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  1. Interesting. I’m curious what you make of it (the ongoing role/impact of the nationalist factions) in the context of everything else we know.

    • I think there are legitimate nationalists in Ukraine, but they are being used as a cat’s paw by the US and EU.

      They need to disassociate themselves from the present Jewish-led government before they catch the blame for the consequences of letting the IMF rape the country on behalf of Western interests.

  2. Notice of the 2 numbers held up by the politicians in the picture, the BBC avoided the 14 words.

    What they don’t want to talk about, is what is most important to talk about.

  3. While watching the Talmudists, let’s not forget that Ukraine is also the spearhead of Rome into Russia, which (like the United States) has been ‘consecrated’: ‘I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of reparation on the First Saturdays. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted (…) In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world’!

  4. Hunter,

    Not to be off topic but can you provide any details on the Kyle Rogers’ beating? I saw it on the CofCC.org site. My first thought was….. intentionally targetted.

    I hope he has a speedy recovery. Any info on donations, etc.?

  5. Great seeing nationalists doing something positive in Europe. Like with anything the New World Order is watching. If Ukraine is to be free it has to be free of the international bankers.

  6. Let’s see them tackling the Jews with the same fervor they used to attack Putin with words!

    These petty distinctions between Ukrainians and Russians are irrelevant; especially in the age of White Genocide.

    If they are playing the Cathedral for fools, they are at risk of being too clever by half.

  7. I have been meaning to find the links but right now still can’t. I was one who until early this week had not accepted that Zionist control of the Ukraine nationalists was complete. There is documented evidence that the leaders of both Svoboda and Far Right Sector were paid off, perhaps planted, but at the least paid off by the EUSSA zionists. There is even evidence that the men who shot by snipers – both sides – were victims not of Russian versus Ukrainian, but of Israeli snipers. Jewish and Israeli control of this ‘coup’ has been seemingly almost complete. If one looks all over Daily Stormer there are articles posted and several links under them (DS lacks an efficient way to research even recent archives, however). But Googling some of these topics might yield solid evidence (I haven’t tried). Lasha Darkmoon’s blog also has some illuminating information on the crisis.

    I wanted to believe that the nationalists were playing their own game, but I’ve come to the sorry conclusion that they were played – those who weren’t paid.

  8. Perhaps there are Jew plants in the Daily Stormer comments. It makes sense. Anglin is young, smart, aggressive, and he appears to have a sizable readership. It’s a good target for Jewish disrupt. While most Jewish trolls deny Jews are responsible for anything, some do go the other way. While pretending to be allies, they blame jews for literally anything and everything with weak or no support to discredit the topic. There may be some here besides HW who remember the uber-troll JRichards who used this approach. Never think Jews don’t use all kinds of disinformation.

    The difference here is that intentional or not, and whatever their stated motives, these Ukrainian nationalists did objectively help US-backed Jews take over Ukraine’s highest government positions. But it wasn’t in return for nothing. They have representatives in the new government. So, I’m taking a wait and see attitude. I want to see how the nationalists react when the US-EU-Jews try to marginalize them. If they put up a fight, that will be useful information. If they don’t, that will be too.

    • The IMF is going to turn the Ukrainian economy into another Greece. Why would they want to be associated with the current government which will catch the blame for it?

  9. It’s generally a good idea never to do a taped interview with any media that isn’t 100% our media.

  10. Lew, Andrew is far more vigilant about pro-nationalist posters being jew plants than the opposite, especially given that he really is a Putinist for the most part. But I have read articles which source the assertions I make, I just don’t have time now to find them. Most of the higher positions being assigned are filling with jews. There was one article which listed some of the Right Sector’s leaders as having cashed out. Andrew injects a bit too much emotion into much of his commentary, but he does back up his assertions rigorously at times too.

    I think from what I’ve seen that it’s too late, and that Andrew has been right at least that the jews were controlling things completely. A partition is the probable outcome. Ukraine’s resources are already being looted by the EUSSA.

    I have studied this pretty closely and it looks like a near total loss for nationalists, as far as any chance remaining for them to re-grasp the reigns of the new Ukraine. It’s also fairly clear that was never the probably plan anyway, hard as that is to fathom. The jews infiltrated, funded and even created this coup, and had no problem using anti-semitism to engineer it, not unlike the jewish zionists dealings with Hitler and the Nazis.

  11. The IMF is going to turn the Ukrainian economy into another Greece.

    LOL. The Ukrainians wish that the IMF could turn their economy into another Greece.

    Nominal per capita GDP, 2012:

    Greece: $22,072
    Ukraine: $3,877

    Ukraine would have to climb a figurative mountain just to get up to Greek levels of economic stagnation. The country has been misruled and thoroughly looted since it gained independence in 1991. They’re basically on their knees with a begging bowl right now.

    White people should not have to live like that. Their only hope for real economic growth is to integrate with the rest of Europe. There may be some short-term pain but the long-term gain will be worth it. Here is a list of the per capita GDP of other post-communist states (all had Ukraine-like economies 25 years ago) that have since joined the EU:

    Slovenia: $22,100
    Czech Republic: $18,624
    Slovakia: $17,088
    Estonia: $16,720
    Lithuania: $14,009
    Latvia: $13,900
    Croatia: $12,829
    Poland: $12,709
    Hungary: $12,652
    Romania: $7,939
    Bulgaria: $7,006

    Even the poorest of these countries are roughly twice as rich as Ukraine and the rest are 4, 5 or 6 times richer. And, most importantly, none of these countries has been overrun with Third World immigrants. In fact virtually the only non-whites in the post-communist bloc of the EU (population 105 million) are Gypsies. There are almost no Jews there either. So the supposition that if Ukraine integrates with the rest of Europe it will be overrun with black and brown immigrants is false.

    Check out this census of Europeans in Europe:


    Even though I think these numbers might be slightly exaggerated (there are probably more Gypsies in some of these countries), all the post-communist EU countries are more than 95% white except Bulgaria. They are almost certainly all less than 1% African and Asian. Bulgaria is listed as 86.2% white because it has a longstanding Turkish minority, none of whom are immigrants.

  12. I thought ours was a little older but wasn’t sure. They should have clarified that. I’m sure others may have misunderstood as well.

    Well, it’s possibly another Kyle Rogers in our court.

    Thanks for the clarification!

  13. “We are preparing for a congress, at which the party will be renamed, and we will participate in the elections in Kyiv, the elections in all local councils, towns and villages.”

    “We remain the leaders of this revolution. We are mobilising, we are preparing to react to foreign aggression,” Tarasenko added, claiming that the movement was ready for a full-scale war with Russia.

    A leading figure in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Yarosh advocated a “national revolution” during the protests and dismissed ousted Viktor Yanukovich’s administration as an “internal occupational regime”.

    Yarosh, who considers the far-right Svoboda “too liberal”, wants to ban both the former ruling party (Party of Regions) and the Communist Party of Ukraine.

    Tarasenko distanced the movement from the pro-EU government led by interim president Oleksandr Turchinov.

    “There has been no reset of power. Only the names in the government offices have changed,” he was quoted as saying.

  14. “Their only hope for real economic growth is to integrate with the rest of Europe. ”

    Their only economic hope is for whatever is the best chance of getting rid of the oligarchs.

    I’d say that would be:

    1) Putin taking the south and east and at least getting rid of the existing ones even if he installs new ones of his own.

    2) If Putin takes the south and east that will give the west Ukraine nationalists more chance of winning the government there and getting rid of the oligarchs in the west.

  15. these Ukrainian HardRights are good people indeed. Tragic that they are caught in between the US Jew neo-conz and EU banksters who financed the Kiev Putsch, and Putin’s Russia which WILL NOT PERMIT the Ukraine to become Brzezinski-land: a globalist dagger aimed at the heart of a resurgent, White, Russia. I pointed this out in e-mail to Zbig a few hours ago, and am sure it will have not the slightest effect on his evil plan to dismember Russia. At best I’d like to see the HardRights cut a deal with Putin, but it doesn’t look likely…Ukrainian military units are now moving toward Russian Crimea. When the dust settles, I imagine Russia will once again be astride the entire Ukraine. Not bad from our viewpoint. Russia is, after all, the last bastion of White, Western civilization.

  16. Look at the significant point: the Ukrainian far right’s power was a direct result of their superior organization and (presumably) leadership.

    They also have an ideology to back up the people they put into the streets. And representatives who are media savvy enough to get their points across in a few sound bytes. In Ukraine, the far right has been able to take advantage of greater disorder to carve out a power base.

    And yeah, there may be people behind the scenes trying to pull strings, but that sort of thing can be turned. The Czar’s secret police got clever by too much in supporting revolutionary groups pre-1917–only to see them get strong enough to bring down the system.

    What can be learned from all this?

    Perhaps some sort of global alliance of the far right/nationalists/secessionists can be organized via the Internet?

  17. The New Ukraine have been shooting the nationalist leaders like Sasha Bily.

    He’s an ugly looking brute but presuming his nationalism sincere the true Jewish hand of the Tymoshenko/Nuland alliance is revealed.

  18. The naïveté of R Moreland…

    Right wing street organizers get shot in street battles. The only reason AH won in 1933 is that the German middle and upper class realized that the Holodomir was happening and they were next. Any German with a lick of intelligence or education was going to be exterminated by Communists.

    Without that Jewish overreach in Ukraine Hitler probably would have been assassinated or otherwise defamed before election.

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