev. Their tactic was to aggressively occupy Orthodox cathedrals on the canonic territory of the Moscow Patriarchate (…) they propagated A NEW CRUSADE AGAINST THE ORTHODOX (…) acting exactly like radical jihadist preachers of the militant pseudo-Islamic sects. (…) The products of such indoctrination were not long in coming. A number of NATO-sponsored training centers for the Ukrainian ultranationalist militants were opened on the territory of the Baltic states immediately after they joined NATO in 2004. Abundant financial and human resources were directed to bolster the paramilitary units of the radical UNA-UNSO, Svoboda and other ultranationalist organizations in the Ukraine. Since 1990s these thugs were participating in the Chechen and Balkan wars on the side of radical Wahhabi (!) militants and committing war crimes against captured Russian and Serbian soldiers and civilian population. One of the notorious guerilla fighters of the Ukrainian origin in Chechnya, Olexander Muzychko (aka criminal leader Sasha Biliy) today is heading a brigade of “Pravyi Sector”, the radical militant driving force of the ongoing coup d’Etat in Kiev. According to his “official” biography (link in Russian), in 1994 he was awarded by the then top commander of terrorist Ichkeria enclave Dzhohar Dudayev with the order “Hero of Nation” for “outstanding military successes against Russian troops”. His “military skills” were quite specific: he used to lure the Russian units operating in remote Chechen locations to guerilla ambushes. Then he personally participated in tortures and beheadings of the captured Russian soldiers. After returning to the Ukraine in 1995, he led a criminal gang in Rovno. Eventually he was prosecuted and sentences for 8 years term for kidnapping for ransom and attempted assassination of a Ukrainian businessman. He entered politics after release from prison in late 2000s. After the end of Chechen and Balkan wars the British and American private military contractors were routinely recruiting Ukrainian mercenaries for operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. The Britam Defense scandal revealed the way and scale of how the Ukrainian personnel of the private military contractors were used in provocative clandestine actions to meet Western political goals in the Middle East. Many of them were sent to Kiev to make the job they are paid for – to target both policemen and protesters on “Euromaidan” from the roofs of surrounding buildings’.

  14. As we saw in Croatia, Herzegovina and Bosnia in the twentieth century, the primary target of such ‘Nazis’ is NOT ‘Jews, Gypsies and Blacks’ — despite the rhetoric many Jews were/are spared and fully involved in the movement — but white Christians!

  15. I wonder if there is something here.

    Did the Wehrmacht attempt to destroy what was left of Orthodox holy sites and populations?

    Is this one of the reasons Russian troops actually decided to fight for once? Intriguing.

  16. I understand that lend lease money went to scalp bonuses for Soviet Tankers and Artillerymen…money and Kirk.

  17. Russian whites are now the greatest Satan for the Globalists, the Neocons and many Tea Partiers who follow Glenn Beck. Of course some WHITE people (like ‘Yankee’ white people north of the Mason Dixon Line) must always be the greatest enemy, the fault of everything.

    You ‘all’ might not be interested in the policy of Globalism in ‘Ukraine’, but Globalism is still interested in you. You ‘all’ cannot really secede from reality, but I predict you conservative southerners will continue to elect Neo-‘conservative’ endless Global warmongers (more ‘martial’ the better!) and reject any sincere anti-Globalists even if you succeed in seceding….

  18. As knowledge is good if it comes with wisdom, secession is good if it acknowledges and opposes rather than shelters and hides, and remains united with, the real enemy.

  19. No joke.

    The HNIC bans Russians from public libraries in DC.

    How can any Generals take this black seriously? Perhaps Maidan Nazis ought to be imitated to some extent.

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